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  1. What are you smoking??
  2. That's all that is needed... We can be and need to be a mid-table defense. And as bad as we were last year, it is achievable.
  3. Some posters who are critical of TJG are praising Margus Hunt who we just signed. Hunt is a Shotput champ but "can break out with us". 5 years in? Seriously? Yet people want to write off a young, talent after 1 year? GTFOHWTBS
  4. wth Luck needs quality protection. Not experiments in front of him that will put him on the IR. We complained about protecting our franchise QB and you think this guy is a safe, quality option? If Luck saw this guy in front of him he should exercise his Trade Option and get the FUNK outta Dodge!
  5. You could say that about 50% of this team, That's why we finished 3rd in our division. Can't afford to be a developmental squad. JMHO
  6. Competition..... Looks like he was signed to push Andrew Luck. He must have a cannon for an arm! Hope Luck is ready for this challenge!!
  7. I really liked Kerr.... Brotha gotta do what he needs to in order to pay his bills. Good luck Blue Hen!!
  8. People are complaining that Pat had the "audacity" to speak out regarding a man who fostered a hostile work environment. A man should never be criticized for speaking up against something he feels is wrong. The fan base should be excited about this change but many NFL fans are willing to quietly be treated to a poor product and continue to shell out the dollars. This organization has been on a down slide for a couple of years now and Grigson was a major reason. LET US CELEBRATE A LITTLE! There is a light in the storm our beloved team has weathered.
  9. Everyone is so sensitive about words.... Get over it
  10. Bad coaching and scheming my friend. Belechick could coach these same players to a 15th ranked defense as opposed to a 31st ranked D. No need to buy it just look at the showroom floor.....
  11. I have said this consistently.... I'm glad you see this also. If Landon Collins had been drafted by this team and coaching staff, he would be talked like a wasted pick by fans on this board.
  12. And the HC is a defensive specialists? GTFOHWTBS
  13. I do.... I wish I could edit so it said "chud put me in a good flow". Coaches are not helping these guys. That's the point I was making. Heartbreaking
  14. You guys are right but I just have no faith in our management. I was listening to post game comments by Aaron Rodgers and he stated "I was off the first quarter and a half but Mike put me in a good flow". I was thinking has Andrew had a chance to say "Chuck put me in a good flow" ???

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