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  1. I'm with you on this. Especially with your point on the bengals I'm surprised they still keep Lewis around.
  2. GET OUT!
  3. I hate that. He sure did get one up on the media! Or he's trying to be super duper secretive. Just tell us, man!
  4. As far as I know they are still waiting on an update
  5. You ain't kidding. I think it was 2013 when it seemed like 3 of the 5 starting oline went out in the first preseason game. I think it may be a technique thing or conditioning coach. I Don't see a whole lot of free agents that come here get's just the players that stay here for a while.
  7. I thought the same thing. Casey is atleast a pro bowler
  8. I agree. I can see AV kickin' it in his 60's. Mewhort should be . I can see Moncrief having a 1,000 yard and 7 TDs.
  9. I agree. My personal prediction is 11 wins. I just base that on defense which I think could be top 20 at their best. If we have more rookies starting other than Hooker that's a different story
  10. For real?! Based on talent not production?! Manning to Harrison did it so many years, which would lead me to believe they are talented. Talented seems like an insult when describing manning to Harrison.
  11. -Autographed Bob Sanders jersey -Autographed picture of Bob Sanders picking off Rex Grossman in XLI
  12. I wish I were that very next reporter that got to ask BB a question. me: what are your thoughts on Cincinnati? BB: I know nothing about Cincinnati
  13. 199 sacks 99 FF that's pretty dam good I'd say
  14. It's internet wood. Pretty much the same but made out of code and internet chunks
  15. You can as long as you say "Geathers is nothing like bob". Or whatever variation of that is

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