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  1. I agree, I think it had to be a low first year that turned into a big contract based off of this year production. I didn't want him, I'm not impressed by his contract year play.
  2. I'm happy to see Butler back. I wouldn't have been upset with a 2 year contract with similar incentive driven type language put into it. If he hits whatever clauses he has in his contract and makes 4.5, he will have done an excellent job in his role and that's good for both. That means we probably do this again next year too if we don't get some new prospects at fs. Welcome back Butler, we have flexibility this season at FS and slot.
  3. From the games I seen out of Melvin, he will look quite a bit better with quicker and consistent pressure applied by our front. I like what Melvin showed out there last year, much better than what Robinson gave us by far. He could be one of the late bloomer cb's
  4. I'll just be happy to take play makers that have talent and stay on the field. A few to be starters out of the gate and a few more to push for time near the middle. I don't care what positions they are but they have to end up as starters this year or looking like next year for sure they will have progressed enough to give belief they can be starters for next year and beyond.
  5. I would like to see Butler come back to the team. Not sure what he is looking for but I could see him deserving of a contract similar to Williams Gay http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/darius-butler-5804/market-value/
  6. I wonder how things would be differently looked upon if the kids went to college and had to pay for it versus getting a scholarship and fully paid school degree? I would like to see something more done for these kids going to school and playing sports that bring in this big money but you are also getting a free education as well and if you don't make the NFL (more likely not to make the NFL) you have no debt coming out with that degree, that is worth a lot if you choose a wise career. If I were the schools, I would be putting in a clause that says if you don't play in the bowl games, not due to a real injury, you must pay back your scholarship money for all the college years. A voice of reason. You have to have a somewhat level playing field and a kid attending Florida state can get paid because the school has money but a kid going to middle central Florida tech School (don't know if it exists or not) can't get paid because that school just gets by enough to stay afloat most likely. If you start paying the kids for school sports, you may as well just have a spin off business from the NFL that has kids leave highschool and treat it like a trade school experience. You learn football to be a pro but you sure aren't guaranteed a job after graduation. Maybe the NFL trade school can develop this talent and kids don't have to attend a real college and fake trying to learn communications or marketing class while really only being smart enough to play a sport. IDK
  7. Happens every year. Sometimes they are right, most times they are not but either slither away from their comment or justify why a bust is valid because player X isn't a pro bowl player yet. Insane.
  8. I like Minter a lot. He is a being your lunch kinda guy.
  9. Dear lord there are a lot of super talent evaluators on here who know more than NFL scouts and analysts. It was said all along that Green was going to be raw but had so much ceiling that they were taking the risk. Analysts claimed he was a 2nd round talent and some iirc even mentioned late 1st. I for the life of me can't understand how so many on here get so anxious to be first in with pointing out a bust instead of waiting for at least the second year to see how he learns from NFL coaching and experience. 2 things you can't teach is speed and size so if his light switch comes on, it's a good thing to have. Let's see what his learning curve looks like by middle of the season to make a fast snap judgement.
  10. Just because a guy is rated too by scouts, the guys still have to mix with the team scheme and some kids play much better in the NFL than their draft status says they should after getting some big league coaching. I still think we are going with a pass rusher at #15 but if we can get the top lineman of the draft and plug them in to make the oline super stout, I'm fine with that decision.
  11. We will see soon enough I suppose where he is picked but Sidney is not on the same talent plane as Jaylon was predicted so I don't think he goes in the first 3 rounds but I could be wrong. I'd say late 4th or 5th round. There have been years where top round talents got injured and went undrafted before.
  12. No chance in heck should we take him with our 2nd and I'd cringe if we took him with our 3rd. If our defense was better set, maybe ok with a 3rd but that's hard to swallow for a prospect who has a few question marks on top of his injury.
  13. At least late 3rd but likely 4th or beyond. It wasn't like he was a special talent that screamed top 5 like we had with a couple last draft. I would absolutely take him with one of the 3 4th rounders we have. Would I take him with the 1st 4th though? No unless all my top guys were already taken. If Mixon is in play and we haven't taken a RB with that first 4th, i take Mixon but lots of defensive guys in this draft to choose from so anything could happen. I'm excited about the draft. I'm saddened for this kid though, gonna cost him a lot of cash in his first contract
  14. That's probably a really good comparison for the concern many of brought up. Simon PTSD concerns ughhhhh
  15. I can get behind that kind of deal, maybe even a 3 yr deal with escalators based on his production and inflating the looks of the deal (for ego sakes of high dollar deal) You don't just sign someone for the sake of a big name, you do it because they are a force. Being better than what we had isn't enough to sign a 12 million a year guy because our floor of what has been good enough was pretty low. We need a premiere guy. It a broken down expensive replacement ( if that's what his tape and doctor evals show). Time will tell.

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