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  1. I'd be interested if someone were to get it going.
  2. Why would he have got my spot?
  3. September 3rd @ 1 pm but this is Narcosys league. I was just notifying you and him because I saw where you had asked to join but it was already full. It looks like someone has dropped out now so there should be a spot open, but it is up to @Narcosys
  4. @Narcosys @WarGhost21
  5. Gotcha. I say lock after one move. Thanks
  6. How is the draft order being set?
  7. As usual, it makes no difference to me. I'm pretty flexible so I'll just go with what everyone decides. I am in the Eastern time zone.
  8. @Narcosys
  9. I think the way you do it is fair
  10. I'm good with settings and vote yes.
  11. I'm in
  12. Cleveland has so many picks this year and starting off good for next year. Should be able to build a team.
  13. Cheifs just traded up. Cmon another qb
  14. This is great

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