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  1. I think it depends on what your opinions of the linebackers in later rounds are compared to that of the corners. If you think the corners are better, you should maybe take Reddick and vice versa. As it stands right now, if I had the choice, gimme Reddick. I think Lattimore is gonna be good but I see a ton of potential and upside in Reddick. He can be a cornerstone building block at linebacker with the right development.
  2. My lord that Caps Jackets game today was unreal. The Caps outshot CBJ like 47 to 29 and barely won in the shootout. Bob stood on his head again. This is precisely why Washington needs that first seed. I do NOT want to play Pittsburgh or Columbus in the first round. Call it the wussy way out, but how can you expect the winner of the 2v3 match up in the metro to beat the division champion (who probably wins their series in 4 or 5 games), after going at it in a 7 game war the previous round? Meanwhile New York is sitting pretty in that WC1 spot right now .
  3. Bro it'd be awesome because that'd be the THIRD season in a row Boston flubbed their playoff spot right at the end .
  4. If I get time, I'd love to take a crack at it. I'm no you or Dustin but I think I could contribute. We'll see.
  5. As painful as it is for me to say, the rocket is all his.
  6. Yeah I will say that shattys hit that forced a suspension was a dumb, boneheaded play on his part. But he's been contributing very well I think. It's crazy how finishing second in this division has you going from playing the 16th best team in the league, to the 3rd. Just a dumb format that is gonna screw over two teams. The caps can't afford to drop any games down the stretch. They gotta nab 6 points against AZ and COL, preferably in regulation. And another 2 tomorrow wouldn't hurt either .
  7. Nah the caps will be fine. Shatty has actually had a great impact, especially on th pp. The four game losing streak they had has cost them some positioning, but overall they're playing well. Just got unlucky. They were never really outplayed. But I agree. They need that first seed. It could be the difference between a first round exit, and a championship. Toronto is a much easier matchup than Pit or CBJ. HUGE game tomorrow against Blooj.
  8. Yeah I mean you add Lamp to this line and our offense will really light up the scoreboard!!!!
  9. My apologies if this has already been posted. But I found this on Basically says he's off the board of an anonymous team that had a top 15 pick. Talked about how they believe his combine incident basically is part of a string of things that have him deemed as "immature". Obviously no clue what team, but thought it was interesting regardless. If anything (assuming said team isn't the Colts), I guess it gives them a better shot to get him come draft night
  10. Lamp is an excellent OG. The best interior guy in the draft, and potentially the best O linemen in the draft. Put him on the Colts, he becomes an instant starter at RG, and gives Indy arguably one of the best interior O lines in the league moving forward (Mewhort-Kelly-Lamp). And if Castonzo returns to form and Clark develops well, they may very well have an O line that can rival Dallas'. Obviously the players gotta develop + stay healthy, but there'd be a ton of talent and depth there. On the other hand, I doubt his value would nearly equate to the value of adding a stud on the defensive side of the ball (granted, the odds of one being there is still up in the air). But either way, this defense needs talent and it's been neglected for too long. Only 1 first round pick in the Luck era has been spent on defense. This is a defense rich draft class, so they shouldn't continue to put it off. Either way, I'm just gonna trust Ballard. At least for now, there's no point in doing anything else. I guess that's the good part of getting a new GM . It resets the fans outlook on roster decisions.
  11. It'd be pretty disappointing if our first round pick just becomes a special team player. Even if he is a star at it.
  12. I don't know about what others think, but as an undrafted player, the most important thing to me has to be being able to stay in the league, and not necessarily winning - at least for the start of my career. So yeah, for the time being, I'd prioritize me over the team winning. So the best options would be CLE, IND and SF, as it gives me the best shot to play. Being so close to my alma mater, plus the nice weather and the ability to learn from one of the best (whilst getting ample playing time), I'd say I'll go to SF. But then again...if me in this scenario is as big of a colts fan as me in real life...........
  13. great names. But is KC even interested in moving Maclin? Even so, I'm not sure how I feel with getting another long term contract for a WR, unless the team really has 0 faith in Dorsett and those murmurs about Moncrief turn out to be true. Even so, I'd rather get younger. I like the Giants trade though. I could see it happening.
  14. BRO does he not look like R Kelly? (The singer guy not the Centre).
  15. That's literally exactly who they signed.

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