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  1. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    The real question is, will Ebron be the one to throw the TD pass to Luck?
  2. Colts trade picks with jets

    That is a whale of trade. The Colts now have 4 top 50 picks. Including back to back at the top of the 2nd round.
  3. I will say this thread is hilarious. People saying things they think are unique and clever but it's the same o' things we've read for years on this and other Colts forums. I remember reading every off season how the teams in the division got better and the Colts got worse and how Polian needed to sign more FAs and the only ones he ever signed were 2nd and 3rd tier guys. It's almost like some people have their complaints saved as a word doc so they can change a name or two and cut and paste. Now, I don't know if Ballard's strategy is the right one or wrong one. Personally I don't have a problem with it. Under Grigs and Pagano the culture in Indy changed drastically, we saw over the last couple of years players quitting on the field, not giving that extra effort at the end of the games... things that never happened in the Polian/Manning/Dungy era. You don't change that culture by signing a lot of free agents and you definitely do change that culture by signing several high profile free agents. You change that culture by: defining the culture you want and then bring in players that buy into that culture. If they don't buy into the culture then, no matter how good of a player they are, they will do more damage than good. Luck is 28 years old, he has another 7-11 years in the NFL. Ballard has to make decisions for the next 7-11 years not this year and definitely not to appease some fans who want the Colts to "go all in" on multiple players when their original team did not think they were worth the money. I will end with this. Like many on this forum, I have been a football fan for a long long time, I've been a Colts fan since they moved to Indy. I met with and talked to several coaches during their time in Indy (thanks in large part to a cousin who knew the TEs coach back in the day) and the one thing I have learned for certain..... we fans know absolutely nothing about running an NFL franchise.
  4. This is the last I will say on the matter because it's just going in circles and you claim crazycolt is arguing against math and logic and that is exactly what you are doing. Cost of living is a real thing whether you make 50k/year or $6million. And the fact is, in the example if you make $3 million in Indy you would have to make $4million in Miami to maintain the same standard of living. Look up any salary comparison site you want. The player may not have to budget as much as someone making 50k but their money will still go away faster. Same as with the article you linked. They are looking at one aspect of living somewhere.
  5. Your math, while not flawed is incomplete. States with no income taxes not only have higher property taxes but they also have higher sale tax, higher taxes on things like license plates, driver licenses, higher taxes on utilities, higher gas taxes. If you do a salary comparison, a player making $3 million in Indy would have to make $3.2 mil in Tampa to have the same standard of living. In a place like Miami that player would have to earn over $4 million. So, like crazy Colt stated, the no state income tax will not play a factor in where a player chooses to go. Weather, night life, etc. that may.
  6. Let's not forget

    You mean like Samson Satele, Winston Justice, Mike McGlynn, Laron Landry adn Trent Richardson?
  7. Mike Pouncey

    He's only played a full season one time in the last 5 years. And his play hasn't been that great when he was on the field. No thanks, he's living off the past and his brother's reputation.
  8. Of his 45 catches last year, 29 went for first downs. That is pretty good. Ballard's approach seems to be similar to Polian's after his first couple of years with the Colts. Pick up FAs that are younger, have improved each year and are ready for that jump to starter. Grigson tried that as well with Art Jones and early it looked to be a good move but injuries were his downfall.
  9. I'm going to approach this from a different angle. I think Ballard is being smart, not just because the high profile FAs rarely turn out to live up to their FA hype but because I think when a new CBA is signed in 2020 the NFL is going to experience something it has not experienced before and that is a lowering of the salary cap. It's no secret that ratings in the NFL have dropped steadily the last two years, so I am betting that networks will not bid as much which means the salary cap will go down. So rather than setting the Colts up for a major purge in 2021, he's setting them up to make the transition fairly smoothly. Or maybe he just has not thought any of the FAs are worth the money. I also think that is why we are seeing more 3 year contracts this offseason.
  10. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    Come on really? I like the Swoope story as well and he is a hard worker and I hope he sticks with the Colts but since 2015: Swoope - 15 catches 297 yards 1 TD and Swoope is not much of a blocker. Ebron 161 catches 1,822 yards 10 TDs. And both players will be 25 when then the season starts. I can understand not wanting Ebron because he has not lived up to his draft hype or because he's over priced for a TE but to not want someone of Ebron's caliber because of Swoope or others that are even less accomplished, that makes no sense.
  11. Where is a report stating the Colts could be all in on Fluker? His oline coach from the Giants is now in Seattle... I'm guessing he will go to Seattle.
  12. In the old'n days they called that unemployed. *... now they want to retire BEFORE they even work... what is this world coming to? wow, talking about the flakes of snow that fall from the sky is censored now?
  13. Has Pouncy even played a full season the last few years? Hopefully Ballard is smart enough to NOT pursue him.
  14. Lions released TE Ebron

    Could be. I assuming Ebron will be a 2nd Tier free agent.
  15. Lions released TE Ebron

    I think think is someone the Colts should go after. Not as a replacement for Doyle but just as a complimentary TE. He's a good blocker, good receiver and has very good speed for the TE position. Never has lived up to his first round billing but would make an excellent TE2 with Doyle being TE1.