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  1. In Boston, a lot of the players coaches on all teams show up at the other games. It's fun for the players and fun for the fans. This week, Pats have visited the Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. It's that whole Title Town thing.
  2. My take on this is that the sample time was after the SB and TB12 almost certainly had higher sales than any of the players in the game and likely more sales than players watching on television. Those sales may have been to Patriots fans around the country, but there were not likely a lot of other selling going on.
  3. So you remove a guy from your list then insert another guy who was not on the list at #2? LOL! Here's the list... 1.) Tom Brady 2.) Matt Ryan 3.) Derek Carr 4.) Aaron Rodgers 5.) Big Ben TB12 earned his pay in the third third of the SB. Ryan got his team there, was the MVP, and played a pretty good first two thirds of the SB. Derek Carr is the real deal. Rodgers pooped his pants again in the big game. He can throw the ball, but cannot lead a team. Big Ben is on the list for sentimental reasons. Time for Ben to retire, but I still love the guy.
  4. I kind of felt like Big Ben was hinting at his retirement. Do you think they are contenders in his decline? I agree that the NFC Championship is the Packers vs the 'Boys.
  5. He was never leaving. Coach gives some guys free reign to test the market and see what they are worth. Then they come home and get it.
  6. They just signed Hightower for four years. Insane, huh?
  7. The Pats have been in very tight Superbowl contests. I think you look at the catch Edelman made and the one Welker didn't make and you could say those were the difference in each game. Before the interception in 49 there was a pretty amazing and totally unlikely catch. It's football. The Falcons came in with a good game plan and ran out of gas at the end. Their coach and players made some mistakes. So did TB12.
  8. They gave won 5 superbowls in 15 years and one loss was gift wrapped for the Giants. The Pats have played in half the superbowls during that time. I don't see your point.
  9. Incorrect. If the Pats go undefeated late in the season, the game film of that Superbowl will play continuously in the locker room. This time, Shula chokes on a cork.
  10. The team that won the superbowl gets Gronk back. Isn't that scary enough?
  11. One day, I'm driving in to school in Boston. I know how to get to my destination, but not much else (before GPS or google maps). My path is blocked but no detour is marked off. Two cops are standing beside the detour sign having coffee. There is plenty of room to park, so I pull over and ask how to get to my destination. One guy screws up his nose in my direction, "What do I look like a tour guide? Get out of here before I have your car towed." I have not visited Boston as a tourist since.
  12. Thanks for the memory, Doug. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowplow_Game
  13. It isn't. I'm from New Hampshire, LOVE the Patriots since they were the Boston Patriots and still HATE Boston. It's a Boston thing.
  14. How many teams have spent a first on a guy with zero pass attempts in professional football? Seems to me that we have seen more out of Jimmy G. than any of the QBs in the draft. What we have seen is very good. The only risk in choosing JG over a college QB is that you will have to pay him sooner.
  15. Odds are against ANY team winning the Lombardi. A team has to play better than 31 other teams. Usually, luck and health play a role. The Pats secured top seed despite Brady being suspended for four games. They won the Superbowl without Rob Gronkowski. The next campaign likely has TB12 and Gronk on the field for every game. Not a sure thing, but it would be hard for me to bet against the Superbowl champs + Rob Gronkowski.

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