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  1. our D was good then, other than '95 colts, one of the few good defenses we've had.
  2. yep, great memories. I couldn't beleive we traded for him.
  3. He carriethat team as well as energised them and the city. Plus he was a joy to watch.
  4. You sure can....and you add that maybe was the Best receiving RB colts ever had.
  5. Eric Dickerson
  6. What are you talking about? I like moncreif, I hope he's hear for years. But I wouldn't describe him as a physical inside receiver. His game is not like Julio's, or Irvin, Greene..etc.... Jeffrey, who Ballard went after, is physical and commands mucho $$. If Ballard signed him he wouldn't have been any less than a #2 here. If Ballard was happy with the wr corp, do you think Ballard would have tried to sign one of the most expensive receivers in football?? Especially with us being so cost conscious?? For those who may not have noticed, there's a theme. Jeffrey & Aiken are type of wr he was looking for. If he thought Moncreif/Dorsett/Rogers were similar he wouldn't have been in the running of signing a $14mil per year wr....imho.
  7. I agree with that. This his first gig as GM, his slate is clean. But my post was directed at others. Just a couple days ago aposter was telling another poster to "relax, Ballard has a HISTORY of BUILDING UP TEAMS". Quite a acomplishment when the colts are his first gig as GM.
  8. So by some here, Ballard gets major props on picking players that has built KC into a solid team. However, he has no reponsibility in drafting bad boys Marcus Peters and Tyreek Hill,
  9. I agree on Kamara, he looks faster on video than 4.56 I Guess some of the 40 times depend some on technique and who is trainning them for the 40.
  10. Remember the rumor that the colts inquired about moving up with cincy @9? I don'tknow if it was true. But lets say it was, Maybe we trade a wr instead of a pick to trade up?
  11. What didn't you agree with on his list? I skimmed through it quickly. I personally would have put Kamara at #4 instead of McCaffrey.The top 3 can be mixed up in any way, just personal choice. Btw, MJD had Mixon #1 at the combine, BEFORE his pro day.
  12. I love Mack. But I doubt he's a complete back. He likes bouncing to the outside and don't know about his pass blocking. A good strong inside runner would compliment him very well. If we don't get any of the top 4 backs(mixon,cook,fournette,kamara) I'd be pleased to have Mack.
  13. He was reportedly in on Jeffrey and then signed Aiken. Both are physical receivers. Obviously he felt a need for that type of player.
  14. Hey, I don't want to lose him. I hope he is extended tomorrow. You know how new GM's like to clean house, I'm afraid Ballard might move him.
  15. Maybe Ballard doesn't want to take a chance he doesn't have a breakout season AND wants a pick in this draft.

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