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  1. Definitely Wilson. Looking forward to seeing him progress through the next few games. Anyone notice anything good good or bad from Hairston? Never noticed him
  2. That would be Mitchell, not Melvin. Walker was no worse than I expected for his first game. And you said it - it's preseason. Everything is vanilla. As much as you can criticize Chuds play calling last year, you can't really say much when it's the preseason.
  3. I'll stay, thanks!
  4. I'm fine with just locking it after one
  5. Hooker is on a pitch count and they are super precautionary with everything. I'm sure all is well
  6. Clowney breezing past Dwayne Allen for a strip sack pretty much summed up the season
  7. So is it the 2nd or 3rd? 3rd is much better for me as I will be on the road on the 2nd, but I can make it work if I need to @Narcosys
  8. So my friends and I have a keeper league where you can take 2 players 2 rounds earlier than they were drafted the previous year. This often takes away a bunch of the top players. This year the most notable names off limits are Johnson, Odell Beckham, Freeman, Gordon, Howard, and Ajayi........and I'm picking 12th. I will already have my receivers off to a good start (get Baldwin and M Thomas in later rounds). So who do I go after? Ill be lucky if Murray gets to me, so would you reach for Fournette and Gurley?
  9. I really don't know how to choose between Bell and Johnson. I wouldn't have my mind made up until my draft time hits 0 and I randomely select one
  10. Bostic is pretty much guaranteed at this point. He's been with the 1's with Morrison consistently
  11. From the live video on Facebook earlier I was impressed with Haeg. Just a few reps but he looks comfortable out there. Cheers to hopefully having an Oline!
  12. Just off of stats it won't be any of the big name historical qbs. Most of the younger qbs are on way faster paces (especially for yards)
  13. 99% of NFL players, 90% of all brains examined (even some players that only played high school ball had it)
  14. sports nutrition and conditioning has advanced, and players are on average bigger and stronger. More muscle mass --> easier to tear soft tissue. Especially when players bulk up quickly and their supporting structures can't adapt fast enough.
  15. Hopefully Luck can get a few reps in the last preseason game. I'm not worried about him either way though

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