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  1. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Wow, that is really an uncalled for cheap shot at the Three Stooges.
  2. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    I understand touch back is the correct call based on what they ruled with the fumble. Not disputing that at all. I, like others, just thought the possession or lack of possession as was decided, was incorrect.
  3. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    He lost the ball and got clear possession back before hitting the ground. TD!!!!
  4. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    In this era of the NFL, 5 years is continuity and your chance to get it done: Jeff Fisher - 16 years, no Super Bowl Marvin Lewis - 15 years, no Super Bowl Tony Dungy - (Bucs) 6 years, no Super Bowl Tom Coughlin - (Jacksonville), 8 years no Super Bowl Gary Kubiak - 8 years, no Super Bowl Teams prior season record Mike Tomlin - 11 years, won Super Bowl in 2nd year 8-8 Pete Carroll - 8 years, won Super Bowl in 4th year 5-11 Bill Belichick - 18 years, won Super Bowl 2nd year 8-8 Tony Dungy - (Colts) 7 years, won Super Bowl 5th year 6-10 Sean Payton - 11 years, won Super Bowl 4th year 3-13 Tom Coughlin - (Giants), 12 years, won Super Bowl 4th year 4-12 John Harbaugh - 10 years, won Super Bowl in 5th year 5-11 Chuck Pagano - 6th year, no Super Bowl. Maybe he'll do it with another team like Dungy and Coughlin, but recent history says if it doesn't happen in the first 5 years with a team, it's not going to happen. "Teams prior season record" is the year before the new coach took over.
  5. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    The problem is the coaches don't seem to know which players they can trust to make good decisions. 1. Bray had 10-20 yards of open field in front of him, but chose to throw. 2. The lateral/pass was covered, but Bray threw it anyway. It was a stroke of good fortune it wasn't intercepted or knocked down for a fumble. The play wasn't necessarily a poor call by the coaches, but like the infamous fake punt, the players involved weren't 100% prepared to execute it properly, or abort if the advantage wasn't there.
  6. I was surprised...

    Yep, Seattle says "we're kicking your butt, we're going to kick it some more." When the Colts saw him in shotgun they should have called an all out blitz. Send a message: "you can run up the score, but we're going to get a hit on your quarterback."
  7. 2nd Half

    Seattle lost 4 starters during the game, and the team got better as the game went on.
  8. Brissett vs Luck

    So Belichek has this guy that could replace Luck, and he trades him for Dorsett? Pretty sure if Brissett was a potential replacement for Luck that Bill B would have asked for Hilton, not Dorsett.
  9. Atlanta (-3) at Detroit (9-24-17)

    I would like to see a blow up of his leg/ground. Just as his leg appeared as if it was hitting the ground he stretched it out and up. It looked like it may have been lightly on the turf, but I think there was room for doubt about whether it was or not. Definitely need the enlarged view to see if there was space or not (which I hope the replay official looked at).
  10. Colts vs. Browns Prediction Thread (merged)...

    If you mean to pray for a victory, I agree, we could use all the help we can get. If you mean during the anthem, then I predict the loud booing will begin before the game even starts.
  11. Browns predictions

    So you're predicting a tie?
  12. Who likes a challenge? Defend Pagano

    Our 6th year head coach said "we were out coached" by a 31 year old rookie coach. I know it's coach speak and him taking the hit for his players, but sadly, it is true.
  13. MACK

    The way he cuts through the defense, I'll go with Mack the Knife.
  14. Looking forward to next year

    Just plug a few of the holes and we'll be back contending. Excited for the draft, free agency, and the start of a new season! On a side note: I was in favor of replacing Pagano, but after watching Shanahan and Quinn not know that 3 runs and a FG wins you the game, I can now see why Irsay felt Pagano was a better option than what else was out there.
  15. Season Ticket Renewal

    Renewing, and hoping several thousand don't so I can get a nice upgrade!