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  1. Jaguars aren't gonna beat us twice
  2. He's not even injury prone...
  3. Luck wins MVP TJ Green doesn't become a bust Chester Rogers becomes the #3 receiver Gore goes for 1000 Vinatieri doesn't miss a FG Colts go 12-4
  4. Are you kidding me? He's the best RB and the best overall RB in the league. He can do everything. Smoking weed is not being in trouble.
  5. Bell IS the best RB in the NFL. It's easy. Nobody is better than him
  6. If Pittsburgh doesn't want him I'm sure he can find a home alongside Andrew in Indy
  7. The off the stuff would matter, that's the biggest joke I've seen. There's no way he'd have a job no matter how good he is
  8. He's ultra talented, and has the skills to become better, I'm not saying he's a HoF but he's a better than multiple QBs on rosters right now. I'm not talking about his issues
  9. I'm not comparing mechanics, I'm comparing that 6 foot QBs work in the league..
  10. Drew Brees is the same size so I wouldn't count him out
  11. And why's that
  12. I'm talking about talent wise, not his off the field stuff
  13. Good QB. Hope he makes a comeback
  14. Zach Banner has a awesome personality, seen him multiple times on the Colts snapchat and he's easily one of my favorites on the team now
  15. I'll be that guy. Kinda want him.

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