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  1. Realistically he's top 50 but people are still holding on to that terrible 2015 season. He'll keep rising
  2. You know a ton of the 1st rounders haven't signed yet right? He's on the field...
  3. Make it happen big man! Even an average defense would've gotten us 3-4 more wins last year
  4. Ah, I somehow missed their selection. Thanks. Still, I can't remember ever seeing a GM fired within 24 hrs of the draft
  5. That's strange a day after the draft....maybe the owners wanted one of the Qbs
  6. That man knows how to juke. Wow
  7. I think Perine or Hill can be every bit as good as any back not named Fournette or Mixon. I'm not worried. And even if CB decides against an RB entirely, Gore will be fine this year with Turbin to complement.
  8. I can dig it!!!
  9. Butler can still play corner...
  10. Chiefs moving up 17 spots to draft Mahomes. Insanity
  11. I love the people who are down on him because of injuries and then want Allen. Clearly there's a reason he's fallen. Also, don't listen to ESPN to make your opinion on a pick. They've been showing the bad side of every player taken.
  12. If you would have told me Lattimore wasn't going top 10, I would have called you crazy.
  13. Now take Ross! Love the board so far
  14. Top 10 in rushing D, better play from Oline, win AFC South

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