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  1. Another winner of an article

    How about keeping Von Miler, Brandon Marshall, and Derek Wolfe in Denver? John Elway also is the guy who brought in Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, and Emmanuel Sanders. And don't forget John Fox led Denver to t he Super Bowl prior to Gary Kubiak winning it.
  2. National Football Conference

    So you think he would be more likely to score in Sacksonville (not a typo) if Baltimore makes the playoffs?
  3. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    CBE,what does any of that have to do with Eli starting more consecutive games than Peyton?
  4. National Football Conference

    Different animal in what way? His problem in the playoffs is he goes to New England.
  5. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Eli just passed his brother Peyton (pun not intended) for second on the all-time list. Joe Flacco's consecutive game streak ended with a torn knee ligament two years ago. He's also lucky to not miss more time because of his preseason back injury and a concussion.
  6. National Football Conference

    Deshaun Watson played half of Jacksonville's first game this season. The Jaguars could beat him a second time if the injury had not happened. If the playoffs were tomorrow, Jacksonville would host Baltimore. Guess who scored 44 points and shut out Joe Flacco in Week 4. I don't want to see purple birds in the playoffs, but if it happens the Jaguars should make it to Round 2.
  7. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Of course the Giants won't fire anyone before the calendar flips to 2018. Jerry Reese probably will be fired too since it is his fault the Giants are practically Odell Beckham and everyone else.
  8. RIP Terry Glenn

    For some reason that did not prevent Terry Glenn from following Bill Parcells to Dallas.
  9. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    Why should his seat be hotter than Ben McAdoo's seat?
  10. National Football Conference

    I expected Atlanta to win by double digits. Earl Thomas can't get healthy fast enough.
  11. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    No, most people expected the Falcons to lose their feathers. All offseason there was "Super Bowl hangover" chatter. It is not a predictable division, that's for sure.
  12. RIP Terry Glenn

    I read that on but can't find the link anymore. It is a shame people can only remember Terry Glenn for what he did wrong with the Patriots. He was a good player. As a huge Buckeyes fan from Columbus, I could see he was going to succeed in the NFL during his college career.
  13. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    No way are the 49ers firing Kyle Shanahan after one season. Jed York's goal was to hire a coach and GM who have a great working and personal relationship. They are in it for the long haul. The rumors about Hue Jackson being fired in 2018 are just that right now. It would be a big mistake for the team to give up on him after only two seasons because it is detrimental to the team when they have to keep learning new playbooks, especially young quarterbacks. Of course, the Giants job is guaranteed to be the first one vacated; there are reports swirling Ben McAdoo will not make it to New Year's Eve. He is the only boiling hot coach; the other losers can wait a few more weeks to worry about job security as the media tries to guess who will join McAdoo on the unemployment list.
  14. Teams That Did & Did Not Show In 2017

    The Raiders are a case of "If it's not broke, don't fix it." JDR should have kept Bill Musgrave as his OC. Ironically BM is going to face his former team in his fist game as Denver's interim OC after Mike McCoy was fired. Meanwhile every Broncos fan on the planet is probably mad at John Elway for hiring Vance Joseph, who he reportedly had a "man crush" on, instead of someone who has proven to be a natural leader of men everywhere he went. Both conferences have teams that went forward and backward. Look at the Jets, who most people thought were going to pay for the #1 pick. Many people laughed at the player (Muhammed Wilkerson IIRC) who guaranteed six wins. Also, the NFC South is upside down with the Buccaneers being terrible when everyone thought they were on the verge of a return to the postseason.
  15. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    I agree, Marcus Mariota is noticeably a better QB on multiple levels. Unfortunately for the Titans durability is not one of them. Coaches love to say the best ability is availability and Blake Bortles has that edge. They are both mobile QBs in the pocket who can run for first downs or to keep plays alive with two healthy legs. Mariota's better at decision making and throwing to teammates, but he also has a better offensive line. You have the Patriots and Steelers backwards. ATM Pittsburgh is #1 and New England is #2. I guess that is a result of their conference records.