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  1. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    Yeah, I don't think he would, I was just saying I would like for him to.
  2. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    I could get behind that. He definetly knows how to run offenses. He could call the plays on O and eliminate Chud, who also needs to go... like yesterday. I'm sure he wouldn't take it but I'd like it if Chuck stuck around as DB's coach. I think he'd make a fine position coach or coordinator, he is just not head coach material.
  3. The Ghost

    TY has torched the Titans every year since entering the league. They finally found a way to lock him down. The rest of the receivers have to step up in games like this. A la Moncreif, Doyle, Aiken, RBs... Brissett played good ball, his receivers just couldn't catch a cold in a snow storm. I don't know the exact number of dropped passes but it had to be top of the league.
  4. Sign Bowman....

    Yes please!
  5. Has anyone noticed...?

    Wishing we would've went after Campbell in off season. Dude has been a machine for the Jags. He's always been a good DL but so far this year... wow!
  6. 2nd Half

    I'm not a fan of Chuck and I agree that we are thin on talent in certain areas. HOWEVER, I blame the loss mainly on Chud once again. Running the ball up the gut wasn't working and long developing pass plays wasn't working, so what does Chud call? More running plays up the middle and long developing pass plays, ugh!! No 2nd half or 4th quarter adjudtments, just the same old plays. I felt bad for Brissett, he was getting killed behind our O-line. Compatent coaches with a week O-line call quick slants, roll outs, short dump offs to RB's and TE's, etc., especially when being blitzed every time the QB drops back. Chud needs to go asap!
  7. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    Ok, I just looked it up and seen we had like 10 players kneel. Got it, thanks.
  8. 14 vs 3

    I'm not following you. 14 vs 3? What's your point with the thread title?
  9. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    I didn't get to see the 1st series. What did they do during the anthem and who was it?
  10. Does Brissett lose momentum in the second half?

    One word......Chudzinski!
  11. It shouldn't have been that hard

    I got on here to say the same thing. No complaint about the players from me today. Chud is the one I'm upset with. Play calling after half time was plain awful! Offensive play calling gave Brown's a chance to come back at the end.
  12. Roster update 9-18

    Like the Perry signing, he was an excellent tackler/ run stopper at Ohio State. I could easily see him making the 53 man roster barring injury or poor performance via ILB. I have no clue about Hazel, not sure what they seen out of him but they must really like him to sign him over our own wr's like JoJo and Bug Howard and then to bring him back. I'd like to see him in action though, definetly curious. He can't be any worse than Moncreif has been the past couple games.
  13. NFL Schedule Map Colts broadcast

    Yeah, I actually love where I live, 20 mins from KY and 45 form Ohio. Just never understood why residents in the state of IN can't get IN network if they so choose.
  14. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    Will Redman have to stay on the active roster for 3 weeks now or could we put him back on the ps after the game? Redman is absolutely horrible but I understand they needed a body, just hope they don't have to leave him there any longer than possible.
  15. NFL Schedule Map Colts broadcast

    I'm in the same boat. Everyone 20 mins North of me get Indianapolis channels. However, I'm stuck having to pay for the Sunday Ticket or else it'd be all black and orange on Sundays for me, ugh....