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  1. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    as fans, judgement calls usually go to whoever we are rooting for lol
  2. interesting because pff rated him the third best QB last year. they analyze every play and use facts to back up their claim. its not gospel, but the players opinions sure as heck are not either on the other hand, the hype surrounding luck as he came out of college was unreal. if he didnt win a superbowl in his first 5 year people were going to say over rated just because of the ridiculous hype.
  3. well that was interesting. they looked nothing like the pacers teams we have grown used to over the last decade or so young high scoring team that doesnt play much defense except for turner. could they actually be better than last year?
  4. i voted no, but hypothetically what would a trade for luck even look like?
  5. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    whelp looks like we may not see luck this season after all we should think about trading people like gore, vontae and maybe moncrief
  6. The Ghost

    some people have unrealistic expectations of brisett not many teams are going to ask a 23 year old to come in as the season starts, and then to put games on his shoulders in his second week with the team he is doing pretty well all things considered. people like doyle and moncrief need to step up and help him
  7. The Ghost

    thats cool, but i do blame them though. we needed to move the ball there and score, but instead it was a turnover so you are blaming ty who was doubled teamed much of the game, while doyle wasnt. guys that are not doubled need to step up, especially after they get paid to do so what is your deal with brissett? he played well, he got the ball to doyle late and he fumbled
  8. i dont think many here were wanted or fischer or smith. coughlin might have been interesting but he is getting old to sign a head coaching contract harbaugh is one of the most popular choices on this board
  9. well somebody will be the next coach its just a matter of when i know you generally sympathize with coaches, but its a lost cause around here. many posters made up their mind about chuck over the last two seasons. i do think he should go myself, but i have no idea who it will be or when. i like harbaugh
  10. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    ok but nobody is going to forget about luck just because some guy on a forum says so most people are smart enough to know we are a year or two out from doing anything
  11. The Ghost

    i do think he had a bad game doyle got paid because he was mister reliable. hes not a burner, he doesnt make people miss, nor does he break many tackles. he had a total of 50 yards in a game where we needed more from him, and his fumble pretty much sealed the loss
  12. Colts offense vs Jags defense

    nobody is going to forget luck. he makes this team better, period. nobody thinks this is a super bowl year, but whatever we are now, luck will raise the ceiling
  13. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    calling it now, this lawsuit will fail, and kap will never play in the league again its pretty simple, he is better than most backups, but teams dont feel the distraction is worth it. if he was a talent like mike vick, he would have a job but kap is nothing special
  14. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    they gave a 9-10 month recovery time back in the winter. and that was just to get him back into practice we have not passed 10 months form the surgery yet, and he is starting to practice
  15. Time to look to next season

    we wont be mathematically eliminated for a while, only one game back now i dont think we will make the playoffs regardless of when he comes back, but i would still play him