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  1. But at least the Oilers have a really young core to build around, oh and they got this one guy names Connor McDavid, who won MVP at like 20 years old . Their situation is a bit better than the caps. At least Oshie is fun to watch. I enjoy having him rock the red. Next season won't be so bad. Just so long as I temper my expectations.
  2. Obviously just trying to keep the cup window open by keeping him. But man that contract is gonna bite pretty much every year after year 3. Oshie did score 33, but his shooting percentage was ridiculously high. It's unsustainable. He's still gonna produce, but how much, I have no idea. We'll have to see. I love Oshie, as do most Caps fans, which is why the general reaction to this is relatively okay, but man. What a hefty and risky contract. Have said this pretty much every year since 2010, but this team better win a cup soon .
  3. That's.........quite a contract for my boy TJ.......
  4. Rangers have the resources and money to go after it this off season. I think they wind up and try once more to build a team good enough to win it all, as Henrik's career winds down. I think Shatty definitely wants to go to NYR. He'd be a good fit. Very offensively gifted player. And if ya'll somehow acquire Duchene that'd make a pretty nasty forward core. Could potentially give Pittsburgh a run for their money in the Met.
  5. 6.5 sacks his rookie year. Top 5 among rookies. Had a huge strip sack on Peyton in a playoff game. Remember Talks of getting 10 sacks as a sophomore, and then proceeded to have one the worst seasons for a second year player I've ever seen. Pretty disappointing.
  6. Ill take those sack numbers for Sheard and Simon
  7. You're right, the couldn't have, but KC obviously wouldn't have let Ballard go if they knew they weren't gonna retain Dorsey. Obviously means that whatever happened the past few months AFTER Chris got hired is what contributed to the firing. Chiefs did make some 'wacky' moves like the Maclin cut or even the trade up for Mahomes. But I doubt that would have been enough to get him fired from KC.
  8. Wasn't Ballard supposed to be like Dorsey's predecessor in Kansas City? If so, I wonder why they let him take the Indy job, if Dorsey's time was coming to an end? Granted, that was like 6 months ago, but even so, that's not a real long time. I wonder what changed.
  9. Anywhere between 7-9 and 11-5 is my guess. Again, if Luck is healthy, the O line clicks and the defense is at least respectable, I think it's closer to the latter. But if the team is once again battered by injuries and the O line once again fails to show consistency, it'll be closer to the former. Colts haven't been the popular pick to win the south in a while, which Im cool with. Let them earn the division crown back and go from there.
  10. Just in case, here's a stampedeblue link with all the pictures. Guys look good in Colts blue.
  11. Please don't send him to Canada. We don't want him here. Not even the CFL. Just like the country doesn't want him .
  12. I think EJax and Spence take the starting inside spots. Jackson impressed at points last year and has a year in the system, which I think will help him pull ahead of Bostic in training camp.
  13. That definitely swung the momentum in our favour, but also getting a few stops after the early Luck picks and scoring the late first half TD is what really took the life out of GB. And yet, despite GB being seemingly dead in the water in the 4th, they came roaring back and almost surely would have completed the comeback if they got the ball back late in the 4th. Just goes to show how great GB and really Aaron Rodgers is. Ya'll always gonna contend if he's at QB.
  14. Similar to the Manning led Colts and New England, I thought that if the Caps slayed that Penguin demon, they'd be good to go and on route to their first Stanley Cup. I thought It'd be last year, and I was SURE it'd be this year, but guess not. But I don't even think that's the case anymore. It's more than just the Penguins and the second round. The failures in the playoffs have piled up to the point that the weight won't be lifted off the organizations shoulders until they finally lift the cup. Who knows, maybe these Caps are like the 05 Colts, who were much more talented than the 06 team, but the latter ultimately got the job done. Washington is clearly gonna be weaker next year. Not much to look forward to this off season. Caps are literally just gonna lose players. At least training camp is right around the corner . Even that is like a month and a half away. Either way, I'm ready to put the Caps gear away for a little while and get my Colt game back on.
  15. Really think that Sissons no goal that clearly should have counted shifted the tide of the game. If the Preds score there, they probably open the flood gates a bit a la games 3 and 4. But instead, it stays scoreless and the Pens gather themselves a bit after. I give Pittsburgh credit. They hung in there tight during those late penalty kills, and ultimately I do think the better team won game 6. But god I hate them so much. Patriots, Penguins and (probably) Warriors all winning championships this year? Maybe 2017/2018 will be better .

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