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  1. I would Superman but I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to contribute, especially when it comes to schemes, and fits, etc. But I will anxiously await the reports! Great idea!
  2. I hope you are wrong, no offense. We just can't afford to have missed on another 1st rounder. This team NEEDS Dorsett to step up.
  3. It's torturous really as a fan. Because you KNOW this defense needs good players in the worst way, yet we have this franchise QB who has been beaten up and is currently recovering from surgery from all those hits, and you know this guy would help with all that. The problem is you can't have 2 high picks, so you gotta choose and just hope it's the right decision and the guy can help you. I struggle with this "defense vs. stud OL" decision a lot. But I would agree, this is the ONLY guy I would really consider over one of the stud defenders.
  4. I do find it odd that they mentioned top 15 pick. If it were a top 10 team then why wouldn't you just say top 10? So what that tells me is it's a team between 10-15. And the Colts just happen to be one of those teams. Hmmmmm.............
  5. I'd be all for it. I agree about Watt, I don't think he'll make it to us in the 2nd anymore but i took him in my mock in the 2nd before the combine. I could see Jones being there but NOT Mixon. I feel like his stock has been rising and he did nothing in his pro day to make it drop. The ONLY knock is the character thing, and I'm not sure I want him just for that, but I can't deny he's a great talent and SOME team will overlook that for his athleticism. I don't see him making it past the 2nd round really. But if your draft did come true I'd be a happy fan!
  6. I don't think so. He's a different type than Dorsett, more of a Moncrief type than a Dorsett type. And you can never have enough tall WR's for the redzone. IMHO the end of Dorsett will be underperforming another year. But I'm hopeful he goes all Reggie Wayne and wakes up in year 3.
  7. Reported here too. Looks like we got another WR.
  8. She was replying to someone asking if the Colts had offered and that was her response. But the weird thing is when you copy and paste the link it comes up with the post below it talking about what the Jags offered. But on her Twitter, if you scroll down to March 16th, it has the question about the Colts and that response about the 5 years, $60M being offered. Something is screwy. Check it out for yourself.
  9. I guess he's coming for a visit.
  10. I've always been a metalhead myself. I'm older now but still metal. I haven't been to a ton of concerts but have managed to see some of the "elite" of metal like Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth (just a few years ago). Even saw some hard rock like Van Halen and Poison back in their heyday. Went to Monsters of Rock back in '88 at the old RCA Dome and i am STILL kicking myself to this day that I didn't cut school to go see Metallica back then, but they were on early during school. I knew of them but they weren't real big back then and I didn't go until later when Dokken was in the middle of their set, and then saw the Scorpions and Van Halen. It was a HUGE event. Good times! Of the newer bands I really like Allegaeon. Not so much the screams and growls which most of the newer bands seem to be into but their guitar work is very good and they synch well together. Would love to see them live but I aint goin by myself. LOG is not bad either. Glad Randy made it out of the Czech republic.
  11. Heather Graham. Always liked her since Boogie Nights and AP.
  12. Yeah, that would put him squarely in the 500+ lbs bench press area (without a vest). Needless to say, that is fairly impressive. I've been in the 400 lbs area and nearly had an aneurysm.
  13. That is pretty good OP. I would like to add one element to the Giants trade. Instead of maybe getting their pick, instead take Hankins off their hands. They don't wanna pay him, we need him, they get a lower pick outta the deal and move up in the 1st. If not there could be SOME creative way to do it.
  14. Yeah.......if this Hankins guy can't catch 10 TD's a season then I don't want him. He's worthless.

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