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  1. As it should be
  2. Especially with The uncertainty of Lucks rehab. He my not be ready
  3. Where he ranks them is close to where they are drafted. He's not picking draft spots and which teams will draft them
  4. Yep it will be fun to see if he really is that close
  5. From the stats guy at speaking of Brandt "I will not bore you with the spreadsheets but I looked at his last six years and analyzed the top 100 prospects. I noted where he said they ranked and where they ended up being drafted. Long story short:-- Brandt is accurate in picking a players draft slot within 10 slots either way 75% of the time. That means that if he ranks a guy as the #25 ranked guys, that 3 out of 4 times, that guy will be selected between 16 and 34. This is pretty easy to do at the top of the draft but get progressively harder when down in the 30s and 40s much less the 70s and 80s; however, Brandt still does a good job done there.That 75% number accounts for a lot of factors, most notably player injury and QB jumping, that lower that percentage. I thought that was a pretty accurate percentage over six draft classes."
  6. He's probably the best at this TBH. He is probably the most accurate at getting close there is
  7. Looks good so far. Gonna need to do it through 32 players I assume to be able to eliminate the players that get drafted ahead of us
  8. So use your own ranking and not rank players according to need. Look at available players and rank them 1-32 and just do it for the 1st round I posted an example of what two other sites ranked players. I am am guessing everyone has Garret at 1 or 2 etc. include all players and not just the ones you want. Put an asterisk beside players that are low need in your opinion. But still include them. Then as as the draft plays out you can say players x is still on the board and maybe we need player z but player x is graded out higher in my on my board Example. OJ Howard grades out in top 7 of both the sites I listed. He really is a great prospect. If he's there at 15 what do you do? Can't blame them for taking him
  9. Well I'll if you don't have a BPA list I am not sure what you do if the player you want isn't there when we pick.... also what happens if one of the top players falls.... what if you know someone wants a QB and they are available when you pick.... how do you know their value to another team? what happenes if the player you 'want' is not available? Trade back right? What if there are not trade partners? Do you reach for a 2nd round rated player? Teams rate every player.
  10. Here another one.
  11. Ok. If you can't come up with BPA. use this one as a guide. And go from there
  12. Instead of mocking what you want to happen. Mock what will realistically happen by using the. BPA route and not by need.
  13. If that happened. Then he will be a Colt.... not my choice but he would most likely be BPA
  14. A couple vet CB's have been released. I could see one or two brought in TBH
  15. Ballard also said he will not draft for need... it will be BPA

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