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  1. If this is true, omg......how can some form of a trade not be worked out? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2717197-paul-george-trade-offers-reportedly-given-to-pacers-by-almost-all-teams Maybe the Pacers just have to look through all the offers and make a decision.......
  2. He could also be moved still during the offseason and not just during draft time. But it would be better to get it done faster so everyone can get it over with. The longer this goes on the more frustrating it becomes.
  3. At this point it would just be nice to see "a deal" happen to move PG no matter what it is since I can't see him playing in Indy next year when stores are already giving out free PG merchandise I read.
  4. And you would have to take that deal and love it too since at this point beggars can't be choosers all the time.
  5. All these 3 team deals are kinda whacky to read about. But Boston does have a great draft pick situation so I bet their phone is ringing a lot lately.
  6. Actually what this blog outlines is more of Love going to Boston since Boston has shown interest in Love in the past. And a sort of 3 team deal trade between Boston/Cleveland/Indiana-Chicago. I don't know if anyone right now can work something out for Butler but if they did it's likely Boston since they got more assets then Cleveland clearly. Don't know if Butler will be moved anymore since it sounds like he told Cleveland no if you can believe any reports too. But what this kinda implies is perhaps Boston gets Love, Boston gives Indy draft picks and then Cleveland gets PG. I got no idea if this could be worked out though.
  7. https://www.celticsblog.com/2017/6/21/15851074/nba-trade-rumor-cavs-looking-to-trade-kevin-love-for-butler-or-george-boston-celtics
  8. MJ also though had big moments like this:
  9. For the record it is near impossible to just analyze Lonzo himself alone since his dad has ALWAYS been involved with every little thing he has ever done. He was there all the time too when he was in high school and college around mingling. I am not convinced at all that LaVar will stay away from the Lakers long term and avoid meddling. Not convinced at all since he clearly has a huge history of such. Not to mention his garbage 90's hip off style BBB brand has created some havoc too getting his son actual endorsements and he has cost his son money already big time. The damage IMO has already been done. Lonzo is a marked kid coming into the league. Every team will give them a good game since they hate them so much. If the kid turns out to be a decent pro I will eat my words after a year or so but I am not expecting miracles. But the Lakers ARE going to the playoffs next year btw since LaVar already said that if the Lakers draft his son then the playoff drought is OVER. Also, LaVar is trying to make as money IMO as he can with Lonzo since the other two sons (who he always wants to be Lakers) kinda suck bad.
  10. I think he seems kind of like an arrogant little rich kid from Cali if you want my honest opinion. He's a brat. I was actually going to give him a shot too until I read LaVar Ball basically saying he chose his big tall wife over other women due to breeding basketball players. I wonder how that conversation went on the first date...... Anyway I think everyone kinda gets the feel of me when it comes to Ball so I will drop it. But my bandwagon ways for the Lakers are officially dead if/when they draft Lonzo Ball tomorrow night. I have more standards with the NBA then the NFL. I would root for the Colts even if they drafted Satan himself or had him as GM (which has happened btw here). But with the NBA I kinda float around a lot more. RIP Lakers.
  11. Oh Jesus Chris! What did Russell ever do to anyone to be treated like the Nazi he became to the Lakers organization? My God. I know he isn't Kobe Bryant but then again neither was Kobe early on and Kobe relied mostly on Shaq. The Lakers have no patience for player development and Magic wants to go all Yankees with buying a team. My God it was hilarious seeing how much Lakers fans hated on Russell but now are crying since he is gone. The only person who even liked Russell was Luke Walton. And Lonzo's play on the court btw sucks. He can't play defense, he can't shoot free throws and all he does is take uncontested 3's with strange wind up shooting mechanics. And in the tournament, Fox lit up the aazz of Lonzo Ball HARD. And before the game vs. Kentucky LaVar Ball told Fox he basically sucked. And LaVar Ball blamed Lonzo's team for being too white when his own son is half white. You know I don't even like the Warriors but I am going to LOVE to see the Warriors plop down 140 on the Lakers next year. Yes brainpower is huge in L.A. right now.........have fun Paul George, hope you at least get a good beach house.
  12. They would have to quickly have Staples Center on lock down if the Lakers didn't draft Lonzo or even gave the pick to Indy tomorrow. I already have this vision in my head too of Jack Nicholson being kicked out of his chair by LaVar Ball next season and the two of them having a brawl.
  13. I been saying for months that LaVar must have some sort of blackmail thing going on against Magic Johnson. Some compromising sex tapes of Magic in his past prime days or something. I hope like hell the Lakers do turn him down though in the end since I have heard some are fighting Magic against Ball. And if the Lakers want to get Lebron next summer, well LaVar and Lebron have already gone at it pretty good.
  14. LaVar Ball has already proclaimed that his son is going to be better then Steph Curry. What could POSSIBLY go wrong there? Warriors are going to beat the ever loving crap out of the Lakers next year if they get Ball and oddly enough I will enjoy it..........
  15. Magic is kinda dumb. I think the Lakers should have kept their young core and kept building and developing it. Instead he wants BIG NAMES Y'ALL and to go back to titles which can be complete boom or bust. Nothing the Lakers can add too is going to beat the Warriors in the next few years which does include PG and Lebron IMO. The Warriors are still going to be better coached, better run and more talented with more depth.

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