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  1. im kind of hoping wilson doesn't tbh, at least not right away smart teams and especially veteran QBs will go after him constantly like the lions did
  2. just stating a fact he has yet to play 16 games in a season. i brought it up becasue lucks injuries are talked about constantly, but we haven't seen that MM can play 16 games plus playoffs and stay healthy
  3. i think green should be a nickelback, dimeback or strong safety. not a free safety i watched his blitz again from sunday, and it didnt look all that impressive on replay. he was quick and got to the Qb, but then missed the tackle i think TY gets that sack whether green was there or not
  4. mariota hasn't even finished a full season in the nfl, let alone playoffs
  5. nah, when was s the last time they beat the colts? they didnt improve more than us because i said so.
  6. i dont think its a given that wilson will start week one if he does, look for teams to go after him a bunch until he learns to turn and find the ball
  7. he was pretty mad on the sideline on Sunday, as he should have been hes a goner if we have games like that during the season
  8. ridiculous. i dont see how anyone can still be saying that technically a #1 receiver is who ever leads your team in yardage. its that simple ty has done that like 3 or 4 years in a row. he would be the first option on 20+ teams
  9. it becasue we missed the playoffs two years in a row they didnt really watch the colts so luck gets the blame. very few of them realize we had the 30th ranked defense and were 23d in running yards. if not for lucks own scrambles we would have had even fewer rushing yards
  10. i dont know hes good at special teams and can back up both ilb and olb positions. he could still even start on the inside
  11. coaches put in a lot of hours, i wonder if mathis really wants to go full time
  12. wilson needs some time looks like he has the talent to be a good player in this league, but teams will go after him if he starts right off the bat
  13. hooker looks like hes ready to start week one and make an impact wilson can be a good player in this league, but he might be a year or so away offense did literally nothing until garbage time, no positives from them
  14. this has been hard to watch
  15. its a tank job for this season, simple as that they weren't winning the super bowl or the division anyway, so now they have a bunch of picks i thought they should have stood by tyrod taylor a little more myself, but it looks like they are close to giving up on him too

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