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  1. I won't type out what Durant said to Westbrook tonight (you can google it all) but he did start it too I guess. Durant said a few very very naughty phrases. Tsk Tsk. Bad Kevin.
  2. Been watching highlights of this game before I sleep and it's scary. They were so mean and vicious in OKC to poor Kevin!!!!!!!!
  3. Lonzo's shooting will improve now that he knows his brother is safe and sound and not in a Chinese prison. I bet that was distracting for him. You can say it isn't distracting but if my sister was involved in that I would be a wreck. I hear a lot of complaints by Lakers fans on Luke's 4th quarter rotations too now. Westbrook scares me based on highlights I seen of him screaming and yelling and hollering to the crowd. Jesus..........he and Durant were in each others faces too tonight but it looks more Westbrook instigated. Christ, I missed this for watching Celtics/Heat and Cavs/Nets? I didn't think the drama was still even there, I thought a year later it would have settled down........but I guess not. They seem to have some HATE at times unless it's all for show.
  4. Lakers sucked tonight, not unexpected though since it's a young team on a back to back. At least they won last night. *cue Lakers fans ranting online for 48 hours nonstop* This is the team Lebron is supposed to want to play on btw? I didn't watch the Warriors/Thunder much live but I just seen highlights. Holy crap, is Westbrook on something? He looked all raged up to the max during this game and yelling. And I saw a clip of Durant walking off the court almost like "whatever * OKC I got a ring, I'm hungry where is mom at.?". I seen this online: Seriously? Lebron be like to Kryie: Although I can understand watching this game too since it looked like Boston might pull it out again for a few seconds at the 3 minute mark. And I always thought Lebron still secretly had a Miami fetish........deep down......... Ooh the drama the drama....... And the Knicks beat the Raptors!!!!!!! God the Knicks won't DIE.
  5. I am still not a huge believer yet. I need to see consistency usually for me to believe in a team more unless history is on their side with say a Lebron led team by default. If anything is missing with the Warriors it would be hunger later on since repeating is tough to do. I just remember last year though how the Warriors kinda were up and down until late in the year defensively but still winning and then they kicked in full time hard just in time. I am most curious to see Cavs at Warriors and how that game goes but it's not until Christmas. That game will tell more to me as in have the Cavs learned ANYTHING about playing Golden State and will the Warriors play the Cavs with the same passion and hunger they did in the finals? We can only hope though the west gets more interesting and someone in the west finally has cracked Golden State a bit. Going to be tough to do in a 7 game series though. Would be nice to get a new team in the finals but thats so long away.
  6. I was thinking the same, it never pans out the way we want lol. Kelly Olynyk wanted to break it. And in a way he kinda earned it since he basically won them the the Wizards playoff series last year. They showed up big tonight, but they need to keep chugging along. Big win though since it shows what they are capable of when they put it all together. Same thing as last year. Warriors kicked it into super human gear in the second half of the season. Lets see if they can do that again this year. They could get complacent though.......but they are so talented and well coached. Hard to imagine they will. OKC has been great on defense though statisically this year, they just needed to put the scoring out there to go with it. On a side note, the Nets play hard this year even in losses. Wow, I followed Cavs/Nets at times too and not until the end could the Cavs distance themselves. Nets were playing like it was game 7 of the finals at times.
  7. OKC needs to show up more game by game more though from now on. A ton of teams get fired up to play the Warriors. Like they did to end the Celtics streak too. OKC has to learn consistency from now as well.........
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!! I guess I can stop posting win updates for the Celtics. Sigh. The streak ends to the Miami Heat of all teams in Miami. I guess it was coming, other teams wanted it more at times. Just wish it wasn't to the Heat who I don't think are all that great despite being fired up lol.


    It ends at 16. It was a blast thought. Now the Celtics have to start showing up more BEFORE 4th quarters........



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    2. Jules


      Have a good time tomorrow, sounds like a big feast. I have to go to my folks house too and my sister sometimes goes with me so we can share a car. I had a big dinner over NBA stuff tonight with my boyfriend and sister so I am stuffed. We talk too much about Lebron and the Celtics and Lonzo Ball.:lol:


      I will try to catch some of the NFL action or at least the later stuff. Just hoping the Cowboys continue to slide lol. I also would not mind San Diego going on some sort of hot streak, Rivers deserves it. I am starting to warm up to the idea of the Vikings now too........


