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  1. Lucky Colts Fan

    2018 Colts Road Games

    My dad told me to never go to a game in Philly, and if I do, don't wear my gear and DON'T cheer against the Eagles. Philly fans throw BATTERIES (and not AAA, but D batteries) at their OWN players!!! Just ask their current HC and former Eagles QB (1999) Doug Pederson: Doug_Pederson_Eagles_Fans_Batteries.html "Those big ones," Pederson said. "Those 'D' ones. I was spit at. Beer (thrown at him). But hey, listen, whatever." That was their STARTING QB... City of Brotherly Love indeed... If I was a player and had to go into Philly, I'd ask the equipment manager to upgrade my pads... "yeah I'm gonna need like, a bullet-proof suit, and... and a SHIELD! Yeah, a shield. You got any vibranium in the equipment room?" But the Eagles did just beat the Pats in the SB, so... Hats off to Philly for that.
  2. Lucky Colts Fan

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    The face you make when gambling is legalized AFTER you get banned from the Hall of Fame for it:
  3. Lucky Colts Fan

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    So who is going to be the Pete Rose of the NFL? I assume players will still be prohibited from participating... But what if, hypothetically, Giselle Bundchen Brady makes $100 million on a legal bet when the Pats lose this next SB because Tom got sacked 10 times and threw 4 picks... Is Tom Brady going to add GamblingGate to his career?
  4. Lucky Colts Fan

    Question about Quenton

    I like how at 0:07 of the video, right off the bat you see Quenton actually whiff when he tries to get his hands on the interior DLineman, but even though he misses with his hands, he trips the guy then falls backward and just sits on him. That's good Reverse TBagging technique. NOBODY gets the better of Quenton Nelson. Or puts him in a corner. Nobody.
  5. Lucky Colts Fan

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    It probably isn't, but a lot like the lotto, Uncle Sam doesn't care about people throwing their money away gambling, as long as he gets the tax
  6. Lucky Colts Fan

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Rigo sometimes uses the Rugby style drop-kick, which is becoming increasingly popular in football. Instead of staying in one spot (like a pocket-QB) and punting the ball as high as possible, the punter rolls out like a scrambling QB and kicks the ball on the move. There's not as much hang-time, but the extra second or two that the punter is rolling out of the pocket gives the coverage unit about the same amount of time to get to the ball-carrier. And the kick is more of a line-drive, so it usually bounces at least once, making it harder for the returner to field the kick. AND, since the punter is "escaping the pocket", if there is a lane, they can run for the 1st down instead of kicking it. Pat McAfee started doing this years ago when coaches gave him the option to try to convert the 4th down instead of kicking it if he saw an opening.
  7. Lucky Colts Fan

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Me. I admit it isn't as exciting as a Pat McAfee highlight with all the fakes and onside kicks, but it was still cool to see. You ever go to Training Camp or a Colts Practice? Sometimes the Special Teams practicing kicks is the most exciting thing going on at the moment. I always enjoyed watching McAfee boom punt after punt in practice. It was a thing of beauty. Besides, I'd rather watch RIgo doing his job than you asking people "You want fries with that?"...
  8. That's how it came off to me. Like a passive-aggressive, pre-emptive "I told you so".
  9. Watching a lot of film doesn't give you the right to talk down to people. I agree with @braveheartcolt. If anyone was way out of line, it was @BlueShoe with the condescending tone of the OP.
  10. Lucky Colts Fan

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    I do too. I think he'd be a good situational player. Maybe Goalline plays, I could see him as the special teams captain. Or captain of the practice squad. Seems like a perfect Role Player. A coachs' player.
  11. Lucky Colts Fan

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    The game is constantly evolving, and positional value evolves with it. Now unless the NFL changes the rules DRASTICALLY, then we'll never see a K, P, or long-snapper ever valued high enough to be picked in the 1st round (unlike the silly example some posters are using for their argument), but I think Ballard is ahead of the curve here on the increasing value of good interior linemen. Guys like Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, and Fletcher Cox are making pass-blocking guards more important. And the Colts are going to be dealing with a few pretty good interior pass-rushers in the AFC South with JJ Watt, Jurrell Casey, Malik Jackson, and Calais Campbell on the schedule six times. There's only a handful of games this year where the Colts DON'T have to face an elite interior DLineman. The Nelson pick is an A+. Since I'm a Notre Dame fan and I wanted this pick from day 1, I personally give it an A++.
  12. Lucky Colts Fan

    Guards drafted

    Please don't use silly arguments like this. Of course nobody is going to draft a punter or long snapper anywhere near #6 overall. When basically EVERYONE has been calling a Guard a top-5 player/top-10 draft-pick for the last year, how are you surprised that the Colts drafted him at #6? Just because he's a guard, and not the player you wanted Ballard to pick? It was a great pick by Ballard. Especially since (and you'll like this argument) having an OLine to actually protect Luck has to be a top-2 priority for Ballard. Priority 1 would be get a QB, we have Luck, so check. Next priority would be getting after the opposing QB, Chubb got drafted, darn. Next priority would be protecting our QB, oh look, the best OLineman in the draft. Oh look! Another top guard to pair with him! Yay! So yes, we still have to address our pass-rush, but once Ballard does that, this team should be in pretty good shape.
  13. Lucky Colts Fan

    Roethlisberger not happy with Rudolph pick

    The Real Housewives of the NFL
  14. Lucky Colts Fan

    Earl Grey

    Fixed it for you. I like that Quenton Nelson is so good that he CAN Tbag a DLineman and take away their will to play against him... BUT, since he's a "professional" now, I might advise that he leave the tea in his college days. He should just play "dead-weight" once he gets them on the ground. Become a human cage, get facemask-to-facemask, and ask them how the wife-n-kids are doin while they struggle to get out from under him. Give 'em the ol' Andrew Luck treatment.
  15. Lucky Colts Fan

    Earl Grey

    You know, I've thought about this some more, and I'm putting the shoe on the other foot for a sec... ouch, my toes... But seriously, I tried to think about the Pats, Jags, Texans, Titans, Steelers, etc. drafting Nelson, and then having to watch him do this to the Colts DLine... OR... what if JJ Watt/Jurrell Casey/Malik Jackson TBags Nelson in their first game, just to send a message? We might have a division rivalry ramped up over some Tea... FIGHTS, FLAGS AND FINES -- The Story Of The 2018 Indianapolis Tea Party: When JJ Watt/Jurrell Casey/Malik Jackson was thrown into the Broad Ripple Canal by Quenton Nelson, and then promptly Tbagged by Pat McAfee, who was already enjoying a nice swim in the canal anyway.