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  1. Later my Colts brethren! I'll sleep well tonight!
  2. There goes J.Davis!
  3. Mayock just said late bad news about Foster's shoulder injury and THAT is why he's still on the board. I'd GLADLY take him on day 2 though!
  4. I get it. I liked Reddick too. He's gonna be a beast. BUT you can only have one and we got tremendous value at #15. Gotta be thankful for that. And hey, at least they didn't do that awful rumor and trade UP for McCaffrey!
  5. Foster is gonna be a beast for some team no doubt. But I'm happy with who we got too.
  6. I thought Bucs would go Dalvin Cook. LOTS of good players will be available tomorrow folks!
  7. Honestly, I would put Hooker being there at #15 right up there. But for me, it's the fact that Jon Allen fell that far. By all accounts he was top 5 for sure.
  8. Hooker is starting. Don't fool yourselves. You don't take this guy where they picked him and then have him sit on the bench. He's your FS with Geathers likely the box guy IMHO.
  9. CBS Sports had Hooker ranked the #7 prospect overall. 2nd best safety (best FREE safety). Colts just got that value at #15. I think they did fine!
  10. Tackling and technique can be worked on. You CANNOT teach the athleticism, speed, and ball-hawking skills Hooker has. You just can't. I'll trust Ballard & Co. that they can coach this guy up.
  11. I'm ecstatic. This draft fell right for the Colts. I had thought if Foster was there the Colts would run to the podium to select him but that was assuming that Hooker wouldn't get past the Chargers at #7. Had NO idea both would still be there and they were my 1A and 1B choices beyond Garrett. I'm LOVING this! Now......I will pray that people keep passing on Foster!
  12. Ahhhhhhh this takes so long! I'll be back on closer to Colts time. Later.
  13. One of the Bears draft rooms I saw were like "wth!" Classic.
  14. Wow. Good for the Colts though if they want defense.
  15. In the scenario presented, King. I don't know if either of them are worthy of 15 though. Maybe in the 20's.

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