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  1. Robert turbin just broke his arm.

    It's a dislocated elbow
  2. Sign Bowman....

    If anyone here says pass on him, you're insane.
  3. Interesting topic

    You trade Andrew Luck, it'll be the worst move you'll ever make. There's nobody like Luck. There's nobody in college even close to being as good as Luck. Once in a generation player.
  4. Run defense is encouraging.

    See Gurley tonight? ...
  5. Run defense is encouraging.

    We did. His name is Todd Gurley.
  6. Frank Gores future

    Gore looked mighty young again sunday
  7. Jacoby Brissett & Philip Dorsett

    It's Dorsett's yearly game where he actually does something
  8. Browns predictions

    That's reserved for the Jets... If you really think we're gonna have the #1 pick by season's end, there's something wrong
  9. Timeout

    Why are you worrying about a timeout? Literally the least of our problems. It seems like most people on here just need to make a weekly thread on Pagano. Chuck has been talked about hundreds of times
  10. That Todd Gurley guy that apparently sucks now ran for 88 yards and 1 TD averaging 5.5 ypc today 3 catches for 48 and a TD aswell The run D is good.
  11. Can the Colts be better than they were Sunday?

    Luck changes everything. The defense isn't gassed halfway through the 1st quarter Anybody who actually thought we'd win the game v LA is delusional Whole lot of over exaggeration
  12. Mr.Ballard.... where is the OL and DL improvement?

    Wow Ballard got 2 pre-season games under his belt as our GM and yall are calling for his head already
  13. Should Luck try to find a new team?

    Yeah definitely, lets trade him to the Rams smh
  14. 2017 Season Predictions

    Jaguars aren't gonna beat us twice
  15. Why So Much Hate Towards Luck?

    He's not even injury prone...