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  1. Can it be something sincere? Something like: "Nadine, thank you for everything you do. I appreciate you. This forum would not be the same without you. You have a classic name (not calling you old, I'm calling your name old, ) and a progressive attitude. You are the glue that holds us all together. Don't ever change." Would that get a smile out of someone?
  2. Dear Ms Karma, Thank you. You are doing a bang-up job. Keep it up. I know people like to call you the "B-word", but you, milady, are wonderful. Don't ever change. Sincerely, Colts Fans P.S. - I don't mean to rush you, but... I mean... his last name is Luck. There's at least one SB in his future, right? Please?
  3. I love you BOTT. You're like my inner monologue come to life. Don't take that the wrong way.
  4. You're right. Football is the greatest team sport/team-building sport in the world. (Although, Lucks' previous book of the month for his book club: 'The Boys in the Boat' would say that rowing holds that honor) I wasn't trying to boil football down to just violence, but I guess I did... I'm just torn because, even though I despise it, a part of me enjoys the violence. I'm human. A big hit in football is titillating. It's like a car-crash you can't look away from. I'm going to rubber-neck when I drive by a grisly car-crash, just like every other slack-jawed yokel... I'm not ashamed to admit that, but I am ashamed that it's true... (Ugh, is there a therapist in the house?)
  5. If any Chargers fans give you guff, you refer them to me. I will take care of it. I like the gear. I am a big fan of the St. Patrick's gear. If you couldn't tell from my name, I'm a green-loving Irish SOB. What's luckier than a horseshoe AND a 4-leaf clover? A QB named Luck? Come on, if that isn't divine intervention...
  6. The feels... they're too strong. I hate you so much right now. (JK, thank you for that) If I had a daughter, my heart would be friggin broke beyond repair right now. I feel so bad for her, but I hope she remembers the good times and knows just how lucky she was to have him for a father, even if for such a brief time.
  7. Maybe you don't understand how this works. Not every team has equal representation on this list. It's based on the biased opinion of the players. It's mostly players from the "winning" teams as well as the elite talent trapped on "losing" teams. There will probably be at least one team that didn't have a single player make the list. Cleveland, SF, Detroit, and Jacksonville have yet to see one of their players on this list. We're halfway through the list, so by your logic, every team should have had a player by now... Does not compute...
  8. Ok. Again, I'm just curious, no judgments here. Aren't there less violent sports where you get the same things? I mean, a game of chess has all of that, minus the physical contact. What is it about football, as opposed to other sports, that appeals to you? I don't want to put words in your mouth, but the violence of football seems like the only thing that separates it from the other sports. That was my original point. A fan of football is a fan of violence. Everything else about sport and competition can be found in other sports, so if you don't like the violence, you wouldn't be a fan. Again, no judgments, just curious.
