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  1. American Football Conference

    I will stop posting if people can't drop it and accept me as a different person. Goodbye.
  2. 5 rule changes to consider

    If sliding was banned, quarterbacks would be penalized for protecting themselves. You don't want that.
  3. 5 rule changes to consider

    My point is running backs never slide.
  4. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

  5. American Football Conference

    It's not. I'm serious. I honestly have no idea what anyone is talking about. Does amfootball still have an account? Update: I searched amfootball. She's a Senior Member with over 1,700 posts who joined in 2013 and a Patriots fan. I am even more confused now.
  6. American Football Conference

    In what way?
  7. American Football Conference

    What does that have to do with my post?
  8. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    The Jaguars should have missed the playoffs that year in the minds of everyone who does not bleed teal and black. If Morten Andersen's left leg had moved the right way . . . you know the rest.
  9. American Football Conference

    Are you saying New Orelans cheated to win a Super Bowl? Nobody ever said such a thing. Only the Patriots did it. And Jared Goff is not in any way like a rookie. He struggled as a rookie because his coaches were terrible. Playoff chokers is a topic worthy of its own thread.
  10. 5 rule changes to consider

    Where did you get that information? It was not on the NFL's rule changes agenda during the offeseason.
  11. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    I was thinking about a much earlier Broncos home playoff game. They were the #1 seed in the AFC and lost to a team that needed several miracles to clinch a playoff berth. That one was widely considered the biggest playoff upset since Super Bowl 3.
  12. National Football Conference

    Aaron Rodgers is officially back and will start Sunday. After 8 weeks off, however, he needs a Discount Double Check. The Packers forum is full of dreamers expecting Green Bay to get in if they win all three remaining games.
  13. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    If the Seahawks lose Sunday, they are all but out of it.
  14. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    I don't see it either, but stranger things have happened.
  15. American Football Conference

    If Kyle Van Noy could not keep a job in Cleveland, the dropoff should not have been that severe. He played for a while before his injury became too painful. The loss of Alan Branch was huge, especially happening in the first quarter. That's right, Jon Gruden did say one of the injured Patriots is a center.