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  1. We have 85 million in cap. It's not a worry And I want a good offensive line not a competitive one.
  2. To trade up to #1 you're gonna offer a lot more than 2 backend 1st rounders
  3. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    troll thread /close it
  4. #1 for #21 and #22 Yeah alright
  5. Why Not Sanchez?

    because there are better punters than him /end
  6. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten, Kyle Rudolph and Hunter Henry above Doyle? laughable
  7. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    ..The guy is good
  8. PFF has him going to us at #3 in their most recent mock drafts. Not a lot have mocked him to us, they compare him to Atkins/Donald
  9. Peak of the defense this season

    I'm not saying our run defense didn't improve. I'm saying Shady was one of the few to beat it this year.
  10. Realistic Trade?

    Dropping too far for an injury prone OT who's climbing with age. Pass
  11. Peak of the defense this season

    Shady averaged 5 ypc
  12. Rashaan Melvin

    It's not high at all If Joe Haden is making 9M a year for average play, Melvin will match that
  13. Your Final Four QBs. Bortles, Keenum, Foles....

    Excuse me? Case Keenum vs Nick Foles is the greatest QB duo to ever grace an NFL field
  14. Peak of the defense this season

    We held: Gurley to 19 for 41 Crowell to 12 for 44 Hyde to 8 for 11 Murray to 12 for 40 Mixon to 11 for 18 Murray to 12 for 9 Fournette to 20 for 57 Pretty good if you ask me. only 3 RBs really got the best of us this year imo (Henry x2, CJ Anderson, Shady)
  15. Rashaan Melvin

    Melvin is gonna make 8M+