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  1. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    Gaines sucks....but, he'll be cheap so Ballard will probably sign the scrub. Seems to be all about the bejamins with Ballard. Pay below average players average money but never pay top dollor for above average players.
  2. At the rate we are going.......

    At this point I'm not even so sure we're going to field a team this year. Our roster is hot garbage.
  3. Meh, I'd much rather bring in Jordan Matthews or Crabtree for a visit.
  4. What... didn't see that coming, SIGN THE MAN!!
  5. That's awesome, thanks for sharing.
  6. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    Thanks for the reminder, it's been far too long since we've seen #12 making those big time plays! Can't wait to get him back out there healthy.
  7. Jeremy Hill

    I would like the Colts to sign one of the 4: Hyde, Crowell, Martin or Hill. I'd be happy with any 1of the 4. This would help us go with the best player available philosophy in the upcoming draft.
  8. Doug Martin

    I would absolutely bring him in for a work out. He's had a couple years where he's been injured and/or suspended but both years he's played full 16 games he's had over 1400 yards each year and 2 pro bowls. One or 2 year highly incentive based salary.
  9. Reich on Golic and Wingo at 7:30am (Luck talk)

    He's also a man of Faith which means alot to me. I know that alone doesn't make him a good coach but should be great for the young guys coming in. He's a guy the players can look up to from a character standpoint.
  10. If you look at Wikipedia it says Nick Sirianni is offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts for what it's worth.
  11. Frank Reich In The Film Room

    Welcome to the board and nice write up. I'm alot like you in terms of this forum. I get on here daily but seldom post. I love this forum, if it's Colts related it is sure to be on here. I am also pulling for Reich, seems like a very intelligent man with alot of knowledge. Pair him with Bevell and a healthy Andrew Luck and our offense should be in great shape for the future.
  12. 4-3 Switch over

    My biggest concern with the switch is ILB. We need atleast 2 starters at the position via free agency or the draft. Our weakest position imo. Will the switch to a 4-3 put Gaethers in consideration for a switch to ILB or should he remain a SS? I would like to see Gaethers, Farley and Hooker on the field together.
  13. I hope for an embarrassing blowout loss for the Pats! A collapse on offense, defense & special teams. I know that won't happen but i can dream right? I can't stand New England. I root for 2 teams every week, the Colts and whoever is playing the Pats.