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  1. R.I.P. Coach Kush
  2. What's so bad about the projection? They could very well finish 7-9 or maybe even a bit worse, even if Luck plays all the games. They could also do a little better than 7-9 as well. We will find out later this season.
  3. I'm gonna miss him.
  4. It could be us, depending how many games Luck misses.
  5. Bob Kraft would like that even more. I'm sure he wouldn't like a division foe getting the first pick and possibly getting a good QB, Lol.
  6. 1,000 yard Milestones are a product from Yester-Year when schedules were 12 &14 games. Today some Top Backs approach 1,000 yards midway in season.Gore's better days are long gone(low YPC & only 1 run 20 yards or more last season) and I don't expect him getting any younger or better anytime soon. I'm fine if he stays, and fine if he's cut. But I'd like to see another RB carry the majority of the workload.
  7. I don't think Gore will be cut, but if it did happen I doubt it would effect the team negatively. I like Gore, he's had a nice career, but at this point in his career he doesn't make much of a difference. Last season I think only 1 carry over 20 yards. If it means more carries for Mack then that could be a positive thing.
  8. I think the Titans & Jags fight for division, I'm giving edge to Titans. I'm predicting Colts & Texans battle for 3rd place.
  9. It's going to take more than Clark to get hurt or struggle for Banner to start.
  10. My condolences to his friends & family. R.I.P. Cortez
  11. I don't understand the obsession of fans with players contracts. It's like they would rather sign a average/slightly below average player with a modest contract instead of signing a good player and maybe slightly over paying him. It's like the cap space is more important than the quality of the roster, lol.
  12. I think it depends on the kid. If he's athletic enough to play Baseball or Basketball then No. If he's not so athletic then Yes.
  13. I Don't think so.
  14. I think the Jags & Titans will both Improve this season. Maybe the Browns & 49ers too.
  15. They won't trade for him. Philly will just release him and the pats will tell all other teams not to claim him because they want him.

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