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  1. Pre-Game Shows Are Now Pathetic To Watch

    I know it is only Sunday night, but I genuinely enjoy Dungy and Harrison. At least you feel like you are talking about real football with them. OK, it doesn't hurt that I really like Dungy, but he and Harrison talk strategy, players, coaching, etc. Just interesting to watch BTW, so agree on Irvin. If I don't hit the mute button fast enough I get irritated. Can't stand to listen to him for a second. Too bad he tries to dominate the conversation, I like hearing what Mariucci has to say most of the time.
  2. Colts Make New Hire

    Did he pull his hamstring already?
  3. Joe Haeg

    Thought Haeg did OK, but just OK. Don't know what happened to Clark and Haeg this off season, but what a drop off from the end of last year. One of these guys needs to rise up and take that RT job for their own.
  4. Quincy Wilson. Great Playing, Bad Luck??

    Experience and growth is what turns near misses into passes defended and interceptions. Good things is, it looks like he competes hard and goes after it every play.
  5. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    It's an all out slam piece for sure, but it is troubling with a struggling O that our WR's, supposedly the healthiest, strongest piece of our O, are lacking. Lacking in performance as well as effort. Moncrief was nothing short of disgusting Sunday and Hilton just hasn't seemed to make it work. A little extra effort, some "we'll put in the work to get it right", would be appreciated. A swift kick in the butt is in order for that group. Wonder how much different they would be if indeed Peyton was still QB...
  6. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    Ridiculous to think a player would happily and purposefully sit out because his team is bad. If you have a competitive bone in your body, and that body can get out on the field and play, then you play.
  7. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    It could be worse, we could be underdogs to the Jets...
  8. Hilton and Moncrief

    At a time you need to step up and help the QB, Moncrief did everything but help quit on routes, dropped balls, short arms, etc- was almost shocked when he quit on one route, looked like he was running a phantom practice route instead of a game situation. That's character, effort issue. If you can't play hard then sit your butt on the bench. People saying "they are tired of losing", well with the amount of money these fools are making, giving best effort is the minimum (see Joe Thomas from Cleveland, losing his whole career, but man shows up and plays hard). By the way, he quit on that route while we were winning the game. Besides how do you know you are going to lose if you don't put forth the effort to win. That is a loser mentality. So if he wants to give half effort because he doesn't like his workplace, is he willing to take a half pay cut? Guy is getting paid, he should play like it. Give me hungry players over guys with potential but entitled character any day.
  9. We are facing a really good defense, but IMO our own running game is the key to keeping this close. Less of our defense on the field and less our newer QB has to think about and do. Pounding Gore, Mack & Turbin 30-35 runs would be great. BUT we can't get behind by mile by halftime either.
  10. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    Not sure if we are going to be remarkably better, but at least there is some hope. He does seem to bring a few new things to the table, particularly to push the ball down field some more. Git r' done JB!
  11. The rumor basically insinuates that Luck is a whiny, quitter who wants out because we are losing. Whoever came up with the moronic idea has never watched the man play. How many 4th quarter come backs has he led? How many times has he stood tall in the pocket to complete a pass despite the rush? How many times has he put his head down into a tackle to gain yards? Whoever started this rumor has probably never played a day of competitive sports in their life and has no idea what it is like to try to win something as a team. Which is why most sports talk celebrities aren't worth a cow patty to listen to.
  12. Looking for answers

    Not even close to SB contention, and from the OP's post, that is a disappointment coming off 2012. But that just shows the missed opportunity we had with Grigson and poor drafts and FA signings. Our talent level decreased and fast. What talent we do have, and I agree with several who have posted, is just not coached, schemed or used effectively. With a healthy Luck, Kelley, Davis- we are a better team, mainly I believe because of better leadership on the field. Making the calls, adjustments, etc. How much better, I don't know, but I don't think playoffs kind of better, not yet.
  13. Grades: Week 1 @ Rams

    In college they had a W-F, withdraw failing, where you left the class with a failing grade. I'd really like to give our coaching staff that grade.
  14. Where are we better This Year vs. Last Year

    Same question as last year on D- where are our playmakers? Who are going to be the difference makers, the impact players that we lacked last year? Simon has possibility, but not really known as a great pass rusher. Hooker has been invisible, not playing preseason and played only a few snaps Sunday, but hopefully can get healthy. Wilson, eh, not seen it so far. Our DL held the line, but little push in pass rush or TFL's. Not a lot to shout about, but Simon, Hooker and Wilson would be the guys I would pin my hopes on, as weak as they may be.
  15. Who likes a challenge? Defend Pagano

    I cannot defend his coaching or game management. The only thing I could say in his defense is that he has not exactly been handed overly talented rosters to play with.