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  1. Ross Travis

    Awful lot of excitement for a guy that has played in 19 games with 6 starts and has 10 catches for 91 2 years in the league.
  2. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    So Hooker has a history of injuries. Geathers has a history of injuries Butler has a history of not being a good safety and somehow it's a good idea to trade away a guy that has proven to be a good safety without a history of injuries. Sorry, that does not make sense to me.
  3. Malik Hooker Update

    Butler was at the end of his line last year. Now he's like Wylie E. Coyote when he runs off a cliff.... he's just hanging there doing nothing for a period of time until he falls. I know I shouldn't pile on him, he was a good CB for a few years but he was a terrible safety fill in last year and he's even worse this year.
  4. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    I would not have been upset if they tried to get closer but I don't have a problem with what they did. Look at what they had to do for the extra point... they cleared the snow, then called a time out and cleared more snow. Since they were out of timeouts they would not have had that opportunity at any other spot on the field. And like your indicated a FG in a foot of snow is tough, if you already have the snow cleared it makes it that much easier. I would even go so far as to speculate that it was AV who said, if they can get him lined up in the same spot as the PAT that would be best.
  5. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    I thought the same thing at first and then I saw where they were. They spiked it so AV could line up in the same spot he just made the PAT. They didn't have to clear off the snow, AV had his approach lane clear, he knew the wind, etc. It gave the Colts the best shot of hitting the GWFG from that spot.
  6. Is a 4-3 similar to a tampa 2?

    True. And a lot of what makes a successful D is dependent on the primary offense being used in the NFL. For example the Cover 2 D was designed to go against the West Coast offense. So offenses started developing more plays that would find soft spots in zones. But those plays take a bit longer to develop so D's went with the 3-4 to get a bit more speed and flexibility for rushing the passer. So now offenses are adding the mobile QB to move the pocket and have an additional runner, so Ds are responding by getting more of the safety/LB tweeners and playing them in a rover type role.
  7. What happened to KC??

    You touched on several things. One they do have some oline issues. One Reid is no longer calling the offense. I don't know why. But the guy calling plays is not using their weapons correctly. For example, T. Hill does one of two things, he runs a deep route or he's used as a decoy on a fake end around. Hill is a good receiver and a good route runner, they need to use him more as a complete receiver. Same thing with Kelce. Kelce is a great TE but he's not going to run over a lot of tacklers, he's going to run past them. But instead of having him work between the hashes, they are using him as a blocker or trying that stupid shovel pass when he's right behind the center. But they need to start him off between the hashes and then have him do the double move to the outside. They take Hunt out on most passing downs now. He is not as good a blocker as West, so that is part of the reason. But the defense has been so bad lately, that they have to abandon consistently running the ball. Defensively. D. Johnson is not the sideline to sideline player he used to be, so the run defense is not as good. Sorenson is not as good in coverage as Berry and Berry was able to cover up some of the weakness at any CB not named Peters. And now Peters is still great in coverage but he doesn't want to tackle any more, he only tries to strip the ball and it leads to a lot of extra yards by the receiver.
  8. Is a 4-3 similar to a tampa 2?

    I am not doing this to be mean or a jerk. This is actually a good book to gain a base to mid level understanding of football. I'm becoming a fan of baseball and I bought the baseball version of this book and now I can talk with lifetime baseball fans. There is a lot to developing a D. the alignment on the front is just one of them. For example on my team I run a 3-3-5, single gap D with man coverage. So that means I have 3 down lineman, 3 LBers and 5 DBs (I have 3 safeties and 2 CBs). The single gap means that everyone who does not have a wr to cover has a specific gap to hit and control. But that is just the base D. When the situation calls for it, we can run a zone coverage from that and we can even run the Tampa 2 type zone where the CBs have the mid zone, 2 of the safeties have the deep half zone and another safety and an OLB have the short zone and the MIKE has the middle zone between the hashes. There is a lot that goes into to developing a D. The linked book can provide a lot of the answers. More so than we can do on a forum.
  9. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    True. That would not show up on the website. Still does not change the fact that the Colts are about average in the NFL when it comes to injuries... season ending injuries or otherwise.
  10. 4 for -25

    I'm so glad coltfreak has a fan that will stand up for his buddy. Haley is definitely an exception. And yes someone who has played has more football knowledge than someone who has not. And someone who has played has a better understanding that when you teach something it is not applied immediately on the field. Often times the player tries but, once again, when the bodies are flying they revert back to old habits.. And here is the proof that a coach does not just tell a player something and it's immediately put to use. Because that is why teams PRACTICE... every year. They have off season programs and training camps, all to get that repetition. Because that is the only way to develop the habits that will hold during a game. Like my old coach was fond of saying, "practice does not make perfect. perfect practice makes perfect and you have to practice a play a hundred times to get it perfect and then you have to practice it perfectly a hundred times to do it perfectly in a game." If all a coach had to do was say, you know you have a problem of holding the ball too long... that needs to stop." Then they would not have to practice. And that is why, during the season, you see incremental changes in young players and not big leaps it's because during the year they have very little time to practice fundamentals, they are implementing the game plan.
  11. 4 for -25

    I'm not assuming about your football playing nor Pagano's abilities. And, believe it or not, a website ranking does not change my opinion.
  12. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    So? The link was not complaints about field condition, it was players on IR. And over the last 5 years the Colts are about average in the NFL as far as players on IR.
  13. 4 for -25

    It's obvious from your posts.
  14. 4 for -25

    The time to make personnel/FO moves is not during the season. Especially when they all know they won't be with the Colts at the end of the year. Umm, actually yes, Chud's game plan has changed quite a bit over the past few weeks. The are more passing plays that have more WRs in that 5-10 yard range instead of having just a TE or back in that range all the receivers 12+ yards. Spoken like someone that has never played football. It's one thing to work on it at practice and another thing to do with the bodies flying. You say he could have saved sacks on half of them... so two plays. That you think from sitting on your coach he could have thrown away. That's worse crying about. But here is a number for you.... 10-64 that is the sacks and yards lost the first time the Colts played Jax. 2nd time was 4-25. That is quite a bit of improvement. How do you know Pagano is not Chud's headset asking him wth? If you don't see those things then it's because you refuse to see them not because they do not happen.
  15. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    Who are these 11 starters on IR? Luck Mewhort Simon Anderson Hooker Desir The rest Turbin Crossan Michael Winn Jackson Bray Bond Hogan Swoope