      Yeah we need a day off from basketball before back to backs this weekend. lmao 


      Sucks you got to work so hard at night and all that. I see your posts and comments from time to time on it. You sometimes sound stressed lol. Sports must be a good diversion. 


      Just make sure you get sleep at times since in the winter months we get vulnerable to colds and the flu!



    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah I work all kinds of hours, sometimes it's stressful and some days are easy. When it's not busy I can get on the Internet like tonight, there isn't any other employees here.  2 guys are here fumigating part of the building so that is why I am here. I volunteered for it because it's double time after midnight. I am off until Monday once I get out of here in the morning. Have a fun time tomorrow with your family and take care.

    4. Jules


      I am probably not going to be online tomorrow but will be around late Friday night.


      Have a good holiday and enjoy the time off!


      Should be a fun sports weekend starting today.:cheer2:

  9. Celtics finally lost but it was coming. Sigh, oh well. Depressing though that it was against the Miami Heat who were fired up all to hell. I can't stand this Heat team at times either, they got so many flukey shots tonight. Had to lose sometime. You can't keep spotting teams big leads and expect to come back every single game. Celtics have to fix some things on offense. Would rather the streak had ended to the Pacers though. SMH Back to Thanksgiving holiday hoopla........
  10. Yeah I have to keep reminding myself of these things, but the Miami Heat had more depth I think in 2011 then the current OKC team does. But still OKC must be in the playoffs by years end and I demand it to happen. I still have hopes they can go on a hot streak sometime later. I mean with the talent they got starting.......COME ON. And yes I also think they will be a playoff team and hoping for a mid seed and not the bottom so they don't get stuck with the Warriors early. I demand though that OKC goes on a big run eventually.
  11. National Football Conference

    I guess it is slightly possible Seattle still goes on a late season run, they have done it before a lot. But this year with injuries and stuff maybe it might be tougher. Since catching up to the Rams might not even be impossible? Rams are sitting at 7-3 and Seahawks at 6-4........ Falcons have had the Seahawks number though over the years so this is not a suprise to me tonight.
  12. Pacers currently are in the playoff standings right now. Meh I might even be crazy but I think the east has some decent competition this year at times. OMG, OKC is still only 7-9 and ranked 9th in the west. They need to pick this up soon.........
  13. National Football Conference

    If the Vikings made it I would give them a shot to win it all, the crowd would clearly be um full of.......Vikings fans. Yeah the Falcons won tonight. They have 4 losses, the Panthers 3 losses and the Saints 2. It's not even 100% over yet. Saints and Falcons have not even played each other yet and the NFC South looks to be a candidate to send in more then one playoff team. Seattle is pretty blah this year.
  14. I didn't even realize the Pacers played tonight, another win. Wow. You all are becoming a playoff team now. I followed the Cavs early who wiped out the Pistons. And I followed most of the Celtics who had a bad game vs. the Mavericks in Dallas but somehow came back and won thanks to Kyrie's 47 points. Root for the Celtics to beat the Heat and Magic this week so the streak is on the line in Indy Saturday night. That could be fun.
  15. Sweet Sixteen wins in a row now for the Celtics. Kyrie Irving: 47 points in Dallas.

    Crazy game, Mavericks led by Dirk played their butts off to break that streak and damn near did it and lost in OT. Mavs were up 10+ in the 4th.

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Toronto may beat us, we are due for a loss after winning 4 in a row. I think that game is 50/50 as Toronto is very talented and they kicked the crap out of Houston the other night.

    3. Jules


      Due for a loss after just 4? Celtics are at 16 and I keep thinking it's coming. lmao But it's tough to say........


      I think it's the Kyrie factor, he's the closer. Pacers still need "that guy" but your scoring looks to be pretty good.

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Dipo I think is a decent closer and becoming that type of guy. Pacers usually just go with the hot hand. Yeah 4 in a row isn't nothing compared to 16 but 16 isn't the norm. Usually when teams win 4 or 5 in a row they play a stinker and lose. Long streaks are rare. I would be surprised if the C's have a streak longer than 7 the rest of the year once this one is over.