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  1. the defense needs a good player too, and i think we will go after Oline in free agency we have a lot of money to spend, i would over pay if thats what it takes in general i try not to pigeon hole positions in any draft because that usually leads to disappointment.
  2. id be fine with that. third sounds a bit high for a guard but we have given up way too many sacks obviously and we need to protect luck when he gets back
  3. fournette was brought up quite a bit though, and so were some others that were not really expected to be there as for barkley, he would not be my first pick but i could live with it. id like to see us go defense
  4. best not to get your hopes up too high for any one thing in the draft. whether its a trade, or oline or pass rusher we had a lot of draft threads last year and hardly anyone was asking for hooker
  5. he didnt mention toub to the public, because chuck was still the coach. it was "reported" that ballard liked him, even though he cant say it in person while we still have coach
  6. he could have made it a year ago. ballard himself said he likes toub, while irsay has said he likes big names with experience. polian says the same
  7. i would be going after him, hes the guy im most interested in though i dont follow coaching circles all that much i say its risky because even if luck comes back in perfect health we have a lot of building to do. he might be waiting for the job in NE, and he is only in his early 40s.

    already thought about it if the jets want to offer their first, second and third for our pick i would take it 8th or 9th is the furthest i would want to move back unless we are getting a lot of picks in return. probably would need a future first to go back any more
  9. everyone expects this i would be interested in mcdaniels, but he may not want to come here. hes young and may not be in any hurry to take a risky job like this
  10. Who would be better for us mcglinchey or Nelson?

    chubb, we should spend a good chunk of that money we have on Oline in free agency
  11. What the Colts have and still need on D

    good point, it is easier to draft DEs than edge rushing Olbs von miller looked he would do well in a 3-4 when he was in the draft. clowney made the switch fairly easily too, but both of these guys are good enough to transcend scheme. chubb does look like more of a DE, but he might be able to make the switch too
  12. What the Colts have and still need on D

    we wouldnt have to cut every body the dline would be fine except for maybe anderson. simon could play one of the line backer spots in a 4-3 i dont know about sheard as an every down defensive end, but he could do it on passing downs. he would be the biggest hang up in my opinion, but he has also played well in a 4-3 before, just not all of the time
  13. Why did Haeg replace Good?

    they thought he was gooder
  14. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    we have a lot of money to spend. that should go towards oline in free agency, over pay if we have to, i mean why not? we might be able to find some linebackers there too right now i would have the team looking into chubb. is he a good fit for this defense, or could we switch to a 4-3? most of the guys we have now could make the switch over, the biggest question that matters is could sheard do it?