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  1. Just curious as to why you would say ty is elite but not Andrew? .. is it injuries? His turnovers? I don't think anything could convince me Andrew luck isn't elite especially if you think ty is just my opinion. Also I think Dorsett should be below average and kamar Aiken maybe could be a good starter if you consider moncrief to be one too but that makes sense that you didn't think that.
  2. So sorry for everything you must be going through. I really hope things can get better for you and may she RIP..
  3. I love that last sentence a lot. play time is over in Indi
  4. Wooooooo
  5. So I've seen a lot of mock drafts and heard some analysts say they think the colts need to go pass rush first and we should target taco charlton in the first round. I was just wondering how everyone feels about this potential pick? I'd rather go linebacker and get Reuben or Solomon but that's just me.
  6. Yeah. Unless he beats out moncrief for the number 2 job lol
  7. Umm why does more draft picks mean less quality? Ballard does the homework I feel confident that with more picks he'll bring in a lot of great competition in all positions. It's a great philosophy imo.
  8. This was awesome thanks so much for sharing! His comments at the end when he was asked how it feels for him to have all eyes on him come draft day gave me chills. Irsay really made a kick butt move with this signing. Ryan who?
  9. We'd probly go 2-2 at that point losing to the jags and someone else lol maybe the rams
  10. just wait and see. For once in a very very long time I'm actually super excited for the draft.
  11. Position flexibility is very important for the backups of a football team to be essential in the roster. However a starter for any team especially on defense needs to actually be a player for that position. That's the way it should be, that's what Ballard thinks as well.
  12. My eskimo brother Jabrill Peppers
  13. Happy belated birthday Peyton!! We miss you a lot
  14. At the time Jon Jones was the ufc champion lol and chandler was starting for the pats.. we were optimistic. That was a mistake

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