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  1. Our best defensive help might be and explosive runner like Cook. I'd be good with it.
  2. Jamal Williams is pro ready and would be a great pick with one of our 4ths.
  3. I understand being young and a little immature but these players had been trained by agents as to what to expect and how to act at the combine. His incident becomes more of a red flag taking that into account. Other red flags are his admitted trouble learning X's and O's which everyone one this board criticized Tim Williams for. His shoulder injury and this being a mandatory physical exam only raises more concerns. His game films show hesitation on reaction times, however playing behind a dominate college D line it did not affect his stats. I like the kid but would look for another day one D starter.
  4. Melvin is a good backup. While Ballard was with KC, they drafted CB's every year, it seemed to be a position he (they) feel strongly about. I expect the Colts to draft a couple of corners and would not be suprised if we take one at 15.
  5. Bill Polin always says "Cash is undefeated". He will go to the highest bidder.
  6. Background- like Bennie Hill have girls on trampoline or doing jumping jacks.
  7. NFL network reporting we get 4 & 6, they get Allen & our 6
  8. I think NFL network says NE gets Allen & our 6th pick, Colts get NE's 4th & 6th
  9. We get a 4th
  10. High price, considering there's an abundance of 1st Rd talent in this years draft.
  11. Love the kid, but the Colts do not need to draft another WR (I see Mac as a slot WR) in the first 6 rounds. Imho
  12. Tim Williams would be a great pick for the Colts. All I read is we need a pass rush, we need to get QB pressures, more speed on the edges, etc. etc. Heres a chance to get arguably the best pure pass rusher in the draft.

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