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  1. Yep you are third and hold the tiebreaker over Cleveland. Have to try to hold pace here though the rest of the year. Cleveland has some injury issues as well and might even have a few rest games later themselves IMO like last season. Congrats. I told you I would stop by from time to time lol. I can't resist some of these NBA games some weekends, too entertaining. I didn't do anything today but relax and our game and this late game was a real treat. Glad to see IT get a little revenge. I still like Lebron and I admit I am still weary about him come playoff time lol. History says to be careful!!!
  2. Yeah those two games were suck feasts. I notice the Pacers show up more vs. playoff teams but lesser against these tanking aazz teams. But you have a tough schedule left so it bodes well.
  3. Forgot to mention, my Kobe is now an OSCAR winner. So proud of him.
  4. I'm staying up to finish this Lakers game. Want to see if Lakers hold on and Pacers get third. I loved Ron Artest, won't lie. I thought he was so bad aazz when I was young. And then when he went to the Lakers I was WOOT WOOT. I like bad boys at times, which is why Smart don't bother me either. He has had off the court incidents but has been under control but he is CRAZY.
  5. Pacers are becoming a favorite of mine again. I grew up with them as a little kid in Indy but drifted away from them as we moved and I got older. Good luck though the rest of the way. Really like Dipo. I like teams who win close games lol. Would love to see C's/Pacers be a rivalry....it's getting testy. BTW Rozier is a tough little dude. He is one of my faves.
  6. I think the Raptors learned from a lot of their past mistakes in the playoffs with better ball movement offense this year with less ISO. But time will tell for the playoffs. Lebron vs. Raptors in the playoffs is what I really want to see actually. That would be the ultimate test for the Raptors based on past failures. I don't mind Toronto though anymore, they are pretty hungry and play the right way this year. But again time will tell.
  7. Anyway I got to run but good stuff, these C's/Pacers games are always wild endings it seems. Your schedule looks ROUGH but outside of Toronto and Golden State (who don't seem to be pushing hard for the 1st seed) it's doable if you keep scraping it out. Keep chugging Pacers.
  8. Kyrie misses games off and on with chronic knee soreness. I am not sure it's anything though that can hold him out of a playoff game since he had the same issues with Cleveland. He might miss the next week though to rest from what I have heard. And maybe in the offseason he gets it cleaned out not sure, this goes back to his knee injury with the Cavs during the finals in like 2015. Jaylen is okay and stuff but that was as scary as hell. I thought he paralyzed but it was a concussion at most. Just not sure why they held out Horford, but he's over 30 so....... You guys are scrappy as hell but seriously PUT THE GAME AWAY earlier. I mean come on!!!! Good win though. Would love to create a Pacers/Celtics rivalry if Pats/Colts can't be done again soon.
  9. I didn't think Boston had a chance. And not sure why the refs were even trying to help, they were giving Boston Lebron style stuff tonight. I want Indy to try to pass the Cavs too. Or Washington but not sure they can. Keep in mind, Smart is kinda nuts. He is very much needed though for defense. His shooting has been oddly good vs. Indy this season in 3 games. Smart is one of those players you either love or hate.
  10. Best of luck guys the rest of the way. Just stopped by tonight since I been watching some games relaxing. This game was hilarious.
  11. Thank God you guys won. All Celtics fans I know including my fiance want the Cavs to fall under the third seed to avoid Lebron as long as possible in the playoffs.. Holding out Horford was a joke, he was seen earlier and didn't look sick, was a rest day. Kyrie's knee is always somewhat sore too but they held him out for the second half. No Jaylen. I was worried you all would not win this one and you nearly didn't. Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! C's need to rest starters at times. They are kinda locked into the #2 anyway.
  12. Going to have to cut down on internet and late night time online until around mid to late summer, wanted to let people here know. My schedule is changing lately and I have to get up earlier most days. My wedding is mid May and I have a new house with my future husband, so I am slowly moving out of my current place too. He always lived around 45 minutes from me and we found a new home halfway between where we currently have lived. And we are still looking at a few places for a honeymoon. And I am working out a lot too and stuff to look good for the wedding haha.


    Just a ton to do, so sports is going to have to take a back seat momentarily. But I will still be watching sports at times in the background and occasionally logging in to check on Colts news in terms of Luck etc and how things are progressing here. So I might talk once in a while.


    Just wanted to let people know, I am more than OK and not ignoring anyone but my internet activity is going to be slowed a lot for some months here.


    I am having a blast. Just very very busy and it should clear up mid to late summer. I can't wait until training camp starts and we can get a new season underway!!!! I will definitely be active again eventually.


    I can't wait until the wedding but the big load is moving to be honest. haha That is the most work right now.

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    2. Robert Johnson

      Robert Johnson

      Wishing you the best with your exciting new future,come on when you can,still a long way until training camp

    3. southwest1


      New house, new spouse, new body. I'm sensing a pattern here. Remember, to slow down & enjoy all these changes once in awhile. Happy for ya Jules! We'll be here when you can breathe & come up for some air. 

    4. Nadine


      Thanks for letting us know.  Enjoy!

  13. Gore to play elsewhere

    ^This needs to happen.
  14. Last one tonight, I think we found the key to the Pistons mystery as of now:
  15. Pacers coach has a lot of interesting things to say about the last two games.