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  1. we gained a couple million from Pat retiring too
  2. Let's keep comparing as we go.
  3. I'm sure there will be some cuts coming too
  4. Especially since they tried it an he was not very good at it. Maybe he would get better though
  5. Williams Woods and Aiken. Spots 52 and 53. The practice squad. Even if you don't take out the churn. We don't have 21 million to spend obviously they won't spend all of it. again the numbers I posted is actual money to spend
  6. Their EST CAP SPACE (ALL) is $21,016,319 Spots 52 & 53? (about 1.1 million) Practice squad? ( about 1.2 million) and in season churn is about 3 million. thats about 5.3 million so that takes it down to about 15.7 . Like you said they didn't include Aiken. But what did they give Williams? Woods ? They haven'd counted any of these guys yet. Our estimates are actual working cap space to actually use to sign new or existing FA. Can't spend money you already owe
  7. He fired his agent apparently
  8. From our Cap Guru on my website this does not include Williams and now Aiken
  9. We were at 13.6 million remaining before this signing so we don't have as much as you think. And that didn't include the Brandon Williams contract either
  10. I am actually surprised the Texans dont entertain offers on Watt. He has back issues and he may never be the same. They could get some value out of him. A 1 and a 3 or something like that. And they were pretty good without him. JMO
  11. Down to 13.604 million left to sign FA's not counting the Brandon Williams contract
  12. You are just dying to get one big name signing so you can go off and say "I told you so". So much so that you aren't thinking straight... even for you
  13. Nice creativity. Good read and you put some thought into this. Not sure if any would work out but I like the Doo Doo Brown other than the fact that it would give the cheats 2 1st... not cool.
  14. Man all you have to do is guarantee it and you will have moved to an all new level on this board!!!
  15. I think everyone needs to understand we don't need the 85 Bears defense to win this division or even compete for the SB. We were 2 games from winning the division last yr. Ballard cant rebuild this team in 2 weeks of FA, and as much as many of you want to believe he cant sign everyone. Other teams are competing to get players and some players that some of you want are just not right for the fit of this team. Give him a chance.... we haven't even had his first draft yet

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