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  1. The way he cuts through the defense, I'll go with Mack the Knife.
  2. Just plug a few of the holes and we'll be back contending. Excited for the draft, free agency, and the start of a new season! On a side note: I was in favor of replacing Pagano, but after watching Shanahan and Quinn not know that 3 runs and a FG wins you the game, I can now see why Irsay felt Pagano was a better option than what else was out there.
  3. Renewing, and hoping several thousand don't so I can get a nice upgrade!
  4. I expect Davis to have a great season since he will be a 2018 UFA.
  5. So why can't we hire Toub as HC, bring in who he and Ballard want as DC, and keep Chud, Philbin and Schottenheimer on the offensive side?
  6. I find it hard to believe that Irsay would let his top candidate get away because he wants to give Pagano one more year. If you believe your new GM is the right guy to get your business back on top, then trust him enough to select the coach he believes can help get you there.
  7. And if it's Ballard he'll have all the Chiefs notes on players and the Colts notes on players. That would be interesting to compare.
  8. Where does it say Pagano has input on his hiring? Maybe it's for the new GM to get some opinion on Pagano and when/if hired they can give their input to Irsay on whether or not they want to keep him.
  9. I heard he wore a really ugly tie to his interview.
  10. I'll stop watching football when they peel the remote control from my cold, dead hands.
  11. Thanks for the information. If Raye had his hand in those players then kudos to him. That's more of what I was looking for from a candidate.
  12. Good, because of all the names listed as Raye being instrumental in bringing in (LT, Brees, Gates, Harrison, Good, Kerr) the only defensive player is Kerr, and that doesn't instill confidence in his ability to build a defense. I'm sure he's had his hand in other players, but I haven't seen any mentioned (although I have missed a few pages of this thread).
  13. Instead of "game winning drives" it would be nice to see "lead changing drives" in the last 5 minutes, to help factor in when you get your team the lead late in the game and the defense blows it.
  14. "It seems that Jim Irsay sees Ryan Grigson as the son he never had. He always desperately wanted a son." This just in....Grigson is fuming! He walked into Irsay's office and said "how can you offer Peyton Manning partial ownership but not your own son?"
  15. I've always felt Dorsett was picked as a reactionary move to the Colts/Patriots playoff game where the Pats stifled Hilton and Moncrief. It was like "okay, you double team Hilton and put your shut down corner on Moncrief, but how are you going to cover us when we have a 3rd guy who can fly too?"

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