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  1. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Half time. Time for the colt implosion
  2. Crazy Saints Fan

    You should've just went in the back spit on her Big Mac handed it out the window and asked he to pull forward
  3. Colts vs Titans predictions

    38-13 Titans
  4. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    Yes Ballard didn't keep him because he was not better than Butler in the slot. And he was terrible as an outside corner. He was no better than Toler but everyone thought he was going to be great. He wasn't.
  5. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    I thought it was funny when he came here last yr reading most of you thinking he was going to be a great CB2. I said then and it came to be true he was not a good cb2 and would only be good as a nickel in the slot Of course I took a lot of flack for that but we all know how it worked out in the end and how he is playing when played properly another knock against Pagano? Of course.
  6. Harbaugh OC at Stanford was David Shaw. Shaw will probably never leave Stanford. But he started as the Offensive pass game coordinator at San Diego for Harbaugh when he was there and when he went to Stanford he made him the OC. I am sure if he had the choice he would have brought Shaw with him to the 9ers. But Shaw landed his dream job and promoted Pep to OC from WR coach. Not guaranteeing that Harbaugh would bring back Pep but it wouldn't surprise me with the chemistry he already has with Luck.... those who who want Harbaugh and hated Pep might want to think about this
  7. Pep Hamilton is not with Hugh Jackson at Cleveland He is the assistant HC and passing game coordinator for Michigan. If Harbaugh comes here as HC Pep will be back
  8. Colts Vs. Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

    So he games is won by one point because Cincy can't kick a FG and you are talking trash to the people who are against The Clapper? LETS SEE. total offense. Cincy. 364 to 159. Give up over 150 yds rushing and 5 fumbles????? what are you defending him for?
  9. Colts Mini-Camp 6/15/17

    Why would you assume that everyone needs to trust Ballard? He hasn't done anything remarkable yet. Pagano has a track record of putting an undisciplined soft team not the field. This team has a lot of new parts. Sooooo it would only make sense to cut what little time they have toghether short. And you you are right you can't help me because I don't need help
  10. Colts Mini-Camp 6/15/17

    Do you ever think the FO or coaches do anything wrong??? I'm not sure who defends them more you or Crazycolt 'Are either of you related to Pagano?
  11. Luck

    Been saying this for a long time Or at least a relative.
  12. Colts OTA's 6/6/17

    Not sure if trust Kevin Bowens opinion. After being asked a million times before the draft he said it had to be a pass rush taken in the 1st and even more than just the 1st. When asked about the secondary he said it was not that big of a concern. He is only guessing. But it I understand it's entertaining to some people
  13. Phillip Dorsett is my break-out Colts player this year.

    AGREE!!!!! Love it when someone actually watch the game instead of relying on what they hear from people who don't.
  14. New NFL Rule For Overtime

    The key is a balanced team. Both units should get a chance to win or re tie the game. Not putting the entire weight on the shoulders of one unit or the other.
  15. Where do you get your Colts Fix?

    I am a member