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  1. Because that would make the team better.
  2. Dolphins & Colts? Lol I stopped right there.
  3. Yes! Stop playing politics and try your best to win games. lol.
  4. Kap.
  5. What else is new with this team.
  6. They Did Lose it. And they Lost the SB to Seattle too. It was the Football God's, Fixing, opponents supposedly making bone head calls at the most in-opportune times etc...etc... Take your pick. No way a qb that dinks & dunks should be considered a all time great with tainted Super Bowls one after the other.
  7. i Ok, you could very well be right. Even with Luck, this team could have a sub .500 record in his starts. Now if your right, and we have a top 1-3 overall pick what happens??? Do we use that pick to Build around Luck? Or does Ballard use that pick on a potential franchise QB and trade Luck for a bounty of top picks & players? They say the 2018 Draft Class is the year of the QB, several highly rated prospects....they also said Luck was the best prospect since Elway. But remember, this organization cut Peyton Manning, so anything is possible.
  8. ..as many of you probably remember I lost my beloved fiancé, Lacy on Easter night to kidney failure. Today I lost my Papa. I gave him his morning meds and went to set up one of his walkers & shower chair to shower before his doctor appointment. I heard a thump in kitchen, he fell going to fridge and didn't go with a walker. Ambulance took him but he started having heart attack and they couldn't raise his pressure or get his heart to beat on its own. In less than 4 months I lost my Luv and my Papa. I lost Momma 5 years ago. I don't know what I am going to do now. Everyone says they will pray for me. Pray for what? Not much left to pray for now. This is just too freaking hard and sad and it hurts so much.
  9. You got mine, bro.
  10. I'm both surprised and disappointed Bowen was released. I thought at the very worst he would have been put on the PUP list.
  11. Kap is definitely being Blackballed.
  12. Banner is the backup RT? So if Clark goes down with a injury Banner is our RT?
  13. If Luck is healthy I may get Sunday Ticket. If not, I won't and will catch them on free tv when I can.
  14. Not if Luck doesn't play most of the games it won't.
  15. I'll check it out, hope so. Looking forward to seeing Mack. Thanks.

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