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  1. Curious what we offered him if all he took was 8 mil. Unless we wouldn't do a one year deal.
  2. All this talk with other NT's makes me think Poe is no longer possible.
  3. "For the first time in his career he did not register a sack and finished with just 38 total tackles. The least amount since his rookie season. Since his back surgery in 2015, Poe has registered just 2.5 sacks." I was aware of the back issues and the fact that his year wasn't that great but I did not realize how bad it was. Makes me second guess the desire for Poe.
  4. I agree that is the plan and agree with Supe that he is still very green. He definitely does not command the onfield respect that Graham does though.
  5. Did you mean to write Tuesday? It is Tuesday.
  6. Wow! That's a yuuuuge difference from the 55m NFL Network reported.
  7. Is this taking the Allen trade into account?
  8. Hahahahahahahahahaha.
  9. Despite what the Gesatpo thinks this topic is very clearly worthy of its on thread. Sorry MikeC. Not only did your thread get shut down but the first 100 yard rusher was erased.
  10. Aaaaannnnnd NOW you can celebrate MikeC.
  11. It would be worth it for those two yards. Lol
  12. Oh!....Doyle Rules!!!!
  13. Gotta make sure you're the one to get that thread started though....
  14. A little premature aren't ya?
  15. I have been pretty lucky to have attended some memorable games. My favorite has to be the 2014 playoff game vs Kansas City. It was a fantastic game!. I was also at Peyton's first game here as a Bronco. When Mathis sacked him the stadium was LOUD! I was at the Packers game after Chuck was diagnosed with cancer and I also attended the 2005 playoff game vs Kansas City.

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