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  1. they probably make the playoffs if they get paul this year personally i dont care where he lands anymore, just get the most for him imo
  2. nah, we are just mad that paul is still here that will make us decent next year, but we still wont win anything then he leaves for nothing and we have crap picks
  3. i dont consider trading paul to be tanking at this point either
  4. the players on the court should be trying to win a team with lance at PG and turner as our best player would have us picking pretty high though
  5. cavs tried to move him, nobody wants to trade for love
  6. why not? wouldnt be the first small market to do it
  7. teague is n unrestricted free agent, doubt he comes back
  8. both seem like stretch 4s to me i guess turner is 4/5 and leaf is 3/4. doesnt seem like a good fit, both are under sized if turner is a 5 and leaf is 4
  9. i dont see how he fits with turner either. its like we drafted a backup for our best player
  10. teams are getting less subtle about tanking
  11. looks like its down to taking late picks, or getting nothing
  12. not fake, theres a video too
  13. not really saying much, i dont have a problem with ranking chuck at 15 either i think there are not a lot of great coaches anymore, but there are plenty of bad/mediocre ones
  14. i hope we take whatever the best offer is now i hated the thought of late picks and bench players for the lakers, but if the thats the best we can do then so be it offers are going down after the draft not up
  15. i doubt we get either one they want to put ball on the same team as PG and lebron. a team with those three guys plus ingram off the bench would be a contender. the worst case scenario for the lakers is they dont land paul or lebron, but they still have ingram and ball, i dont think they want of come off of that

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