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  1. What's the Penalty?

    True, and the fine is exactly the amount they are short (if they actually do).
  2. I don't think they have a willing partner to trade with nor the resources to go higher than #6. So it would have to be a pre-arranged draft day deal with the Colts, as I outlined. And it still might not come off if the the top QB's are gone or a guy Ballard "must have" is still there at 6. I've heard Mike Mayok and John Elway say this year is an abnormally deep QB class. Bills might take a Mike White or Luke Faulk, Mason Rudolph, Lamar Jackson, etc. in the 2nd or 3rd...
  3. Ballard himself. Quoted- “We’re still open. You know, we’ll still be open if an opportunity — the right opportunity — presents itself at (No.) 6 to move down,” Ballard said. “But right now we feel pretty good. It would have to be a pretty attractive offer for us to move away from (No.) 6 because the player we think we’re going to get.” Of course he can't give away the player(s) he feels will fall to them.
  4. Sounds great, except... why would they do that? Who are they wanting to get? If they do that, what are their chances of getting who they want to get? The answer is a draft day deal, Goes something like this- {Hypothetical call} "Hey Chris, it's Brandon (Beane) CB- Hi,Brandon. What can I do for you today? BB- I'd like to know your thoughts on a potential draft day trade for our 12th pick Plus a few others for your 6th? CB - OK, but what are the ... others? (they haggle and work out a potential deal) BB - Understand Chris, I'll call you immediately when the Colts go on the clock, IF, it's a big if here, our guy (no specific names are ever mentioned) is still there. OK? CB- Let me get this straight, so if I don't hear from you within a few minutes after we go on the clock, I am to assume your guy was taken and you don't want to finish the deal? BB- That is correct. CB- OK, but here's the final part of the deal. I also have one specific guy I'd like at #6. Now, if he is still there, I won't do this either, even if your guy is there. I'll take my guy. Do we still have a deal? BB- Agreed. CB- OK, look forward to hearing from you on draft day to let you know if we do this or not. Thanks for calling. BB- Thanks Chris. Talk to you soon. " The Bills have an opportunity to get a draft pick at 12 that was never going to fall to the 20's (where their other pick is)... so they are not totally despondent if they can't move up any further. But if a franchise QB is still there at 6, it would be foolish for them to not have worked out a deal with us beforehand to get their QB.
  5. That will be a draft day deal, set up oin advance . The call will be made only if 'their guy' is on the board when Colts pick is up. Maybe Ballard will have a contingency plan in place with another team if the first fails. OTOH, Ballard better be very confident in all the late first and second rounders they project to fall to us being better than just merely ok to good players for this to work. Jets fans feel their history of second round busts was worth parting. 2 this year and, they hope, an early (almost 3) next year. ;-) Nobody will trade to 6 unless they know 'their guy' will be there. This would be a draft day deal, pre-setup of course.
  6. At the rate we are going.......

    Well, Bill Polian won in Indy for over a decade (most regular season wins ever in 10 year span) and did it mainly by the draft. Rarely picked up any FA's (especially big name except Corey Simon, the bane of his existence to this day), drafted well, let some go (painfully at times, like David Thornton; the best WILL LB to play in our Tampa 2 in that period) and paid for others to stay. He traded for Booger (because of Simon and Monte Reagor issues) and while that helped for the SB, Booger flamed out after that and now is broadcaster. When asked why he didn't sign more FA's he said you do what you do well (draft), and stay away from what you don't do so well (sign overpaid big name FA's). We went to two Super Bowls and won one of them. He was GM for 3 teams, Bills SB teams and Panthers NFCCG in its second year. And he's HOF. So there is another way to do it. Irsay knows it, lived it.
  7. Greg Olsen may retire, if...

