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  1. I love Anthony Davis lol. Hope New Orleans makes the playoffs.
  2. Destiny for the next Patriots tri-fecta

    Well sheesh when you break it down like that it almost does look like destiny!!!
  3. Pretty tough to sweep the Spurs. Very very tough. Spurs have some interesting injury issues lately though but they are still brutal. Defensively they are back to #2 in the league behind Boston. Both C's and Spurs have had some offensive issues lately that they have to work out if they want to be a legit threat in the playoffs later. There are a lot of teams in slumps lately who will be in the postseason, but it's still only January so there is time left.
  4. Minnesota (-3) at Philadelphia (1-21-18)

    Not really suprised, homefield was huge for Philly this postseason. Tough place to win. Not sure they can carry it as well to a neutral stadium but normally Pats Super Bowls are pretty interesting to watch regardless. No shame if you are the Vikings too, you had a great season and an all time memorable playoff finish last weekend.
  5. Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    Thought it was a pretty great game, I have to say kudos to the Jaguars too for hanging in there so tough, most teams don't do this in Foxboro. Jags kinda looked like the Ravens used to look vs. NE to me lol.
  6. Those Anthony Davis rumors been around a long time, going back from last summer. No doubt though most teams would love to add Anthony Davis. My goodness when that guy is on he can look like the best player in the NBA. For any team to get him would take A LOT to give up and a lot of future money and also the Pelicans have said they have no desire to move him now. If NO plays to their talent levels, they are a pretty good team. I can never figure out why their record is so average. They are kinda top heavy though.
  7. Nothing is confirmed yet. But this is Hayward from recently via his wife: "Celtics insiders" are saying the C's are hoping that they can get Hayward back 8 to 10 games before the regular season ends or around that mark. But still nothing yet confirmed but he is trending positively in the right direction. At the very least what looked to be near career ending possibly in game 1 is starting to look like he will be able to make a full recovery. If not this year then definitely by next season.
  8. I saw some of the Pacers score on the side and I thought the Pacers got going and had this game. Oh well.....it is what it is. Maybe should have rested Lance too since it looks like he was 100% ineffective in this one.
  9. I am not worried about the record thing, C's are a young team and go on mega highs and sometimes mini lows too. They do have some offensive issues and Brad Stevens said tonight it's been a problem for some time and he has to work on this with them. You can't just win every game with defense and hoping Kyrie makes a few miracle shots. I don't trust the C's offense either though so you aren't alone........they desperately could use Gordon Hayward. Got a feeling the Celtics right now draw Philly in the first round since they seem to never be able to get away from them, in America or England. And if we get a Pats/Eagles Super Bowl that would just be the icing on the cake. Pacers seem to often draw Lebron. Long time away though.......got to keep everyone healthy.
  10. You all should probably smash the Lakers. They are depleted right now and their 3 point shooting is weak. Of course the Lakers will get everyone back raring to go when the Celtics come to town next week due to old school rivalry crap. This is so sad, he is out indefinitely again. But they have to get Kawhi Leonard healthy if they want any chance to make a serious postseason run.
  11. Yeah Kyrie was out tonight, sore right shoulder. MRI revealed nothing bad or damaged but it's sore and he needed some rest. I knew something was up since the other night he couldn't close out the game well and his shot was off in the final minutes and OT. He will be OK but I think they are resting him until the west coast trip they start next week. He told the medical people after the game he was not feeling well. C's are having a mini slump since they got back from London with soreness and flu bugs but Brad is mad now and says the offense has no excuses and needs to attack more and he is going to work them harder. They literally looked CLUELESS without Kyrie there tonight. OMG......defense was OK as usual but the offense was pure puke city. It's like I never realized that even when Kyrie doesn't score, he makes the shots so much easier for the other guys since he gets so much attention on the court. Final score was 89-80 Philly and Philly nearly choked the game away in the end but the C's could not make a bucket to save their lives most of the game. Saw the Cavs blew a huge lead to the Magic and nearly lost the darn thing but won by a point. Sigh. But it's a win for them for like the first time in two weeks......so it's a positive at least. And the Pacers lose too. Portland I know is a top defensive team though. Good game plan against Portland shockingly was the Cavs who attacked them well a few weeks ago the first night IT came back into playing. I saw a lot of that game and they did a good job too trapping Damian Lillard who was also mad tonight since he got snubbed for the all star team and got less votes then LONZO. Ugh Lebron and Kyrie have to be together now on the all star team. Oh boy........ Lebron and Curry are captains. This should work out well.
  12. Steelers Minority Owners Pushing For Firing Mike Tomlin

    Steelers obsess over the Patriots too much, period. They thump their chests and act like they are the toughest things on the planet and then at home in the playoffs they give up 45 points to a Blake Bortles led offense. The sad thing is the Steelers HAVE enough talent to beat the Patriots and anyone in the league but constantly do stupid crap and act like they are such tough guys since they are "da Steelerz." Steelers do the dumbest crap at little moments in games that make you shake your head too......situational football. I don't even care what the record is under Tomlin. That team he inherited was already awesome when they won it all that one time, it was basically Cowhers team.
  13. Bortles compares himself to...Lebron James!

    Doesn't really matter to me where Lebron is ranked but top 10 is more than fine with me. Regardless of how it ends with Lebron, he's an NBA legend. I saw something not long ago with some poll or study where Lebron is the second most famous athlete IN THE WORLD. #1 is some soccer player, I don't know soccer well though. There were some soccer players in the top 10. Brady was like 21 on the list since really worldwide they don't go nuts on the NFL even though they try to market in other countries. But Brady is more well known than some NFL stars since he has all the rings and he is married to a woman who is famous in other countries. I feel like I partly grew up with Kobe and than later with Lebron. These guys are globally known too and not just in America.
  14. Bortles compares himself to...Lebron James!

    Bill Laimbeer would disagree with you on this. He has gone on record in the past saying Lebron with his size and speed could have thrived in the old days.
  15. Bortles compares himself to...Lebron James!

    Does this mean the Patriots are the Golden State Warriors then? Since the Warriors sure the heck can't be the Eagles or Vikings.