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  1. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    The biggest trade I know of was when Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys dealt Herschel Walker to the Vikings. Jimmy eventually turned the deal into 13 draft picks and players from that trade. Interestingly, both teams fared better when Herschel was not on the squad...
  2. Marshawn Lynch puts hands on a ref (Merge)

    LOL, I finally went to bed early and missed it. I still didn't know until I read this post. haven't caught up on the latest NFL news... yet.
  3. Marshawn Lynch puts hands on a ref (Merge)

    Lynch was trying to separate Donald Penn from 'lighting off' Peters and escalating the situation. Remember, our own (now) Chris Ballard had to personally go visit Peters and his family and interview them before the Chiefs would even entertain putting him on their draft board. Peters has a strong personality and isn't afraid to challenge coaches, official, players, etc... and was dismissed by Washington university. He was still the top ranked cover corner, but a red flag guy. Now that hes in the NFL, the Chiefs have done well to protect him. But Lynch and Peters are Oakland guys, and Lunch has provided a haven (including living quarters) for Peters and guided him through the draft process when he was released form college. So Lynch and Peters are exceptionally tight. and Lynch knows how team loyal Donal Penn is... so... No matter what, leaving the sideline is a big no no, and touching an official in any fashion (intent or accident) is an immediate DQ. I do expect a fine, and possibly a 1 game suspension as well for Lynch's action, no matter how well intentioned it was.
  4. Should we consider trading Andrew Luck at this point?

    This pretty much sums it up - "The team from which a player is traded is no longer on the hook for unpaid salaries or future bonuses, but is still responsible for accounting for any bonuses that have already been paid. That may just be remaining, prorated signing bonus money, but it can also include things like a roster bonus that was paid at the beginning of the current league year. Again, this all depends heavily on when the player is traded. However, the big accounting difference in a trade is that, when a player is traded, the team is still getting something back in return for the player. Typically, this is one or more other players, so those players' salaries would then be counted against the acquiring team's salary cap. The incoming players' prorated bonuses, however, continue to stay with their previous team." IOW, i don't think you can' 'trade' dead cap along with the player. The players has his money, and the team is accountable for it. Most teams pro-rate the cap hit over the life of the contract rather than have it hit all at once (because the actual money was paid). There's no avoiding paying the piper, and in fact (Superman could verify this) the remaining dead cap hit accelerates in full to the next season. So that's at least 9.4 million cap hit for the Colts even with the player on another team.
  5. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    They are not journalists (with integrity). Their job is to get ratings. What better way than to speculate without being accountable if it doesn’t happen? What gets people watching/talking more than spreading FUD, notably concerning a Franchise/Elite player? My question, how do they move Luck and his huge salary, and manage the salary cap hit from doing it? Work out how it can be done before I believe you and these guys. Imagine every scenario to do it, then decide if Irsay would buy into it. Look at Lucks contract, his guaranteed money, the cap hit from it... and how much it costs to move him. Create the scenario(s) where Luck is no longer a Colt and we will let Superman critique it. ...Go...
  6. Notes On The Colts Choking

    Pat Kirwan summed it up succinctly today. he said the Colts weren't really bad, but they are a 2-4 type team. (meaning, not really very good either) Reasons he listed were-- Without the starting QB. He challenged a caller what backup QB record was in the NFL this year. He stated, 6 wins and 12 losses. What is Brissett, 2-3? Young (inexperienced) team - other teams 'figure out' what the Colts are doing offensively and defensively at halftime, come out and change in the second half and take it to the young team... and its working. Whether the Colts take the ball out of JB's hands (Run Gore), or allow him to sling it (this past Monday night). Doesn't matter, fans get ticked at the strategy as the opponent wears them down anyway against anything they try. Road losses - all 3 road games resulted in a loss. But he showed how many good teams have an (sometimes way) under .500 road win total. For grins, won't people look up these two teams? AFC West, what is Denver's home and away record? 5 homes games, 4-1, only one road game played; a Loss. What is Oakland's away record? 1 win, 2 Losses. JB could/should have all 3 victories at home, but he lost the Cardinal game in OT. He mentioned other things, but these were compelling enough in my mind. And I heard Gil Brandt weigh in on the Colts, and he specifically stated the Colts were not a good football team. Take that with your grains of salt, but Gil isn't to be taken lightly even in his twilight years.
  7. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    OK, stop right there. THEY "let" Luck play injured? Like THEY should have benched him and told the team doctor to perform surgery on him, or find someone who will? Without checking with Andrew? You have got to be joking and are just tying to get a rise out of folks. OK, I'll give you a 7 on the troll job here. But just in case, you know that nobody can't 'force' another person to have a medical procedure. Such surgery requires.informed consent.... by Luck. Nobody else. I'll give you a reasonable estimate of what happened. Luck injured the shoulder. They checked him out and determined he had some injury there in the shoulder (what specifics were then we do not know). He asks how long he'll be out and what treatment(s) can they/he do. They list them all the treatments and concurrent care items. Then HE chooses to get non invasive rehab sessions, pain control injections, and get back on the field ASAP. The team cannot say 'get surgery and come back next spring'. Uh Uh. It just doesn't work that way... You might want to look up the term "Informed Consent" before commenting back. Hmmphh.... 'they LET Luck play injured..... harrummphh.... ... mumbling as I walk away... Luck chose to play injured and get in a tub, get rehab, and a day off each week to avoid going under the knife... and I don't really blame him for trying it first with all of the pain and agony plus the long and grueling rehab that invasive correction entails... How many times did Chad Pennington injure his shoulder? (and other parts of his body?) Just because someone crashed their car today, and got it fixed doesn't mean it can't happen to them again tomorrow. Or next week, or month, or year, etc... But people will take the chance it won't. Driving, and football (among other things) are risky. Folks just can't give up and walk everywhere again... When Luck is healthy he needs to play, and it won't be like Lance Stephenson blowing gently on his shoulder and it feeling like that Kansas Tornado ripping on through Dorothy and Toto's house... Dr. Chao's thoughts- "Soreness and inflammation when returning to throw is not unusual. Throwing is one of the hardest things we ask our body to do, as it places undo force on the shoulder. It is common to have temporary setbacks. (IE: Cam Newton earlier this season) This is not time for doom and gloom. Luck’s career is not over. His season is not over at this point." People are so ready to get mad, tank the season, listen to wrong sources, assume false items, demand true transparency (which means full {protected info!} details with return dates where they can beheld accountable, which will never ever happen). People really need to read and understand this rather than spread misinformation and create destructive speculation before there is any evidence to support it. I can and do support my informed positions, I will be probably be demanding a little more of the same standard from others making claims regarding Luck and his future when I come across them.
  8. When will Luck be taken off PUP?

