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  1. Nice vertical board. I'll likely put mine put mine up tomorrow. It's different from yours, but I like seeing both vertical and horizontal boards from folks, not just who they see (want) mocked to the Colts.
  2. Just curious. Is the bolded statement above your opinion based upon your assessment, or those of others and you're relaying? I have an alternative opinion from an NFL Scout (paid site information) that has 3 OL ranked together in mid round 1 grade status- is taken form their "horizontal board", best player by grade # irregardless of playing position or scheme fit. His vertical board is every player at each position separately listed down by grade, irregardless of scheme fit. Knowing how so many teams need O line help desperately, I'll bet all 3 of these guys do go in round 1.
  3. Duly noted, and still disagree. To close, I counter your presentation bolded statement above with this- Matthew Stafford was drafted first overall to a team that had only 12 winning seasons since 1967 and had gone 0-16 the year before. Luck was drafted first overall by a team that had won seven of last ten AFC South championships, was three years removed from a Super Bowl appearance and two years removed from their last division championship. Ummm, yes indeed. There's quite a bit of a difference there. And... "With the exception of 2013, Matthew Stafford plays in a division that's had two playoff teams in it every year since 2009, one of which won a Super Bowl recently. Andrew Luck plays in a division that hasn't had two playoff teams since his rookie year and has only one team who has ever won a Super Bowl, the Colts. If the places were switched, would Stafford have the same success as Luck has had? Would Luck have the same troubles and stigmas that Stafford has had? " Its point - counterpoint... with the same conclusion in my mind... at least for now.
  4. ^^^^ This folks ^^^ There is even the possibility of him being placed on the pre-season PUP at some point. When finally ready, he might then be behind in development and therefor not likely to be nearly as effective as he could have been. Everybody on this forum always assume the low end on a timetable, (Luck and his 2-6 weeks that turned out to be the end of the season...) and often it is the other, especially these days in the NFL. Even if procedures go well, the recovery can vary greatly from person to person. And a fav of mine. Quote- " I am sure things went well but calling surgery a "success" immediately after is like declaring your draft pick a success right after he's chosen." *** Do not forget, the Cowboys took Jaylon Smith early in the draft becasue of the doctor that performed the surgery, the Cowboys team doctor, said it (surgery) was a success. More than a year later, Smith still has drop foot from nerve damage and will wear an AFO on the the field. Just sayin... ***
  5. No, I don't think it is fair to say Luck has carried the Colts more. Andrew was drafted #1 overall by a perennial playoff team hat had Peyton Manning as the QB. Stafford was drafted #1 overall to guide a Lions team that went 0 - 16. He was 2-8 in games he started in his rookie year, and threw a lot of picks learning. But he also became the youngest QB to toss 5 TD passes in a game, doing so almost a full year younger than Dan Marino was when he threw 5. The more I look, the more I see similarities, not differences. As far as seasons, if their 11 - 5 2014 season is what you refer too, I feel any team trying to get wins past 11 is very difficult... for P. Manning, T. Brady, D. Brees, A. Luck, etc.. Also, Megatron was hurt some that season. But the biggest issue Stafford might have had was the new philosophy of Joe Lombardi at OC. Stafford seems to gel much better under Jim Bob Cooter.. All of these things play into to it, So no, I cannot say A. Luck under J. Lombardi scheme at Detroit would have collected more than 11 wins in 2014. Comps- I still give my QB the edge, maybe homerism. Maybe ceiling height, maybe intangibles... don't know, but to me they are close with A.Luck having an edge.
  6. Sorry, this just isn't the case. Players always know the younger version of them is coming up to take their job and food money. No player wants fat and lazy tapes that shows no cares when they become a FA or are trying to get an extension. That is an automatic promotion for the upcoming replacements, and reasons for other teams not to pull the trigger on the guy in FA. Now how some big ego FA's perform after getting huge dough on an FA contract, well that's a different story.
  7. TD % is there. But as I mentioned earlier, team victories mean little. I might even add Matthew Stafford would have many more victories if he QB'd for the Colts in his career rather than the Lions. So you can't use team victories unless you can prove the Lions were a better fit for Stafford and would give him more team victories than if playing for the Colts.
  8. The thinking in the NFL is, we'll spend a ton of money investigating and trailing a top round one draft pick to reduce the risk of drafting a problem. But risk is in the eye of the beholder at this stage. Once on the team, you remove the problem when you have better on hand. Not any time sooner. Thus, if the player is great, teams will find a way to hang on to him... at least until his replacement comes on aboard.
  9. I have him (Reddick) at the top of round 2 (33-37), and Foster is still around 9-12, to me.
  10. He won't, if his agent has pull. He knows that in the secondary Free Agent market climate. This is true. His Agent and he know. When players start getting injured, his value will go up sharply! This won't be until OTA's and afterward...
  11. I like Andrew much better, he's our (Colts) quarterback). And I want that guy to do better than his opponents, and win every game he plays. Now, as far as who is factually better, I'm not sure. I think they're more similar overall than different. That was my point. Nothing major one can honestly say that dramatically places one ahead of the other, IMHO.
  12. Luck had Reggie Wayne as his bail out receiver. Both Wayne and Calvin Johnson are retired, and Stafford and Luck continue on. Jim Caldwell earned his stay up there in Detroit, and Jim Bob Cooter is really putting together an effective offense for Stafford to guide. I hope we beat them to the Super Bowl, or if not... in the Super Bowl!!
  13. Winning, regular season or playoffs, is a team together thing. My best examples? Head to head. Didn't the Colts go up in their house (2012 maybe?) and sneak out a great victory late? Then fast forward, September last year. Didn't the Lions come in to LOS and steal a heart breaker from the Colts? So not only are stats mirrors, so is head to head. You can spin everything else which ever way you want to go, but by the same token so could Lions fans. To me, there are way more similarities than differences. And I knew this would touch off some Colts fans here.
  14. What makes him better than Stafford? These ar my most relevant QB stats of the two- QB comp- Name Comp. % TD% Int% Yd/gm Y/A QB rate Sk/yr Luck 59.2 5.0 2.6 272.5 7.0 87.3 31 Stafford 61.5 4.4 2.5 278 7.1 86.8 30 Where is the mark delineating one from the other? Team record aside, that's a team thing. And besides, Colts record has been .500 2 years straight while Detroit seems on the rise, even without Megatron.
  15. Depending upon the criteria, and the way things go, he might be the next Dan Marino. Who knows. But I will tell you this, and it will really tick off some members here. Andrew Luck is fast becoming something like the next Matthew Stafford- MS- AL- Does anyone else feel the Lions are closer to being ready to compete fore the Lombardi than the Colts?

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