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  1. As far as Dorsett goes, now that we are a couple of years in, it doesn't matter anymore where he was drafted. In this league your silver spoon doesn't last long, there aren't any privileged positions in the league anymore past the hoopla of the draft. It's put up or shut up. Right now he is just another guy on the roster competing for playing time- and if he gets beat out for reps, then that is on him.
  2. Considering our roster of ILB's currently has Edwin Jackson, 2 yrs Antonio Morrison, 1 yr Deon King, 1 yr (?? who that is) Luke Rhodes, 1 yr We need a veteran signing or 2 (or even 3). Can't imagine starting the season with a rookie draft pick and this group. Would be awesome to land Minter or Brown and pair them with say Reuben Foster, we might finally have some spine in the second level of our defense.
  3. First round- anything on the defensive side of the ball. Not an area we couldn't use talent and there will be a lot of options at 15. LB- Foster, Reddick CB- Conley or Tre'davious White Edge- Barnett, McKinley DL- Jonathan Allen S- Hooker
  4. Somebody help me out here, but wasn't Guy on our roster a couple of years ago? As far as my wishes, I think it will be a lean year on big signings, but if I had a "you pick two" right now... Jonathan Hankins Datone Jones
  5. Fair, but really inconsistent. Want to see him grow and improve, but we are halfway through the year and you just don't see the growth yet. Really want to see him develop second half of this year- we need it and he needs it. Would be great to see us have that strong core of G/C/G all playing well and growing together. I know everyone says time, time, but NFL is short-term league. You need too much time to develop, someone else is coming along to take your spot. Will happen to Good if he doesn't have more to offer soon.
  6. wouldn't have been out on the field much yesterday as they were playing Geathers in the LB spot to help with extra coverage. Jackson wasn't even out on the field very much. Morrison, as much as I like how he runs around with intent, just can't cover a RB or TE right now. Don't know if that will ever change.
  7. I agree with @runthepost Vontae is the only CB we have that is really capable, especially when we were playing a lot of man today. Not throwing any stones at Robinson or Melvin, thought they did pretty well for most of the game, but Vontae is one of the few, if not the only, game changer type player that we have on D. His absence makes a difference in what we can do.
  8. No doubt we played better today, especially coming off that turd we laid last week against KC. Easy to exceed expectations when expectations are nearly nil. But we made some good plays in all 3 phases- returns, key interception, needed completions. Where we have fallen apart in other games at key moments, we made the plays necessary in order to win. Celebrate the improvement and hope we build off of this.
  9. Melvin is a 4 year vet, spent time with Bucs, Ravens and Pats. Like it better when we sign guys with a little bit of NFL experience. Agree though, he played pretty well today and so did Robinson. Would help them all if we could get some kind of real pass rush.
  10. Really think Todman's return to open the game really helped us. Much needed jolt of momentum and spotted us a 7 point lead. D played pretty well, and thankfully the O came through in the end, we could not have given them the ball back again. Good game today, makes Monday much happier!
  11. Would have never believed this at 4:25p after the way we have played. Nice job fellas. Wasn't pretty, but got the job done.... and can we please see more of Todman please
  12. This looks so much like the Houston game it is scary, D plays well for 3 qtrs. then can't stop anything. O does well, then can't finish.
  13. Feel the ground coming out from underneath us again. Same script, same coaching that can't get it done, same players that can't close out a game should have won easily
  14. Refs hell, * poor defense when it matters- again. Too soft, no pass rush, missed tackles, wide open receivers.

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