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  1. There is something about Lebron James btw that brings out the conspiracies in NBA fans, sad but true. And now that you combine DA BIG BALLER FAMILY it is going to snowball to new heights. Cleveland fans are going to go insane this year unless Lebron guarantees he is staying in Cleveland. But now that it is being floated around. If you could get Lebron/PG to L.A. you could get the cool cheap veteran ring chasers too like how Miami brought in Ray Allen and Bibby. Now Wade can then go and join up in L.A. for this gravy train too on a small deal himself. He only stayed in Chicago this year for the money since next year he is taking a pay cut to join the showtime Lakers. And we could get Lakers/Celtics finals again. See it's all coming together and LaVar knows this and he is being cocky about it since he is keeping it a secret. I am slightly joking about all this btw but then again a new super team is not out of the realm of possibilities. Hell Durant might even dump the Warriors for the Lakers too eventually.
  2. I agree, I think Lonzo passes Steph Curry maybe around February or so. It's just a matter of time when. Not if, but when. But this Lakers team really isn't too good. But NEXT year when they get Lebron, PG and a small hoard of cheap ring chasers apparently the league will never be the same again.
  3. You make a compelling case I do admit. One thing I often never think about though is Lebron and his thing with L.A. and how big it "might really be". Is it that big? Maybe it is.........I never studied into it. And I know LaVar Ball already has declared that if Lebron goes to the Lakers then Lonzo will be passing the ball to the best player in the world and it will result in a title etc. Of course if this were to happen they need more FA help then just Lebron/Ingram and Lonzo which you did state with players who could jump on board asap to ride that gravy train. Do I personally see it happening? The Lebron fan in me hopes not........I would prefer he just end it in Cleveland quietly and go out a hero with that historic comeback title they got. The west has way more teams to compete with, but you could argue that only the Warriors are the real obstacle and that eventually GS will lose some super powers as time goes by and IF injuries, age and complacency hit them at all. And a loaded up Lakers team btw would get the ref help. I am sorry but they will. I always know and we all do that the league loves to help out the Lakers. Best point is the relationship between Lebron and Dan Gilbert. It's still icy IMO.........and it has been for some time. What Dan Gilbert said and did and the letter he wrote about Lebron when he left for Miami, that was NO JOKE. Oh man this is hard to mentally grasp, I have not been following Cavs fans much since the finals ended and FA flopped for them. But so many of them are paranoid as hell about Lebron and some are also hoping he don't "vanish" in the ECFs next year to make it easier to leave like in the past. As for Lebron negotiating with Magic too, well that again is something we can't predict but yeah it COULD happen maybe. I can't say it can't. All of this is very mind boggling and we got a full year of Lebron speculation. None of us knows the truth of what may happen but the Lakers thing has been brought up a lot in the national media. I probably would not pull for them either even if they got Lebron which may shock some people. I have a tough time imagining Lebron playing in the western conference but i guess it's good to be semi sorta prepared ahead of time even if I am very hesitant on the idea of him moving his family again. But I do realize for Lebron he has stated before he has other goals in mind too for the future and making loads more money. One thing I did think of, I wonder if one reason LaVar Ball is so arrogant is because maybe he knows next offseason the Lakers are loading up hard?
  4. Same here, I probably have flying dreams on my own 2 or 3 times a week. Plane dreams are not as common as me dreaming about flying on my own like a bird or having special super powers that allow me to fly. I don't always remember my dreams either........ I think flying in dreams has some sort of revealing factor to it like loving freedom or independence or needing it or some psychological lingo like that. When I was a little kid, I often dreamed all the time I was like Alice in Wonderland and I used to fall into huge rabbit holes and have to climb out of them on huge ladders with odd animals all around me.
  5. Some funny stuff here, especially some of the people hinting at dirty things. I have tons of flying dreams, good or bad. I dream I fly alone sometimes just flapping my arms or having super powers to fly. With flying in a plane sometimes it's hit or miss. Some of them are good and sometimes the plane goes down from time to time and I wake up before the crash.
  6. According to this, Arians think the surgery should have been done sooner. It's just one line. Of course Arians isn't like on our team for years now but well it's all I could find googling to feed the rumor-ville beast within me. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bruce-arians-thinks-andrew-luck-is-a-combo-of-peytons-brain-and-big-bens-body/
  7. I don't get it, seems odd. There has to be something else going on behind the scenes none of us knew about. There has to be. Well, you have to say the Falcons are still the division favorites but last offseason we thought Carolina was. The NFC South seems to often shock us in switching division winners with a suprise team. If the Falcons do repeat as division champs I could almost see them being a bit like the 2010 Colts.
