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  1. I didn't expect him to fall to us so I didn't watch much film on him. What I seen was a tremendous patrol of deep field and incredible ball skills. We lucked out and what should be a outstanding player fell to us.
  2. Excellent player.
  3. I think Cards will get Kizer.
  4. OJ Howard is a Stud, maybe another Gronk.
  5. it has to be watson
  6. Bad organazations make bad picks.
  7. Glad you could shed some light on him.
  8. I sure hope your wrong about not getting the sexy backs. But of the others, I would be excited to get Mack.
  9. Trying upload pic of Lacy. I cropped it trying to shorten its size to work.lacy profile.pspimage hope it works
  10. Thank you all for your kind words and offer of support. It Means a lot.
  11. My beloved fiancé, Lacy, passed away last night. She was the MOST AWESOME girl I ever met. She helped me move on when I lost my Mom 4 years ago. I can't describe my feelings now. There's nothing left now for me. I Miss you Laska(pet name we called each other), and will never forget you my true love.
  12. Well we can say the same thing about Foster, Reddick and Conley if they fell.
  13. If OJ Howard falls to us, you don' walk to the podium, you don't run either. YOU FLY to the podium and select him. Maybe the Best TE prospect. since Gronk. You don't pass up talent like that for players like Foster, Riddick, or some CB that's still there. You can get similar later.
  14. If it's Fournette, Cook or Mixon, they are the starters regardless what the depth chart or pags may say.

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