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  1. Congrats to Kobe Bryant, first player in NBA history to have TWO numbers retired by the same team.





    Bryant wore No. 8 from 1996 to 2006, when he switched to No. 24 for the remainder of a 20-year career spent entirely with the Lakers. He will be the 10th player honored by the Lakers with a retired number hung high on the Staples Center wall, but the first in NBA history to have two numbers retired by the same team.



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    2. Synthetic



      His dad was coaching over there a few years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe wanted to get involved with something over there. 

    3. Jules


      Yeah Kobe's dad was always big with international basketball, thats partly how Kobe grew up in Italy as a kid.



    4. Synthetic



      Kobe's dad is an interesting topic....


      He played for the Clippers at one point when he was at the twilight of his career...


      Kobe had some weird feud with his mom and dad some years back, I think you might remember it. Something about his memorabilia being taken??? And they weren't talking for years. 

  2. The Pats in 2008 were still basically though the same team who went 18-1 the year before, just inserted a different QB. The 2007 Pats played a pretty difficult regular season schedule too, the 2008 Pats had a cake walk. After 2008 the Pats defense started to nosedive pretty hard for a while....... I can't fully judge this years Pats yet after just one single game but I would be concerned if I was a Pats fan.
  3. I am praising Brady though, I am saying he is a part of this Pats operation too just like the head coach. Brady is the only player even who has been on all 5 of these SB winning teams. As for the GOAT thing, I got a big reactionary after the SB, it happens........*shrugs*
  4. The Pats vs. the Chiefs last night looked a lot like the Pats team that didn't show up vs. the Falcons until "the comeback". And this would concern me as a Patriots fan unless they can get it together soon and fast. The Falcons have got to be the biggest SB waste in history. And it's all on them 100%, I doubt they ever get a chance as good as that again, EVER. They blew it.
  5. Bill Belichick has had some terrific defenses, but also some LOUSY defenses. I don't know why everyone at times acts like he is flawless here and walks on water. He has had some choke jobs in the past himself too as a coach. He has been even outcoached before in the past. They have missed out on the draft before as well and with FA picks in NE. They too have had problems from time to time. Since they just won the SB this year everyone acts like they have always been this flawless entity. Before they got the SB win over Seattle many were screaming everywhere that the DYNASTY IS DONE DONE DONE. Pats have also been geniuses of taking advantage of a weak AFC at times lately. Since Peyton retired too, it is even weaker. Brady isn't the GOAT IMO and that got over hyped this past offseason but I don't even think there IS a real GOAT in sports and certainly not based on ring counts. Brady has had his down moments before too and has weaknesses but I certainly don't think he is this noodle armed system loser this forum sometimes makes him out to be either that needs Bill B. to help him even go to the bathroom.
  6. Hurricane Irma might be one of the scariest looking things I have ever seen. I almost am afraid to turn on the news at times. This thing never seems to die and has been a literal monster. Best wishes to anyone in the path coming up in and around Florida. But it does sound like all safety precautions are being taken ahead of time.

    Also I am sad beyond belief at the poor Caribbean islands and how pummeled they got. They have little means to fix things. I have been to the island of St. Martin in the past a while back and it is completely devastated I read and seen right now. It's completely down and they are going insane there with so much isolation from the rest of the world and no clean water and electricity.. And those are some of the nicest people I had ever met before too in the past when I been there, it is called "the Happy Island". I don't know how they can recover from this. Those islands had to recover from Hurricane Luis that ruined them back in the mid 90's and finally did in the 2000's........and they thrive there on tourism to survive economically. Hurricane Luis was a category 4 and Irma hit them at a full force category 5 with winds beyond imaginable.


    Just mind boggling. I can't get over this hurricane season. From Harvey to Irma to even Jose now lingering in the background as a category 4 but Jose is not expected to hit the States.


    I just hope it all stops soon.

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    2. Jules


      Yep, the IT thing is very confusing and very bad. There is literally zero timetable for his return and his hip "could" be shot without a long rehab after surgery if he ever has it. And the new GM there might have gotten fleeced bad by Ainge. I think the reason the trade held off so long is the new GM thought Ainge would panic and cough up a lot more and he didn't and just gave them another second round pick for 2020.


      A 25 year old Kyrie Irving isn't looking so bad right now and people need to be patient since Brad Stevens has a lot of his game to now clean up big time. But Brad Stevens seems to be very into this move and up for the challenge of what Ainge is calling "greatness" with Kyrie Irving. So Kyrie has had his ego stroked big time too already by Boston. lmao 


      Begs the question though. Why didn't Cleveland void the trade over IT's health? Well IMO Dan Gilbert just wanted the Nets pick, simple as that........he is hurting Lebron yet again.


      Boston did get the better deal since their staring PG is Kyrie and the backup is Marcus Smart who they were able to keep and is a very capable player.


    3. Jules


      Boston still needs more but if they don't win the east this year they know the core is young enough to keep moving forward.


      Oh God what did you do? You mention the NBA and I go off into la la land. lmao 

    4. Jules


      Slight correction to my OP. St Martin or Sint Maarten is called "the friendly island" but I said happy but same thing right?


      Sad since they are not so happy now.:( But YES they were so friendly there and smiley when I went.



  7. Andy Reid > BB ???

    Holy Moly, lets give it up to Andy Reid for FINALLY getting the big win against the Pats and in their house to boot. WTG Andy!!!!
  8. Are the Colts a dumpster fire?

    If we lose to both the Rams and Browns maybe but that has not happened and lets hope it doesn't lol.
  9. Chiefs Patriots Predictions

    I think I heard Hightower's injury is mild and he might even play week 2. But yeah the big plays the Pats gave up made me think it was the Colts defense out there for a while LOL. If Amendola is out a bit I even think this helps the Pats, I swear I could never get the hype over him.......
  10. Chiefs Patriots Predictions

    Not entirely sure why this is such a stunner to be honest. I think the only stunning thing is that it was the Pats banner raising night but thats about it. IMO the Pats also got some humble pie thrown in their faces after an offseason of "GOAT" and "28-3". You can only celebrate so long until you have to put in the work again on the field for a new season. Chiefs were one of the few AFC contenders last season and have creamed Brady before. Losing Berry is a huge loss however. If there is any true demise to the Pats it will be seen in the next few games if there are issues that will linger on. I can't entirely call Saints/Pats until I see how the Saints look Monday night and if their defense has improved.
  11. Listen up Tankers

    Yeah our teams were entirely dependent on Manning. So it kinda just was what it was back then. People acted like we had this awesome team that just "tanked". But even in 2010 the cracks showed IMO despite winning the division.
  12. Well if the Red Sox have been cheating against the Yankees they certainly are doing a bad job with what they are getting in return. I seen the Red Sox get creamed against the Yankees a few times recently. Just as long as the Celtic stay clean I am good since I got a big big weakness for those bad boys in green and their stud coach.
  13. Listen up Tankers

    On topic with this thread, I am kind of a fan at times of a good well done tank job that isn't too overly blatant looking but done with the right amount of flair and "woe is me we really suck" attitude. A good tank job once in a while never hurt no one. I think the Suns this year were trying to tank too but ended up with the 4th pick. When they got the lottery ball for the 4th pick you heard some sighs and groans coming from the Suns people.
  14. Listen up Tankers

    In the NBA you can tank half the regular season and still win the East. Just ask Lebron how to do it.
  15. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/09/05/bucs-dolphins-will-not-play-in-miami-on-sunday-nfl-still-deciding-where-and-when/ But new location and time yet to be determined. To anyone who might be in this storm's path too, STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!