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  1. Time is a gift and yet a curse: I can tell that the time you two spent together was very meaningful. They do say that time heals all wounds, and so I hope that time is kinder to you. I'll leave you with this Irish blessing: May joy and peace surround you, Contentment latch your door, And happiness be with you now, And bless you evermore.
  2. You are correct. Savage isn't the worst out there for sure. But I'm not sold on him being their final answer to QB yet. If they do give him the nod for this season we will see what happens. Other players have gone from washed up to perennial winners. It's just rare... For the time being, in the present moment, Savage is most likely their better option. He knows the playbook, has actually started some games for the team, and the coaching staff hopefully understands his strengths and limits. With excellent game-planning the Texans can win with the guy. But as far as January football? I just don't know...
  3. Exactly. All of the pieces are there for the team to be successful except for QB. And unfortunately for them that is the hardest position to fill. There are no guarantees in this sport, especially when it comes to the passer. They could end up with a franchise QB in the draft, or another journeyman. We simply won't know until the shoes hit the field this fall. It will be interesting to see what they do moving forward.
  4. It's true. Houston should be in a "win now" mode. We're hopefully going to get a lot better in the defense department, and to be honest the Titans are knocking on the door as well with a nice balanced team.
  5. I hate to break it to you, but that is incorrect. An apostrophe is used to show possession. The correct grammar is indeed: congrats.
  6. That is their only hope honestly.
  7. That would be the best decision they can make. We all know Brees will do fine, make great plays and keep the games competitive. He just needs a freaking defense again like years ago to close out.
  8. The Texans made a daring move to trade their multi-million dollar mistake in the hopes of wooing a franchise QB to their cause, only to go up in flames today as he announced retirement. Their options now: An erratic Jay Culter? A teamless Colin Kaepernick? Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden? Or more interesting, what if they decide to grab Brock back after the Browns release him?
  9. Very true! Hopefully my Reds increase their win total from last year. That's all I ask of my beloved Reds haha... Indeed! And if we do have a lackluster season, at least that means the tickets will possibly be cheap later on! Thanks! It's always good to have baseball season back.
  10. Let the pain and suffering of another Reds season commence! I'm ready!
  11. Agreed. Heck, since Osweiler had value in his trade, that alone should be precedent for Romo to have at least something there for teams to want.
  12. As others have said, this is a complete scam. My father in law was sadly on the other end of one these when trying to buy a used truck. The person claimed they were "deployed" and couldn't talk on the phone. But boy they sure could answer their email quickly, at any time of the day. Always deal in cash as UKColt13 says, and always do business in person. If they can't come see the item your selling and can't pay in cash, then block them.
  13. I can't even... Really? So let's say we get all of these top tier talents that are out there. What if they don't play to their potential? What if they end up getting injured? Who's to blame then? Ask the Miami Dolphins how their free agency spending sprees have turned out. As far as I know they still don't have a ring. You want to be like the Patriots right? Win lots of Superbowls for Andrew? You want Chuck gone because he seems to be the only reason we haven't won right? Well guess what. There aren't any other Bill Belichicks out there. He has defeated practically all of the other competition. Not even the west coast darling Pete Carroll could best him. I'm not a fan of Pagano, but I'm not going to sit here and believe we could have someone better at this very moment. We're in the same problem we were a year ago. There just isn't any high caliber coach available, or who is interested. And once again, as it has been stated so many friggin' times on this board: Who's to say we didn't try and get these so called "high quality" players. Maybe they declined? Hmm?
  14. Clickbait thread will be closed soon.
  15. Moncreif is fine. Even if he were to get bumped from the #2 spot, he's still proven to be a lot more reliable and talented than another WR on the team. Specifically in the endzone.

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