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  1. Sounds good to me.
  2. Nobody drafts just based on passion alone. You can put a picture of Takk on your wall and stuff if you want.
  3. Malik Hooker sounds like a rock star.
  4. Oh and he has been compared to Ed Reed. Like um yeah......thats kinda good.
  5. I am thrilled. I don't do mocks or any of that so sometimes I think some upset are just mad that their mocks and predictions were wrong. Whats not to like? This dude is huge and has talent beyond the sun. The name Malik Hooker is like.......a rock star name. And he just kicks aazz. And thats it, thats my expert analysis. And I dedicated this pick days ago to Gavin, so it will work out great.
  6. I feel almost bad I am laughing so hard at this but I am.
  7. With the draft coming up in a few days I will personally dedicate our first round pick to Gavin which now means for sure this pick will work out now and be excellent.
  8. In other Saints news, does not sound like the Butler to the Saints deal thing that was hot a while ago is happening. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000801995/article/saints-leaning-against-malcolm-butler-trade http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19232229/new-england-patriots-unlikely-trade-cb-malcolm-butler
  9. I am curious to see if this pattern holds true. I mean the Brady/Big Ben/Manning one in either order. Since Manning is retired it's Brady and then Big Ben? I can sort of understand why some are hoping for the Raiders including me (if the Colts can't do it of course). Since seeing Derek Carr as the QB representing the AFC in the Super Bowl WOULD be refreshing.
  10. You usually see more people pop up around the draft.
  11. Maybe Luck is becoming anorexic. It can happen to men too. He has been seen rumor is by a guy who knows someone who knows someone that he is refusing food. Thoughts? I am joking btw, omg this thread is a riot.
  12. I really don't know what to expect from this signing but it does make MNF week 1 a lot more interesting.
  13. Soap on the floor? Wow I didn't hear that one. And I did hear too that he was planning it for weeks to kill himself. I have heard about the gay/bisexual rumors now too, the NY papers had that I read all over the place a few days ago. Those are around everywhere since anything sex related makes the news clearly in America. Plus he had the Bible quote on his forehead they say which is the same quote I think Tebow was famous for using. And he wrote all kinds of weird stuff out some claim too that pointed to Illuminati conspiracies which of course gets the conspiracy crowd juices flowing hard. Not sure what is next or if there is something I don't know but I am almost afraid to know now.
  14. He probably is, but for the Saints I think they are trying to find some things that might work too since they don't know how long they will have Brees still playing at a high level as well. Bigger concern for New Orleans though is getting that defense (and special teams) to a level that is even "just average" other then "pure garbage".
  15. They just know that when they don't have a good QB they nail the Colts more easily. Okay in all seriousness, I don't follow the draft prospects closely (outside of when we got Luck, heh) but most are saying there won't be a great QB to find in this draft anyway. Savage wasn't too bad at times for them........nothing great but not bad. I kinda wish they had him instead now at QB when they went to NE in the playoffs but he was hurt I think.

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