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  1. Colts make more hires

    Believe it or not there are several Colts scouts that have survived through several regime changes. However, to answer your question, yes they have kept Jamie Moore as of right now. This is his bio on Normally if a staff member is fired they remove their page off of the staff list.
  2. This was Matt Miller's response to the same question.
  3. He definitely had a drinking problem as it is well documented during his time in SEA and SF. However, after hearing what the players had to say about him during his time in Washington I find it hard to believe that it was drinking that led to his firing.
  4. A couple more names to watch while Ballard fills his scouting staff. Rex Hogan the Jets Director of College Scouting, and Morocco Brown currently a 49ers scout, but scouted with Ballard in Chicago. La Canfora also mentioned their names a while back. I personally think that we should look into Scot McCloughan for a position on our staff. I believe he was unfairly a fall guy in Washington due to his conflicted relationship with Team President Bruce Allen. He has a great resume, and built a playoff roster quickly while he was there
  5. He also kept them till after the draft so they wouldn't leak our draft board to other teams.
  6. Dodds would be a great hire if we can pry him away from Seattle.
  7. 1. Reuben Foster 2. Carl Lawson 3. Ahkello Witherspoon
  8. Click on the link in the tweet. She was responding to a Colts fan asking if the Colts made an offer. Contract language can be a big snag for a player. I don't care if it is a 5 year 60 million deal or a 1 year 8 million dollar deal. I still believe Poe thinks he is worth a superstar contract, and took the risk and gambled on himself having a huge rebound year. Plus if he was going to accept a 1 year prove it deal why not sign with a contender, and try to get a ring while your at it.
  9. I think he took a chance in Atlanta believing he would have a big year to skyrocket his price tag next year. Plus it was a 5 year up to 60M deal. We have no idea how much was guaranteed. That might have been the sticking point.
  10. DeAngelo Brown, NT, Louisville in the 5th would be a nice addition. Strictly as a run stuffer though. Although he is ranked in the top 25 as a interior pass rusher he is still not that effective IMO. 95. DeAngelo Brown, DT, Louisville While first round defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins got most of the publicity, Brown was a quiet anchor up front for the Cardinals, ranking in the top-25 in both run defense and pass rushing among returning interior defensive linemen. On 948 snaps the last two years, Brown’s posted an outstanding overall grade and an extended workload should give him the recognition he deserves in 2016.
  11. Looks like he escaped the Black Hole for now.
  12. Why no conversation about Hankins This is the first article I have seen of interest in Hankins since free agency started.
  13. Sounds like this is just the first stop for him.