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  1. When the pass rush is practically the worst in the league, there's no where else to go but up. It all depends on how well these men gel together. We have a lot of different people and personalities all coming in for the first time. As lollygagger8 says, If the coverage can be lights out, then that certainly will give our pass rushers more time. I think this defense will begin to show its true form later in the season. We will have growing pains to start out. We are still far from perfect, but at least on paper we are in a much better situation compared to last year.
  2. He's a good kid. Comes from an awesome family of talent that's for sure. My uncle was a trainer for the Reds at the time of Ken's duration in Cincinnati. I'll be rooting for him!
  3. We may finally, after all these years, finally be building that monster that was talked about so long ago...
  4. Wait.... The NFL doesn't practice tackling? Uh... I don't know what you watch during their practicing, but it's kind of hard for teams NOT to practice tackling... Since this is football we are talking about. Are you an insider? A player or a coach? Do you attend every single practice that the Colts run, including during the season? How do you know this crucial piece of information?
  5. I really liked what Ballard had to say about his reasoning for the pick. And he is right. On gameday, often times a victorious team is the one that has game-changing playmakers. Hooker was BPA, but he also fits a huge need for us: someone who can change the game, someone who can give us possessions back. This is huge.
  6. Everything's going to be okay.
  7. Time is a gift and yet a curse: I can tell that the time you two spent together was very meaningful. They do say that time heals all wounds, and so I hope that time is kinder to you. I'll leave you with this Irish blessing: May joy and peace surround you, Contentment latch your door, And happiness be with you now, And bless you evermore.
  8. You are correct. Savage isn't the worst out there for sure. But I'm not sold on him being their final answer to QB yet. If they do give him the nod for this season we will see what happens. Other players have gone from washed up to perennial winners. It's just rare... For the time being, in the present moment, Savage is most likely their better option. He knows the playbook, has actually started some games for the team, and the coaching staff hopefully understands his strengths and limits. With excellent game-planning the Texans can win with the guy. But as far as January football? I just don't know...
  9. Exactly. All of the pieces are there for the team to be successful except for QB. And unfortunately for them that is the hardest position to fill. There are no guarantees in this sport, especially when it comes to the passer. They could end up with a franchise QB in the draft, or another journeyman. We simply won't know until the shoes hit the field this fall. It will be interesting to see what they do moving forward.
  10. It's true. Houston should be in a "win now" mode. We're hopefully going to get a lot better in the defense department, and to be honest the Titans are knocking on the door as well with a nice balanced team.
  11. I hate to break it to you, but that is incorrect. An apostrophe is used to show possession. The correct grammar is indeed: congrats.
  12. That is their only hope honestly.
  13. That would be the best decision they can make. We all know Brees will do fine, make great plays and keep the games competitive. He just needs a freaking defense again like years ago to close out.

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