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  1. Btown_Colt

    Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    I call bull. He knew what he was saying/doing.
  2. Btown_Colt

    Quincy Wilson #1?

  3. It it sounds to me like Ballard has a single player in mind that he will be able to get at 6
  4. Good move for them, IMO
  5. I had a notification from NFL mobile that said the colts were interested but didn’t like the price...or something to that effect. I accidentally cleared it before reading it.
  6. March 12th starts the tampering period. I believe it begins at noon. March 14th free agency begins. I believe at 4 pm
  7. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    But it didn’t beat the defense. The defense won the turn over battle. The defense made the play when it had to. The patriots shouldn’t of had to score 42 points to win the game. Their offense was perfect all night long, almost, it was their defense that lost the game, not sure why this is even debatable.
  8. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Ok, the patriots had to score more than 41 to win. Again it was two good was that patriots D that failed and the Eagles D stepped up.
  9. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    I guess if that’s how you want to look at it. I say that both offenses did enough to win the game. The difference was defense. The Eagles D stepped up when it had to, the Patriots defense did not. You can’t tell me that your stomach didn’t turn when Brady got the ball back with over 2 minutes to go and chance to win the game. We have all seen that scenario play out. The defense stepped up and shut the drive down before it had a chance to really get going.
  10. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Yea, I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is there are more options then just Chubb or Barkley.
  11. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    No they didn’t punt, they turned it over instead! It wasn’t one of the running backs that won that game, it was the defense. And did everyone really expect the Eagles D to keep that Patriots from scoring? I know there D is good, but so is the patriots offense led by one of the best QB’s in the NFL. The pats scored on every D they played this year. They put 24 up on the Jaguars a couple weeks ago.
  12. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Then don’t pick Chubb...
  13. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Except for that one time it worked and resulted in a strip sack? The biggest play of the game,IMO
  14. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Sorry, I can see how my post could be confusing, but I wasn’t trying to make an argument for Chubb over Barkley, or for Chubb at all. In fact, the point I was trying to make was that we shouldn’t be comparing Chubb vs Barkley, IMO. It should be Chubb vs other DE’s and Barkley vs other RB’ order to get the best value for your pick. If you feel like you can get similar production from another DE at pick 15 or in the 2nd rd then that’s what you should do. The same for RB and every other position. And if we are ignoring positional value and just saying who is the best athlete in the class, I would probably agree that it’s Barkley.
  15. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Fixed it for you, and the answer is absolutely!