  8. I got bored with summer league, I seen some highlights of Lonzo and he did improve. Only problem is I am not sure this Lakers team is good enough with skilled shooters around him to take advantage of his passing and vision, at least for this season anyway. So his dads guarantee of making the playoffs is very risky by him. I think Ingram is going to be the main guy this year though in his second season. Clearly the stuff with his dad and BBB is not geared for women like me. I am sure it does sell though for the younger crowd in California though. But it makes people like me roll their eyes. I have to think Lonzo is selling jerseys already a lot too, ESPN seems to be in love with him. I kinda fizzled with the Lakers though a bit anyway due to the fading Kobe era near the end........ Lebron should just stay in Cleveland and well I bet he does, even if Cleveland fans and media will get all paranoid on it all for the next year. IF he leaves again, man I think he is getting a bit old for that. Unless he went to a team with more veterans but seriously this Lakers thing does not click with me and him AT ALL. And I would not be a fan of it either. I also got no idea why everyone thinks Lebron is into acting. Only issue is Cleveland is kinda stuck, with cap space and draft picks and a few bad contracts. What I used to hear about Lebron is him having potential interest in owning or part owning a team someday too and becoming more then just an NBA player.
  9. Same here. What a bummer to hear even if it's not true. It is worth watching indeed, where there is smoke there is sometimes fire. Although I never really did buy any of the Peyton was coming here to do anything big rumors. All rumors are welcomed at all times!!!!!!!!
  10. For the record with all this Lebron stuff. I don't think anyone but Lebron knows what he wants to do. For starters, I used to even wonder if Lebron would retire earlier then people expected, like he would just kinda burn out. If he makes the finals again next year and loses, I do think he will eventually just get tired of this mentally. And he is older now then when he went to Miami, he is going to be pushing 34 NEXT SUMMER, why would he want to go to a team and hang out with a bunch of kids who can't even drink? One of the big reasons that Lebron did go to Miami too is his close friendship with Wade. Lebron is close with many Cavs players and his kids are getting older now and his wife is settled. Not sure he is moving again right now. Not to mention, his oldest son is into basketball too and seems to be developing a following. Which did start a fight by LaVar Ball about sons, so I am not sure I ever see Lebron playing with the Ball family. I used to always hear Lebron wanted to hand the keys to the team to Kyrie Irving too someday. I used to think he would just retire with the Cavs and let Kyrie be the new face since he hinted at this. Cavs fans are always paranoid he is leaving though but then again they are not the sharpest tools in the shed most of the time. If something shocking happens, I used to wonder if it would be Lebron retiring earlier then expected. Since he has been playing since right out of high school. If Lebron leaves next summer I will be suprised. Unless it was say to a team like the Spurs where he was going to finally play with an all time great coach. But again nobody but Lebron knows what he will do. We all can just speculate. He is still at peak physical form and high levels playing, so just enjoy it while it lasts. I hated losing Kobe and I will hate the day Lebron retires.
  11. We're fine, don't worry. I just have been lazy coming online lately since I been busy this summer. Colts? Not sure. Every time I check I hear the Titans are now winning the division and Luck's arm is ready to be sawed off. I am slowly trying to get my mind back into the heavy NFL swing of things again since I miss it now. I sometimes slow down on the NBA this time of year too for a while. I did not pay attention much to summer league since the early games but my goodness........yes the Lakers are the bees knees of summer league and basically wrote the book on it and Lonzo is the summer league naz. I admit Lonzo has looked better then I thought he would as this thing went on since I managed to catch a few highlights on ESPN when they are not going OMG LOOK!!!!!!! HIS SNEAKERS LAST NIGHT WERE BLUE!!!!!!! THE NIGHT BEFORE THEY WERE PURPLE. But I seriously am not the target audience for the Lonzo thing. The BBB thing. The sneakers. The whole "BBB is a mindset" thing or whatever. And what does that mean? I guess CLEARLY I am no Big Baller. Jules is never ever going to be Big Ballin with the homies. Lonzo might end up being a good player but the Lakers might still really suck this year. The west is pretty good. I got no idea really but we'll see.........
  12. Oh boy, this all sounds lovely. Please be okay Andrew. Well that explains why many claim he looks thinner and lost muscle mass. Sigh. And in Mexico? Everyone knows for the best sex change operations you go to ARGENTINA. Duh. Okay sorry carry on with serious stuff again everyone.
  13. I really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman. I didn't have high expectations but it knocked my socks off. I really liked this new actress they chose too, she is stunning. Also I didn't know heading into it that this film would have such heavy WWI elements with a background story but I thought it was great. I am not a super action hero expert or junkie either so as a casual fan I loved the film!

    1. Synthetic



      Wonder Woman was great. DC finally made a decent movie, and it's forced me to take back what I said and eat crow over Gal Gadot's acting in Batman vs Superman. She was very charming in Wonder Woman. I greatly enjoyed it too! 

    2. Jules


      My folks went to see Wonder Woman tonight since I told them they would like it. I know they will love it too.


      OMG that film is sooooooooo cute. lmao I mean it just IS. So enchanting. 



  14. I was into the Lakers for a long time due to Kobe Bryant, it lost it's luster to me anyway after his retirement and with the ding dongs now being brought in there. I doubt my interest will return like it did for the old days with that team. So no worries there. And yes Kobe was hot too and a crush of mine for some time. I have his jersey and I used to be into him huge as a fan. I don't care even if the Lakers do win more in a few years but your expectations of them are far ahead of anything I would have in a crowded west. If anyone but Lebron currently could win it all I would like to see it be Brad Stevens with the Celtics. The only team I ever stick with if I hate anything about them is the Colts since they are the only real "loyalty" team I ever had. With other sports I use higher standards and jump around more.
  15. I will keep Mitchell in mind. Have not seen him yet but will look for him in the regular season. Thanks.

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