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  1. Wilson was in position on some of those completions, he just didn't recognize where the ball was. If he can work on that he'll be fine. He is physical though. And I agree, Hooker is going to be everywhere in this system. Encouraging first start for these rooks, even with the completions. It's not like the guys were wide open.
  2. not a bad idea.
  3. Very sorry to hear that. Prayers to you and your family.
  4. IDK what's really going on in the front office, but I like what I've seen of Ballard thus far. Whether Chuck will remain here is anybody's guess, but either way it would seem at this point that the arrow is pointing up for this franchise now that Ballard is here. Only time will tell, as he says.
  5. The cheerleaders/dance team/whatever they are called nowadays. I hear they have a talented crop this year! Seriously though, I'm interested to watch any of the rookie or 2nd year guys play. I know some won't but the ones that do will have most of my attention.
  6. It would be the worst thing for THIS year, but certainly not for down the road. Of course, we have no idea what will happen this season, let alone in 2-3 years. Who knows if Andy's shoulder ever fully heals? If that happens, he won't even be in Indy and they will have moved onto someone else. So I think if he can go, you put all your chips on the table to try to win this season. If he can't, you hold him out, go 5-11 or whatever, draft well, make some more splashes in FA with all the money they are projected to have, and then hope 2018 lines up better. This whole thing hinges on Andrew really. And until we know more about his health all things Colts are sort of up in the air for this season.
  7. Watkins will pull a hammy by the 2nd quarter.
  8. Local kid Deyshawn Bond is going to get his shot it appears.
  9. I'm pumped!
  10. Good news but I'm not getting a good vibe on this season for some reason......
  11. WISH I had the dexterity to play guitar. If anyone can find me a buddy that can either strum or hit the frets while I do the other, let me know. I can only do one thing at a time. If I could play well I might never put it down.
  12. I would have to say Favre if only because most QB's won't ever even dress in almost 300 games, let alone start them consecutively. That's insane!
  13. I was thinkin the same thing when I read that title. We must not be right in the head. LOL
  14. Oh yeah, I'm not saying it can't happen by any means. The schedule itself is not all that daunting IMHO and may be the "easiest" they've had in years. I'm just saying that with so many new faces, the fact that Brady is still in the league, and the Colts relying on so many rookies to come through, perhaps this won't be "the year". Not saying it can't happen, just maybe not likely is what I'd call it. I DO think they have every chance to be a playoff team though, even if they don't win the division.
  15. I don't know if the report is true or not, but if he's not ready to go then don't rush him just because it's regular season. The worst thing they could do is put him out there because he's "supposed to be". They gotta think about the future and not just 2017. I know some will disagree with me, but even in the best-case scenario I can't see the Colts winning the Superbowl in 2017/18 so don't force it please. Lets make sure this guy is FULLY healthy and has an opportunity to win multiple titles down the road. Having said that, if he's really healthy and ready to go then by all means let him play

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