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  1. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    No worries, I appreciate all the thought you put into this league!
  2. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    @Narcosys I also agree with this
  3. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    now you’re just being purposefully ignorant man
  4. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Well Forbath is currently averaging more points than Ajayi and only 3 less than Jones, so I don’t really see how that helps your argument. Obviously no one would do that straight up, but it was a part of a 4-2 player trade. And by by the way, defenses have single handedly won me a few games.
  5. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    I’m fine with defensive scoring as it is. As for divisions, I like how my other league does it. The divisions stay so you still face those teams twice, but playoff seeding is best overall records. I wouldnt be opposed to lottery system, but it seems unnecessary to me
  6. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    And with the prior discussion, I’d vote for getting to pick your position based on reverse standings.
  7. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    I didn’t see any problem with it at all. Kickers get criminally undervalued by some people
  8. Well, relatively he is. When you go from Favre to Rodgers or Manning to Luck it's easy to get spoiled, but to the Jets, Browns, Jags, etc he absolutely is a rare gift. There are a lot of teams that haven't had a franchise guy in years, and that's because the draft is a dart board for the most part. I agree that Luck isn't in a league of his own or anything and has missed a lot of games, but he's still precious cargo from other teams' perspectives.
  9. In a perfect world, sure. But the line wouldn't be "fixed" in time for whatever QB we bring in, and he would be just as likely to get injured as Luck behind our line. I'm just not on board trading a sure thing at the most important position in sports when drafted QBs are so hit and miss
  10. Luck had his most efficient year last year, and that was playing through this shoulder injury. I'm more confident in him playing well for even another 5-6 years than I am picking up another solid franchise QB in the draft. So many busts/journeyman types that don't prove anything. Hence why the Jags and Browns have been stuck for years. Just as you say we can't know that Luck will play another 10 years, we absolutely don't know that those hypothetical 3 first rounders (which no one would give us) will get us another QB. Im all about everyone having a price, except when it comes to a QB of Lucks caliber
  11. If you have the rare gift of having a legitimate stud franchise QB for another 9-10 years, you absolutely do not trade him.
  12. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Welcome to the forum first of all! The shoulder is a very complicated joint. No two tears are the same, especially for the labrum, and it depends on where the labrum was torn. Two different people will also heal differently. Just because Andrew is taking longer to get back doesn't mean he's screwed
  13. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    With Luck we are 4-2. No one is forgetting him.
  14. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Can't really say a player is regressing when he only gets two carries to prove himself. As for Hooker, he will have highs and lows all season. Can't expect a rookie to look like an all pro all year