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  1. Ross Travis

    I admit that I didn’t believe you so I googled it and you weren’t wrong. I’ve never heard it that way, but I stand corrected. Should of just kept to myself like I usually do. Sorry
  2. Ross Travis

    Not trying to get in the middle of you two, but don’t is a contraction do not. Doesn’t is a contraction for does not. Sorry, I will go away now.
  3. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Yup he did good. Way better than I imagined
  4. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Yea I need McCoy to have a big game and I’m not sure it’ll happen. He will get the ball a lot just not sure it’ll matter
  5. Colts vs Jags score predictions

    I’m not disputing that Jacksonville will beat us. It was your childish Andrew Luck comment that showed what you are.
  6. Colts vs Jags score predictions

    Yea, I wasn’t calling her a troll because the Jags may beat us again. Nice try though.
  7. Colts vs Jags score predictions

    Get out of here troll
  8. Stampede Blues article

  9. Stampede Blues article

    Yea, same with Pagano, so no difference there. I was just thinking about his offense and what he has done with Alex Smith. Imagine him and a healthy Luck. If available, he would at least have to be on the list. None of this matters though because I doubt he gets fired.
  10. Stampede Blues article

    That would be OK with me, I’d take Andy Reid
  11. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    I concur
  12. New Coach.

    Sean McVay says hello. Just messing around, but for every example of a coach that didn’t work out there is one that did. I like your idea of a retread Josh McDaniels and let him bring in a good DC.
  13. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Yea it didn’t look good for me at the start. AJ Green getting ejected in the 1st quarter hurts. I also watched Julio Jones drop a 30 or 40 yard TD. He was wide open and the ball hit him right in the hands, he just dropped it. Those 2 things don’t happen and I think you win. I was kicking my self for playing Jaguars D then they finally got that punt return for a TD that saved me.
  14. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Lol nah your just criminally undervaluing Kickers and Defenses!
  15. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Not sure I had an argument. Just offered you a trade. Ok, I have and will trade you the Jaguars D, Eagles D, Succop, and Gostkowski for your #1 WR and #2 RB. That’s the #1 and #2 D along with the #3 and #4 kickers. A 4-2 player trade.