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  1. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Man I just don't even know at the point. Lots was put into the fact that Dusty never won us a playoff series but man it's hard to win in this league. Under Baker they were a perennial contender. The two teams they lost to were a Kershaw led Dodgers club (and we didn't have Stras or Ramos) and the other was the defending champ Cubs. Not exactly gimmies, even with the home field advantage. I don't want Farrell. I dislike his handling of pitchers. Recent talk has been of Alex Cora from the Astros. Wouldn't mind him tbh. I just wish we'd stop going through managers every 2 years....
  2. Chuck back in 2018

    Why would Ballard take this job if the 'meddling' owner wouldn't let him pick his own coach?
  3. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Yes there will always be a demand for QBs in the nfl, but the supply isn't always the same each year. There's an extraordinarily high amount of QB talent in the 2018 draft and FA pool, one that won't be quite the same in 2019. So Brissett will be a higher commodity then, than now. Put it this way, now I'm just estimating here, but in all likelihood, of all available quarterbacks in the 2018 Offseason, Brissett is like the 6th or 7th best options (and he's even lower because Cousins and I believe Jimmy G are FAs). Meanwhile in 2 years he'd be Be even higher, and maybe even the best option depending on how he develops and grows his game this year and next.
  4. I know the feeling

    Funny how much parity there is in the league especially for this season. Green Bay's season is effectively over, (much like ours if Luck don't come back soon), but when Aaron was healthy, I couldn't legitimately picture anyone in the NFC marching into Lambeau and beating Rodgers in January.
  5. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Yeah I just heard. Sucks. He's quite good. McGlinchey from ND is nice too. Wonder if Ballard is willing to invest a first on the Oline to protect Luck, in the expense of the defense. Still lots a time. We'll see.
  6. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Depends whose available. I really like OT Trey Adams and Pass Rusher Arden Key. Normally I'd be down for trading down, but with the QB needy teams, there will be legit game changing talent available.
  7. What kind of poll even is that? And it's easy to say that when he's injured and literally can't do anything to prove the doubters wrong. I fully believe that when Lucky returns at 100 %, he's gonna go on an unreal tear and really stick it to the rest of the league.
  8. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Im watching highlights of the week 17 win last year against the Jags. No reason. Just cause.
  9. Never mind the one lost to the challenge. It was a desperate move by Pags, one that at this point I've just come to expect from the guy. But what I don't get is.....with 2:15 (ish) left, and two timeouts, after the Colts stopped the Titans on first down, why did Pagano just let it go to the 2 minute warning? Even if they got the 2 stops and stopped the clock after the two minute warning, they would have had around 1:45 to 1:50 without timeouts. But if Pags calls his 2 timeouts on first and second down before the two minute warning, and then they get a stop on third, they would have 2 full minutes and maybe okay field position. A.K.A Colts would have 10 to 15 more seconds to maybe mount a drive (which, without timeouts is pretty big). And yes, I get it's a moot point because Henry got the first down, but if Pags calls his TO right there, even if the Titans get a first, he would still have a timeout and the two minute warning to work with. I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking this (I'm tired and the Colts just lost again, can ya blame me? ), but it's these little things that have slowly but surely made me want Pagano gone more and more (and this is coming from someone who wanted him to stay after the 15' season).
  10. 85-22

    Not winning many games without getting a first down in the third quarter.
  11. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    And It wasn't even Brock Osweiler who ended the streak. I'm pretty sure it was like TJ Yates who back in 15' marched into Indy. got hurt, was replaced by Brandon Weeden of all people, who went on to deliver the Texans first win against the Colts at LOS. Colts were winning that game 10-0 at one point too.
  12. Colts vs Titans predictions

    Titans 30 -16 Colts I think Indy shows some fight but the titans just have a more talented lineup, and as a result they pull ahead late to seal it.
  13. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I would agree but we don't have our QB either sooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    We jinxed it with that injury report earlier this week where everyone said 'that looks encouraging!'
  15. Sign Bowman....

    I think with all of Houston's injuries on D, they may take a swipe at him.