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  1. AZColt11

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I doubt we'll sign him but I like that Ballard is at least looking.
  2. AZColt11

    Terrance West visited Colts on Tuesday

    Ballard's just doing what he SHOULD do, which is look at all avenues to constantly try to make this roster better, every day.
  3. AZColt11

    Malik Hooker Update

    And why wouldn't ya? It's perfect in more than 1 way.
  4. AZColt11

    Question about Quenton

    All I know is I'm glad he's wearing a 'Shoe on his helmet.
  5. AZColt11

    PFF analysis of Indy's draft picks

    Ballard is not a super-computer. He is going to err from time to time and I doubt all of these draft picks will end up making the roster. BUT......if he gets 4 or maybe even 5 starters out of this draft, then he will have had a whale of an off-season regardless of anything else that happens. I think he did, but only time will tell.
  6. AZColt11

    Hope for Luck to stay healthy

    It starts up front, which is why I had ZERO problem with what Ballard did in the draft. It's not "sexy" and it doesn't generate a "buzz" around the league, but it's COMPLETELY necessary to get him protection up front. the 2nd thing they are doing is bringing in an offense designed to get the ball out of his hand quicker. Those 2 things should help keep Luck healthier than he's ever been in Indy.
  7. AZColt11

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    Competition is never a bad thing. Plus both are under 30 and have starting NFL experience. But I think they are going to have to guarantee some money if they want to sign one of them.
  8. AZColt11

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Skai Moore. He's got 2nd round talent and he aint got much competition on this roster.
  9. AZColt11

    Name one team

    Chargers are going. Seahawks are not.
  10. AZColt11

    Andrew Luck is Dr. Dre

    I've heard Dre rap. I seriously doubt Luck is as good. I would take that to the bank.
  11. AZColt11

    Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

  12. Don't know much about him other than I saw he ran a slow 40 time. Then I found out he did that injured and that he really runs in the 4.5's. Then I was OK with it. Hope like hell he works out like you say BlueShoe.
  13. AZColt11

    The benefits of drafting Quenton Nelson

    I can't wait to watch this guy go to work.
  14. Yeah, I saw where Anderson signed today with Carolina. So he's out obviously. Don't think anybody else on the list did, or else I missed it. Really hoping they look hard at Breeland. Personally, I don't mind bringing in a few older guys for that "vet presence" like Howard or Bowman on short term deals but it just doesn't seem to fit with the direction Ballard is going. I think he's bound and determined to run with the younger guys, get them some experience, and keep building with younger players and draft picks. That's why, to me, guys like Breeland make sense.
  15. Wondering if we might make a run at one of these guys now that the draft is over or if we're prepared to run with what we have. Some good names still on this list and we have plenty of cash. Of note, CJ Anderson is still out there and I know there are a lot of you that like him. I'm intrigued by Bashaud Breeland at CB. Thought he was decent at Washington and he's only 26. Is he a fit in this scheme though? What about Kayvon Webster? What you DON'T see is a lot of tackles available.