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  1. My list: Scott Tolzien Darius Butler Antonio Morrison Robert Turbin Henry Anderson Any names you plan on keeping any eye on during tomorrow's preseason matchup against Detroit? *This question is brought to you by Forum Credit Union as part of the Fan Forum Question of the Week*
  2. I'm a big fan of Takk. Would be interested to see if Ballard takes a chance on Foster if he does fall to 15.
  3. Us here at the Colts Complex would love to know who the favorites are in the forum. If you could share your favorite prospect for pick 15 below, that would be awesome!
  4. Looking for your thoughts on the Colts' TV Show "Colts UpClose"... Do you watch it? What would you like to see changed about it? What segments would make you want to watch it more? They are looking for a new title, any suggestions? It currently airs Saturday night 11:35PM / Sunday morning 8AM. All feedback is appreciated!

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