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  1. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Seriously? Everyone of your * post is antagonistic toward someone. * D U D E!!!! Leave people alone!!!!!!
  2. Ross Travis

    Actually I don't know or share how old you are... In fact I would put you more in the 1st underlined are first and if your old well that just doubles it
  3. Ross Travis

    Sorry. I didn't underline fear enough.....hahaha Dialect surveys find it more common in the speech of the less educated than in that of the educated; in those places (such as the Midland and southern Atlantic seaboard regions) where it has lasted in educated speech, it is most common with older informants
  4. Ross Travis

    Ha..... don't forget you said it't
  5. Ross Travis


    Ballard say he wanted Toub? For some reason someone says something and it gets picked up carried and amplified without merit. I posted in another thread it would be highly unprofessional to say he has interest while Pags is still here. So I am 100% convinced he has never said this. I am different than most people I guess, When something like this is posted I look into it. And I have found no where that he has said anything about who he wants of IF he wants a new HC. Maybe I missed something. Help me out if I have
  7. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    Actually I will disagree with you. Most GM's base draft picks on BPA and not need. So that would make him more typical.... BTW. BPA is always the best way to draft.
  8. Who would be better for us mcglinchey or Nelson?

    DJ Fluker. Young and is not going to want to stay with the Giants IMO
  9. Ross Travis

  10. Ross Travis

    BTW. It's doesn't. Not don't.
  11. Ross Travis

    Fair enough. Then we are in agreement. You dont have the authority to tell me what to do either.
  12. Why do you want defense? You like watching us get asked 50+ times a yr?
  13. Would You?

    Possibly but he has a lot of talent and if channeled properly would be a significant weapon
  14. Ross Travis

    Sure. Quit saying things like you did. When bringing up the tattoos which was stupid
  15. Ross Travis

    Go play with your Pagano doll old man