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  1. aaron11

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    i went with Leonard. i dont expect Turay to get a bunch of snaps and Lewis is in a crowded position group
  2. aaron11

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    he had one pick, on a hail mary on the last play of the season. it was a terrible throw, the QB was just throwing up a prayer really i agree that he was usually in good position, but he often did not make the play. if he fixes that he will be a good player
  3. i wouldnt need an all star for turner, hes never been one himself id consider a young pg or wing with potential. i like turner but hes not the center we need. we get killed on the boards by the cavs
  4. thats putting it nicely, hes bad at it for a 7 footer lance is a better rebounder than him
  5. aaron11

    Name one team

    you think the niners are that safe? the rams are one of the best teams in the league and they and the nfc could be pretty tough next year
  6. aaron11

    2018 Colts Road Games

    i had a friend get beat up in the parking lot of a steelers game, it was the 95 afc champ game. they dont mess around in Pennsylvania
  7. aaron11

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    this isnt the nba the nfl is not about super bowl or tank, winning games would be great next year
  8. aaron11

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    thats not crazy, i put the odds at 50%+ that he starts at least one game this year
  9. this series is a wrap, get the brooms ready
  10. aaron11

    Name one team

    bills are a good bet to miss, they never make the playoffs and now they are going to start josh allen
  11. he can compete for RG, if he doesnt win then hes a backup personally id like to see more of a run blocker at RG, smith could be the guy
  12. aaron11

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    i didnt watch it, but its not like this thread is hurting anything it had 966 views, not bad considering it was posted yesterday and its a punting highlight video lol
  13. aaron11

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    the patriots are not the end all be all when it comes to developing players. they were more interested in getting cooks on the field than him too i dont expect a huge break out from him, but i wont be surprised if he produces next year
  14. aaron11

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    maybe he just wasnt developed, other teams were interested in him
  15. aaron11

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    was dorsett a bad pick or did we fail to develop him? he didnt do a lot with the patriots, but hes the same type of player as cooks and there isnt really room on the field for two of them. same issue here with ty