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  1. I have been predicting the Pat's perfect season for nearly 50 years. No reason to stop now. That said, this looks like a promising campaign. It's just SO HARD to beat 31 teams over 19 games given all the variables of the campaign -- schedule, injuries, weather, luck. I disagree with OP that having four good teams is good for the nfl. Personally, I prefer the 'no best teams' scenario where each Sunday changes the playoff window. I don't think we will see that again until Belichick hangs up his cleats.
  2. I've always said this. Before i die, I want to get drunk in the second quarter of a Patriots blowout. Three of their championships, I was exhausted and speechless...good for nothing but bed...at the end of the game. The most fun I ever had at a sbowl was manning getting spanked by the hawks. just brought home a 60" plasma and was a little tipsy at kickoff. Had no 'horse' in the race, but was delighted to see the anointed one get his comeuppance.
  3. He doesn't look uncomfortable...
  4. No chance. They are young, inexperienced, and not full grown. A lot of the kids would run out of gas towards the end of the season. But I'd watch.
  5. She wants him to retire. He wants to play. She is a spoiled brat having a tantrum. Does ANYONE believe this? The NFL onfield experts have missed all these injuries. He was CLEARLY concussed at the end of the Superbowl. #FAKENEWS
  6. Your title is 'Patriots offense... meh?' I think the offense will be amazing. The most important characteristic of the players you listed is their ability to work with TB12. They see the game as he sees it and react to the unanticipated just as he would expect. We have had some very good players who did not work out, so I trust in the coach to find the pieces to build a team. The offense will not be... meh. Trust me.
  7. Seems to me that would be a sign and trade.
  8. Belichick is a coach who commits fully to having a cohesive team. As he said in Ron Jaworski’s book Games That Changed the Game, “It’s not about collecting talent, it’s about building a team. Some players fit better into one system or style of play than they do in another.”
  9. Any given team on any given Sunday, but which teams are on your list and in what order?
  10. TenderGate. Won't be long before the Competition Committee convenes to change the rules. I'm surprised the Competition Committee hasn't instituted term limits for coaches. Let's face it, that is the only way to level the playing field.
  11. It's hard to watch the Superbowl when the Pats play. I am a nervous wreck until the final seconds tick off the clock. I think those Giants games took a few months off my life. The ones they one did too. The last two, I was simply staring at the television with my mouth wide open -- I could not believe how the game ended. I keep hoping for a Pats blowout from start to finish so I can relax, celebrate, and have fun. That said, I do not know how anyone could complain about the games they have played in. Win or lose, these were among the closest games in playoff history. We were treated to amazing play and unbelievable plays. As for predictions, I ALWAYS predict the Pats will go undefeated and win the Big Game. I never put money on it. If I were betting money, I would bet against the Pats simply because there is a better chance one of the other 31 teams will prevail, BUT if you asked me to pick one single team to win it all, there is no doubt I would pick the Pats. With a little waterboarding, I suspect almost everyone would. I can't wait for the games to begin. I hate listening to the talking heads this time of year. I really wish talk radio would replace their pontificators with former players and uber (not the taxi) fans. I just want to hear people gush over great plays and crushing defeats. I would be VERY happy to never hear another rumor or leaked anything. Let's play some football!
  12. In Boston, a lot of the players coaches on all teams show up at the other games. It's fun for the players and fun for the fans. This week, Pats have visited the Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. It's that whole Title Town thing.
  13. My take on this is that the sample time was after the SB and TB12 almost certainly had higher sales than any of the players in the game and likely more sales than players watching on television. Those sales may have been to Patriots fans around the country, but there were not likely a lot of other selling going on.
  14. So you remove a guy from your list then insert another guy who was not on the list at #2? LOL! Here's the list... 1.) Tom Brady 2.) Matt Ryan 3.) Derek Carr 4.) Aaron Rodgers 5.) Big Ben TB12 earned his pay in the third third of the SB. Ryan got his team there, was the MVP, and played a pretty good first two thirds of the SB. Derek Carr is the real deal. Rodgers pooped his pants again in the big game. He can throw the ball, but cannot lead a team. Big Ben is on the list for sentimental reasons. Time for Ben to retire, but I still love the guy.
  15. I kind of felt like Big Ben was hinting at his retirement. Do you think they are contenders in his decline? I agree that the NFC Championship is the Packers vs the 'Boys.

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