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  1. Introspect

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    Stand up man.... Don't wimper
  2. OMG Hope dude gets out of the game. Not worth it.
  3. Introspect

    We're #32!!!

    Wish it would happen but what part of "Rebuild" do you not understand. Check Webster's Online.
  4. Introspect

    Earl Grey

    Dungy is NOT the coach. The NFL is a violent business dude. This team needs NASTY. BALLARD AND FR agree
  5. Introspect

    Earl Grey

  6. Strange things on this site my man........
  7. The mods will shut you down dude..... be careful here
  8. Introspect

    Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    Doyle, Travis and Swoope..... Not too expensive and have amazing potential! Ballard says keep your own.. so lets do it. (at least with this position) Only so much of the ball to go around... Doyle and Travis can be workhorses out there in the redzone
  9. Introspect

    Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    ROSS TRAVIS can be a good player if given more snaps...Check out.... Doyle and Travis... I like these two
  10. We need to look for upgrades to the line. I believe the guys in house have talent but need to stay HEALTHY. And a offense that stresses quick passing can make any line look good.
  11. Introspect

    Colts FA - no news is good news

    Both players will not sign with us. I believe a majority of difference makers believe that statement in bold.
  12. THIS^ We are in REBUILD MODE. This is going to be a long 2018
  13. Introspect

    Colts FA - no news is good news

    Your post is close to truth. The truth is often SEEN but rarely HEARD. (People can see it with their own eyes but don't want to hear a person say it)
  14. Character assassination..... Not cool