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  1. I would be very happy if we selected Smith. I think he's the best linebacker in this draft
  2. I'm now leaning towards trading back and if we do I think you nailed the first two rounds. Roquan Smith has the instincts and tenacity that I look for in a linebacker. He's also a leader and high character dude. Arden Key has some question marks but I don't think you'll find a pass rusher with more upside in the 2nd round. I've though about Sam Hubbard but he's not as explosive as Key. Also love the Griffin pick. It would be a pleasure to see him to continue to prove doubters wrong in Indy.
  3. I'd rather draft Hayden Hurst if he falls in the draft.
  4. I think your expectations are way too high. For any pass rusher to get 10+ sacks is quite good. Asking Chubb to come in and basically be Von Miller is unfair. Not to mention the fact that sacks aren't the definitive measure of how elite a pass rusher is.
  5. Wow. Those are some lofty expectations. I expect that you'll be disappointed this season.
  6. Josey Jewell

    I don't think he's an NFL starter. Unless he has a clear path to the ball carrier he's not making a play. Gets absolutely abused when lineman get their hands on him.
  7. Denzel Ward

    I don't know anything about Ward but if his size isn't ideal could he transition to a Honey Badger type role. Safety/slot CB
  8. What I'm trying to say is that acquiring Ansah wouldn't and shouldn't preclude Ballard from drafting an edge rusher early in the draft.
  9. Ansah is too old. We would still need another young Edge Rusher. He would be a nice player to have though.
  10. He may have played CB as a freshman but he was a safety. He played FSUs star position.
  11. Ramsey was stuck behind a couple of really good corners. He played safety because he was too good not to have on the field. When he got a shot he excelled. Fitzpatrick would be playing CB if that was his best position. Saban isn't an *.
  12. Fitzpatrick started out at CB at Bama right? Then transitioned to safety. So why all the sudden would he be an elite CB
  13. Lovie Smith is no better than Pagano. Hiring him would be another excruciating mistake by the Colts organization.
  14. Your comments are infinitely more annoying than anything BBZ has ever posted...
  15. He's 220 pounds. That's my concern.