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  1. Yeah. I think a lot of people would bring him in to compete. Even teams with decent kickers. He is 19 and could kick for the next 20 years. Don't be surprised if he has a great year next year wherever he ends up.
  2. Yes we do. But we just signed Jeff Locke, and average punter, and if AV retires, we could very well get an average kicker. We have always had a good kicking unit and it has been a strength. With the extra points being further out. Kickers are even more important.
  3. I haven't seen anything about it. I was curious how everyone else felt about it. Some agree. Some don't. That's fine. I like debating.
  4. Exactly. I don't see what the problem would be with it. He obviously has the talent like shipp said. He needs to work on his mental focus. He is 19 years old. It would be hard to kick(arguably the position with the most pressure on one given play) with 60,000 + people in the stands and hundreds of thousands watching.
  5. Okay. Obviously he isn't the last one. He would get picked up if he didn't make it through the bucs camp. Teams likely sign them to one year contracts if it's is late after training camp. If he had a good year, we could pick him up as he would be a FA. Just agree to disagree.
  6. I'm not saying he is a top 3 kicker. But he has potential. He is young. If he gets cut this offseason. Signs a 1 year contract for a team in need of a kicker at some point next season, I would be happy to give him a shot. Better than using a draft pick.
  7. Yeah that was crazy. I don't think any kicker is worth a 2nd round pick. 5th round pick tops
  8. Maybe. But I'm sure the Front office has thought about it a little.
  9. You act like it's stupid. Gets us a kicker for the next 10 years. If Adam retires, we need a kicker. There is not any good kickers out there that will be available. People that don't think ahead of time are the ones that don't go places in life.
  10. Is it just me or is everyone else hoping if AV retires next year(I think he could play 3 more) that we pick up Robert Aguayo? He played bad his rookie year. But I think it was just him trying to adjust to the different atmosphere and all of the pressure. He is talented. He was drafted in the SECOND round in today's NFL. Rumors are he could very well be released by the Bucs.
  11. Yeah I haven't found anything. I sure hope we sign him. That would improve our defense a lot. Have one hard nosed run stopping ILB and one good in coverage in Spence.
  12. That doesn't take away from anything that he did. That is how a lot of players break out and become stars/great players. Not everyone starts off as a starter. I like this signing. He isn't anything fancy, but more reliable than Dorsett until Dorsett proves otherwise.
  13. I agree if it means giving up a 1st, but you wouldn't be stoked giving up a 3rd for Sherman? He is making 11 million a year which is actually low for corners in their second contracts nowadays.
  14. I agree with your statement that Luck isn't getting any younger and we would be hard to beat with the league! Luck wouldn't have to force things and we would be able to use play action even more. But I think the corners in the draft can start and be good their first year. Look at Jalen Ramsey. He was rated very well his first year. I think we will surprise some people if we get a top corner and an ILB in the draft(or Zach Brown).
  15. I agree. Why would we give up something to let them get someone that is projected to be a star for a lesser salary and 3-7 years younger. If we gave up a second, I'd be okay with that. Not a first.

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