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  1. Steelers Ryan Shazier my not play again (BR)

    There are plenty of You Tube videos with scores of NFL hits like that and worse. All of them illegal, most maybe on the border of dirty and fineable. It's hard to determine they are trying to injure with intent (on purpose) or just trying to separate the ball and player, though. I feel launching up and then spearing is more intent than lowering helmet and catching facemask/neck. But flags on all of them. Fines on some of them. James Harrison alone had more fearsome hits than these Shazier hits.
  2. Indy dome team stereotype

    Only thing I would add is to consider where teams practice. You are what you practice, and the environment you Practice in. Some teams have the advantage of practicing in inclement weather, thus more experience. Take an Indiana driver, and a Florida driver. Drop them both off in Saskatoon, Canada at the end of January on icy/snowy roads in rental cars. Who is more likely to survive driving a week without a crash? The conditions effect everybody, but those exposed to it more often can usually cope better, IMHO.
  3. Steelers Ryan Shazier my not play again (BR)

    The league made it a penalty to lead with the ‘crown’ of the helmet to protect both players. The initiating player is just as much as risk (illustrated by this injury) as the receiving player. Because so many plays at full speed seem bang-bang, refs are reluctant to flag at times. Other times the defender sets a low target, but other players lowers in protect mode last second. It is unfortunate, but also a flag/penalty when heads collide (unless receiver has been running some 5 yards or so and is completely established as a runner) But the league office in NY reviews all footage in slo-mo and determine if rules were broken. If so, fines follow even if the play was not flagged in game. My personal view is it is aggressive play, and on/over the line but not necessarily dirty. If consistent and willful intent to injure is apparent, then that I consider dirty.
  4. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    I’m saddened by the loss of Luck, Watson, and Wentz this season. The loss of Carr last year late was also saddening. People complain the Refs/NFL put dresses on QB’s and protect them. Yet, many star QB’s go on I.R. Anyway.
  5. Worried about Carson Wentz?

    If the tests administered at the field (or locker room) points to ACL, I’d say there was a >80% chance it truly is. The MRI is most often just confirmation of the diagnosis. If it isn’t already out there, I’ll bet it is soon confirmed Wentz’ season is over.
  6. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Seems to me this is typical stat lines- Gore: 3 yds, no gain, 5 yards, -1, 8 yds, 4 yds, 1 yd, 12 yds. Mack: -3 yds, -4, 18, ng. -2, 23 yds , -3, 1 etc...
  7. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    If they threw timing plays, the ball would come out. but is seems receivers don't get separation enough to run timing plays.
  8. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Bill announcers wanted a penalty on that play.
  9. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I said a quiet 'Oh Noes...' when I read your post. :-(
  10. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Easy to see if there was any green field showing in the snow.
  11. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I laugh.. but that's really sad.. Commercial time... $$$$
  12. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    November 1943. Giants and Lions.
  13. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    The Bumble... until Hermey shows up. LOL!
  14. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I can't see the game (I have Vikes/Panthers and Bucs/Lions games). Are we running 22 personnel? Jumbo sets? Are they running between the tackles > 80% of the calls? Wonde rif they will try a P.A. fake at some point... if it can be seen. LOL
  15. Pretty incredible stat on the Colts run defense

    ^^^ All of this ^^^