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  1. What is he supposed to do? The team has a plethora of injuries. There's a ton of new faces on the field, and rookies are in starting positions. Mistakes are going to happen. I'm holding all judgement until the real football games begin. By the way, Bill Belichick's team has lost two preseason games in a row to the Jaguars and Texans. I guess the Patriots should fire him...
  2. It's starting in Oregon right now as we speak. About halfway to totality.
  3. Agreed. Force the Rams to gameplan for multiple QBs.
  4. Who knows? Perhaps no one knows, not even Luck himself or the staff. Seems like it's a waiting game.
  5. We have seriously got bad luck with injuries... Ever since 2015...
  6. Agreed. No one should ever question his toughness after everything he has played through. It still blows my mind that he beat the Denver defense in 2015 all things considered... Not delusional at all! From our viewpoint last year, Luck was back to his 2013-14 form. He was improving on protecting the football, and was starting to spread out the offense more. I still can't believe he played 15 games last year.
  7. Size is deceptive! I'm jealous haha, I'm also 5'7 but I weigh 200... I was not nice to my body in college...
  8. That pass from last year... so majestic. I guess we could resign him to a small deal to be a 3rd string QB eh?
  9. If Andrew is truly throwing the football now, then that is a welcome sign. I really hope he is taking advice to take his time with this. I'm all for patience and protecting the future.
  10. Sigh... every single year this post seems to pop up.
  11. Good point. Every single game is meaningful and should be treated as such, but at the same time health should always take precedence.

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