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  1. No it was the best pick. Idc who made it. Hooker was the right choice.
  2. Exactly. People want BPA. We get a top 5-8 talent fall to us, and they complain. Feuded and Kiper both aren't very good at judging defensive talent. Give Hooker a year and he is a top 5 FS. He has potential to be our bob sanders. Not as a hard hitter, but as a playmaker who can cover half the field.
  3. How can you complain? We all wanted BPA... Hooker was top 5 on some boards, rated top 10 on almost all boards, and we got him at 15. He is a monster coverage guy in the secondary.
  4. I'd like to agree. But I have no idea. I think he is the best coverage safety to come out in the last several years. He could be a stud. Our Eric Berry, Ed Reed type of safety potentially.
  5. I could see the first few weeks. But I doubt with his playmaking ability we sit him much.
  6. Yeah. We'll see. I hope they have him work hard this offseason and pre-season at his tackling angles. Curious as to what happens to TJ Green. Could we get a 4th for him?
  7. Will Hooker start over Butler Day 1?
  8. Put him in some Oklahoma drills and let Pagano work his magic.
  9. I think they all hate the Colts. Lol Hooker is a beast. I'm glad we got him. Great in coverage. Tackling can be worked on.
  10. Heck yes!!!!
  11. Same. Of course they go to commercial for the Colts pick!
  12. So happy about that. Too much value to trade down. Hooker, Foster, or Allen are all great picks here!
  13. If we take an offensive player like O.J. Howard or Lamp, I'm gonna blow up. Must get Hooker if available!
  14. That is who I've wanted. But with Lattimore available, I'd rather nab him. Both I'd be estatic about!
  15. To number 10 for Marshon Lattimore? He is a lock down corner. It never even crossed my mind that he would be here at 10.

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