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  1. I just want to point out that even Training Camp is heavily regulated by the NFL's collective bargaining agreement. Here is the stipulations all team must abide by- **************************************************************************************************** The first day of training camp is limited to physical exams, meetings and classroom instruction. Running and conditioning are the only on-field activities that are permitted. There is no contact is allowed and no pads can be worn on the second and third days of training camp. After the third day of training camp, two-a-days are permitted with the following restrictions: ** Players may be on the field for a total of no more than four hours per day. ** Players may participate in no more than one padded practice per day, which shall be no longer than three hours of on-field activities. ** There must be at least a three-hour break after the first practice. ** The second practice on the same day may only be for a maximum of the remaining available on-field time and has to be limited to only walk-through instruction (no helmets, full-speed pre-snap and walking pace after the snap). ** The three-hour limit on padded practices begins as soon as position coaches start to coach players on the field. ** a team begins a padded practice but the practice is canceled within 60 minutes of its start due to inclement weather or any other reason beyond the team's control, the practice won't count as a padded practice. A padded practice is defined as a practice in which players are required to wear helmets and shoulder pads. Teams are required to film all on-field activities during training camp. A copy of the film needs to be maintained until 30 days after the start of the regular season. The NFLPA can view the film if a player files a complaint alleging a violation of the training camp rules. If a team violates the training camp rules, it is subject to fines. Finally- Teams reimburse players for "reasonable traveling expenses" in getting to camp from their residences. Players who are released during training camp receive reimbursement for their return trips to their residences. Players receive room and board during training camp. Players receive per diem payments beginning on the first day of training camp and ending one week prior to the team's first regular season game. First-year players receive $1,075 per week during the preseason, while veterans receive $1,900 per week. **************************************************************************************************** Anything performed has to be within the above rules, period. With the limited amount of padded practice allowed, it would not make sense for any team./ coach to not utilize all the time allowed for padded practice and skills development. I remember John MaKay once said- "It's shattering when a player loses interest in camp. When you lose your desire to stand around and eat steaks, you lose everything." LOL! And this before the latest CBA restrictions were in place!!
  2. My favorite quote about the Maclin release (I think it was Peter King that coined it?? Or another at the MMQB) "Maclin is a quality No. 2-caliber receiver who was making No. 1-type money on a team that really doesn’t need a No. 1-type receiver to begin with." We don't need to pay another receiver #1 type money, especially while he competes for #2 position... period. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 2014 was Maclin's only real good season?
  3. I do not think it was personnel moves, just like Superman already hinted at. Reid and president Mark Donovan got contract extensions. Dorsey's contract was to expire at the end of 2017, and even at the conclusion of 2016 season, Hunt was anticipating getting a long term extension done with Dorsey. Now he's gone and it would seem not Reid, not player moves got him fired, but potentially contract negotiation breakdowns. They are going to get another GM, so it is not Andy trying to get full reign either. But they only have a few weeks before training camp, so they are under the gun to fill the position. And while I do not beleive some of ther personnel moves were by Dorsey, some situations appear they could have been. Such as the Dwayne Bowe contract extension failure, the delayed re-signing of Justin Houston and Eric Berry costing more... Jeremy Maclin under performing his huge deal... plus the Chiefs always being tight on the salary cap (their cap specialist Trip MacCracken was let go a little while back), and while a good drafter, also had help from Ballard and others in doing it. So there is some speculation that Dorsey feels he may get other opportunities soon, and asked for too much (in $$, years, or both) for Clark Hunt to buy in. I agree with Supe's it would be great to get him in here in an advisory position (Chris Ballard is still learning the GM position folks, and Dorsey to guide him in those other areas would be supremely beneficial to Ballard's rounding out), while Dorsey awaits his next opportunity, - which is rumored to be in Green Bay, where he owns a home, and maybe taking over for Ted Thompson should he decide to retire soon. Bring him in Irsay!
  4. It's just the new floor for franchise QB's. They likely used Luck's contract as a baseline, then upped a touch. Within 2 years, there will 7 or 8 other QB's that get a deal as good or better. It's the way of the NFL and the QB position.
  5. ^^^ This ^^^ {bold part} DC's have figured the guy out, and until Colin can demonstrate he has the knowledge and desire to stand in the pocket and recognize a defense (and anticipate the D audibles called to adjust to their O set) and go through all of the throwing progressions and accurately and quickly deliver the ball to the open receiver, he may well not get another shot. The NFL QB graveyard is littered with many high potential, multifaceted QB's that fizzled quickly and permanently once their tendencies were dissected by good defensive coordinators. IE: Vince Young, RG III, why I even place EJ Manual there... among others. Gimmicks, speed, and flash in a QB excite, but without pocket proficiency, has a short life in the NFL.
