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  1. The key is a balanced team. Both units should get a chance to win or re tie the game. Not putting the entire weight on the shoulders of one unit or the other.
  2. I am a member
  3. Love the salary cap. Breakdown.
  4. I'm not saying get rid of it completely. But there are numerous times Luck has an underneath player open and chooses the deep play I was a STH and seeing Dorsett open on a slant or crossing route get open and Luck pass on that read was very frustrating. The main adjustment I believe that has needed to be made is not so many 7 step drops because the Oline isn't good enough yet. Once it's solid and can sustain. then by all means stretch the field and of course TY is going to say that. He's a receiver. He wants big yards
  5. You didn't upset me at all. I think we agree on most of what you wrote. I think if he were calling the plays with Luck he did for MH Luck wouldn't get beat to death and the offense would be much better. Of of course I do understand that Luck changes a lot of plays so it's his fault as much as Chuds. IMO
  6. Not judging on one play... Total body of work.
  7. Chuck is that you?
  8. Not sure how I made to argument. Chud was calling plays from Peps playbook not his. That offense was used to call Peps offense. Once Chud took over in 2016 he completely changed it to the Air Coryell offense. Which IMO is as outdated as is Dungys cover 2 as a base D Again as Superman has touched on many times. This is a Pagano choice of offense. If Chud were better he would have seen how well the play calls worked for MH and call games similar to that for Luck. Think about it. Can you imagine this offense and this QB running a similar style offense as the Pats? This is Oline is not good enough to run those 7 step drops as much as we do. Yea. I don't like Chud because like his HC he can't seem to adjust to the players he has and the situation he is in
  9. Pep was brought here because the offense he ran was the one Luck was comfortable with. His best season came from running that offense behind the %ties Oline of his career. They also gave him Fleener to help make him comfortable. BTW. if Harbaugh ever did come here you might as well get use to that offense again. Because that's where it comes from. All of this isn't hard to figure out.
  10. After this season once Pags %s the bed again. There will be a house cleaning
  11. Uh oh. Now your gonna get attached. You said the same thing I have been saying.
  12. Arrogant much? How do you know what I think? You do remember that Chud was running Peps offense that yr correct? BTW the game plan when Luck was out changed dramatically. Since then hen he has installed his offense it has been round hole square peg trying to run a deep passing attach with the % Oline that was on the team I have never been a fan of Chud. I'll be glad when he's gone
  13. With this post we can all see you cannot be reasoned with. This is just stupid. Of course Belichick liked the play. Every person in NE liked the play.
  14. I've been saying this ever since Chud was given the OC job. I'm sure CrazyColt will find fault with what I just said though
  15. Why in the # would anyone with half a brain even send that formation on the field? And of of course you find something to argue about

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