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  1. Top 10 in rushing D, better play from Oline, win AFC South
  2. I probably wouldn't, but I won't be too upset if he ends up being our pick. I'm convinced he's going to be at least a solid starter in the league, but the defense just needs too much help for him to be my guy.
  3. I don't know. I like TY Hiltons size more in that ILB spot. He could lay the wood on anyone
  4. I would've been fine with a restructure, but that was never likely to happen, especially with Ballard sticking to his philosophy and bringing in his own guys. His fault or not, 17 out of 48 games is just not good (also had a suspension in there). I definitely didn't dislike the guy, just his price tag.
  5. Can't really be counted as a body if you're never available to play
  6. Mixon at the top definitely surprised me. Hunt is too low imo. Should be top 10
  7. Adam V is the oldest ever. I believe next closest would've been Hasselbeck at 40. Don't think anyone else has gotten over 40 edit: just looked it up for fun. K Matt Stover was 41 and QB Joe Ferguson was 40. http://www.profootballhof.com/football-history/40-and-over-club/
  8. Will be listed as a safety
  9. One year makes zero sense for the Colts. I'm glad they didn't sign him if he wouldn't budge on that
  10. I don't know...I'll just have to wait until training camp to confirm
  11. No kidding. Move back 8 spots and get a 25 year old playmaker that just had a little bit of a down year? Its like Christmas for NE
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Colts signed Sheard? I only see 5 threads on it and want to be sure
  13. I'm sure we won't spend the money for him but my #1 would be Williams. Wouldn't be against Logan Ryan
  14. Aside from the draft pick, that's a lot of cap room that just opened up!!
  15. I highly doubt Berry is let go. Kansas City is pretty strapped for money this year, but he's someone you work something out for. Poe is much more likely but he's going to cost way too much. I don't think the Colts realistically will end up with either

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