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  1. I think that is all B.S. Tbh. They wouldn't even trade their number 3 pick to us, let alone their pick, Bradley, and Crowder. But if we got that deal, I'd be ecstatic. We could have Lance play point and sign Millsap to almost max and be competitive.
  2. True on the last part. But no I expect a pretty big contract by a team like St. Louis or Arizona. He has been getting first team reps all offseason and their whole team is shocked. I would be surprised if he got anything less than a 2/15 million deal
  3. I would say Luck, TY, Kelly, Mewhort, AV, Vontae, Gore, and Hankins are all locks to be starters day 1.
  4. Yeah I think so too. He will probably get 8 million a year and that's too much for us.
  5. Didn't expect that. He must not be as fast, or explosive as they believed he once was. Too much dead money to just suddenly release a player this late in the offseason. Doubt the Colts go after him due to the fact that many teams will compete to get him, and he is not the big receiver Moncrief is capable of being. Ravens, Saints, or any of the NFC West teams would be my guess.
  6. I would be surprised if we did worse than we did this year. I expect turner to take a huge leap forward. I expect him to average 18-20 PPG, 9 rebounds per game. I would not be disappointed if we brought back teague or George hill for that matter. Gordan Hayward will be available and I believe we have a good chance at getting him if he leaves. The celtics, pacers, or Oklahoma City would be my guess. I expect us to win around 50 games if we don downgrade by losing teague with no replacement.
  7. I must be more tired than I thought... it took me reading that 5 times to realize that he isn't getting paid below the rookie scale minimum, but rather "Under the contract of the rookie scale"
  8. Nice post. But man, it's not just a football game. It's a burning passion. This "game" is what we true Colts fans look forward to every week. Our passion that we post crazy posts on here every 10 minutes to kill a little extra time until football starts up again. A "game" that makes us upset when it's week 10 because we only have 6 or 7 more games left in the season. This "football game" is a passion. It's one of the most important things in my life. Yes, in a literal sense, it's just a football game. But in reality, no.... it's not.
  9. I take that as a good sign! Hopefully he's been staying up late watching tons of film and working on plays while eating chocolate chip cookies all night long.
  10. I think Banner is going to be a good Tackle/Guard in the NFL. Good/Harg and Clark may start this year but Banner is better than people give credit. I like him a lot with his size and Height. He would be nice to have him there lining up against some elite power rushers.
  11. What is the rule for them leaving? Can they leave a team under contract? Or in the executive or scouting department is it just like quitting a job for another one?
  12. I think it will probably be between Takkarist McKinley, Jonathan Allen, and Malik Hooker. You have to look at the defense the players are playing in that will allow them to have the stats to be DROY. McKinley will get a lot of chances due to attention being drawn to Vic Beasly and Deion Jones. Allen is going to be a tear in the middle. Hooker will have his chances due to our man to man scheme and allowing him to help out a lot over top. He will have his chances at getting a lot of interceptions.
  13. I'm not giving up on him. I just don't see how he gets moved to corner honestly. His biggest weakness IMO is being able to read the quarterback(track where the ball is going), and stay on the defender at the same time. That's what a cornerback does. Maybe he improves tremendously... I hope so. We invested an early third round pick in him. I also wouldn't be surprised if he is traded for a late round pick either. Not that I believe we are giving up on him, rather he has no shot at being a starter on our team.
  14. Right. I guess I can see why it would be thought that he could move to CB because we have so much competition at safety, and less at cornerback, but he is already a project. Nobody is worth wasting their whole rookie contract trying to teach that player how to play in the NFL correctly.
  15. My problem with that is, why move a safety that can't cover to CB?

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