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  1. Hopefully goes better then when we signed Cromartie around this time last year. Don't expect much, but if they can provide some depth/be a solid stop gap when guys like Wilson and Hairston need some more time to learn/heal from injury, that'd be brilliant.
  2. Okay wait wait wait wait wait. This whole time we're complaining that pagano is a soft coach that doesn't discipline his players. But the moment he gives it to some guys, he's suddenly deflecting blame? Wow.
  3. We're turning on Ballard already? Really? After two preseason games? Are you kidding me? Like are some y'all watching football for the first time ever? Because that's what I'm getting from this.
  4. I guess since they want Luck and the rest of the offense to get back on track as quick as possible when he returns, they're gonna keep someone who is familiar with the offense so that the receivers and what not get used to it and there will be minimal adjusting when Luck comes back, rather than getting a backup and having to design (or at least change some parts) of the offense to better adjust for that back up. THat's literally the only thing I can think of.
  5. Really? Dolphins? I mean ya did say bold..... I think Ravens, Eagles, And Bucs take their division.
  6. I'm just basing this off Luck coming back at week 2. An optimistic outlook. Week 1 at LA - Loss Week 2 VS AZ - Win Week 3 VS CLE - Win Week 4 at SEA - Loss Week 5 VS SF - Win Week 6 at Tenn - Loss Week 7 VS JAX - Win Week 8 at CIN - Win Week 9 at HOU - Win Week 11 VS PIT - Loss Week 12 VS Tenn - Win Week 13 at JAX - Loss Week 14 at BUF - Loss Week 15 VS DEN - Win Week 16 at BAL - Loss Week 17 VS HOU - Win So 9-7.
  7. Isn't it funny how when the team does bad in preseason the team is doomed, but when there's something positive, suddenly it's 'only preseason'
  8. If Luck has 8-10 more years in the NFL/Indy, then he'd have spent like around the same amount of time in Indy as Peyton. Also OT but tbh I kinda think the Raiders are super overrated. I like em, and they're very good, but that Defense doesn't scare me all, besides 1 player. Plus they won a lot of close games this year. I have em at 10-6 this year.
  9. I just like watching good football, between two competitive teams. That Cardinals Seahawks 6-6 game would be a lot more fun than a Browns Jets 6-6 game, you know? Buuuuut if I had to pick one, it'd be offense. I prefer a good old fashioned shoot out where both QBs are trying to outduel one another. To me, bad offense is more hard to watch than bad defense.
  10. Yeah they got lots of talent. If they put it together they'll be very dangerous. My only hope is that since it's week 1, maybe they won't be as assimilated together as a team. Better than playing them like week 9 when everything could potentially be coming around for them.
  11. Thing is, Nats fans really want the Cards in the playoffs, to get some revenge for 2012. But to be honest, St Louis, Chicago, I'm down with both as long as both teams are healthy and we get a good competitive series (that the Nats win )
  12. All of DC collectively breaths a sigh of relief. Hopefully he's all rested up and ready to go for the playoffs. But yeah that looked nasty. Glad he's good.
  13. I don't see Luck missing more than the first game. Maybe the team is gonna play extra safe and wait on him till like game 3 or 4, in which case, kudos to them for thinking long term in a year where lets be real, the Colts aren't doing any damage in the playoffs (it's literally the Pats and maybe Oakland in the AFC). But to be honest, and this might just be my blind optimism talking, but for whatever reason I fully expect Luck will suit up vs Los Angeles come week 1.
  14. If that's what ya think that's fine. But please don't tell me you got that idea after watching today's game?
  15. Didn't catch the whole game but I thought Anthony Walker looked real good. The other Walker, not so much. Also it's good to see Hooker do well in the tackling department. Had one really nice ankle tackle. Sanchez and Locke both had good punts.

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