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  1. It would have to be a 4-5 year deal, otherwise that's a huge disservice to the organization, but I see your point. At NFL-GM pay, 4-5 years of 100-hour work-weeks would be a nice chunk of change to retire on... which Grigson could do now, I guess. But I've done 100-hour work-weeks before, and there are only 168 hours in a week. You barely have time to sleep, eat, shower, even think. You get burnt out pretty quickly, at least I did. Might explain why Grigson was so cranky with his employees, I know I was. I couldn't have kept that up for any amount of money. It was stressful and unhealthy. I am not wired for it. There's plenty of money out there to replace what I spend, but I can't get back my time.
  2. Not worth the price. Let someone else over-pay him for past production. But if he was the last one left in the RB pile, and cheap? And healthy enough to get into camp in time to learn the system? I'd like to see him in a rotational role. He wouldn't make it through an entire season as a feature back. But he'll go for a big contract, or for a contender, or if he's foolish to a team that promises to make him the feature back, so it won't happen anyway.
  3. Manziel: Hey man, you need a QB, right? *scratches neck vigorously* Payton: Look, son, your dad asked me to talk to you...
  4. If we draft a QB, FB, K, or P in ANY round, I will be in the group setting fire to the forum. That, the Dude could NOT abide. We have too many other higher-priority needs for Ballard to be foolish enough to draft any of those positions. Although I'd probably still rationalize a "backup for luck" or "he's a moving wall of a blocker" or "he's the next Vinatieri/Boomstick" reason for drafting them...
  5. Why, what would give you that impression? It's almost as if you've been... a witness to it... every year... The same optimists liking every decision, the same pessimists hating every decision. I've caught flak over the years, but I usually lean toward the optimist. I didn't like every FA signing, or every draft pick, or every LACK of a pick (Richardson trade), but I remained an optimist and rationalized and defended the decisions. Because I needed to believe we could win a SB. Because I don't like the alternative: "Oh, here we go again, Colts CAN'T win a SB with THIS roster. The GM/Coach/Players are just too horrible. I would have done x,y,z because I'm not a fool." Luckily, most people fall somewhere in between, and call themselves realists.
  6. I was a little nervous about Green and Geathers as the starters at S after Adams left, but with Butler back at safety, I am comfortable with our S position. For now. I wouldn't mind another good one for depth. CB on the other hand... we can't find enough new bodies to bring into camp for the CB position battles. I wouldn't normally want a FA CB, but we need a CB2, CB3, and CB4. Ballard has been making good deals so far, and should find an affordable CB to bring in and compete with a high draft pick for the CB2 spot. I hope Ballard just hands Chuck a whole platoon of CBs and says "Do your thing DB whisperer."
  7. 1. Best Defensive Player Available 2. BDPA 3. BDPA Hopefully we can get a starting LB and CB with those picks.
  8. Andrew could be the next Dan Marino. He could be the GOAT if he wins 6 SBs in a row and breaks every QB record known to man. We're a long way from either. Heck, he could wake up tomorrow realizing he has no more desire for the game and decide he wants to build stadiums, like he studied in college, rather than play in them. Let's just take this one game at a time for the next decade or so, and hope that we get to enjoy watching him play for the Colts for that long.
  9. I can just see it now... The pats will probably unload a few veterans to move up in the draft for a few steals from Alabama or Rutgers. The pats get solid rookies, and still maintain success because of the FAs they brought in. While the teams that trade their picks to the pats for "successful" veterans get what? Bupkes. How many players are successful AFTER they leave NE? While FAs that go to NE flourish...
  10. Haha, like I said, every winning team has guys that might not do it the right way. Nick Harper actually came to mind as a bad boy because, who does something so bad that their WIFE STABS THEM???
  11. Yeah, I'd call that 5 starters. Maybe you should do the GM thing. I just hope you're wired for 100-hour work-weeks year-round. I know I'm not. I enjoy too many different things to spend 100 hours/week on any one thing, even if it were something I really enjoy.
  12. That's fair. This is America, where we give 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances to anyone with potential. But hitting a woman, even as a kid, is still a huge red flag. Remember Nick Harper getting stabbed in the leg by his wife in the playoffs? As far as I know, he never hit her in retaliation or even self-defense, as Mixon claims. And he got STABBED. Nick Harper should be giving speeches in high schools across the country about this.
  13. There's two sides to this coin. Yes, you want the Colts to win, but you want them to do it the right way. The 2006 team had its bad boys, but for the most part it was guys like Peyton Manning, Gary Brackett, Jeff Saturday, and Reggie Wayne that Bill Polian coveted. Good guys who maybe weren't the best athletes, but they did it the right way. But there are guys on every winning team that don't do it the right way, and they are such good athletes that as long as the team wins, it's ok. Think about it this way, would you want to be working elbow-to-elbow at your job with someone that you knew hit a woman for no good reason?
  14. That's a bold statement my man. Hindsight is 20/20. I'm not saying I disagree with you but... I doubt you would have taken TY in the 3rd in 2012. I'm not sure the Colts would be in better shape had you, or anyone else, been in charge of the last 5 drafts. Possible, but not very likely. I think everyone (myself included) thinks they could have done a better job than Grigson the last 5 years, but like I said, hindsight is 20/20. Hitting on 5 1st rounders in a row should be easy, but history shows that every team bumbles a 1st rounder on a regular basis. Luck, Werner, Richardson, Dorsett, and Kelly. That's 2 starters, 2 busts, and 1 yet-to-see. That's batting .500. Could be better, could be worse, but I'm guessing that's what any of us would be batting in his shoes.
  15. It's kind of a catch-22, unless you can pause or rewind live TV. I hate all the commercial breaks in football games, especially the PAT-commercial-KO-commercial series, BUT that's the perfect time to go the bathroom, get a snack/beer, etc. I love the SB because there are actually good commercials during the breaks, BUT that leaves no time for bathroom/food/beer breaks. Except for those couple of commercial breaks where they play local commercials (Local news ads, local car dealer ads, no thanks)

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