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  1. At the time Jon Jones was the ufc champion lol and chandler was starting for the pats.. we were optimistic. That was a mistake
  2. nahh. Ty is definitely a #1 though
  3. ??
  4. I appreciate the enthusiasm though 100% thinking positive. I honestly think the best lb group in football is in Kansas City and don't we have the guy that helped put that team together? lol
  5. I was with all my friends and I was wearing my Andrew luck jersey and they were just making fun of me all game even late in the 3rd quarter all until the colts finally had the momentum , I'm not too sure but I believe Robert Mathis had a huge sack at a clutch moment to help us a lot? He did do that a lot over the years.
  6. I thought this fa went well and according to his plan of really building through the draft.
  7. Andrew luck is my main picture on YouTube and the background of my laptop
  8. Don't forget they got 2 of the 3 best wrs in last years draft. They may very well already have their number 2 and 3 it most likely just takes a deshaun Watson or another qb to get that potential out of them.
  9. Lol yes that makes sense I felt the same way like I wasn't really missing much people are probably just overselling it. But no I definitely recommend it it was an amazing amazinggg movie.
  10. that's awesome my man. I would love to watch the rest of the films I just really need to clear my schedule out lol
  11. Oh man without a doubt muscle maker grill there's a whole bunch of them around me in nj but I don't think they're very common outside of here. All completely healthy everything but it's so delicious tastes just like the most amazing unhealthy foods but very good for you. It's a godsend honestly
  12. I just watched the first lord of the rings movie today with some friends for the first time of my life. I was pleasantly surprised it was an awesome movie, just long as #
  13. Chucks decision making was very curious at some points in the season. No doubt idk why people want to get so mad at you just for being real
  14. He had a great game against the jets (probably because he knew I was in the stands watching as the only colts fan around) but other than that he really didn't do much all year I'd say.
  15. However I'm hoping we can all come together and root for the Colts every year

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