    He lands the Monday Night Football broadcast job. Details make things sticky, as Olsen is in final year of his contract but the jobe would require him to start this year.
  8. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    Where is Superman hiding out at? I might have to go hang with him for a while... As far as Barkley as 1st pick, he might be as great as everyone predicts. but therein lies the rub. He gets big bux for a rookie RB to begin, then you have to take the 5th year option at an inflated (yet still likely under market value) rate. Then the next year he wants huge bux, so you exclusive franchise tag him at enormous rate.. then you have to decide at his age and anount of work to let him go or pay over the top for a RB that might break down... Sound familiar? If you aren't in favor of (Steelers) paying Le'Veon Bell his demanded salary, you might not want Barkley for the Colts. Maybe a player that stays for over a decade at probowl level play (and earning the second contract, and maybe more) is more what I'd like to see. Peter King isn't in favor of 14 million or more for Bell. To me, Barkley is a 5 or 6 year rental... at best. At worst, four years of 'not worthy of the 5th year option' type play.
  9. At the rate we are going.......

    I'm pretty much on board with this take...
  10. Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    Yes, Ballard has faith in his and the Colts scouts ability to target both pro players and draft prospects. Landing them is a tougher nut to crack. And here and there all the way up to (and I feel very near) the draft. Some teams cannot keep all their guys and pay draft picks and have leftover to pay others that fill in for injured and IR players. Ballard will have to compete against Belichick for those. (that are in common for targeting, anyway). Neither guy is in for the 'OverpayFrenzy' initial FA period that is exciting for fans and media, but does not always work out for the teams that are involved. We'll field a team, and it won't be the worst in the NFL. The folks will complain we won too many games to get another decent round of draft picks, like 2018...
  11. At the rate we are going.......

    Be careful how you go about such... stay within the forum rules. Absolutely. Besides, more than half the teams in the NFL need O line help. The college game has changed, and it is changing the pro game now too. Young QB's and O line need more spread and RPO looks to succeed as most are not fully ready for Pro NFL play right out college. We need to improve the line, yes, but we need to improve the playbook, and the play calls too. I believe Ballard and Reich can achieve this... without sending Luck to another team for all of the 1st rounders forever... or whatever.
  12. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Sometimes players ask for an outrageous sum, and get denied and offered a market value deal. They (and agent) decide to go fishing for the big deal elsewhere. Sometimes they get it other times they find out differently, and it is tough to come back and say, "I guess you were right". They just take the one before them at that moment. Who knows, maybe he feels Raiders will be playoff bound once more and wants on that Gruden Train instead of coming back to Indy. It will take Ballard some work to get Indy to be a preference place players want to be a part of once more.
  13. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    I just came across this and a few things crossed my mind- 1. Moderators are fans too, and have opinions and 'takes'. 2. Was pointing out the mood of the forum concerning a player before last year compared to before this year Now, in order for one to truly understand, they would have to look at the play and production of said player throughout the year. Do players improve? By gosh you (and they) hope so, otherwise instead of getting shown a big pay raise, you get shown the door. Players down on the depth chart must step up when opportunity knocks; whether others get injured or just not playing well. Typically, when a team says "next man up", we all know it's cliche for we got to do what we got to do but losing _____ stings. Sometimes players steps in and does step up. Too often, the barely fill the spot. Melvin was a pleasant surprise to me in the latter half last year, though I do not remember having much of an opinion on him at the beginning. I only remember providing insight on possibilities concerning Luck at the time.
  14. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    He did, it's here- Back on topic, Analytics will always play a factor henceforth. However, there is no Bill James with amazing plethora of sabermetrics for football (that I'm aware of). Besides, the small number of games, high likelihood of injury, and the human emotion component upsetting the apple cart. Browns tried the 'moneyball approach' and have now decide to bring in a 'football guy' (Dorsey) to shore things back up. Doesn't mean Dorsey will scrap the whole deal, just repair and replace in spots where the CFO previously needed to be overridden.
  15. Do the Colts have to spend most of cap?

    See SCC's answer and like to a thread that contains great details on your question. But the quick and skinny- Teams must spend 89% of the cap in cash over a 4 year period (not yearly, and we are in year 2 of this period) If the team does not spend it, they are fined the shortage, and then it is distributed to the team roster players as directed by the NFLPA