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  1. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Apparently they’re one and the same after the past few days!
  2. His sack totals basically came from one game, but from what I understand he got consistent disruption/pressure throughout the season
  3. He has a reputation of being “Joes personal bodyguard” and has a nasty play style. He could definitely start for us
  4. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/973910929137197056?s=20 5 year $40 million This one actually does hurt. I would’ve taken him for 8 mil/year, don’t know if I would’ve done 5 years though.
  5. That’s the best deal of the day imo. A motivated Wilkerson, even if it’s just to get another fat contract next year, is a monster
  6. Colts were reported to be heavily involved for Norwell. He just chose the Jags, and I can’t blame him (no tax, championship team). Ballard can’t help that.
  7. 2 mil more than Robinson?! Bears might be anxious about this until it’s official tomorrow..
  8. Over/under on “why didn’t Ballard lock up Norwell?” threads?
  9. Dolphins release Suh

    Ive read (don’t know how reliable) that they have a couple other moves that would easily get them under the cap. This just seems short sighted to me. However, I did just see that they can designate him a post June 1st cut and save 9 mil of that dead money after he comes off the books.
  10. Dolphins release Suh

    22 mil in dead money and they save like 3.5. What are they doing?
  11. If we pick up an extra 2nd I would take Guice or Chubb if either are there. If not I don’t want to use our 2nd on an RB
  12. Chubb 4.66 forty

    Well he easily could have run in the 4.3’s if he didn’t stumble. He said he didn’t like his first run and he stumbled on the second
  13. Im not debating that Landry would help the offense. I just don’t think he’d help 13-14 mil+ worth as opposed to building the defense/Oline.
  14. Hes an elite slot receiver. But as NCF stated above, we would have two small starting receivers. I’m only paying the kind of money that Landry wants to a dominate outside receiver that we currently don’t have.
  15. He also needs depth on the team around him. Paying a slot receiver elite money isn’t worth it