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  1. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Lol figures. We are the only team in the league that would allow something like that
  2. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    The call didn't be bother me. The decision to let 16 seconds run off the clock and not call a timeout is what shows the terrible decision making IMO.
  3. Sign Bowman....

    I would love Bowman, but I don't think Ballard is interested in signing older vets. Althought Bowman could still play for 6 or 7 more years. Our ILB's are trash right now though so you never know!
  4. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    Or you could say, we dominated Arizona and Cleveland both in the first halfs. We were beating Seattle at halftime. We have shown we can start out hot, so potentially when we bring back Luck(arguably the league's best 2nd half QB). We could go 6-2 with him and if we are 4-4 at the time, 10-6 would make the playoffs.
  5. JB did really well....

    I'm more shocked that we took so long to make a trade for Brissett knowing Tolzien is not capable of leading a starting unit. If Brissett starts week 1, we have a chance. And week 2 we win because he has more time under his belt.
  6. Colts Inactives

    Who are we going to throw the ball to now? If Aiken is down, who is our No.3?
  7. Week 1 2017 NFL Power Rankings:Colts

    Cause they are someone else's opinions. It's always nice to be ranked high in the power rankings but they are meaningless.
  8. Are the Colts tanking?

    People need to remember, coaches see the players practice every day. We don't. I do not like Tolzien as our backup, but I really don't think Morris is a capable QB2 either. That is why we made a trade. If we traded someone like Mewhort or Hilton, then I would be worried we were tanking.
  9. I don't believe this has been posted yet, but we just got exactly what we needed. A big-time punter on the open market. I believe we should jump at this opportunity ASAP.
  10. Chappell's 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Why would we cut our fourth round pick? That's kind of a dumb prediction IMO. It isn't like he has played terribly. He wasn't expected to be a monster right out of the gate.
  11. Your 5 Surprising Cuts

    Rogers is not going to be cut and either is Melvin. Both too cheap and actually have value.
  12. Luck throwing 30 yards

    It's actually Luck's 6th year thank the Lord! I think he probably gets activated Wednesday and plays Week 2
  13. so no playoffs this year?

    I wonder what Browns fans have to say about their upcoming season every year
  14. When will Luck be taken off PUP?

  15. What would you do?

    I wouldn't listen to us fans that's for sure! lol the season hasn't even begun and you never know how the season could go. We started camp late this year, and we haven't had a lot of our core players playing yet. We have looked pitiful, but we can't really let two preseason games tear us down.