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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Some of the topics on this forum make it hard to remain a Colts fan, the whole guilt by association thing. Sometimes I open a thread and it feel like my IQ drops 20 points just by reading it (and it's not like I have a whole lot of spare points to give).
  2. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Oh my word. There is a difference between getting beat and there being more guys than can be blocked. And the play you are talking about with Casey, is the one that I mentioned where he looped to the inside and Clark was slow to slide over..
  3. How many yards will fournette have.

    The Colts did a pretty good job against the run. And allowing Henry to score may have been by design, the Colts had no chance to get the ball back, the only chance they had was to let TENN score. If Henry had been smart once he got to the 10 yard line he should have just fell down, but how do you tell a 2nd year player waiting for his break out game to do that? That being said Fournette will probably have 45 yards thru the first 3 quarters and then add 70 in the 4th quarter has the Colts go into a prevent D with a 3 point lead and 13 minutes left in the game.
  4. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Without watching the game again, there was not a time when a lineman was just beat by the other guy. There was a time when Titans ran a stunt and Clark was slow coming off the double team and didn't get position. Kelly got pushed into the ball carrier on another play but it wasn't by the guy he was blocking it was by someone else flowing to the play. Doyle did a poor job of pass blocking on a few occasions but that is not on the oline Once the Titans started blitzing, it wasn't the olineman that stopped communicating and broke down, it was the offensive play calling and Brissett not recognizing the blitz pre snap. brissett gets a pass because he's a young QB going up against one of the best DCs in the past 40 years. Chud does not get a pass.
  5. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    because Manochino is a horrible DC who thinks that jsut because something worked in the 1st quarter it will continue to work in the 4th qtr.
  6. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    That was not a designed play, it was a broken play.
  7. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Luke Rhodes is a lousy long snapper. They need to find someone to replace him or he will eventually cost the Colts a game
  8. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I'm not grading a player. Surroundings do not matter when you see him consistently miss on 8-12 yard out routes. Surroundings don't matter when you regularly see a QB throw the ball in double coverage and the replay shows there was a guy with single coverage. Surroundings don't matter when you can watch the QBs head and he just about always focuses on one half the field. 60% completion percentage is the threshhold for NFL QBs. Fall beneath that for a season and you are in a QB battle next training camp. Fall below it for multiple seasons and you find yourself on the street hoping a radio show or TV show will hire you.
  9. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I disagree with the premise that he is better than most back-ups and some starters. He is not a good QB and he lasted as long as most below average back-ups lasts... 5 years. The real truth is, if it weren't for Harbaugh, Kap would have been out of the a few years ago. The NFL is not really a place for QBs that can't read a defense, can't go through progressions, has accuracy issues and is mistake prone. I don't have time to go through all the QB, but I would be willing to bet there are no QBs in the league that have more than 5 years of starting experience and less than a 60% career completion percentage. Derek Anderson maybe because his early years were really bad and he played for the Browns.
  10. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I know I'm in the minority but I don't think Mariota is that good a QB. Which is too bad, from what I've seen and read he is a good guy and a good leader but as a QB he's average. He struggles to make a lot of NFL throws, mostly the 8-12 yard out routs and deep touch passes. He is good at improvising outside of the pocket, so if I were the Colts I would not really rush him too much, I'd just get enough up field to keep him in the pocket not to where he wants to run... force him to be a pocket QB where his accuracy his average at best. That also helps with no big gaps for the run game as well.
  11. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    Tuck rule call was worse. Same team. hmmmmmmmmm, interesting. I guess when the owner of an NFL franchise is also one of the NFL's biggest sponsors, certain adjustments need to be made by the officials.
  12. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    I bet the replay official in New York got a nice little bonus in an off shore account for that call.
  13. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    I think owners are in collusion against him. They have all agreed that when a player is universally bad, they will not sign them no matter how much they cry.
  14. Martavis Bryant requesting a trade out of Pittsburgh per Rappaport

    Why would the Colts want to swap a receiver for one that is about the same height, same weight, similar speed, nearly identical production but has a substance abuse problem and is one bad urine test from being out of the league for a year? Sometimes the things fans come up with make me shake my head in derision.
  15. Denzelle Good able to return this year?

    It's like my old coach used to say... practice does not make perfect... perfect practice makes perfect. Then he'd explain you have to do something 100+ times to get it perfect and then do it perfectly 100+ times to do it perfectly in a game. I don't know what Clark's deal is, from what I remember he didn't look too bad in the preseason this year but he does lack functional strength, he could be in perfect position on a defender and still get pushed backwards.