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  1. I'm good with settings and vote yes.
  2. I'm in
  3. Cleveland has so many picks this year and starting off good for next year. Should be able to build a team.
  4. Cheifs just traded up. Cmon another qb
  5. This is great
  6. It's truly amazing.
  7. Possibly, but it wouldn't be because he is white and they aren't...which was my point.
  8. So if he wasn't white he wouldn't sell jerseys? I'm not sure what race has to do with it or why it always gets brought up. I'm sure Fournette and Cook would also sell a ton of jerseys in Indy....
  9. Well I'm not tring to fight or argue either but since you replied. I know you can see the last time someone visited, I also know that you can see who has clicked on my name. I see you recently did, but guess who's name I don't see? The person claiming I was never on. I missed one pick...the other was made today after I had already asked to be put on auto draft. Either way it don't matter. He apologized and I never should of said anything anyway but I don't like being called out. Carry on.
  10. A couple things: 1. How exactly would you know if I am ever on? Actually, I am on every day, multiple times a day. 2. I had already asked to be auto picked. This has taken longer than expected, mainly because of all the stupid trades. 3. I missed exactly one pick, when I was at a meeting at work.
  11. Fine by me. Also, don't let me hold up the draft. I'm not familiar with players in these rounds so you can just put me on auto draft if you want.
  12. Biegel is fine with me.
  13. Sorry I missed my pick for the 49ers earlier...busy day at work.
  14. The Redskins select Samaje Perine RB Oklahoma. @21isSuperman

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