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  1. Heck yeah there's definitely nothing in the world like playing football with your boys. I played linebacker and fullback for 10+ years won 3 championships. Now obviously it's not the NFL but the amount of growth you get from putting on the helmet and pads and going to war against another team there's nothing like it in the world. I've gotten my share of injuries even neck injuries you take care of yourself and let the doctors do their job. That's the sport it's not a game for the weak of heart I'll tell you that.
  2. Yeah exactly. It's like nobody reads between the lines these days everyone associates how good a qb is by that ring count and totally throw defense wins championships out the window. Now that we're building a defense if the team performs better there's no reason Andrew won't be top 20 for years and years. Maybe top ten but I digress.
  3. Definitely luke diamond on YouTube that kid is a major colts fan who is spot on with everything he talks and sounds very educated. Plus his spoofs on pagano and irsay are hilarious
  4. Stop paying attention to that bias list. Players around the league haven't respected the colts in years but that'll change soon. Andrew will skyrocket
  5. Manti teo really hasn't been as bad for the chargers as I honestly thought he'd be just saying. But lmaoooo the next ray Lewis? How does this guy still have a job!!!??
  6. Time to rock and roll
  7. Cant choose your parents football teams lol. I definitely am happy I'm a colts fan now that's the least I can say
  8. Yep. Jim Caldwell man are you kidding me. Peyton could have brought the Browns to the super bowl if he played for them. They definitely would have made the playoffs every year. Most like 10 straight years of double digit wins. He's just the ultimate game manager and player.
  9. Yeah exactly. Growing up my dad (who is a jets fan) would always tell me how any team versing peyton manning always knew they were gonna put up points and score no matter what team it was. But will you score more points than Peyton does? Literally every week Peyton HAD to score touchdowns, at leastt 2 a game. to even just have a chance to win. And for him to have been the most winning qb until tom broke it by playing that way is just unreal.
  10. Yeah he's good. Not great but has very good upside and could be great for the locker room
  11. This. Not just because he'll get what he wanted but because I simply had no words.
  12. Top 100 list every year is a joke. They say they don't take postseason into consideration but the qbs who were in the Super Bowl automatically go top 10 and if the team didn't play very well than people who don't deserve it like ty and Andrew get to be a lot lower than they should. I remember Andrews video in the top 100 2 years ago was just a 5 minute montage of him getting destroyed by pass rushers and him complimenting them. The hits he's taken in his career so far I'm happy we have new guys in the front office looking to fix things.
  13. Having Bb will help anybody obviously but Peyton didnt need a hall of fame coach, he was the coach of the team every year and the qb coach and o coordinator. It was him all the film he watched and work he did with his team he was everything. What was the difference maker between the pats and colts other than coaching was how many hall of fame players on defense the pats had. Mcginest, Harrison, law, mayo, wilfork, bruschi, seymour, ninkovich and whoever else they were stacked. Peyton threw 4 picks to ty law in one game. If Peyton had even half as many hof defenders on his team as tom did Peyton won at least 1 or 2 more as a colt.
  14. Peyton had about 3 different head coaches when he was a colt. He won 14 games and went to the super bowl with Jim Caldwell at the helm. Peyton was the coach, he was the team. The 2006 afc championship says it all. The colts were down to the patriots 21-3 I think at halftime the colts defense was getting destroyed but Peyton came out and pretty much did everything and we won that game. He is the goat , its not that hard to understand

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