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  1. Or a swing and a miss the draft is a gamble.
  2. Hence the name Doo Doo Brown lol. Yet if the Pats lost the heir to the throne would it be worth giving them 2 1st rounders. A quality QB is so hard to find
  3. Thanks for the read and participating
  4. There are several ways for us to capitalize on this draft. I wanted to list a couple ideas that are out there get your opinion and your mock draft with your favorite scenario. The likelihood of any of these trades are slim to none but why not. 1. Doo Doo Brown Trade back with Cleveland The Browns have really made some moves. We could be the final piece in facilitating a trade between them and the Pats. We trade our 1st round pick for two 2nd round pick and a 4th. The Browns could trade the 12th and the 15th for Jimmy or the 12th and two 2nd round picks 2018 for Jimmy. Our pick is important to give him a weapon most likely OJ Howard or to give the Pats two 1st rounders for Jimmy if thats the asking price. Our draft would look like 2nd (browns) 2nd (browns) 2nd 3rd 4th (browns) 4th 4th (pats) 4th (comp) 5th 2. KC and the Sunshine kid Trade back with Kansas City Chiefs We get both of their 3rd round picks And Jeremy Maclin The familiarity between the front office helps deal. Andy Reid gets his QB and with Alex Smith only having a year or two left on contract this is the perfect time to groom a young QB. KC gets cap relief from getting rid of Maclin 10 million a year contract. Getting QB in the 1st round becomes crucial especially looking at the Kurt Cousins situation. They jump ahead of Washington and Houston for a QB. Luck now have Hilton, Maclin, Moncrief, Doyle, Gore and a rookie rb as weapons. If healthy this could easily be a top 5 offense. We do have enough money to absorb Maclin massive contract. Pick 27th 2nd 3rd 3rd (chiefs) 3rd (chiefs comp) 4th 4th (pats) 4th (comp) 5th 3. Griggs isn't the only one with Philly number Trade with Philadelphia Eagles Trade our 5th round pick for Mychal Kendricks ILB. 4. Jet lag Trade with New York Trade our 3rd round pick and 4th round comp pick for Sheldon Richardson of the Jets. If/when he leaves the Jets next year they will probably recieve a 3rd round comp. This is a loaded draft with us picking in the middle of the 3rd round. The value of our pick plus the 4th round comp should be enough to pry him away. If he leaves us we get a 3rd round comp. This is a expensive rental but after watching how the browns were able to keep Collins I'm sure we could retain Sheldon Richardson. 1st 2nd 4th 4th (pats) 5th 5. One Giant leap Trade with the New York Giants New York jumps ahead of Baltimore and Tampa Bay for a RB or OJ Howard. They have a short window to win another championship. Eli is getting older and Odell contract will be out of this world. Giants tool up for a 2 or 3 year run. 1st (23rd) 2nd 2nd (Giants) 3rd 4th 4th (pats) 4th (comp) 5th With so many arm chair GMs I'm sure we can get creative and put together a decent draft.
  5. Hotline Bling Its FA time so hopefully Ballard is working the phones. Rome wasn't built in one day and I'm sure we will have a turn around but..... I don't expect Chuck to be apart of it. I wanted to put together some soild young pieces to help us compete. I realize the NFL has been on a PR run lately wanting us to believe that choir boys can win a championship but we know the truth. From the 90s Cowboys to the Patriots most teams have a wild card or two amongst the deck if you know what I'm saying. Jarvis Jones OLB Former first round pick who may just need a change of scenery and comes with something to prove. He is a good edge setter and can basically be look at as a younger Erik Walden. Aj Klein ILB He been backing up one of the best lb in the nfl and has extensive experience due to injuries. He is young with playoff and super bowl experience. Dontari Poe We have been looking for that athletic NT to come in and eat up blockers, stop the run and provide pass rushing. Poe checks off most of the list. Will we over pay him of course but the dirty work he is doing up front will help our secondary and defense overall. Jets Lets work out a deal giving our 3rd round pick for Sheldon Richardson. Him and Poe on the defensive line would be scary. Both requiring to be double teamed will free up our OLB and Henry if he is fully healthy to do some damage. This moves help offensive line also because practicing against these guys will help the young line develop quickly. Draft Jonathan Allen DE At one point considered a lock for the top 5 he may drop so now we pair him with Richardson and Poe. The defensive line has been totally transformed in one off season. Carl Lawson OLB Always been talented and often the best player on the field even when Dee Ford was at Auburn University. He was just injured most of the time. Hopefully that is behind him because the defensive line in front of him will let him hunt. 3rd traded Tim Williams OLB Alabama Off field issues drops him as well as his size. I think he could be a great 3rd down pass rusher who could potentially grow and do damage in this defense with thay defensive line we have now. Jamaal Williams RB His vision and ability to catch makes him a great weapon in our offense. I see him as a great complimentary back. Elijah Lee ILB Uber athletic LB who needs direction. Jeremy Sprinkle TE Timing is everything and he was supended for his bowl game for stealing. He is 6'6 and can jump out of the stadium. Great blocker coming out of Arkansas and has soft enough hands that he could be our chain mover on underneath routes. We still have holes but damn what a make over.
