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  1. The better question is what has she been honest about. The quest for truth over deception is a very noble quest indeed. But I'll be honest, I'm still waiting for the truth to come out, like everyone else. So I'll reserve judgement until we know the facts, if we ever do...
  2. Fair enough. In a court of law, you are 100% correct. There is definitely a gray-area when it comes to he-said vs. she-said that can be exploited by opportunists. All I'm saying is that if a player gives the "authorities" enough evidence to actually conduct an investigation, then they're probably not as "innocent" as you're giving them credit for. I think the NFL agrees. If Elliott had done absolutely nothing wrong and there was zero evidence of him doing anything illegal, this would be a non-story or exposed as a gold-digging scam or "fake news" or something. Which may still prove to be the case. I don't know, but this doesn't look good. Unless she had a gun, it's hard to imagine a justifiable reason for him to hit her instead of just walking away (backward of course, if you have a brain, you don't turn your back on an angry woman with a weapon), but avoiding violence none-the-less. Zekes' availability is now directly affected by his off-field shenanigans. Can't say I feel bad for the Cowboys.
  3. Yes. The name of the game is "improvement" right? The Colts improved every year until the bottom fell out two years ago. For our worst recent season to be 8-8... That's a pretty good basement to start from for the new regime. A losing season should be unthinkable to a Colts fan. Well, as long as Luck can play anyway...
  4. Hindsight is 20/20. I didn't like most of his drafts, but Polian made it into the HoF drafting at the end of rounds because he built successful teams. What Browns GM from the last decade, with all those top-5 picks, is going into the HoF? You don't need a top-5 pick to win a SB. Although a #1 guy like Luck certainly helps.
  5. I think you're being kind of presumptuous about how valuable a top pick is, and if you really want to be picking top-5 every year. Other teams in the league have proven that you don't need any top-5 draft picks at all to be successful.
  6. All-due respect @crazycolt1, but I am going to get a little argumentative about this subject. Hopefully you back me up. To @jameszeigler834 I pose this scenario: Let's say that hypothetically, I, Lucky Colts Fan, have been accused of multiple instances of abusing children/women. Maybe the prosecution doesn't have enough evidence to convict me because I got "lucky" or was "smart" about the evidence I left behind, so I go free. Legally, I'm "innocent" right? But for arguments' sake: You gonna let me babysit your kids? Can I be a teacher at your kids' school? You comfortable with Ezekial Elliott dating your daughter?
  7. It's no coincidence that the Colts fortunes have gone downhill since suspending such a great player for an AFCCG, then consequently cutting him in the off-season. Nor the Browns fortunes since drafting such a force. It should be obvious to everyone that Trent Richardson has been employing Voodoo-Doll-tactics to sabotage the Colts and the Browns for the past few years. Revenge forever fresh in his mind. Whether you acknowledge Trent Richardson as our new overlord or not, we all need to bow to his will and hope that Trent Richardson shows mercy on our undeserving team of blasphemers and heretics. Have mercy on us Trent, we've not had a winning season since you turned your back on us! We repent and ask for your forgiveness! But you're not on the team either... you stink. Just please bless the team for all the money we gave you, then leave and never come back. Amen.
  8. I know many of you are sick of having to read about the Pats. "NO MORE PATS THREADS, NO MORE PATS THREADS!" Believe me, Patriots praise sickens me as much as the next Colts fan. Call them a cancer, a blight, a shame on the league, etc. Call them what you want, but call a spade a spade. They friggin' win. I do not admire the Pats, but I have to respect what they've done. We need to acknowledge that discussing the Pats is going to be a thing from now on. It's impossible to discuss NFL history without talking about the Pats, specifically Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The good (2006 AFCCG), the bad (2003 AFCCG), and certainly the ugly (Giselle Bundchen, JK) will be constantly referenced for the rest of football eternity. Don't be that fan that tries to bury their head in the sand and ignore everything-Patriots. Embrace the hate. Join the dark side.
  9. I hope this happens. Hopefully, Pagano giving him a chance at CB helps him develop into a Swiss-Army-Knife kind of player like you have in mind. We could definitely use that. He's got the tools, the coaches just need to develop his skills, hone those instincts, and hope it clicks for him. You're right, the jury is still out. If he ends up a 2nd-round bust, it will be on the shoulders of Grigson and Pagano, but until then, he's got enough potential to earn a shot at making the roster. Can't teach athleticism, you can only coach it.
  10. Richard Sherman was a WR until his senior year at Stanford. He was a good athlete that didn't find his niche until he got into the league and earned it. We should give TJ the same chance and hope he makes the most of it instead of completely dismissing him after one year.
  11. Healthy is the key word. Maybe it's just me or maybe every team has this issue, but the Colts always seem to have injury issues on both the OLine and DLine. We get both solidified and we can really make some progress. And after a AFCCG appearance recently, "progress" means winning a friggin SB. 2018
  12. Ok, I'm being a homer, but hear me out. I know Gronk is the best at what he does, but let's face it, he's an outlier. He's got unique raw talent and is crazy-athletic for that size. Since he's not a normal TE, the Pats have to pay him accordingly. Plus, he gets injured a lot, and old-school stoic NEers might not like his flamboyance. Jack Doyle is the perfect TE. He's not the fastest, most agile, quickest, softest hands, best blocker, etc. etc., so he probably won't demand top-dollar for a TE. But he isn't bad, or even mediocre at anything; he is good at everything, including staying healthy. He's like a TE in Madden where all of his attributes are between 80-90, no exceptional qualities, but not a single bad quality. Like a solid 84 rating, just like his number. (I doubt Madden 18 will agree with me, but we'll see.) Most importantly, Jack Doyle is insanely efficient in his play. Maybe it's just me, but when I watch him, it seems like he is so technically sound that he never has a bad play. He isn't making amazing TD catches like Gronk, but he is making critical 1st-down catches on 3rd and 5. He is the definition of dependable, possibly the most important trait in a football player. You're hard-pressed to find him dropping a pass, fumbling the ball, or missing a block. He makes me think of phrases like "deceptively fast" or "he's not fast, but he plays fast". His movements are so efficient that it doesn't look like he's really moving that fast, but he always seems to have ideal footwork and leverage, and he creates separation and gets open. And he catches the ball with his hands instead of his chest, and brings the ball into his chest quickly once he's caught it. I would describe his play as "smooth". Jack is obviously not as fast as Marcus Allen, but his efficiency of movement is similar; for such a big guy, you could describe Doyle as "compact" in his movements. Guys like Gronk and Kelce are going to make highlight reels, but Jack Doyle is just that hard-working, do-everything-the-right-way, hometown blue-collar TE that everyone wants on their team. I'm not saying Doyle is the best TE in the league, but if you're building a team and you have a salary cap, you can't have the best player in the league at every position on your team. You do want solid guys at every position, and Jack Doyle is as smooth, solid and dependable as your Moms' granite-kitchen-counter-top.
  13. I was too, but I held my breath for a second when he hit a ball-carrier pretty hard near the sideline. He's just coming off injury, and it gave me flashbacks to every time Bob Sanders would throw his body at a ball-carrier...
  14. Ok, so why not give him one last chance at CB if he's probably on his way out the door anyway? This is the perfect time of year to try it and see if he can find a spot on the 53. If it works out, good for the Colts, we're happy. If it doesn't work out, he gets cut in favor of a better player, we're happy.

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