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  1. Andrew Luck Update

    Kyodu? I love playing that game! Kyudo is also pretty cool. I hope Andrew takes it a step further and starts practicing Kyudo. He could become the most accurate passer in NFL history.
  2. Just messin with ya. He said our 4 picks this year would be in the top 50, and that next year we would have one 1 and two 2s. But if he was referring to the Jets 2019 2nd rounder that we just acquired, there's no reason to assume it won't be in the top 50. It is the Jets, after all...
  3. ND Draft Prospects

    (you ever need someone to watch your crystal ball while you're on vacation or something... you let me know! ) With the trade yesterday, the Colts really could end up with a few guys from Notre Dame. Nelson would be a great pick at #6. McGlinchey will probably be gone in the 1st round, but St. Brown should be available with one of our three 2nd-round picks. And Adams should still be available in the middle rounds.
  4. Countdown to Draft Day

    39 days 9.25 hours. And counting.
  5. Armchair GM's post-Jets trade mock

    Those are the sons of the boy named Sue. "And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him... Bill, or George, or any damn thing but SUE!"
  6. What's the Penalty?

    Just an interesting thought. I doubt it would happen, but it would jibe with Ballards' philosophy. Don't waste money on other teams castoffs. Grow your own and pay them when the time comes. It's probably less likely since we have to pay Luck so much. Especially if he proves his elite status again while on his current contract. Irsay has shown he is perfectly willing to spend more yearly on his QB than every other team.
  7. Yeah, he baits way more clicks from Colts fans than he deserves. I can't decide who I like less, him or Skip Bayless...
  8. What's the Penalty?

    Huh. That's interesting. That could be used as motivation for a bunch of young players. "If you bunch of no-names can win games and we don't have to spend big $ on any FA, you get a bonus check down the road."
  9. What's the Penalty?

    What's the penalty if the Colts DON'T spend the league minimum before the deadline? Does the league just fine the team the difference? They don't take draft picks away, do they?
  10. The Storm After The Calm

    Holy cow, what a day! I planned on having a few Guinness for St. Patrick's Day, but I might need more than a few now... These really amused me after the trade: The lack of action in FA and the Hankins move has quite a few people confused/upset. If this roller-coaster doesn't stop soon, the Guinness is going to...
  11. I know. I've found that a big helping of crow once in a while is healthy for the soul. I couldn't tell you if my soul is starving or well-fed, but I know when I've put my foot in my mouth...
  12. I may be wrong... it happens from time to time, and I proved that point earlier in this thread by being a *. (Sorry @Indeee I thought this was another of your freak-out threads, but this was a really good thread and I'm sorry I derailed it) But I believe we have to spend at least $158 Mil of the $177 Salary Cap. I think we have like $110 Mil on the books already, so we have to spend at least $48 Mil. (as of now) Hope that helps, sorry if I took the *approach to get there. If @Superman or anyone can elaborate, it would be much appreciated.
  13. Long rebuild ahead

    ??? Please show us all how Luck is "finished" because he was a "no-show" in 2012, 2014, and 2016. ... 2012: 2014: 2016: He threw for over 4,000 yds in each of those seasons, and 40 TDs in 2014. What else does he have to "show" you to "prove" he's not "finished"... ???
  14. Don't feed the troll. It's a yes/no question that can be answered by Google. There's a salary-floor and a salary-ceiling, which the OP isn't really interested in at all. It's a "shock-thread". This type of post is nourishment for the troll.