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  1. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    Doyle, Travis and Swoope..... Not too expensive and have amazing potential! Ballard says keep your own.. so lets do it. (at least with this position) Only so much of the ball to go around... Doyle and Travis can be workhorses out there in the redzone
  2. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    ROSS TRAVIS can be a good player if given more snaps...Check out.... Doyle and Travis... I like these two
  3. We need to look for upgrades to the line. I believe the guys in house have talent but need to stay HEALTHY. And a offense that stresses quick passing can make any line look good.
  4. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Both players will not sign with us. I believe a majority of difference makers believe that statement in bold.
  5. THIS^ We are in REBUILD MODE. This is going to be a long 2018
  6. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Your post is close to truth. The truth is often SEEN but rarely HEARD. (People can see it with their own eyes but don't want to hear a person say it)
  7. Character assassination..... Not cool
  8. Our society has decided to base facts on generalizations..... It's a shame
  9. Colts FA - no news is good news

    I really believe this also. We are saving cap space and will not sign any player of value this year. I believe we will be top 5 of the 2019 NFL draft. Feel bad for Luck.
  10. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Go after the woman you want. The hottest in the room. They will get the attention of everyone in the room but if your game is strong it can be great for all involved. Just don't wait until 20 minutes before closing at 2am and fool yourself into believing "some good ones are left" Don't take the leftovers.
  11. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Glad to see another poster who sees things without the The Colts have the money.......
  12. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Not saying go all in.... Just say at least sit down at the table. We have the 4th largest amount of free agent money. Trust me, I don't think any of these GM's are fools.
  13. Colts FA - no news is good news

    I feel what you are saying but a free agent has proven he can cut it in the NFL. A draft pick can be a college star but it is a mystery if they can take their game up a level. The Super Bowl Champ Eagles are making moves and the worst team in the last 2 years is TRYING to make moves. We are sitting back like Peyton Manning is walking into the door. Scared money don't make none. The NFL is a casino....You can't just look at the other guys play at the poker table, you gotta sit sometimes at the big money table and play. Just my observation and opinion of a non-football professional
  14. What if Denver calls?

    Denver not calling...... Keenum signing Close Thread