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  1. i think his best play was a block during todman's kick return
  2. probably a camp body, but overton will be 32 next year im not sure if thats old for a LS though
  3. i wouldnt want to be the one drafting him and putting him in front of a fan base somebody will do it, i put the over/under on his draft spot right at the middle of the third. i guess thats where we pick too
  4. lots of mixed opinions on this guy lol
  5. moncrief is not indispensable. he has averaged less than 500 yards a season. if he gets hurt or doesnt produce again he's probably gone hopefully aiken does push him, and we have to choose between two guys that we know can produce
  6. hopefully he does, and stinks it up like he did last year
  7. nobody ever says they cant wait to get out of town in free agency.
  8. who would want him? he was bad last year he could try FS and probably be ok at it, but i dont think he would be a high impact player there. hes more of a man coverage guy
  9. all we have to go on is what the reporters tell us. they say he's interested in LA our biggest saving grace could be that they arent very good right now. neither team is close to winning a title, so he could head somewhere else entirely too
  10. thread might be dead, but personally i dont care if people are mad that the south is weak i say the east is weak the patriots division rivals have not had any good QBs since Dan marino and Jim kelly
  11. nit pickish, but the titans went the the AFC CG in 2002, the first year of the new afc south the stats are funny though. the colts still have more afc south titles than the rest of the division combined Jacksonville has never won
  12. we learned that just by watching the lions march down the field the first game of the year
  13. non issue to me DQs pizza guy incident was worse and nothing bad ever happened from that the combine incident was a joke
  14. somebody will take him he wont last until the 4th or 5th like many think

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