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  1. TD's???.... hahaha.... funny guy!!
  2. Thanks for the correction. I've known people that have torn their shoulder labrum. Alot of QB's and baseball players have this injury. Everything I read about him just said hernia and labrum, I just automatically assumed it was his shoulder this whole time. That makes me feel alot better since it is shoulder soreness and not hip that he's dealing with now. Thanks again!
  3. I already mentioned it in another thread but ill reiterate. What concerns me the most with Hooker is that this nagging shoulder pain he is having goes back to his injury he had in college. He had labrum surgery on the shoulder he is having pain from. I hope he didn't re-injure it or that this soreness is always going to be a problem for him going forward.
  4. I concur, I was expecting the O-line to be worse than they where yesterday, I was actually pleasantly surprised. That's not to say the O-line was good, BUT they weren't the reason our O struggled so badly. If a better QB was behind them we wouldn't be having this discussion. I was very disappointed in our so called "strength of the team" (the D-line) however. I had high hopes for them after all the hype we've been hearing coming from camp.
  5. I'd like to see what Banner can do with the ones. However, i have to agree with you that they need to figure it out quick and stick to their guns. How are they suppose to learn/grow and build chemistry if the coaches are going to keep switching them around.
  6. I doubt there is room for both on the 53 but I really like both those guys as well. Natson is the big play speedster/returner, and Howard is the go up and get it, hands like glue type. I honestly think with TY, Rogers and Natson all being similar in size/style that Dorset is expendable in coaches eyes.
  7. That would actually make sense bc he's with the Browns now lol.
  8. The D-line was the biggest disappointment for me tonight. I watched them closely, Anderson and Hankins both got man handled. Hankins had a good play or 2 but got abused on the rest and Anderson was non-existent. Woods was average.
  9. On offense - Mack, Morris, Turbin, Natson, Banner, Brown, Pope. Defense - Mingo, Wilson, Green, Rhodes (disappointed in the D-line) Special Teams - Hunt
  10. Loved seeing some Mack Attack, kids got skill!
  11. Best center we had before Kelly imo. Would've been a great backup to keep around for times like this. He wasn't an all pro but he was solid and had a mean steak. I think he's the only O-lineman I've seen actually stick up for Luck by getting into it with D-lineman after a dirty hit.
  12. Why did we get rid of AQ Shipley again?....
  13. Good read. I'm pulling for this guy to make the cut.
  14. What makes you say that? The labrum is part of the shoulder. He's been out all week with a sore shoulder.
  15. Morris! Tolzein is horrible, the coaches know way more than i do but i'm not sure what they see in him or why Morris isn't getting more reps.

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