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  1. Like I needed another reason to be super excited about marlon Mack
  2. Definitely a pose of him after a 3 step drop ready to fire a perfectly placed ball to Reggie or Marvin or whoever.
  3. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I would love this more than anything else I've seen lately in anything about anything holy %
  4. oh wow so we're gonna have 90 men on the roster for all the preseason games? That'll be interesting and good to help our starters from injury
  5. I don't know if I expect double digit wins but I expect our defense to perform better than last year. things will really get interesting imo when Ballard brings in his new head coach
  6. yeah I freakin hate the Pats
  7. Sucks. No givesys backsys
  8. How Frank of you
  9. I met tom coughlin before it was awesome. I had a colts sweater on and he was like ahhh get outta here with that lol. He was totally badass in person. in great shape too for a 70 yo
  10. I watched him play for Green Bay a decent amount last year and was actually enjoying his performance a couple clutch first down runs very hyped up and excited to be producing. I think it's cool he's getting a fair shot again maybe he can surprise some people.
  11. At this point if he ends up in top 3 that's awesome but he's already the greatest and most clutch kicker in NFL history in my book.
  12. I just want the colts to go out and prove to the world why we should be respected. I personally think under the radar we really helped ourselves out a lot just by simply putting emphasis on addressing the defense. The most important part of a football team imho.
  13. We put Andrew through a lot the past couple years if he needs to take his time to really get healthy I'd feel comfortable knowing we did right by him instead of rushing him back and hurting ourselves (or him again).
  14. "Punk o linemen. Soft always holding ppl" xD love this guy

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