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  1. It is getting weirder... Apparently he was planning this for weeks, giving away his stuff to other inmates, covering the floor in soap so his feet would slip if he lost his nerve at the last minute. Which would mean the verdict the other day had no impact on his decision since it was pre-planned... One of the 3 notes may have been to his gay inmate lover... This feels like an edition of the National Enquirer you see on the stands at the grocery store checkout.
  2. I said the team needs to be relevant for a successful season. I didn't say TC injuries aren't relevant. Making it out of TC with our starters healthy would be a huge success, but that's the beginning of the season. Not the whole season.
  3. Do the Rams or Chargers do anything other than come in last place in their division? No.
  4. Hah, you're right for the most part. Every year, teams go from worst to first and back again. But just you watch, the good teams will do the same thing they do every year, while the bad teams will do the same things they do every year. The strength of schedule applies to predictable teams like the Pats, Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, etc. The strength of schedule also applies to predictable teams like the Browns, Jags, Titans, Raiders, etc.
  5. I'll be honest, without any outside influence, I looked at the Colts schedule for the first time and thought "Dang, Russell Wilson is the only good QB our defense will have to deal with for the first six weeks." (And he can be had, just stay patient in defensive assignments) I am confident the Colts can get through the first month with one loss or less. If they beat Seattle in Seattle, shoot, it's off to the races. If the "easiest" schedule leads to 12-4 and a home playoff game that the Colts win, then let the haters hate.
  6. This is what's so sorry about the whole situation. Pats are the kings, the rest of us are king of the trash pile. Woo hoo. What kind of excuses would be made for the Jags/Texans/Titans winning a SB instead of the Pats? Pats fans already make bountiful excuses for the Colts winning a SB. Our entire division is viewed as a joke. What if one of these bottom-feeders (Sorry Jags, Texans, and Titans fans) actually won a SB?
  7. This. You don't pass up a special player, Ballard said so himself. But if need and talent are a wash, you go with need when you have to choose between two guys. Although, Ballard stressed career in his presser. We might scratch our heads over some of his moves in the next few years, but he is thinking long term.
  8. Ballard seems to agree with all of this and basically said the only time need outweighs BPA is when there are two players they view as equal on the value chart, but one position is a bigger need.
  9. Tampa Bay went 0-26. They won one. Don't discount the unbelievable.
  10. Hypothetically, we could host an AFC South team in the AFCCG, and make tons of money, but have to watch our division rival beat us at home, then go on to win the SB. That's being left in the dust, but it's first in line for the dust buffet. And the SB winner is more like our brother than our cousin. Or in-law.
  11. But how do you really feel?
  12. What if we didn't fall behind at all? What if 3 teams from the AFC South made it to the playoffs, and the team that beat us in the AFC Championship won the SB? Still top 4 in the league. Then how would you feel?
  13. But if it did, how would you feel?
  14. I don't want this to happen, but if someone from the AFC South, besides the Colts, won a SB, it might help legitimize the division a little bit... Of course, the Colts winning the next, what, seven SBs would be pretty good legitimization...
  15. How would you feel if... ?

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