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  1. Gronkowski

    If you want to clean up the game, change the rules: penalize the first offense of unsportsmanlike conduct with expulsion from the game, second offense suspension for the rest of the season, and third offense with lifetime ban. Then make a list of all the things that count as unsportsmanlike conduct, share it with the owners and the NFLPA and enforce. Let's not expect thugs to behave like Boy Scouts.
  2. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Of course he does. He won two. He is a Patriot slayer. His brother and father are at least as famous. It's a great story. He's in.
  3. Starting to hate TD celebrations

    When we were kids, the coach told us to 'act like we'd been there before'.
  4. New England (-7) vs. Oakland in Mexico City (11-19-17)

    Lots of love for the Pats in Mexico. Sounded like a home game.
  5. New England (- 7.5) at Denver (11-12-17)

    LOL Fake-Injury-Gate. Bring it on!
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers

    Just speculating of course, but I could see Josh to SF as part of a wink-wink deal that sent Jimmy G. there. If Bill and Tom plan to be in Foxboro for more than a couple years, it would give the duo a chance to succeed in the NFC. If you want to go crazy, Josh goes to SF next year and the teams swap QBs reuniting TB12 with his old OC and bringing Jimmy G home to kick off the next dynasty before Bill retires.
  7. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers

    McDaniels will sign on as 49ers HC next season. Brady and Belichick will be in NE for five more years.
  8. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the 49ers

    I know people don't eat like this in Indy (I don't either), but lots of people think veggies should dominate a meal. I have even started adding a second veggie to my dinners...
  9. Fake-Injury-Gate. You heard it here first!
  10. Peyton Manning To Host And Presenter For 2017 ESPY Awards

    Man, will not tee off on this...
  11. Can a QB be the greatest of all time?

    No doubt, but I'm not sure he would have been able to put together the run they are on without Tom Terrific.
  12. Can a QB be the greatest of all time?

    I remember when the Pats ran onto the field before their first SB win. They came out as a team -- no names, no GOATs. I have never heard any member of that team refer to any player or coach as a GOAT. The fact is that this team -- the owner, that coach, that QB, and all the players who won those championships -- are pretty special. I don't think TB12 would have accomplished all of this without Bill and I do not think Bill would have gotten it done with another QB -- not even Manning or Rogers. At this time, with that coach TB12 is the GOAT. I don't know how anyone can dispute that.
  13. Can Any Team Go 16-0 This Coming Season?

    I have been predicting the Pat's perfect season for nearly 50 years. No reason to stop now. That said, this looks like a promising campaign. It's just SO HARD to beat 31 teams over 19 games given all the variables of the campaign -- schedule, injuries, weather, luck. I disagree with OP that having four good teams is good for the nfl. Personally, I prefer the 'no best teams' scenario where each Sunday changes the playoff window. I don't think we will see that again until Belichick hangs up his cleats.
  14. The Pats Latest SB Ring Diamond Count

    I've always said this. Before i die, I want to get drunk in the second quarter of a Patriots blowout. Three of their championships, I was exhausted and speechless...good for nothing but bed...at the end of the game. The most fun I ever had at a sbowl was manning getting spanked by the hawks. just brought home a 60" plasma and was a little tipsy at kickoff. Had no 'horse' in the race, but was delighted to see the anointed one get his comeuppance.