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  1. And regarding the whole "he can't tackle" business, well we got Clayton don't we? And Hooker is a ball hawk. He's got traits you can't teach (easily). But you can teach tackling. This pick gives the Colts some flexibility with our defensive backs. Now, we can play Geathers closer to the line, and have him make a bigger impact in the run game. Butler can still play safety, but he can also move back into the nickel role in a pinch. Meanwhile Hooker can roam free around the middle of the field, swatting any ball that comes his way. The Colts were one of the worst teams in terms of turnover differential last year. That will change. The defense just got better.
  2. are you guys kidding me? Guys are you serious? Like actually? Are you guys for real? The Colts just got a blue chip prospect. A top 10 talent, and the a guy with all pro potential that - wait for it - plays DEFENSE. And ya'll are mad? Get outta here.
  3. awesome pick. No idea he'd last this far.
  4. That would not be a smart decision, especially in a trade up situation. But eh. Whatever. CM is a good football player and I'd probably love the pick down the road. It'll at least make the games funner to watch . Every game is a barn burner!
  5. Yeah Nashville St Louis is gonna be a real tight series I think. Gimme Nashville in 7. This series comes down to the goalies. Edmonton Anaheim: I'll agree with you here. Oilers in 6. To be honest, the Ducks don't really scare me and Edmonton looked for real against the defending WC champion the previous round. Washington Pittsburgh: Oh boy. This series is gonna destroy me emotionally for the next 2 weeks. I want the Caps to win this SO badly. My brain says either team in 7. But screw the brain. Time slay some dang demons. Caps in 5. New York Ottawa: Not much to say here. NYR is the better team. Rags in 6.
  6. @21isSuperman Well that settles that. Toronto played well. Kudos to the Leafs. On to Pittsburgh. And would you look at that. For the third straight year, the Caps will be playing a game 1 of the second round at the same time as the NFL draft.
  7. These players smh.......
  8. I actually don't think the Rams will be a complete dumpster fire. Not a playoff team by any means but still competitive. It all depends on how well Goff does, but I would not be surprised to see them at 7-9 or even 8-8. The Chargers meanwhile are pretty screwed. Talent wise, they're probably better than the Rams, and they still got Philip Rivers, but they play in a tougher division and if you haven't already, take a look at their schedule. Not easy, especially pre-bye. Probably 5-11 or 6-10.
  9. Ehh; I mean once the other teams in the division start getting actually good, I'm sure my opinion will change but honestly I don't hate any of the AFCS teams (which is funny because I'm sure they all hate the Colts). Put it this way, I'd rather see Tenn win the SB than NE or PIT
  10. This freakin series . Not gonna lie, had a darn near heart attack when I saw him leave. What's your opinion on the hit? I thought it was low but I'm biased sooooooooooooooo
  11. Don't mark LA down as an easy win right now. Especially if Goff decides to breakout. And they still got a good defense. Remember, we were all marking down Detroit week 1 as an easy win last year. Look what happened. A favourable start yes, but nothing in the NFL is guaranteed.
  12. Knowing the Colts, they'll start the year at 2-3 with the losses being to LA, Cleveland, and San Fran, and the wins being against AZ and SEA . But for real, I know it's early but I'd be disappointed with anything less than 3-2 to start the year. That's a cookie cutter start.
  13. SNF Indianapolis vs Seattle. Wilson vs Luck. Should be fun.
  14. Obviously just looking at it right now we got no idea, but those last 4 games could be pretty tough. At Buffalo, vs Denver, At Baltimore, vs Houston. All 4 got good defenses and weather will likely play a big part in the roadies (specifically in buffalo).
  15. Looking at some of the games, I hope they get Buffalo early in the season again, just to avoid some bad December weather. Also, to be honest, the earlier we play the steelers the better. That way there's actually a good chance Andrew plays in it . My predictions: Colts start at Baltimore week 1. Finish at home vs Houston. Go to Tennessee Thursday night and either @ Seattle @ Houston or @ Cinci for a SNF match up.

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