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  1. The NFL is turning into a celeb into plastic surgery when it comes to tinkering with OT rules. They just now don't know when to stop. I prefer they kept it the old way actually. Even if you lost on a sudden death FG.......
  2. "The Bears are who we thought they were" is probably my favorite coaching rant of all time. Nothing tops that. I even remember watching it live too.

    Beat down massacre commencing in Boston. A lot of people seem upset at this. lmao


    Image result for lelbron

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    2. Synthetic


      Just to warn you if I don't reply this evening, I went to lay down. I was forced to take some pain meds over that wreckage in my mouth. 

    3. Jules


      You can go to bed. Or lie down. I will let you.



    4. Jules



      After that game, Manning didn't even shake hands with anyone


      He was upset, he was forced to throw the game. DUH.


      We must start a new status for game 4. This status is now bad luck since it starting with us having beatdown orgasms over game 2.




      You can tell the pick six greatly disturbed him. Like when Bette Davis got her Oscar snub in front of Joan Crawford she didn't want to be around anyone that night she was so angry she lost it. 



      I can't believe it, you managed to compare Peyton Manning to Bette Davis. And the Saints to Joan Crawford.

  4. Our fearless leaders of game 1.


    THESE are what Big Ballers look like LaVar Bell.




    7 more games to go.

  5. Interesting.......I have not been thinking of them at all. I can't say I share your optimism for San Diego but personally I would love it since I still respect Rivers and don't like to see him fade away so bad. But, it's tough in that division. VERY tough. I agree with this, I think TN has the makings to be good but they have to beat the Colts as well and do better within the division. I am actually picking the Colts to win the South again this year as of right now in May. Last year I did pick Houston to win the South but it's tough since their QB situation is so damn dreadful despite that defense. Not feeling the Texans right now. If we don't win the division I would rather it be the Titans over Texans/Jags.
  6. We need to start more non Pats related threads here.
  7. Thinking someone new might come along and possibly surprise/make the playoffs? I got my eye on the Eagles, Saints, Bucs for the NFC. And in the AFC South I would not be shocked if the Colts again or even the Jags or Titans over took the Texans for the division crown. I don't follow the draft or free agency as closely as many do here, so I was interested in some opinions as to who looks to be shaping up well for 2017 and making strides forward.
  8. We need Josh Jackson to the Lakers. Read this assessment. 




    This guy is a far better player then Lonzo Ball IMO and could end up in Philly or Phoenix. 


    Sometimes I hate to say it, when I think about Josh Jackson I even prefer him to Fultz at times.

    1. Jules


      I watched tons of Kansas where he was. It was not Jackson's fault they lost in the tournament either and got upset. 


      And he has the cool hair going on:





  9. I think most considered our offenses at least to be pretty loaded for a while there. Honestly I hate to say it, but to many who are not Colts fans for years they did scream we had loaded teams. It's not necessarily the truth, but many did have this perception. What we think isn't always what fans of other teams think all the time. Our offenses though for a while WERE good....... Defensively not so great but IMO if we could redo some of the past I would have spent less high picks and money on offense and focused more on a balanced team.
  10. Colts forums have always been addicted to the Patriots.
  11. Oh I see, sorry everyone. I think I helped make this a side NBA thread. Carry on with NFL Goat mania.
  12. I assume we are all ready for the Jimmy G era to start. But most Pats fans say it is impossible since apparently Brady eats magic with his special diet and drinks the blood of angels from heaven.
  13. Wait I missed that. Kareem just being in the top 50? OMG. That would be bad. He is far far up there in the top all time group. This all time ranking stuff just can be INSANE.
  14. I think Peyton honestly has a case to be GOAT or in the top small group at the top. But the problem is Brady boy just won ring 5 so everyone acts like it's over forever since he won the 5th with the big comeback over a stupid aazz Falcons team with a garbage D who is allergic to running the ball when up by 150 points. If the Pats lose that SB, Brady is either not the GOAT, his legacy is tainted by losing a third SB and the GOAT convo is still up in the air for a small group. But, since the Pats do win and the Falcons have the IQs of house plants, Brady is the GOAT and it's over now and you might as well go shut the hell up forever since he just got ring 5 biottch. The problem in sports is everyone is a victim of the moment and rings only. Even if Brady and the Pats DID lose to Atlanta, Brady is still an all time great QB. But, what bothers me is this fine fine paper thin line people have over everything. And history also gets nostalgic over certain QBs even MORE as times goes on which we see with Joe Montana and we will see with Tom Brady. Future generations see "Super Bowl wins" and thats all they need to see to judge a QB. Da ringzzzzzz. History will have the winners and the chokers at times just based on all time game team wins and one and dones, SB losses and everything. For the record, I do think Brady has a real case to be the best of all time or in the small top group obviously, but that fine line in the Super Bowl between winning or losing bothers me at times. Same with all the Patriots SB wins and how close they are. Brady was soooo close to losing ANY of the Super Bowl's he was in so in a way it can bother me deep down when it comes to screaming GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT from the rooftops. And yes he was close to winning the few he lost too, but every single Pats SB win was done by A HAIR. But as Rod Stewart did sing "Some guys have all the luck."
  15. True, we all know how men like to brag and embellish. ;)

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