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  1. Not just happy but also makes us better. I am super excited for this season
  2. Saint Elmo's has pretty good steaks from what I hear
  3. I agree. I can't wait to see what this guy does on draft day. I didn't care this much with what grigs was going to do in 2012. But for some reason I'm excited for this guy
  4. Man, Im sold on this guy! I hope him and the team have great seasons to come
  5. I don't know anything other than him laying a big hit on T.Y in least I think that is the guy
  6. I'll take a jab at it. football is 80% mental and 57% physical. You're welcome
  7. Don't, just don't. I'm dealing with a lot in my life right now I can't have this on my plate too
  8. Agreed. It's hard to say he would succeed in another system (I guess you can say the same of anyone else). I've seen him get burned a couple times before the ball was even snapped
  10. You're absolutely right. He was a huge disappointment this past season. Doyle definitely earned the starting gig
  11. "Hey Chris! You know what, keep that WR...I'd be will to trade pick for pick." "Damnit...ok"
  12. It seems like our schedule has been ranked the easiest for like the last 3-4 years
  13. Well...damnit! I stand corrected. I really like my "conspiracy" theory I conjured up though.

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