  9. I'm sure this has come up before, so Administrators/Moderators, please feel free to merge this topic. (I didn't feel like drudging through all the previous threads to find out if this was a repeat topic... sorry) I thought about making multiple threads to see who everyones' favorite Musician/Band/Song/Rapper/etc. was, but I think we can probably just combine it all into one Music Thread. Anyway, here's my musical life: Favorite Song: - Stranglehold - Ted Nugent (I found out what the song is really about, but I can't help it. That guitar/drum combo... mmm... don't judge me) Favorite "Rock" Band: - Toss-up between Led Zeppelin/Beatles/Pearl Jam/DMB/Phish (depends on my mood) Favorite Rapper: - Biggie (My opinion is set in stone, so don't even start...) Ice Cube is a close 2nd ('It was a good day' is the best rap song ever.) Favorite Hip-Hop Group: - N.W.A. (Purely entertainment. I don't condone most, heck almost all, of their lyrics) Favorite Country Artist: - Zac Brown Band (Currently. It used to be Hank, Willie, and Waylon... sign of the times, I guess) Favorite Classical Artist: - Beethoven (Tchaikovsky during the holidays) Favorite Pop Artist: - Lady Gaga (Again, don't judge me) Favorite "Techno" Artist: - Ronald Jenkees (Look him up) DJ Shadow is a close 2nd. Favorite Genre: - I'm a 90's kid, so grunge and gangster rap. (Horrible combo, I know) Favorite Musical Era: - The 70s. (I wish I had been born 20 years earlier) Favorite TV Theme Song: - Star Trek (Not a fan of the show, but that song...) Favorite Movie Theme Song: - Kenny Loggins - "Danger Zone" (If you're judging me by now, I don't blame you) Favorite Video Game Theme Song: - FF VII (Can't wait for the redux) Favorite Tunnel-Entrance Song: - VT - "Enter Sandman" by Metallica (God, that gets me GOIN!) Guilty Pleasure: - Tom Jones (I mean, come on, 'It's not Unusual', 'She's a Lady', 'What's new Pu$$ycat', pure gold, people! If Tom Jones can't get her in the mood, she is a lost cause... ) Current obsession: - Houndmouth - Very good band from New Albany, INDIANA (WOOT WOOT!) Hit after hit with this band, just you wait. Best concert I've ever been to: - Pearl Jam at Deer Creek in 2010. (Yes. It is, and will always forever be, DEER CREEK. I don't know this Verizon or Klipsch that you speak of. I actually lived on the actual Deer Creek. The creek itself. Me and my best friend used to go "creek-hiking" along Deer Creek.) Song that makes me cry, no matter what: - Lee Greenwood - "Proud to be an American" (This song shouldn't upset me so much, but when I was in 2nd grade, a classmate lost her dad in Operation Desert Storm, and we all stood outside our classroom and sang this song for her... dang-it, I'm crying right now just thinking about it...) Anyway, even though I kinda over-shared, I'm sure I left some stuff out. I've been told that I have a very eclectic taste in music. All I can say is that I don't have a musical bone in my body, so every musician is amazing to me... I know I got a little long-winded there, but I tried to fit my musical life into one post. Feel free to use this thread however you see fit. If you just want to name your favorite song or band, please do. If you just want to let everyone know how much you dislike hip-hop, or techno, or country, that's completely fine.
  10. How about Rihanna? Who doesn't love a bad girl? "I get so excited, viewing her anatomy. She's a bad mama jama." - Carl Carlton
  11. That was something special. It's not often that I get the feels during a football game (I'm usually yelling aggressively at the TV) but that was such a sentimental moment. I actually wondered if the NFL was going to fine him for using the football as part of a TD celebration, but if the NFL had tried to fine T.Y. for that, there would have been heck to pay.
  12. Well, there's definitely a reason he isn't coaching anymore. But it still broke my heart that this guy spent 20+ years coaching high school and college athletes. My point is that guys like him are out there, right now, coaching our children the wrong way.
  13. #1 - Love the post. Thank you. I like how you broke it down. #2 - Ew. No. Please fix this. Anyone but him. Please and thank you. (I mean, you're probably right, but still, it hurts my eyeballs...) #3 - What does the "HM" stand for? I was able to deduce what you meant, but I'm still trying to figure out what it stands for. #4 - I didn't differentiate between Right and Left Tackle/Guard/End/Whatever you want to call it because I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that an elite Tackle/Guard/End could play on either side of the ball and still be elite. So Tyron Smith would be a better right tackle than Gilbert, Schwartz, or Schraeder. I assume. Just my opinion. #5 - How do you feel about Kam Chancellor and Marcus Peters? Are they at least a close 2nd to your picks?
  14. I'm proud of you. I have a feeling that you and your peers are the norm when it comes to volunteer coaches. Unfortunately, when coaches start coaching for money, things get... hazy. Lots of gray area when your livelihood is at stake, and it's based on winning, not the future health of your athletes. I worked with a guy whose former profession was as a paid football head coach for high school and college programs. Some of the stuff he told me sent shivers of unease down my spine. Very uncomfortable listening to him talk about young men the way he did...

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