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  1. @Narcosys I'd be ok with that.
  2. I don't know. I might prefer Arians if I had a QB like Luck or Rodgers. I'd prefer Payton if I had a team with a lot of elite skill players. I'd prefer Zimmer or Quinn if I wanted to be a defensive team, and had the defensive playmakers. Can I get Quinn as the HC, Zimmer as the DC, Payton as the OC, and Arians as the QB-coach?
  3. I just want to get the monkey off our back, like Buck said. Take down Big Ben and Brady one more time on the way to a title...
  4. If we find a way to get to the playoffs, then beat the Raiders, Steelers and Patriots (best QBs in AFC for the D to prove itself), then beat whoever the NFC has to offer, GB, DAL, or SEA (best D in NFC for Luck to prove himself)... anything is possible. I'm optimistic. We did it in '06. We just need to get to the playoffs, then play our best football. I'm just being realistic. We might not even make the playoffs this year, especially if the injury bug strikes. And if we do get to the playoffs, I'm sure the road will go through Pittsburgh or NE.
  5. Yeah I can see that. If you're just talking about who starts the game for the first defensive play, that will depend on how our opponent usually starts the game and what personnel their offense shows for the first play. I can see certain guys getting more playing time against certain teams, but it will probably depend more on in-game situations. If Luck has a fast start and we put the other team in an early hole, any team will be passing more late in the game. However, if we get those traditional slow starts from our offense, we could see every team trying to run it late in games to prevent a comeback. I think Bostic, Spence, and even Mingo are kind of role-players that are short-term fill-ins for this new defense under Ballard. Hopefully, Jackson/Morrison and Walker really develop into every-down LBs this year. We don't necessarily need a Ray Lewis or Luke Keuchly if we have two solid every-down MLBs.
  6. This is a prove-it year for Pagano. He is going up against the following top-10 coaches this year: Seahawks - Carroll is #2 Steelers - Tomlin is #4 Ravens - Harbaugh is #6 Cardinals - Arians is #7 If you throw in coaches from the Pagano bracket (10-20), you add three more games: Bengals - Lewis is #17 Texans - O'Brien is #18 - twice He has to beat the big-dogs this year if he wants to be one next year.
  7. I see this as the starting LBs for the base D. With Hankins anchoring the middle, it should be a good run D. I could see Jackson playing MLB and covering RBs instead of Bostic in pass D.
  8. If we were playing the Steelers in Pittsburgh, then I would consider that a guaranteed loss, but we have the Steelers at home. So I don't see any guaranteed losses on our schedule. We've got the Browns, 49ers, and Jags at home. I'd like to chalk those up as wins. Worst case scenario, injuries decimate us and it's 6-10 or 7-9. Best case, we stay healthy all year, win 13+ games and make some noise in the playoffs. I could see 14-2 with losses in Seattle and at home to Pittsburgh. It will probably be something in the middle like 10-6 or 11-5 and a playoff loss to the Steelers or NE.
  9. I wonder if they included QB runs in those stats. Because those are three of the fastest QBs in the game. Luck, Taylor, and Mariota. When those guys decide to take off, it's probably a good 10 yds before anyone touches them.
  10. It's nice to see you two agree on something. Kumbaya.
  11. You guys are all assuming that there will be a better HC than Pagano available once he is fired. You don't just fire your HC if there aren't any better options available. What if Pagano IS our best option next year? I'm assuming all the top-tier coaches are going to keep their jobs, so who will be the savior that replaces Chuck? Is that coach already on our staff, or are we keeping our fingers crossed that a future HoF coach is going to fall into our lap in the offseason? With that said, if we have a losing record this year, I can see Irsay/Ballard firing Chuck and rolling the dice with a new HC, regardless of who's available.
  12. I remember that one game when we were lacking Vontae Davis, and nobody could cover Antonio Brown. But every team that plays the Steelers suffers the same problem. Nobody can cover Antonio Brown.
  13. Easy fellas. The Giants actually won twice, but that doesn't really make them the big brother since NE has won more than twice that amount. Maybe NY is a bigger city with more people, but Boston has enjoyed more sports success than just about any city in the country in the past 15 or so years. Now let's touch gloves and get back to your corners. Fight's over.
  14. Have you ever noticed Jon Gruden fidgeting with his ring on camera? It's obviously too big to wear like it's a regular ring. I like Frank Caliendo poking fun at it:

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