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  1. Because football is a tough and demanding sport especially in the interior you can't sim that in the offseason. Their bodies need time to get back in football shape.
  2. I remember a lot of us including myself saying Morris should be the backup since last year lol. But we gave tolzien a chance and now we know he's terrible
  3. well with Tolzien getting the start I'm looking for big games out of our rbs and hoping Marlon Mack can get in the end zone once maybe twice.
  4. well I mean I didn't really want to bring it up either I'm pretty sure you did. but it's cool I honestly appreciate your input and I don't want to argue with you. things didn't go well but I won't sit here and say I didn't believe in him in the beginning, it's just very frustrating when everyone you know thinks your football team is a laughingstock and pointing fingers is easy at that point. but I understand your point I was one of the people who believed we would build the monster too. but based on his body of work I truly believe ballard is everything we thought we were getting in grigson at the beginning and more which is exciting.
  5. cmon man landon Collins on the board and he drafts phillip dorsett? leveon bell and Xavier Rhodes on the board and he takes bjoern werner. I don't mean to beat a dead horse here but why don't you just move on and accept grigson was a joke of a gm for our team .... honestly how many colts fans were watching the draft screaming TAKE COLLINS!!! and their jaws hit the floor when you heard phillip..?
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I worry about my grandparents every single day who raised me and are growing older each passing day.. life can be an angry drunk sometimes, it just doesn't know when to stop punching.
  7. no it would not be the worst thing. I mean it won't happen but ballard has made it abundantly clear that it takes time to build the team he wants to build. we WILL get there. I believe it is no longer a matter of hope, but simply a matter of time - Morpheus
  8. I guess I understand that. but I believe in Ballards body of work
  9. I think colts fans have just ran out of patience which is understandable. But patience is a virtue one we will need
  10. my initial comment wasn't a shot at grigson man just move on. I'm just happy with our current situation.
  11. Lol this is so random. But you're not wrong
  12. The off-season is long you can workout all you want but it always takes at least a couple weeks to get your body back in football shape. Nicks and bruises are guaranteed especially in the trenches it's a dog fight in there
  13. wth? What a horrible decision to fire kb
  14. Such a good feeling to just be able to trust the gm and the decisions he'll make

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