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  1. Coffeedrinker

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    The line did do better than a lot of fans think they were in the slightly above average category. Those that point to the sack numbers seem to forget there is more to oline play than not giving up sacks. They need to keep haeg out of the guard position and Vuj needs to be relegated to lineman for some other team. But overall they were not the worst oline in the league.
  2. Coffeedrinker

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    A new offensive system will make a difference but I disagree they have a similar skill set. I don't think Brissett is nearly as accurate on the short and medium routes (especially between the numbers), he presnap reads aren't as accurate and he's not as effective as a scrambler. Whereas QBs like Brady and Manning and Rogers and Roethlisberger and Wilson see to play better when the game is online, JB seemed to want to do too much and on more than one occassion had a bad play that was part of costing the Colts a game. He (JB) does have a strong arm, has a great deep ball and can throw that 8-12 yard out as well as anybody. He is also more of a risk taker than Luck which can be good and bad.
  3. Coffeedrinker

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    I'm in the same boat as you. He's a good backup but I would not want to rely on him for a full season or to try and pull something out in crunch time, he tends to crack in critical situations.
  4. Coffeedrinker

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Ok, do you expect journalism in 280 characters? She did say "heard it was very interesting" maybe she is trying to verify before reporting it... you know that thing they teach in journalism.
  5. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    I think so. Especially since I don't think Howard is very good.
  6. Coffeedrinker

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Do you really expect journalism in 144 characters?
  7. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    Good enough. See what I did there? He look good, not great. He has very nimble feet and a huge wingspan that made it tough for defenders to get around him. Strength is not his game but he's strong enough to handle most OLBs and DEs. He struggled when a defender has a good outside/inside move especially if the defender can do that move with power.
  8. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    Haeg played RT when Good was injured and Clark played RG. When Good played haeg slid inside to RG. Haeg was a better RT than he was RG but he struggled at both positions.
  9. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    Every game he played last year was at RT.
  10. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    I still think the Denzelle The Dancing Bear Good will be the starting RT this year.
  11. Coffeedrinker

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Who is Josina Anderson?
  12. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    He's probably thinking "Worst..... Internship..... ever...."
  13. Coffeedrinker

    Oline lineup

    I heard that was Turay, he spent his entire signing bonus at Golden Corral. He is a big boy. And it's not a good type of big.
  14. Coffeedrinker

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    It's pretty common practice for teams to test players on the offense, defense, STs. Dungy used to talk about giving players the game plan test that had to be turned on the Friday before the game. I thought stuff like this was pretty common knowledge.
  15. Coffeedrinker

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    All choices a person makes can affect friends and loved ones. If a person quits their job and cannot find another one what do they do? Bum money from friends or former co-workers? Pawn something valuable in their home? Steal something to sell? Sell the car and buy a cheap used one? Should the government make quitting your job illegal. (Yes it is a bit of extreme example but the impact to friends and loved ones can be exactly the same in both situations.