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  1. Hilton and Moncrief

    Noticed the 3 catches for 68 yards also.BB will utilize Dorsett properly. So frustrating that good talent can't shine with us.
  2. Say What You Want

    The coach we need beat us today..... Luck and Arians can be at the level of Brees and Sean Payton...
  3. Say What You Want

    wth?? If Luck says he's a no go then he is......
  4. No reason to stress about this game...

    Don't state that cop out about refs and penalties. We are not a well coached team. Good teams rise above the sewage they create and are accountable for their own play. But if it helps you sleep better at night......
  5. Timeout

    Our future coach.. Arians, can win games with an over the hill QB. He's gonna luv coaching with Luck again!!
  6. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Why is Kap a jerk? And even if he is it doesn't mean he can't win. So only "nice guys" can ball?
  7. Mike & Mike Comments On The Colts First Game

    I want to believe that the Colts are NOT the worst team but I have a bad feeling that we are.
  8. Pagano will go back to the collegiate ranks. His RA RA will work with young players. And he will be successful at that level.
  9. ballards new defense

    Sadly the answer is ....... NO. This defense is 32nd in the league right now.
  10. Doyel: The Colts have no idea what they're doing

    This team was preparing for the wrong team in the last two weeks?? This guy is so clueless that he can't remember who kicked his tail! Just imagine what the players are thinking about regarding his in game decisions if his mind is so convoluted. Arians never should have been let out the door. Sympathy goes nowhere in the NFL.
  11. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    If this is true..... Pagano must go
  12. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    wth??!!!! This guy doesn't remember who just kicked his tail?
  13. Was Game One The Gauge For The Season?

    I hope not but I fear this team is a 6-10 team this year.