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  1. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    ball moved but his hand is under the ball. No evidence that the ball hit the ground.
  2. 5 rule changes to consider

    Yes!. Have always thought it should be no timeout on a field goal after the play clock hits 10 seconds. Same thing, really.
  3. Double-digit losses

    Think they meant every season had either double digit wins or double digit losses. Never single digit of both wins and losses.
  4. If he was getting fired this week, it would have happened yesterday. Not going to happen next Monday (even after we make Peterman look like a Hall of Famer) because there is a short week with the Thursday game. I suppose it could happen on Friday after the Denver game if the Colts lose. This would make some sense, to add a little positive vibe to the last home game, and avoid potential derisive chants towards Chuck, which would be unfortunate.
  5. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Some things that could work against Eli are win pct at 110-100, and playoffs in only 6 of 14 years.
  6. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Thought that or SB's might have been it.
  7. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Where is this "zero interceptions in his post season career" coming from? Eli post season stats: 18 TD's, 9 INT's according to my research.
  8. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    True, CBE did not mention coaches. Also true that I never said Carroll or McCarthy were bad coaches.
  9. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Patriots without Brady = Still good Which means in the NFL there are plenty of average and below average coaches, and very few great coaches. You either stick with average for fear of hiring below average, or you move on from average in search of great. IMO, you keep searching for great.
  10. Starting to hate TD celebrations

    Reacting like a kid = spontaneous joy and excitement. Choreographed celebration = Hollywood.
  11. A random question

    Please don’t give Pagano and his staff any more trick play ideas.
  12. Coaches made Brisett play with concussion

    Save this line. It works in several other threads.
  13. Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    Last year the Colts played them tough, but several drives ended with the Steelers stopping us (or Tolzien screwing up) near the goal line. I expect it to be a close game.
  14. Vontae Davis

    RE: Wilson I would think seeing the players who are supposed to be behind you on the depth chart playing well in your absence would be motivation to "get your act together,"