  6. I tried to come up with a down to earth off season that we could get excited about. These are some minor moves with major results for next year. Estimated cap is 60m Release Jackson saves 5.5m Jones saves 5.2m Trade Gore for a 6th round pick (Packers, Steelers or Cardinals) gives him a chance to go to a championship type team. Cap is 74m Resign Walden Turbin Doyle Butler Extension Moncrief Mewhort Free Agency Melvin Ingram OLB With San Diego cap he is the most likely to become a free agent. Doug Martin RB (if released) The Bucs are off the hook. He played well for his contract year so why not put him in the same situation with a short contract. Lawrence Timmons ILB We are in need of a leader on this defense. I feel we can bring him in for a year or two to instill toughness and a winning culture for the defense. Draft 1. Ruben Foster ILB This is a luxury pick. We grab a 3 down LB who is able to tackle and cover. A year with Lawrence Timmons should give him time to ease into the NFL. 2. Gareon Conley CB Every year we have a injury in the secondary. This pick sure up the backfield and gives us a true no. 2 across from Davis. 3. TJ Watt OLB Being petty with this pick. He is still very new to the position but should provide a decent pass rush when Walden or Ingram is off the field. 4. Wayne Gallman RB I compare him to Demarco Murray. He has soft hands and he is patience to find the hole to run through. He also provides good pass protection. 4. Montravius Adams NT Similar to Ridgeway he has a high ceiling if he can become more consistent. He bats balls down and eats up blockers for others. Highly athletic with the ability to play multiple position on the line. 5. Devonte Fields OLB He has a quick first step and closing speed for his size. He drops because of his history off the field. 6. Rickey Seal Jones WR I'm a believer of surrounding Luck with young cheap talent. He is a tall target that finds holes in zone coverages and gives Luck the ability to throw the fade. 6. Elder Corn CB (Gore trade) Very good athletic CB who used to play PG. This gives Chuck his project he seems to take on at a position he specializes in.
  7. I agree and disagree after he was part of a munity against the coach defensive scheme and strategy last week vs Jordy Nelson. The pats got rid of Collins for less. Rhodes will be on his contract year also so its a question of do they want to encourage that behavior with a big contract and does that undermine the Coach?
  8. The big trade back I come before you with two options that may or may not present itself for the Colts. I tried to find believable options that seems fair and beneficial to both teams. Griggs seems to be secure in his job so role playing as Griggs or whatever ever GM you replace him with would you want to pull any of these trades off? Scenerio 1 Trade with Rams We have alot of cap space for big time players. So why not supplement that with more draft picks in a deep draft. We get their 2nd and 4th round And they get our 1st round pick Scenerio 2 Vonte maybe transitioning from a top 10 cb to a top 20 cb. Lets bring in a number 1 proven CB and help our front 7 with coverage sacks. The chance of having 2 of the top shut down CB on the same team will make the Colts defense great no matter the coordinator. Trade with Vikings We get Xavier Rhodes And they get our 2nd round pick Would any of these draft day trades make sense and whats your best off season mock with these two options. Happy New Year to everyone and please be safe over the weekend.
  9. I definitely agree with Kyle Shanahan. I think we can surround him with coaches with experience like Bill Callahan or McCoy from the chargers. For defense Mike Pettine or Gregg Williams I would want to grab 2 offensive players Wayne Gallman and Bucky Hodges if possible. We can go all Defense for the rest but we must surround Luck with good cheap talent.
  10. Just not a fan on McDaniels. Brady won with Charlie Weis and Bill O’Brian. To my untrained eyes their offensive system never changed between the 3 coordinators. I understand he throws in a wrinkle here and there but at the end of the day do you believe that the student (Mcdaniels) can beat the teacher (The Hoodie)? If not why hire someone to hang AFC championship banners until the hoodie retires?
  11. Nice read on Kyle Shanahan
  12. Yeah just seen the video. i think under the right circumstances he can be drafted. the pats did just pick up Flyod and I haven't heard anyone question it
  13. Also i think most ppl called Chip Kelly crazy, racist etc. for getting rid of Shady, DJax and letting Maclin leave but I'm reading that McDaniels doing the same thing with Marshall and Cutler was the right thing to do????
  14. Do ppl forget that josh McDaniels failed not only at Denver but in St. Louis also? And IMO Brady has a different skill set Than Luck and if he only really been successful with Brady why do so many ppl want him? I’m not trying to be rude just trying to understand. He had a chance with the Rams with no avail and I’m willing to overlook Tim Tebow but at the same time his arm strength and passing game (short) is closer to Brady than Luck. So why do we want a offensive minded coach who hasn’t been able to win without Brady a top 3 QB of all time (ugh feels nasty to say) and who scheme doesn’t favor our franchise QB?
  15. I admit that these are risk but lately the Colts haven't been choir boys with all these suspension (PEDs) and I felt like i combat/ offset that with guys from winning organizations. everyone makes mistakes we just not under the microscope. plus having one crazy/wild dude isn't bad when looking at championship teams they all have them. Even our good ol Marvin Harrison had a run in with the Law

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