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  1. coltsva

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    AFC East - Patriots, jets, bills, dolphins AFC North - Steelers, browns, ravens, bengals AFC South - Colts, texans, jaguars, titans (healthy Luck, healthy Watson) AFC West - Raiders, chiefs, chargers, broncos Wild Cards - Texans, Jaguars NFC East - Eagles, cowboys, giants, redskins NFC North - Bears, packers, vikings, lions NFC South - Falcons, panthers, saints, bucs NFC West - Rams, niners, seahawks, cardinals Wild cards - Cowboys, Niners
  2. coltsva

    Full NFL Regular Season Schedule

    The league is getting the Colts Monday night game out of the way during preseason (August 20).
  3. coltsva

    Season Tickets

    We always go to 1 preseason game as part of our summer vacation, and to check out our new seats(we upgrade a little every year). Wad paying above face value (about $30) because we were going to the best games and the ticket was a little more in demand. Kind of like this season when I sold Pitt game tickets for above face value. Also couldn’t go to the Denver game and sold tickets before the season for face value. Then it turned out we could go and bought club seats at upper deck price (yes, stubhub). I guess we’ve been lucky on how well it has all worked out.
  4. coltsva

    Season Tickets

    I’ve always been able to sell at face value or higher. The only ones that haven’t sold over the past 4 years are preseason game 4 (ugh), and one regular season game this past season.
  5. coltsva

    Colts 2018 Pre-Season Schedule

    Season tickets can be donated and written off as a charitable donation. They go to United Way of Central Indiana.
  6. coltsva

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    Just because we have a plan in place to rebuild this team (2,3,4 years, whatever) doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to win now or that we can’t win now. It just means some short term success isn’t going to change how we approach our long term team building plan. At least, I hope that’s what it means.
  7. coltsva

    About Ballard and Free Agency

    It's too long to list. Really just pointing out that getting additional picks, even in middle/late rounds, gives you more chances of hitting on a good player. It will rarely be a player at the level of the player who left, but some do pan out nicely.
  8. coltsva

    About Ballard and Free Agency

    I did a quick google of comp picks in rounds 4-7. Here are a few: Tom Brady Antoine Bethea Pierre Garcon La'Roi Glover Marques Colston Matt Hasselbeck Pat Tillman Josh Sitton Ahmad Bradshaw
  9. This is certainly possible,
  10. This could happen if the Browns think all the QB's are equal, but I have to think there is one (or two) that they value above the rest. Seems strange that the Browns would just say "we'll wait until pick 4 and take whoever the other teams leave us." Anything could happen, though.
  11. New England area is getting another snowstorm tomorrow, so perhaps.....?
  12. Just another reason why kids should listen to Brent Musburher and “start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with Pop.”
  13. coltsva

    What if Denver calls?

    Not Elway’s fault we were doormats for two decades. There were 6 future hall of famers drafted in the first round in 1983. Maybe we should have drafted one of the other 5. Marino, Kelly, Dickerson, Matthews, Green