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  1. I think a poor Oline, a scheme that relies on too many long developing plays and a QB who sometimes holds onto the football too long contributes more to sacks than a poor number 2 WR.
  2. Brock Osweiler is now 3-0 against the Colts

    Oh it definitely is. People sometimes just look at rosters or even records to judge how good a job is. But we got a pretty young team, with a ton of cap space, potential to gain a lot of draft capital (or simply get a really high pick), plus a young, and respected GM whose allegedly built a very strong staff of scouts and assistants around him. Plus the added benefit of not having the pressure of coaching in a giant market like say a New York. Not to mention we got Andrew Luck at QB. The Indy job is no doubt in my mind one of the best, if not the best of the potential vacancies this January. There's not much there in Indy right now, but we have the assets and resources to get a lot.
  3. That's the only thing I'll take from this game. Other than that, whatever.
  4. Colts rule out five for Thursday night

    Thursday night games suck.
  5. Quincy Wilson played well

    This stuff about paganos favourites is stupid. Why the heck would a coach whose on the hot seat play a certain player over another simply because he 'likes him more'? Chucks not in a position to do stuff like that. The coaching staff are playing the players who they think gives them the best chance to win games. Simple as that.
  6. Jesus, judging by the reports in the articles, some of that stuff is legit messed up. Hopefully whoever is responsible for handling this situation handles it correctly.
  7. Drove down from Toronto to see the Colts in Buffalo like always. But damn was not prepared for that. I knew it'd be cold but good god, I could barely handle that, and I'm Canadian . Still, game was a blast. Sucks we lost (stupid refs) but it was still a great experience. The snowball fight at the end in the stands was pretty fun too. Bills fans were pretty nice. They were acting like they seen stuff like this all the time. Did any other Colts fans on the board go? Would love to hear your experience, or any other blizzard games you've been too. As for me, I think I'm done with snow for a little while, but I'm still super down for another game like that. That was something else.
  8. Great read NCF. Thanks for sharing. The DB class looks pretty good. Didn't know Kiper was so high on Fitz and James outta Bama and Florida State. I don't think Ballard would go safety in the first again, but if he thinks Geathers can't come back to 100 percent, maybe they'll consider it in a trade down? Doubt either of them are gonna make it past the top 10, but hey, who knows. Hooker wasn't supposed to drop to 15. Which makes me wonder, are Derwin James and Minkah Fitzpatrick better safety prospects coming out as Adams and Hooker? Gotta do some research on that. Their thoughts on the RB class was also interesting. McShay said he's got 9 backs in the first three rounds. I always wondered, with the dwindling value and shelf life of RBs, if a deeper class drove down the stock of some of the higher guys, but that didn't stop Fournette from going 4th last year, and Zeke the year before. I fully expect Barkley to be top 5, maybe to San Fran. Lastly, on Mayfield, who is probably the most polarizing prospect in this class. McShay said he had him as a day 3 prospect last year, and now he probably goes round 1. But man. lack of maturity and physical tools are like the two things you DON'T want from the guy leading your franchise. I just don't know about Mayfield. I'd rather go with Jackson to be honest, and I'm not even sold on him yet. At least he's got the physical tools. Glad they gave me some day 2 and 3 names to start studying on too. With all the contracts and such, it's pretty likely Indy takes some offensive skill position guys in the mid to late rounds.
  9. Wait... Who?

    What a guy or should I say........... What a Person.
  10. Even so, it's kinda silly that the 8-4 Seahawks' coach is 23rd, especially since he JUST beat number 2 Doug Pederson. If it's a week to week thing, how is Pagano behind Hue Jackson, Kyle Shahanahan, and Ben McAdoo?
  11. This is a prime of example of recency bias and it's so easy to see. Jim Caldwell, a guy who some of y'all ripped more than Pagano, is 8th. Mike McCarthy, whose star QB is also out, is somehow 18th. Doug Marrone, whose done a great job in Jacksonville I might add, is 9th, ahead of Harbaugh, Rivera, Garrett, McCarthy, Tomlin and Pete Carroll, who is somehow the 23rd best coach in the league. One of the dumbest lists I've seen in a while. OH and Pagano isn't the worst coach in the league at all, and for those of y'all who think it is, clearly have no understanding of what true suck is.
  12. Pretty incredible stat on the Colts run defense

    The one bright spot this season. They've done if against some good backs too. Bell, Gurley, Fournette, Murray, etc etc. Still get gashed late in games and on outside runs, but better edge play and hopefully a Luck led offense that doesn't screw over the defense with constant 3 and outs can fix that.
  13. I'm against taking guards early in drafts since you can always find quality guards later in drafts and through FA. But the Colts don't have time to tinker with that kind of thinking right now. Especially with Luck still on the mend and the bevy of pass rushers in the AFC South. Gotta protect Luck. As much as this defense needs some star talent, I think Nelson just has to be the pick. If they do go D though, Chubb is a fine option.
  14. We all know how secretive the Colts were being from the start. So why would we expect they/Luck would let on what's going on in Europe right now? Especially since the fact that he even is over there got out in the first place.
  15. Worst special teams mistake

    That Dewey McDonald drop against the Cowboys was in a week 16 game when the Colts had nothing to play for. I don't think that exactly stopped us from going to any superbowl. Unless you're talking about the Brandon Bostick drop vs Seattle that same season in the NFCCG. Still the worst late game collapse I've seen live.