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  1. wizwor

    Favre is giving Eagles pregame speech

    Probably going to tell them not to worry about Brady because old quarterbacks suck.
  2. wizwor

    Patriots Press Conference

    That's why girls don't play the game!
  3. wizwor

    Jacksonville (+7.5) at New England (1-21-18)

    It's amazing to me what people think contributes to greatness. To have a fourth quarter comeback, you have to be behind after three quarters. What's so great about being behind after three quarters a lot? To win a Superbowl with two teams, you have to be let go by the first team you won with. Again, what is so great about that? I think it is amusing that people in the peanut gallery think they know about how much a quarterback and coach contribute to planning and reaction. I watch a lot of football and most of the time I do not know if the guy who looked bad was really at fault -- it's a complicated TEAM sport. Of course there are the salary cap and other era arguments. I guess it's fun to debate all of this stuff ad nauseam, BUT it has been fun watching a perennial celller dweller rise to be the cream of the NFL after a FAN took over a team which was headed out of town. Whether the statistics constitute GOAT status or are just an interesting story for the Hall of Fame, who can say. I think Kraft, Belichick, and Brady are something rare. What happened against Atlanta was rare and what happened tonight was rare -- QB with injured throwing hand coming back without the best TE in football. I do not know how you can dismiss that. The game was great, the team is great, and we will do this all again next year with a new OC and DC.
  4. I know. No harm. It was fun. Enjoying the Steelers game too. That's a team I enjoy rooting against!
  5. wizwor

    The greatest NFL coach of all time

    I would argue that the 'scandals' were the NFL trying to slow the Patriots since the draft, free agency, and the salary cap could not. No detracting from any of the others. Belichick stands on the shoulders of giants.
  6. I know you don't believe that If the Pats had gone no huddle all game, they might have put op 50 points. That was a mismatch of epic proportions.
  7. Correct. It's called the Halo Effect. One area where the Patriots have not benefited from this is in the lack of penalties on people 'covering' Rob Gronkowski. That guy is assaulted without consequence on every single snap.
  8. wizwor

    Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    First, Kaep, specifically protested against Law Enforcement. That was embraced as a black thing on the Left and rebuked as an unpatriotic thing on the Right. So the whole thing fit in with the themes of the election and got tons of media attention. Just the same, there are a lot of felons playing in the NFL and Kaep's crimes did not approach dog fighting, child abuse, or, well, shooting himself with an unregistered gun. Ray Lewis has a statue outside M&T Bank Stadium. Kaep's problem is that he was not good enough to overcome the loss of goodwill of the fans. Had this just been a Kaep thing or a 49'ers thing, he would probably have found work in the NFL, but he earned the contempt of a lot of fans and what team wants to bring in a player who will be booed at home games? Icing on the cake is that he is costing the league a lot of money every week. He is not taking a knee now, but this was not a problem until he did. Going back to the original question, the answer is almost certainly no.
  9. wizwor

    Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    The team that sucked with him is undefeated with a backup at QB. Isn't it possible that Kaepernick wasn't as good as the media projected?
  10. wizwor

    Beginning of the end for New England [Merge]

    Hope springs eternal, I guess.
  11. wizwor

    James Harrison to be signed by the Patriots

    You might be right about that. He'll have the winter to think about another season. Right now, though, I do not think Harrison is thinking about anything more than this one.
  12. wizwor

    James Harrison to be signed by the Patriots

    The 'rest of Harrison's career' started yesterday and ends when the Patriots season ends. He is in a good position to end that career hoisting a Lombardi and a middle finger to those he feels did him wrong. He will leave it on the field every game until they carry him off. Perfect late season pickup for the Pats. I am looking forward to the highlight reel.
  13. wizwor


    The Patriots have played in the most exciting Superbowls of our era. They even lost a couple for you. All in dramatic fashion.
  14. wizwor

    James Harrison to be signed by the Patriots

    Maybe just getting into the Steelers' heads.