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  1. ill never feel that way the seahawks and cardnials game last year was a huge disappointment it might seem like no big deal, but i hate spending three hours of my life for it to end in a tie
  2. you need to use common sense any OT game that goes past 10 mins is now an automatic tie, where as before they had an extra 5 mins to kick a FG if you are not smart enough to understand how this will increase the number of ties than i have no interest in talking with you.
  3. it might be easier for him to make an all nba team as a guard something to consider
  4. i agree that it seems likely he will be back next year. we will probably get trade offers, but the team will want equal compensation and that wont happen for a guy with one year on his contract its hard to see how we build a team that can challenge the cavs, because we need so much and have very limited resources to work with
  5. i think toddmans problem is that he is a running back and 4th string backs pretty much never make it on the field outside of special teams at one point bray was our 4th or 5th wide receiver and he did make it into the game on certain passing downs
  6. well yeah we all have our own opinions just because you think its fine doesnt mean everyone agrees
  7. i dont watch every game i do know there have been ties in each of the past few seasons the seahawks and cardnials game last year comes to mind. i think its really dumb that a game can end like that
  8. its interesting you compared him to varga a third stringer who didnt last one full year in the league
  9. too bad theres no room for toddman better kick returner than bray
  10. a tie feels like a loss to me players have said the same thing many times. i know they make a difference in the standings but it sucks for players and fans to play or watch a game that ends in a tie
  11. one tie is too many 5 since 2011 is a lot imo
  12. no you are dead wrong shorter over time means more ties period. it doesnt matter how long OT usually lasts, the fact is making it shorter increases the number of ties its really dumb to mention that not every ot game goes past 10 mins. some do, some dont now its an automatic tie, rather than giving the teams 5 more mins to kick a FG
  13. teams have more than one running back 7.5 ypc is good for any one player, but a defense will be happy to only give up 90 yards total for the game 90 yards per game as a team would have ranked 29th in the league offensively . a player averaging 90 yards per game would have been second overall
  14. we have only beat them 3 times since the colts moved to indy! and one of those was in 1984 the 70s were no better or worse than the other eras
  15. its not just chuck, the colts are 6-23 all time against the steelers

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