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  1. If they take Nelson first, I doubt they take any mor Gs till like round 4. Which is why I kinda doubt they take Nelson. So many good guards in the 2nd (Hernandez, Wynn, Price, etc) that I'm sure the colts are interested in nabbing with there glut of 2nds.
  2. Either way the colts are positioned very nicely for 6. scenario 1: Browns - QB Giants - QB Jets - QB Browns - Chubb/Barkley/Fitzp Broncos - QB/ Nelson Results in at least 2 of Chubb, Barkley, Minkah or Nelson being there at 6. Scenario 2: Browns - QB Giants - Barkley Jets - QB Browns - Chubb/Fitzpatrick Broncos - QB/Nelson If the 'worst case scenario ' of 3 of Barkley, Chubb, Fitz and Nelson being gone happens, one of them will still likely be there at 6, and if there's 2 QBs available, that pick again becomes worth a boatload for future trade downs.
  3. Bostic to Steelers

    Not really a fit for the new Defense
  4. Ballard has already made it clear that he's not looking to lose picks. But I think a second for Tyrell Williams (tendered by LAC) would be good value. However don't think Colts are in a position to do that. They need the picks to get more young talent.
  5. Buffalo?

    I don't think the Bills come calling until draft day. If one of their favorite QBs drops, then maybe.
  6. All these conclusions people come up with due to lack of free agent activity for a non-championship ready roster is kinda funny. If anything, wouldn't Ballard's approach be the opposite? His two previous teams - Bears and Chiefs - were loaded with stars when they were good.
  7. Hankins?

    To add to that, I'd want to know what he legit thought of these players i.e Melvin and Mingo. Two of the brighter spots on the D that he decided to let go. Was it cause he simply did not think they were that good? Were they not fits for the new Defense? Or was he simply not willing to pay that much for em? Also what's his thoughts on the youngsters, specifically Wilson? Is he ready to be a number 1 corner? Meanwhile what's going on with Jack Mewhort? I haven't heard any news of him meeting with other teams. Are the Colts gonna try to get him back?
  8. Hankins?

    As do I. I'll admit I'm a tad underwhelmed by FA so far, but my trust in Ballard has always been his thoroughness with scouting players and his ability to maneuver in the draft, which we'll hopefully be seeing here. He's too smart to just say 'no' to FA completely.
  9. Hankins?

    An admirable quality but it could come back to bite him
  10. Fitzpatrick is (imo) the best overall player in the draft. I would love to have him at 6 (especially if he can play Corner). Hooker, Wilson, Fitz, Hairston is a secondary oozing with talent. I'm also coming around to Endmunds. His speed can be asset that could keep him on the field past second down. Plus he's just 19.
  11. Hankins Released

  12. 6th overall is 1600. 12th is 1200. 21st is about 780. So 1600 to 1980.
  13. A second in 2019 too? That's a good haul.
  14. So am I, but regarding, Ballard has gone after 3 of the top guys. They just happened to go to other teams. Now maybe Ballard mucked up negotiations or was penny pinching, but until that's proven I'll refrain from blaming it all on him.