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  1. And that somebody else (besides Kaaya) is an unnecessary luxury, even if JB has to start...{a position I do not agree with, if true}
  2. ColtsBlueFL

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    "Can be beat by speed, but understandable due to athletic constraints. Occasionally can be a liability in zone coverage at times. Could work on prevent over-pursuits or biting on offensive baits. Very little attempts at stealing the ball. Only interception of 2017 came off errant throw. Needs to be more aggressive at the ball and try and create turnovers. Solid (press / man) cover corner, but won’t surpass high-end CB2 status without good ball-hawking ability." Hmmm.... Maybe he doesn't sound like a zone Tampa/Cover 2 type CB to me...
  3. ColtsBlueFL

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    I believe we will be in a sub package a good deal of the time (Nickel, big Nickel, Dime, etc...) and at other times we'll be in base 4 - 3 Tampa 2 zone with MIKE taking middle deep zone drop as necessary.
  4. Well, ok. But that was only 4 months after his surgery. He was put on IR in early November 2017. So it has been almost 6 months since he last threw a football in meaningful ways. But at least he is in some strength and conditioning throwing program now.
  5. Well, that's not entirely true. Last year in mid October, Andrew was throwing a 'Duke' to trainers, and was just starting to get in some 7 on 7 work, and a few scout team snaps in during practices. After 4 practices, he suffered a setback, soreness, and less than a week later, the Colts shut him down. By November 2, he was shutdown for the year. But they did try to get him into game shape and on the field. It failed. He has to pass this test once more this year as well. I'm very interested at that stage, especially when he gegts 11 on 11 drills.
  6. That must mean a pre season or a regular game. Evidently, they feel Brissett can handle the job if Luck doesn't make it back as quickly as they hope. JB was obtained to be Luck's backup, whether he gets game time or not. Both AL and JB have to be pleased with the potential of the O line now. Now there were a very few here who wanted to get one of the front line QB's at pick #3, and slightly more folks (I'm in this camp) that wanted to expend a 4-7th rounder on one of the likes of a Falk, Lauletta, White (I also had T. Lee, and A. McGough) to backup JB (IOW, not Kaaya) in case Luck is delayed in his comeback. We didn't, so I hope Lucks comes back, and the line really is fixed, finally.
  7. ColtsBlueFL

    Top FA's Still Available

    So I assume you're talking 21 personnel in your example. There is a thing called run gap control. If proper technique is used by ALL of the front 7 (or 8 if walking a safety down into the box) is executed to maintain and control Their_Assigned_Gap, the play is stuffed, or has to bounce to the outside, where zone corners see run keys in front of them and come down to help on the tackle. Here is a couple picture examples- {SAM is just off picture to the right} So the results we see is a coaching/execution thing. If any of the D lets the O linemen get right up straight into his numbers, he lost gap control and failed his assignment that play. He must be off shoulder and shaded and penetrate into his gap, and maintain it during the play. As for Over and Under 4 - 3 fronts, I'll paste this- "The key to knowing the difference between the “Over” and “Under” front in the 4-3 defense is the alignment of the “3-technique” defensive tackle and the Nose. In the “Under” front, the Nose is aligned to the “closed” side of the formation with the “3-technique” defensive tackle aligned to the “open” side—opposite of what you see in the “Over” front." The closed side refers to side where TE is. If a team can run two TE's, the D game plan installed determines which TE side is determined closed, for D play call alignments in game.
  8. ColtsBlueFL

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Until you can show me evidence to support your position (in bold) above, that the (reported) infection is totally eliminated and the graft has completely adhered and healed, I don't agree. At all. I think it is medical, not contract. EDIT: And I see posts about tweets that seem to indicate he possibly might not be fully healed yet... as I suspected.
  9. ColtsBlueFL

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Which I mentioned just above. His Panthers deal was voided because of that injury, and the corrective action can take many months to fully heal. No contract (w/guaranteed money) until he can practice and play with it.
  10. ColtsBlueFL

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Or, teams not sure he would pass a physical, yet. Thus no contract until he can practice/play. He had an injury to his ankle/foot in 4th grade (I think). He suffered re-injury to that spot and an infection when a golf cart back up over on him in the Dominican Republic back in early March this year (NFI). Depending upon the graft he had, it could be 3-6 months or longer recovery. In mid March there was a report he was 'months' away from passing a physical- He will ink a contract with guaranteed money when a team can be sure of getting some kind of return on that money. When... who knows.
  11. ColtsBlueFL

    Top FA's Still Available

    Because he was mentioned by stats, not name(s) when I said this here- "But I would like a more stout player, too. If we have a 6-2" - 6'4" lb weighing between 245 - 255 lbs., runs 40 around 4.6, has a 1.60-1.65 10yd split, a 4.15 - 4 short shuttle and 6.9 ish 3 cone, hopefully with great instincts... lets plug that guy in @ MLB and see what happens. If we don't have that guy, we need to fixate on finding and getting him in some way." These are Urlacher/Lee type numbers. Sean Lee fits too. He's listed as 6'2" and 245 lbs- the lower end of my scale (and one reason I chose it). That bolded part is exactly the point, everyone sometimes get things right, and sometimes wrong. People, web sites, analysts, football teams. A poster mentioned a player would drop, and was shot down. He cited a resource that supported why he felt Connor would fall out of round 1 to round two. That was questioned as well. Both he and that resource turned out right. To be fair, I even mentioned I wasn't trying to single anybody out in my post, but we all have hits, and we all have misses. It makes the forum go. And also proves nobody is an absolute authority. As an aside, from what I've heard, Charlie Campbell (the insider at Walter Football) is legit, and often gets great info. Of course, teams/agents etc. can also use guys like that to 'leak' certain information; some maybe not always on the up and up either. Walt on the otherhand... uhhh... Why not have people explain why they feel a poster is incorrect. People just say "No way dude drops that far" and leaves it. Poster responds with a supporting web site also feels that way as well, and the pushback is his web site is not reliable either. No explanations why they would be wrong. Or questions asking further details and why the feel that way. Then they get it right, and the people that said had said they were wrong and relying on poor info scoot on by unscathed waiting for the next prey... Do them. But I'd like discussion to why from more people. Can learn more than 'no way that ever happens, dude... and your site has a poor reputation', without examples to support it.
  12. ColtsBlueFL

    Top FA's Still Available

    You said- "I could be wrong, but it's my sense of things that we want all our linebackers in the 235-245 range. I don't see us signing or drafting someone heavier than that." Isn't Urlacher, Sean Lee, and Vander Esch all at the upper end or above that threshold? Speed an quickness isn't just about lower weight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is a head scratching exchange... the second in two days." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK, what was the other?
  13. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    Not yet... but a Punt returner has to be able to do more than just that. 53 man roster is precious...
  14. ColtsBlueFL

    Top FA's Still Available

    I have Lee at 6'2" 245 lbs.... Luke Kuechly is 6'3" and 238 lbs D. Leonard is 6'3" 235 lbs... Vander Esch is 6'4" 255 lbs... and solkid MIKE material. It's not just size....
  15. ColtsBlueFL

    Top FA's Still Available

    So, what is your impression of Sean Lee? What happened to the Cowboys when he went down with injury in 2017? How did their D fare when he played vs. being out? What is his size/bio stats? (Hint: Lee is not a Morrison 'thumper' type MIKE)