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  1. He may have played CB as a freshman but he was a safety. He played FSUs star position.
  2. Ramsey was stuck behind a couple of really good corners. He played safety because he was too good not to have on the field. When he got a shot he excelled. Fitzpatrick would be playing CB if that was his best position. Saban isn't an *.
  3. Fitzpatrick started out at CB at Bama right? Then transitioned to safety. So why all the sudden would he be an elite CB
  4. Lovie Smith is no better than Pagano. Hiring him would be another excruciating mistake by the Colts organization.
  5. Your comments are infinitely more annoying than anything BBZ has ever posted...
  6. He's 220 pounds. That's my concern.
  7. Smith is an excellent player no doubt but he is tiny by NFL standards. I think he gets drafted at the end of the 1st. Definitely not worth a top 10 pick
  8. We'll see how he test at the Combine. I think he'll put up good numbers and go top 15
  9. I just watched...

    I don't think he's gonna get much bigger. Might bulk up to 225 for the combine. It doesn't seem to be a hindrance against the run. Skai can slip/shed blocks very well and has enough strength to bring SEC backs down consistently.
  10. TJ green

    Geathers has had other injury issues besides his neck and Hooker was injured quite a bit at OSU which is why he never saw the field until last season. And he need surgery after that lone season
  11. Brissett 1 Mistake

    Luck turns the ball over early, middle, and late...
  12. Brissett 1 Mistake

    He's just trying to do his best Andrew Luck impersonation...
  13. TJ green

    That's a big if. Geathers and Hooker are both injury prone. We need to draft/sign a bunch of secondary players this offseason
  14. I guess time will tell but I'd much rather have Brissett. He was put in almost the worst situation possible and has performed admirably.
  15. Garoppolo is an unrestricted free agent after this season. That lowers his trade value considerably. Whoever traded for him would either have to sign him in the offseason or franchise tag him, which are both expensive options. McCarron is a restricted free agent after this season so a team trading for him would have more control over his future. That's how it was explained to me and I think that makes sense. IMO Jacoby Brissett has shown more promise than either of those guys and is worth a 2nd no question.