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  1. they all say it, but good GMs actually follow through on the BPA thing i hope ballard does practice what he preaches and finds a great player rather than say a second tier edge rusher.
  2. maybe you haven't, but dont tell me or others how to post you said ballards comments are meaningless i and see it differently since ballard has said hes going BPA and might take a position of little need, then i will repeat that here as i see fit
  3. you have said more than i have, so take your own advice i wont be mad if we take any particular position as long as we get a good player. thats my stance
  4. he also said he had no problems drafting offense or positions of little need if he has them as bpa
  5. we need 20 from him in every playoff game we have no identity otherwise, besides whatever PG does cant defend and dont have enough fire power to keep up with the good teams
  6. the colts were 16th in rushing attempts, right in the middle, but twenty third in yardage im ok with the attempt number, but think we could do better than gore with a GOOD rookie.
  7. no, technically the texans did its because they played us, where as we played them and they ended with a better record
  8. It would be better than seeing the patriots or steelers win another one. Everbody would be stunned if Jacksonville won, I guess I would have to laugh it off
  9. i bet he either comes back to the colts, or a division rival, or nobody signs him
  10. it would be a close call with hopkins, i would definitely take him over the others i listed
  11. i wouldnt exactly call it tanking. its not unusual for lebron to rest before the playoffs i think they just dont care that much about seeding, they won last year as the road team
  12. pff isnt gospel i disagree with some of that. he was better last year than several of those guys how are jeffery, baldwin, hopkins and bryant ahead of him?
  13. we are going to be weak somewhere next year, its probably either going to be ilb or corner id rather be weak at corner #2 than ilb. you cant give up the middle of the field, teams will take that all day. butler and geathers could be ok at safety, until somebody gets hurt. hopefully green is ready when that happens
  14. who cares what grigson would have done? thats irrelevant i would put swoop in with the unknown and butler as the starter at FS. i could see him still playing some nickel back too based on team need
  15. yes it is, the run blocking was fine last year

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