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  1. jchandler7

    Oline lineup

    Good was a solid RT last year before injury. When he went down the right side of our line got much worse. If he's 100% going into training camp i could easily see him winning the spot. Regardless, we should have strong competition on the right side this yr between Good, Howard & Clark/Haag.
  2. jchandler7

    Top FA's Still Available

    Exactly the same 2 guys I'd like to see signed. I believe we'll be ok at WR but we could really use a solid corner. I'd also really like another MLB with experience but we will have to trade or wait until cuts are made in order to get one, market is real thin in that area.
  3. jchandler7

    Best Available

    My top choices are Averette, Hurst, Jewell, Ballage, Crosby, St. Brown & Griffin.
  4. jchandler7

    Coach Frank Reich

    Yeah, nothing new here.
  5. Whichever one does NOT go to the Browns!
  6. jchandler7

    Another WR option

    Wouldn't mind this. He's not an all star but he's reliable, he's played every game since entering the league. He'll never be a #1 WR but he's good for around 600 yrs and 4 or 5 TD's a yr. He's a clear upgrade from Moncreif when it comes to reliability but about even on production.
  7. jchandler7

    New OL observation

    I've watch every game and Haeg has not impressed me a whole lot. He's a solid backup but I don't see him ever being much more than a slight upgrade to Joe Reitz but I hope I'm wrong. Good was by far our best RT before his injury IMO. However, as I stated in both my posts in this thread This Is Just My Opinion.
  8. jchandler7

    New OL observation

    We will hopefully draft a starting guard and/or RT but if all these guys where healthy and we had a game tomorrow IMO the starting lineup would be AC, JM, RK, MS, DG. Haeg, Bond and Clark would be our swing backups.
  9. jchandler7

    Round 2 Pick - Poll

    I apologize I only seen "Round 2 pick - poll". As long as we come away with somthing like DE, OL, LB, RB in no particular order in the first 3 rds ill be fine with it.
  10. jchandler7

    Round 2 Pick - Poll

    I know everybody has their own opinion and that is fine but Penny is my 2nd or 3rd choice at RB. The poll didn't say which 2nd rd pick. I'd like to see Ballard and company go Chubb 1st (if available) and LB/OL early 2nd then with our last 2nd round pick going Penny. I'm a fan of him and Guice.
  11. jchandler7

    Round 2 Pick - Poll

    Rashaad Penny
  12. jchandler7

    Yates: Colts hosted WR Dontrelle Inman for a visit

    I hope your right, I like Meredith alot. However, if we went with Inman I'd be fine with that as well. I don't believe Inman has any history of injuries and had 800 + yards just 2 years ago. He's also the same size as Meredith which is what we need in my book, a big receiver that can go up and get it. I believe he'd be our #2 if signed with Grant working the slot. Rogers would be right there with Grant on playing time imo.
  13. jchandler7

    Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    I agree, he's definetly not done.
  14. jchandler7

    Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    Oh, i know that. Just going off what he said.