  6. And... right on cue. Justin Gilbert is banished for 1 year minimum. Must apply for reinstatement to play in 2018 after yet another failed drug test, right after failing one and getting 4 game suspension. I think he just smoked his last contract...
  7. While I understand true injuries occur, the cynical part of me gets suspicious at times when a player sustains a season ending type of injury in OTA's, with no contact and no pads involved. Skeptic in me says player had a previous injury that he could conceal and rather than fail a physical and get labeled with NFI (non football injury) he gets signed, tries to execute on his injury and and it mysteriously manifests, or gets aggravated further while under contract. Possibly paid for getting themselves hurt in the off-season... Hmmmph... /rant over/
  8. They had / have the parts. What they didn't have- Winning Know How. Now they do... Tom Coughlin. Period.
  9. There are some on Sirius XM NFL Radio network stating the Titans could be the 3rd best team in the AFC, behind New England and the Steelers, just ahead of the Raiders. Others have KC @ #4. But Titans and Jags are going smahmouth run. Our run D better get stout this year. Jax won't win with Bortles throwing more than 20-25 times a game, and I think they know this now and have Fournette and Ivory in a power run scheme. They are as punishing a duo as Murray and Henry of the Titans. Texans have won the Division 4 out of last 6 years, and are only a QB away from really making winning the D tough. And, as good as the Titans are, they are 1 win and 15 losses vs. the Colts in last 16 games played between them...
  10. I hope all read this. And- Takeaways- "Sometime in July seems on target for the procedure he had, but he does not have a chance to be full go for the start of training camp. If things break the Colts’ way, their starting QB could still play Week 1. It is almost certain he starts camp on PUP. Throwing is the hardest thing a shoulder does, and caution is imperative to avoid setback during recovery." Dr. Chao has said this at different times since it became public Luck had surgery. Those that saw it and listened aren't surprised at all. I even re-reported it here a few times. " Remember, recovery is not like a light switch where one day you can’t throw and the next you can be 100 percent. The reality is the body progresses more like a slow sunrise or dimmer switch." I have mentioned that myself in the past, often in my own ways. It's also like food expiration dates... it isn't perfectly safe the day before expiration, and totally toxic the day after. There's wiggle room in the timetable, but the 'date' plants a decent gauge for a range. It appears the 'not encountering a setback' need has been stressed to the coaches, so that's why the 'no timetable' mantra! Let's be patient and let Luck and the medical team get him better than he has in two years physically, then start the footbal conditioning and strengthening.
  11. It was mentioned by Dr. Chao, and reported on twitter and Coltswire- He was expected to miss OTA's and mini camp, but could potentially be throwing by July. He could easily start out on the PUP list too. Lucks rehab progression will determine how quickly they ramp up the throws and getting back into football shape. **Former NFL team doctor and current sports medical analyst for Sirius XM Radio David J. Chao believes Luck will begin throwing this summer.** "Yes, should be close to ready by then. Depending on type and size of repair, usually throwing by 6 months at latest." David J. Chao, MD (@ProFootballDoc) April 8, 2017
  12. Good luck with that. I've been cautioning folks for a couple seasons now to no avail. When Luck had his 'subluxation', which was quickly dismissed by the team and Pagano as a 'sore shoulder, I was skeptical. When he later suffered abdominal muscle tears along with a lacerated kidney, I lambasted those believeing in the two weeks timeline and mentioned that recovery was 6 weeks minimum, and 8 weeks possible. But the glass 3/4 full fans wanted so much to believe the two week plan, much to their dismay. Be aware the NFL does not require the team nor player to divulge ant more information that the body part injured that may impact ability to fully practice or a game. Just the area, that's all. Not type of injury, not extent of injury, not procedures to address the injury, and definitely not a timetable to return from injury. If a team provides those, it might be accurate, but more often than not is far from being correct. There are ways to get a better injury diagnosis and prognosis than relying on team press releases, though.
  13. I think Maclin is in Buffalo , and will then visit the Ravens (I believe) next if he leaves NY without a contract. That's Sammy Watkins or Mike Wallace as receiver mates...
  14. Or payroll much higher than production returned. FA / Salary Cap 101. Untold riches for FA's of slightly above average ability at FA beginning / signing. But if they don't produce and the guaranteed money has been amortized... buh bye...
  15. Polian says they'll find jobs, just not at their current salary level. Period.

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