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  1. Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick

    Well this isn't at all creepy.
  2. Shocking that professional angry man and shouter at traffic Greg Doyel isn't happy about something.
  3. So it seems people may have wet their pants for no reason.
  4. That's the tweet people are losing their minds over?
  5. New Orleans (+5) at Minnesota (1-15-18)

    How did it affect betting lined? They just knelt down?
  6. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    Strange that Nagy was apparently told things about Luck that McDaniels doesn't seem to have been told.
  7. Surely the Patriots wouldn't make Josh head coach because he failed in Denver nine years ago and Brady basically runs the offense.
  8. Odd that some people leave absolutely no room for the possibility that someone may have learned from mistakes that they made as a 32 year old and could have grown in the intervening nine years.
  9. Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)

    The Manchurian GM.
  10. Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)

    Do you think he should be put down or allowed to live out his remaining days on a farm somewhere?
  11. Fate of the "NEW" Colts era....

    Not enough words randomly capitalised.
  12. Colts Draft A QB In The First Round?

    Interesting. Why has nobody mentioned this yet.
  13. He needs to stop crying and start punching people and abusing women like a real man. It's PC gone mad.
  14. Gruden said to be interested in the.....

    Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick were unknown before getting their current jobs? You sure?