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  1. SCIENCE! I love it. Just waitin for the official word that there's alien life.
  2. Couldn't agree more with the last 2 posts.
  3. Still a month left until training camp even starts. I won't even panic if he misses the first week, which would be 5 weeks away. Plenty of time yet.
  4. I don't think you're crazy at all. ALL of these rookies come with some concerns and none has proven anything on an NFL field. That said, the only thing I'm really concerned with right now is his injury and when he can start practicing. Missing time has put him behind and I'm concerned if he can catch up in time for the start of the season. Other than that, I think he has the talent and instincts to become at the least a solid starting safety in this league. I was quite pleased on draft night as I didn't expect him to be there. But I understand your concern.
  5. Yeah they even broached that story on one of the alien shows I love to watch. Can't remember which one it was though. Somewhere in Floriduh in 1973 (allegedly).
  6. I agree, that's where I cut my rap/hip hop teeth too. Public Enemy and Flavor Flav.....I mean who doesn't like a good clock necklace? Those names bring back some memories. Always thought KRS One was sorta underrated too.
  7. I understand they didn't have him rated high last year, but the man has loads of talent, is only 25, and we gave him good money to come here on his potential. And he may just be our best defensive lineman. And most publications I saw had him rated as one of the best FA's. I would say that qualifies as a major signing. No idea why they would not include him and it seems like maybe they didn't do all their homework.
  8. Getting off to a good start is imperative IMHO. They don't need to necessarily beat Seattle, but they damn well better beat the Rams, Cards, and Browns to start at least 3-1 with the Niners coming to town. If they do that, they'll be in the driver's seat for the South.
  9. How can Hankins not be listed there?
  10. All things being equal, I could see 9-10 wins so long as Luck doesn't miss too many games.
  11. Never say never BUT he doesn't really fit with what they're doing here.
  12. At the gym, Allegaeon. When I'm chllin, Post Malone.
  13. Yes and I would be worried about thieves in that last scenario. Would be a handy tool for them I would think.
  14. Well, I wasn't old enough to remember the series when it was filming, but it was still being shown in syndication after school when I was in grade school and I loved watching that cheese cartoonish stuff. They even had the pop-ups like "WHAM!" on the screen during fight scenes, which was awesome. RIP Batman and Mayor West!
  15. No no you weren't out of line at all IMHO. Just talking to the guy while standing in line like a normal human being. Nothing wrong with that. You didn't do anything to draw attention to him and didn't ask for anything. And you didn't interrupt him during his meal. I don't see anything wrong with that scenario at all. If he didn't expect SOMEONE to notice who he was he wouldn't be seen in public at all. I'm sure he expects some of that so long as it doesn't get out of hand, and probably appreciated the way you handled it. But some level of interaction in public is the price of being a pro athlete.

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