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  1. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    Interesting perspective. One thing to consider is the 5th year option for Parker. Even if James walk we should recieve a comp pick and he gives Luck some security. On the other hand if he flashes and gets hurt wr can try to bring him back on a cheap deal like Mewhort.
  2. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    The thing I think we may be overlooking is that draft picks aren't guaranteed. They also take time to develop, James is a proven commodity at the right tackle position. Parker has shown his worth when healthy with far less talented QBs. Chubb would have went somewhere in the range of Barnett last year. I'm ok with rolling the dice on Davenport when you insert these 2 starters. Also willing to pass on Nelson for a pairing of Wynn and James.
  3. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    I see similarities between him and Anash from the lions. Heis long and athletic like Lawrence from the Cowboys and his skill set should be maximized by our defensive coordinator.
  4. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    Appreciate the read. I think I put more value into the James and Parker aspect of the deal. James is a solid RT and he is young. Parker was compared to Alshon Jeffery last year by Cutler. I think Ballard really wanted Jeffrey last year and I know Reich knows how to use a player like him. Will they want to get paid, probably but I trust that Ballard will make sure they earn it.
  5. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    Next year 2nd round pick as well. The dolphins should be picking pretty close to the top next year. This haul gives us a solid line and a possibility of a big body reciever with Parker. I looked at the Cincinnati Bengals and Bills swap when coming up with this scenario. Maybe I did shoot a little low
  6. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    I over looked that and probably would change the 4th round pick to something else
  7. The no. 6 pick for Miami no. 11 pick We get J'uwan James OT miami dolphins and Devante Parker two 4ths this year and a 2nd next year. Why Dolphins do the trade with us J'uwan James is a former 1st round pick who is rated as a top 20 at his position, but went down with injury and was replaced by a cheaper option. Devante Parker is a former 1st round pick who hasn't performed up to his draft position. The Dolphins just signed a few wr and using Parker to move up to get a QB is better than waiting on a comp pick. Dolphins choose Baker Mayfield at 6th and uses this trade to stay in front of the Bills and Cardinals for a QB. Why do we do the trade J'uwan James is a plug and play at the right tackle. If he leaves I believe we get a comp pick but if he stays we have options next year with AC being a free agent. Could James play left tackle I don't know but replacing 1 tackle is easier than 2. Devante Parker is a riddle to me. He has alot of talent and hasn't played with anyone close to Luck as far as QBs go. He is in a contract season and he should ball out if he wants that contract. Regardless we get a comp pick next year should he not work out and Luck gets a weapon this year. Worst case scenario these 2 players turn into a 3rd and 5th round comp pick which gives us. Two 4ths this year, 2nd, 3rd and a 5th next year to move down 5 spots. 1. Marcus Davenport DE 2. Maurice Hurst DT 2. Isiah Wynn OG 2. Jerome Baker LB 3. Chad Thomas DE 4. Fred Warner LB 4. Alex Cappa OT 4. Kallen Ballad RB 5. Issac Yiadom CB 6. Antonio Callaway WR 7. Kamryn Pettway RB (practice squad) 3rd A whole lot of Blue chip players: We give both coordinators flexibility RB (Mack, Turbin, Ballage. Micheals, Pettway) WR (TY, Parker, Grant, Rodgers, Callaway) OL (AC, Mewhort, Kelly, Slauson, James, Wynn, Good, Clark, Heag) DL (Sheard, Badham, Woods, Steward, Ridgeway, Anderson, Davenport, Thomas, Hurst, Freeney) Jerome Baker, Fred Warner along with Anthony Walker makes a young athletic LB core.