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  1. My video take aways are: Walker looked like a good tackler and quick on the field should at least be a solid backup. Banner is extremely raw and appeared a little sluggish but wow what a huge dude, guys a giant! Mack has some serious speed/shiftyness, he cuts really well. However his ball control/security really scared me. If he can pass block and the coaches clean up his ball security by teaching him how to properly hold the football he can be a very good rb. Stewart looks like a project, he didn't really impress, he doesn't use his hands well. Hairston should be a solid backup, I liked what I seem. Basham is kind of an unknown because the level of competition he was playing. But, he looked solid against the pass and run and has a high motor, he doesn't take plays off. Hooker/Wilson are no brainer day 1 starters.
  2. Wow! I'm with you, I'm a white country boy from a small town that graduated with literately no African Americans in my class (10 years ago) and that post offended me lol. I get where he was trying to go with that post but some people should definitely consider reading what they type before posting.
  3. I'm with the majority hoping that the timing of this means Hankins is coming to indy. However it could simply be because Jones has been busy and Ballard wanted to talk to him in person before making the announcement and he just now got the chance to do that. Just a thought, I have no idea if that's true or not.
  4. Haha, I bet it does. Arthur already signed anyways. I believe with the Seahawks but your right he's JAG. Zach on the other hand is pretty good. I'd be very happy if indy signs him or Minter.
  5. Arthur Brown isn't very good but ZACH Brown is.
  6. You didn't say anything about LB's in your original post about the DB's coming out this year, so not sure why your bringing that up. I watch some college ball but mabey/probably not as much as you. But from what I have watched and listened to from every analyst this year, it should be a very deep DB draft.
  7. Besides the re-signing of Doyle that is the best thing I've heard or has happened this off-season for the Colts. Play the man at FS and occasionally at slot corner if needed until green is ready to take the ropes. He's a fighter, indy has never gave him more than a 2 year deal but he always seems to make it on back on our squad. The sad thing is when you have 50 million to spend and Butler is one of the best players signed. Oh well, we'll see what Ballard has done for the Colts after the draft. Sorry, rant over, moral of the story I'm happy to have Butler back.
  8. Bob Sanders....I think i just pulled a muscle typing this up, gotta go!
  9. D First time DC and not much talent to work with but we where awful. A good DC would've had the same squad middle of the pack IMO. I wouldn't be upset at all if they upgraded DC's this offseason but I know that's probably not going to happen since he only had one year (which is understandable).
  10. I love the idea and agree with you that TY could use some help. Our receivers cant seem to get separation consistently enough. But, as others have mentioned we cant afford him with all the holes we have on D.
  11. I agree that our wr's have been pretty bad. Besides TY we don't have a good option #2. TY is good, Moncrief seems to be nothing more than a solid #3 wr and Dorsett is horrible, what a waste of a 1st round pick.
  12. The empty back fields on 3rd and ones and fourth downs really upsets me. It screams to the defense to send the house against our poor O-line and pound Luck. Not a fan of Chud, imo his play calling has cost us a couple games and needs to go. We also need a running game in a seriously bad way, i feel for Luck.
  13. I didn't realize this was ever even a question for Colts fans. PATRIOTS! And there's not even a close number 2. Yeah, there's a couple other teams that I dislike like the Bengals and Chargers (ala Philip Rivers) but when I hear Colts and hate my mind automatically goes to Patriots without hesitation.
  14. We'll be playing them at home again next year. But I agree It would be nice to not see them again for awhile.
  15. Only thing I can agree on is the coaching. Yes, Vontae should've had help but he was playing injured and it showed. The loss is NOT on Tolzein, the guy hung in there well. I felt bad for him, he was getting killed. He actually played tough.

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