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  1. Chiefs need cap room just to sign their draft picks.
  2. Very active D lineman. Tough against the run and a pass rusher. Signed a 2 yr deal after 2016. He only played 8 games last year after hip injury. Ballard might have insider info on recovery time frame.
  3. Not true, I think Cook is the most dynamic RB in this class and would bring our offense to top 3. He's a difference maker and has the tape to prove it.
  4. Now this? Maybe he was hiding a few things.
  5. This would be an awesome draft. 2 starting quality CB's Bedt pure pass rusher in the draft and his run defense is better than most. Quality LB's I would be very happy!
  6. Yes..... that sounds like something the Patriots would do (have done). Looks like it works out ok for winning teams.
  7. Today the Local talking heads that were at presser said Luck did not look as if he'd lost weight in person. The question was directly asked today on radio.
  8. I know the sorrow you are feeling right now seems endless; however keep comfort in your heart and spirit that all of us here are with you now and anytime you need. Bless you
  9. Best pure pass rusher in the draft. Last time I checked the Colts could use a pass rusher, I would love for us to draft him.
  10. The theme to your draft is injury. 3 players currently injured and 1 seemingly always injured and 1 character concern. Lets just try and draft some day one starters.
  11. Lamps a good Gaurd in the 2017 draft. My point is it's a very weak draft for OL and I don't feel you draft a guard in the first. Ask yourself where he would have been valued at in the 2016 draft? I'd say below our last years OL haul. Tanoh is a 3-4 round guy, I like him as well.

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