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  1. Very big news. I was hoping the Jets would make an offer.
  2. 2017-2018 NCAA Basketball

    This is the maddest march ever witnessed. Virginia completely overlooked their opponent and got burned. Good for the retrievers!
  3. This has been part of Ballard's plan all along. He's been very open about this in his interviews leading up to the free agency. This is not a surprise.
  4. Forum response every time a free agent player goes somewhere else:
  5. The 'quarterback game'

  6. The 'quarterback game'

    They very well could. I was just having fun with a what if. It's very unlikely he would actually go to NY. Just like it's highly unlikely that Cousins goes to AZ (some report he's eyeing the Vikings). All speculation until March 14th rolls around.
  7. The 'quarterback game'

    I thought he was decent when healthy. But I guess that's just me.
  8. The 'quarterback game'

    I'll start with the easy ones. Drew Brees: Saints Tono Romo: In the booth Jay Cutler: On the couch Colin Kaepernick: Protesting Now for some fun: Nick Foles: Denver (Just a strange feeling. He's obviously proven himself and Denver needs someone like him bad) Trevor Siemien: Out of the league. Kirk Cousins: Cardinals (AZ Needs a star QB stat. Kirk can be that guy) Case Keenum: Vikings (Another feeling, and possibly a mistake by the Vikings) Teddy Bridgewater: Jets (NY takes chance in the hopes he still has magic)
  9. Anyone else worried?

    I can see where there is some worry about this. On the surface, yes it looks as if we are reverting back to the days of Manning. But I say this: Predictable and soft are the exact opposite of what Reich plans on doing here. And if he brings a similar scheming style that the Eagles deployed, then he has the history to back his statements up. Chris Ballard is not Bill Polian. His vision of our future defense is closer to Seattle than the Colts of old. He wants a hybrid defense that can fluctuate week by week. So while Tampa 2 is listed as the base, I don't think it will always be Tampa 2 throughout the game and even season. The key to all of this is playmakers. We desperately need some tough and highly intelligent men to run this kind of defense. They're going to be studying a lot. So, I understand your worry Truman, but the key to all of this is Chris Ballard.
  10. Chris Ballard

    I can’t put a percentage on it, but after Trent scored that touchdown against SF, the board was pretty high on him. It lasted for only a few weeks though. Then the doubts started to creep in.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    A big congrats to Nick Goepper on his silver medal run! The ski and snowboard team has been clutch this year!
  12. Your Favorite Colts Team and Non-Colts Team?

    Does that include the '85 Bears and '96 Packers?
  13. I can't vouch for Rodgers, but this took Peyton years to master. In his earlier days (pre 2004ish) he was prone to some of the same mistakes. One ability he was able to master quickly though, was throwing receivers open. But this was due to a stable, consistent offense year in and year out, with a lot of the same receivers over the years for him to work with. Andrew simply has not had that luxury.
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    He had never done back to back 1440 corks before that final run. That is textbook clutch!
  15. 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    The greatest halfpipe competition I’ve ever witnessed. And the cherry on the cake? He scored our 100th overall gold medal for the winter games. Congrats Shaun White! Best snowboarder ever!