    I congratulate him on his good work. But the game is not over... yet. Like the Colts he might be leading, but the second half already has begun. Study has been done as I posted above. Takeaways- ******************************** " A study presented recently at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington examined the success of these shoulder stabilization surgeries among NFL players." " Shoulder instability is a difficult problem for an athlete who plays a contact or collision sport. " " 90% of the players (54 of the 60) successfully returned to play in a regular season NFL game after shoulder stabilization. Among the players who did return to play, the average time between surgery and the first game played was 8.6 months. None of the 60 athletes returned to play in the same season in which he underwent surgery. Most of the athletes who had surgery in the offseason returned in time to play at the start of the following season. " This study shows that it is possible for a top athlete to return to play at a high level after major shoulder surgery. " So Andrew luck develops some pain and inflammation ramping up his throwing activity and needs to rest and get a shot? Unfortunate and delays his progress back but it is not yet indicative of a career ender by any means. And who listens to an owner on medical advice? Especially that given right after surgery? Proclaiming success right after surgery (or a return to work date) is like proclaiming your first round draft pick a success the evening he was drafted.
  9. Colts Roundtable

    Exactly. Once a play is whistled dead, the OC has to call in the next play right away... for at least 2 reasons. 1- the QB needs to relay the play to the others 2- the radio to the QB goes silent with like 15 seconds left on the play clock. So even if the O lines up in a great play for that down and distance against that teams formation and tendencies, it can all goto hail in a handbasket if the D changes defensive alignment and adjusts with less than 15 seconds on the play clock. The great and experienced QBs see it, kill the called play and run an audible; often knowing and targeting the new weak spot. Rookie QBs can’t do that nearly as well, especially if they haven’t been in the system since OTA’s and are still learning the playbook. At least many of the other players can run the play, as the playbook gets installed during preseason, once an audible does get called. Other teams adjust to us, we cannot adjust nearly as easily on either side of the ball as they appear to do.
  10. When will Luck be taken off PUP? Looks like your father likes to bet against the odds... Drew Brees, Jay Cutler, Mark Sanchez, Bryce Petty, others etc... say it is possible to return at more than a shell of their former self...
  11. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Do you think Ballard is telling the truth about not knowing if Luck will return this year? Recovery from a procedure on the most complex joint in the body, and because non medical people won’t give you an exact date of return, earlier or now, your non~qualified opinion should supersede the patients desire, the doctors prognosis, and teams position to let things progress and play out? Glad you’re not my doc, nor the team GM.
  12. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I think they would have shut Luck down even if we had won the TN game. Pain is pain, and not dependent upon team wins/losses. And they have already demonstrated caution throughout. I think that without any further setback, Luck could play the 4th quarter of the season. OTOH, If he suffers a setback anytime after he starts back to practice again, that might end the chances of him playing at all this season. That would be a shame See above. He must be able to participate fully in consecutive days in team drills without excessive inflammation./pain. If that isn’t beginning to happen within the next 4 weeks, (another setback) I’ll board your train then.
  13. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Of course, this is based upon him making it to the level to play this year. His recovery has been long already, but medically speaking, there is still a chance both Andrew Luck and Aaron Rogers make it back into uniform before the season ends, Luck with the edge right at this moment. And, there's a chance ... well, we don't need to go there.... yet. If he can do it, he should. He would be well served during the offseason to know he can do it once more. The Colts must know this is already an issue on top of the heavy physical load in his recovery. There is hard science to back up positive attitudes speed recovery and reach post surgical goals. Each step along the way is additive. No reason to wait when there is no physical roadblock.
  14. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I never said this. He will never get on the field if not medically cleared/healed. That is not in play. If rehab and then practice does bring him back into 'football shape', he must take the field and play. It is best for him and the team. I stand by my position.
  15. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    95% of Labrum tears are Superior, or Anterior. Posterior Labrum repairs really are more difficult to return to complete form from. And take longer. But to me, this is still just a temporary setback. One I hoped he would avoid, but was always a possibility. So many negative Nancy's out there.