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  1. Not really but if you think so. Lol I feel we we should look at Sweet with one of our 1st two second round picks cause he won't last much later than that.
  2. No sure Sweat or Hand will make it out of the 1-2 round. What makes you think they would be available in 4-5 round? Also dump the TE and inset LB
  3. JRnINDY

    Ballard on the Herd

    Colin: "is Luck throwing?" Ballard, "Soon".....with a beat your butt his is smirk!!!
  4. Not good if true. I personally felt worst about him coming back after his interview yesterday and now this.
  5. JRnINDY

    What if Jim says screw it!

    Reich does not call the plays for the Eagles the HC did and prior to that in SD he did not call the plays. Strange, but must be a reason for this. He is a good QB. Coach.
  6. So basically Kravitz say's nothing we don't already know and tweets it as if it's something. Then it's a topic here...lol
  7. JRnINDY

    Colts put in request for 2nd McDaniels interview

    John Clayton ESPN said today it was a done deal McDanials to the Colts. ( listen starting at 6:45)
  8. JRnINDY

    Colts put in request for 2nd McDaniels interview

    Dungy thinks Josh will be the coach and a got one.
  9. JRnINDY

    Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

  10. JRnINDY

    Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Colts cancelled meeting
  11. Pin this thread for draft day and let's look at the win then. I say Giants get a boat load and we can't get a trade partner worth it.