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  1. Hooker on pace for over 10 ints.

    1 Million INT's??? He'll be lucky if gets half of that.
  2. Hooker on pace for over 10 ints.

    His pace will quicken as he gets more experience.
  3. Roster Moves 10/3 (Merge)

    Did they release Gore to make room for his roster spot?
  4. Offensive line fixed!

    He also said Luck will be back by the season opener.
  5. Is it time to move on from Hilton?

    Yes!!! Lets get rid of the ONLY PLAYMAKER WE HAVE. Lol
  6. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    I haven't seen Watson yet. I'll check his highlights out. As far as brady is concerned, there are lots of qb's around that brady cant match. That's why he Dinks & Dunks.
  7. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Yeah I cut the cord and save a ton of $ with just my wifi and apps. The antenna along with a item you buy for the xbox gives you the program guide.
  8. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    You mean he doesn't Dink & Dunk and Cheat? Lol
  9. Something I'll Never Understand.

    He might if we end up with like a top 3 pick. There's some hyped up wonder boys in next years college draft. Lol
  10. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    I have the same Antenna and have it connected to my XBOX and have the program guide that shows whats on and coming on for like the next 7 days.
  11. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    The Game is over and the final score was Seahawks 46 Colts 18 A 28 point loss! Vegas got it right. We played better than I thought we would and hung in there for a while. But when your playing in a hostile environment and are OVERMATCHED its a uphill struggle to keep the game close and it doesn't take that much for the game to get away like it did. I felt all along we would get blown out and I was unfortunately right and the game got ugly in the second half. But I am encouraged despite the BLOWOUT of the teams first half performance. We need to beat 49ers next week. I think we will.
  12. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Our defense did not get the best of him. They scored 46.
  13. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Vegas got it right and so did I.
  14. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    No it wasn't as I feared. We Got Blown out, overmatched in the 2nd half.
  15. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    Seahawks players proved it on the field as I feared.