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  1. Just on for a few minutes but I wanted to say I caught the mouse!!!!!!! Little jerk waited till I went to bed and then climbed into a trap for that delicious peanut butter and died. I heard the snap sound from a few rooms away. So it's over and done with. The pesky domestic terrorist that was in my home is now obsolete and his remains lie in the trash outside.


    Life can now continue as normal now for everyone again, so carry on.......


    I NEED a cat who does mice so bad. 



    1. Jules


      He even left a few mouse droppings. What nerve......

  2. If Kansas draws Kentucky and they lose......I can deal with that. Oregon is a weird one. I think Kansas should beat them but man oh man they just kinda squeaked that out vs. Michigan, sorta suprised me too that happened. Michigan though was also getting a tad over hyped by that point too I felt. Many I know are already out due to Duke, Villanova and now UCLA.
  3. I noticed the turnovers at times watching this game. UCLA was pretty sloppy and at times I think they read their own press clippings since they got too built up with the Ball hype. Kentucky is often a solid choice most years to pick and if they end up doing it I won't be shocked. Same with UNC. Well at least we both went farther this year. Tomorrow I have to keep riding what I got and hope it continues myself. *crosses fingers*
  4. My final two pick was Kansas over Gonzaga. *bites nails* And it's hilarious since nobody was even paying attention to Kansas in the media as much until recently. I have Kentucky losing to Kansas in the final 4. The other side of my brackett was Gonzaga over Villanova in the final 4 but that side is all mucked up to me anyway right now so I don't pay as much attention to it. I ride along........elite 8 here I am and tomorrow lets see if Kansas can hold off feisty Oregon who seems to be winning nail biters lately.
  5. He is already better then Stone Hands.
  6. It is tough to repeat. It's a cliche thing to say but very very true. I also think the Saints are going to feel some urgency and they did fire several assistant coaches to end the season. In their division they have the Bucs, dancing and complaining Cam and the biggest chokers on the planet (Falcons). And that division seems to change with winner every year. Still though it would be more wise of the Saints to try to swing Butler there without having to give up the high pick.
  7. Playoff wins? If we just won the division and beat the crap again in our division I will lead the parade. We lost to Houston last year twice and the Jags nearly swept us as well.
  8. He has my vote. Just kidding. I really like him though.......I do.
  9. I still don't think NE repeats but thats just me. I don't care if I get disagreed with since we will see who is right come next January/February.
  10. Had to give you a like just for the stats. Talk about a buzz kill. I mean we go from comparing him to Dan Marino to Matt Stafford, total bummer man....... For the record I totally prefer Luck to Stafford so nobody come after me with pitchforks.
  11. If the Saints could somehow get Butler without giving up the high first rounder I like the move for them. To get a veteran player on defense since the clock on Brees is ticking etc. I get the logic here. But, if they have to give up the high pick I don't like this move and then sadly I could not make fun of the Pats anymore for giving up all these picks in the offseason. I like Butler but I don't think he is worth that much at all........
  12. Dude.......come on.
  13. That actually sounds funny but it's true. Seattle gets BIG TIME CALLS in Seattle. And we saw it vs. Atlanta last year in Seattle.
  14. I know rings are big, I mean we all want them........the players all play for them. But, man oh man with Marino it don't really even seem FAIR. It's sad almost. As for Luck, time will tell.......we got work to do.
  15. I'll trade Dwayne Allen straight up for Richard Sherman. Oh wait......... (sorry I promise sometime this offseason I stop with the Allen jokes)

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