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  1. I think any of those top 4 or 5 OL would help us honestly. But yeah, the more I hear about Nelson the more I like. And I don't care if he's a guard, if he's that good he's worth a top pick. Period.
  2. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???

    I could see it but I think he got the year wrong. Maybe he meant 2020?
  3. Kinda funny. And I doubt this will be the last of the "Colts have ruined Luck, he should ask for a trade and come play for my team the _____ " comments we see in the media.'re on the clock.
  4. Vontae Davis: "Change is Good"

    Could it be when he said "Change is good" he is actually referring to Pagano? Clearly he isn't happy with him.
  5. T.Y. Hilton - AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Well deserved. With that said, T.Y., keep your trap shut and play.
  6. Conspiracy of the day

    I like me a good conspiracy. Heck, I believe in aliens! But this? With a win on Sunday? That's just crazy!
  7. There will be thrice that many by next season.
  8. Luck lost 50#

    There is NO WAY that dude is under 200 lbs, not even after surgery. My guess is he hasn't been under 200 lbs since middle school.
  9. Top 3 pick

    In general, I don't like taking a RB that high (presuming top 5). I haven't since about 1995 when the NFL sort of transitioned to more pass-oriented. I think this team would benefit much more from trading down and acquiring picks and building the lines first (as a true rebuild SHOULD do). However, I DO like Barkley and think he will become a very good NFL player. If the Colts stood pat and took him I couldn't be mad. But I think they could trade back to the middle of the first and get quality OL or DL and still get quality at RB later. Jordan Howard was a 5th rounder last year. And 2018 is shaping up to be a DEEP draft at RB. I think trading down would help them more in the long run. But I also couldn't be mad if they got a guy that many analysts think will be better than Elliott and can pass-block (without the knuckle-headedness).
  10. This sounds like his money river has dried up to me. No thanks.
  11. 2018 Free Agent Class

    I would concur. If everything goes well then yeah, it shouldn't take too long. But as much as most of us like Ballard he too is a rookie at his position and will likely make some errors along the way. That's why I'm giving him a 3 year "cushion".
  12. 2018 Free Agent Class

    I would agree, especially in today's NFL where it doesn't seem like there is one clear cut #1 team. But I am assuming we will likely make some blunders along the way, so I'm thinking about 3 years.
  13. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    Barkley, a top pass rusher, or trade down for more picks and grab some OL.
  14. Colts/Jags Insulting Post Game Press Conference

    What are they supposed to say without airing the team's dirty laundry? If they do, like Hilton just did, then people will castigate them for doing that. So they are screwed either way I guess, huh? BTW, I know this team is in shambles right now. I don't need the coach, players, or anybody else to tell me that.