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  1. Anytime I hear this team say it's not serious or day to day, its code for he will require surgery and be out 4-8 weeks. God it's frustrating not being able to hear the actual straight forward truth of an injury as a fan. Manning, Luck, Kelly and I'm sure I'm missing more.
  2. Oh no, you didn't come off wrong. I got your meaning lol. It was all good.
  3. I acknowledge that my way of thinking this out is irrational at best. I don't honestly believe the coaches would place him at 4 if he was slated for the second spot, I'm only hopeful they can tell a talent with potential and a talent with limited upside.
  4. Well let's just hope it is something. Either of us need to claim we are right on this season.
  5. I'd be willing to put money that no way in the world does Pagano get fired after the first few games and I'd doubt in this season but I will go on record (again) I do not like Pagano as a coach for this team, his instincts are awful and whatever or however he is teaching and planning has been horrific over his tenure. He is a good human being and humble man but he isn't NFL quality material as a head coach and I'm not even sure he would succeed somewhere as a DC these days. He piggybacked off of the dominate Baltimore defense with a super talented group with Ray Lewis playing. Maybe he can land a DB coach job somewhere after this or a college HC job someplace because unless there is a drastic change in this team over the year, he will not be here next season but I just can't see Irsay having a coaching change in season with Chuck. Afterwards I can but not in season and certainly not early.
  6. I am hoping here that the team already thinks Morris is going to be the back up QB to Luck when the season starts and are just making sure with Tolzein and then seeing if Walker is even worth a spot to the practice squad or if they need to search. However, knowing the team history and what moves they've made over the years of Pagano, I would highly doubt it. I fear they would cut a young Walter Peyton and keep Trent Richardson based on their evaluation of talent. Pagano and his assistants I think I likely to be looking for new homes next season unless the team has a large change in production and that is with or without Luck at the helm imo.
  7. Howard caught all the passes I seen go to him that were reasonable. He didn't embarrass himself out there that I recall. Bray is just a returner but a good one. If jo jo takes that spot and can play wr, Bray goes. What is the love for Aiken here? I've seen or heard nothing from him
  8. After reading articles from the Bills perspective, why would we trade a guy who was a 2nd round pick for our first round pick kid who seems to be withering on the teams depth chart. One of the articles I read suggested he may not even make the team if the trend continues like it is as he is on the 3rd string team right now and not seemingly a fit. This suggests we could even throw a 6th rd pick as trade offer with it being a conditional 5th perhaps if not a 7th with conditional 6th. The question becomes, do we need another thumper guy at the inside spot vs a guy who is able to cover more so than to stop the run? I don't think I would trade Dorsett for this guy if its possible the dude gets cut and we still have plans for Dorsett this season. Only the team knows what they feel is in Dorsett's future here and how he has handled himself during the offseason and in training camp. Has he improved his self from last season to this season on tape enough for Ballard to feel comfortable keeping him on the roster. If he doesn't, then maybe you look for a trade of players with him. Is Ragland the guy we can fit on the team and if so, which LB'er does he replace on the roster of 53? I honestly don't know the answer to the question here, what do the pros who live these position battle spots on here say?
  9. yeah, I think you are right on that. My error. conspiracy theory am I lol
  10. I did feel we would appear better before yesterdays dismal preseason opener. Many of the same issues have shown from the team as it has in the past. Undisciplined with 1 billion penalties, lacking in the tackling and wrap up and uninspiring offensive showing. Our 1,2,3 teams got outshined in each aspect imho and mop up time at least gave some aspect of outworking the other side of the field. Before I make an opinion on whether this is truly the team going forward or does this coaching and player combo make proper adjustments and come back with a much improved output in the next preseason game (win or lose who cares) will tell a lot about where this team really is moving forward. I remain very hopeful this team is a 10 win team in the making for the 2017 season.
  11. I will assume that game #2 will feature more PT from Morris and less from Waker in order to see a comparison of the two in playing time against live bullets. We all know there are practice warriors and gamers and each shine in those settings and not so much in the other. I will take the guy who shines in the game and less with the guy who only shines in practice where it doesn't count for anything. I don't know if either of these guys are gamers or not but one thing is clear, Tolzein has been awful to mediocre in practice from the reports and showed that same thing in real live action. If we don't have Luck back week one, it won't matter much who is at QB the way the offense looked yesterday. I am not ready though to say this team is doomed for the year and the offense is going to be horrible but I was disappointed in the product they put out yesterday.
  12. At private practices, he may very well be throwing with the first team. I don/t believe for a second these coaches believe even Luck or Manning could have an entire offseason away and come back with less than a week of practice to operate an NFL caliber team. If Luck isn't reported by next week as throwing with the team in practices, he isn't starting 1st week IMO, which would be horrific if we look this bad come week one.
  13. I completely agree. I liked Melvin as a #2 guy a lot last year and then sometimes he showed some flaws but overall, he was very solid for us when nobody else was. Similar things could have been been said about other guys I liked from my viewpoint 1. Doyle 2. Swoope 3. Rogers 4. A. Morrison 5. Jackson i like all of these guys and have really since seeing them. They just look like guys who will stick and be an above average player in this league with the right group around them (team concept I know). For our sake, I hope Quincy takes off for us this year but having Melvin here, I feel comfortable enough from what he has done last year to allow Quincy time to find his swagger and NFL skills.
  14. You can insert this but it's truly something that has to be considered during contract negotiations and if the team wants to take on the risk vs cap space. I sure hope he plays all 19 games this season and plays at a high level, not just out there trying to cover an injury so he can get paid.
  15. I think Chuck has always shown he gives his vets the benefit of doubt when it comes to pecking order and probably rightfully so. As the weeks evolve, Chuck has to set aside this vet loyalty and play the guy who is making the play and is disciplined on the field. I'm not worried who has "first team" reps in the first few weeks, it either elevates your rookies and makes them understand they have to work hard and earn the spot. It's a good thing until you play vets over rookies later on just because they are the vet.

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