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  1. Chuck's Presser Today

    I thought it was great. He should've said after 4yrs of hurricane ryan swirling around this building we finally got noreaster ballard pushing that crap out of here.
  2. Peyton Manning on Andrew Luck

    I always told friends and family that were expect that Peyton would be the perfect name for a boy or girl. No one banned their kid Peyton though.
  3. What is the best hotel for the best price?

    If you are staying the night before the game I'd stay at the downtown Marriott and park in the garage across the street from it. You can then walk from your car to hotel and to and from game and never step out side if you don't want. You'll also save the $20 parking on game day if you park in that garage. All the restaurants and bars are within walking distance. There's a good bar in the hotel to eat breakfast and it has beer specials before the game. Cost will depend on what else is happening at the convention center. I've paid from $130-$210. Last year I had season tickets(2014) the jags team stayed their. I think other teams stay there also. Colts don't stay there the night before the game though.
  4. Colts Schedule Ranked The Easiest

    I think we all know these easy or hard schedules are based on last year's records and don't mean anything this year. It's a good talking point though and you can pretty merch know that the brown, jags, 49ers, and jets are going to struggle again. The Seahawks, Steelers, and Broncos should be good. Most the other teams on the Colts schedule will be around 6-10 to 10-6.
  5. Is Andrew the next Dan Marino

    Why all these stupid threads. Luck is ahead of manning as far as play off wins, afcc game appearances thru 5yrs. The Texas, jags, and titans or improved on paper but that doesn't win any games. Till they came win year after year they aren't contenders. The wise the Colts have finished with luck is.8-8 and had a chance for the playoffs in week 17. Luck will get his super bowl win. Probably more then 1 in the next 10-12yrs.
  6. Are we wasting away Lucks career?

    Didn't T.Y. Just lead the league in receiving yards with a crap ol and moncrief being hurt and no running game. If I owed a team I wouldn't let my gm even bring Josh Gordon in for a visit. With all your ifs he has proven he can't stay on the field. If Ballard can upgrade the ol(the ol was allot better the last half of the year) the O will be set for years to come. The D needs more work and will take longer, but there's no reason to not think the Colts can do what Atl did this year on D. They hit on 2-3 D players in the draft and a couple good fa. The ATL is my 2nd favorite team and they remind me of the early manning Colts and these luck Colts remind me of the early manning Colts too.
  7. Jets to release Revis

    Hate it with all his legal troubles. Also he isn't the sane player he was a few years ago. I'd stay away from him.
  8. David Parry Arrested in Arizona (Merge)

    Only took about 2hrs to get the deal done and article out from your last post about it not getting done by the dead line. Why you think it would be that hard. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000788318/article/eric-berry-chiefs-agree-to-sixyear-78-million-deal
  9. National media NOT feeling the retainment of Chuck

    I watched Mike and Mike today as well. Greenberg was comparing the Colts situation to the jets 2 years ago when rex Ryan was there. The Colts are allot different. The Colts have a franchise qb and off to go with him. Chuck is a better head coach then rex Ryan is in my opinion. If Chuck and gris had been on the same page the last 4yrs I believe the def would've been built and in the top 10 in the league.
  10. Yep the Colts should follow the browns, jags, raiders, and rams coaching moves. Raiders finally hit with 1 good year in the last 15. Browns, jags and rams have a total of maybe 3 playoff years in the last 15yrs. I'm not happen with 8-8, but the team improved over the last 8 games. Houston and jags well suck awhile and titans only have 1 good year in a decade and the Colts beat them twice this year. If the o line pays all year next year life the did the last half of this year and the defense can be improved the Colts will be back on top of the south and challenge the pats and Steelers.