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  1. I’ve wondered what it would take to grab Nelson at 6 and a move up if McGlinchey slides down to mid 20’s? i could also see the trade down and getting those 2 first round picks and another 2nd and then getting either Nelson if by chance he slid further or a top lb’er or cb and still have ability to grab the tackle mid 20 with plethora of 2nd round choices. Turn one of those picks into a next year first round as well. The team has all kinds of options if played right and the board falls right for us, that’s for for sure.
  2. Always a risk at the top or the bottom. You have to trust your talent evaluators and your process of investigating each player. Getting 4 guys near the top of the pile is better odds that one or two stand out than hoping your one guy at the top is the standout everyone hoped they would be from college careers.
  3. Pugh to Cards

    Have to wonder what that contract looks like. 5 years and chronic anything is bad for long term planning. Cherilous gave us what, 2 decent years and then poop? Team ate that bad contract so does Arizona structure it to cut after two years and gamble they can get two solid years from his chronic problem before the wheels fall off? The structure and guarantee will tell how good 45 million dollars is for a Contract. I’m on the train of pass at 9 million a year too.
  4. Whether or not Ballard has taken the correct approach is yet to be seen. What we can say is all theee of the other teams in the division have become better in the offseason on paper. I sure thought we would do something as well. Time is going to tell here.
  5. I’d agree with this statement unless Melvin and his agent have grossly overestimated his playing value. Does anyone know who his agent is?
  6. Blackout Policy

    We’ve held tickets since 95 and we have released them as of this season. 1. Just have too much going on with my girls to give up an entire day to drive to Indy and then get back home, it’s an entire day from 10am to roughly 8pm. 2. The way they drug out last season and how they’ve made it appear that Luck would be ready by the start of last season, then a few games in and then up until the last 4 games when they came clean. Didn’t like how they handled that. 3. The Pagano era was a big reason why this team is a wreck and Griggson but they kept Pagano in the face of his inept ability to run the team and now we have to rebuild again. 4. The kneeling on the team and across the league. This made it final for me with all the other things. The league just isn’t as fun as it was a few years back either. Maybe it’s losing that makes it feel that way too but the poor officiating and flags for touching any QB named Brady. Maybe ill watch more games this year but i shut them off after they continued to kneel. I want zero politics in games, none!
  7. I want to say they can roll over a certain amount but in a 3 year span, they must spend a certain % of dollars. Something like that anyways.
  8. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I’m betting that we are trading back and taking a lb’er and then maybe a tackle or Nelson if he were available by some odd miracle. If Ballard likes the pick, who am I to argue with his choices until we start seeing a pattern of bad picks or something coming from CB. I’m giving him the benefit of doubt this season to see what last year and this year brings to the table. After this season, he officially has a track record to start judging by
  9. I don’t know much about the players tbh but from all others accounts, I’m really hoping that Wynn falls into our second pick but many boards have him into the first round. As for Norwell, maybe we get him or maybe not but we need to get a top FA on that online and this kid has all the pieces of a star for another 5+ years. I say make the deal, we have the cash and the cap.
  10. If we didn’t keep Davis because of age and injury, we won’t take on Sherman either as it goes against CB make up of a team. No bigger ticket older players coming off an injury is needed. I’d pass too.
  11. I’m an old fart who watched all of those Manning to Marvin games and while I don’t disagree that those were some of the greatest years I’ve seen as a fan, I think if we were able to place TY into the same system/era, I think we may all be sitting here saying similar things about Ty vs Marvin if the years were swapped around. I dont recall seeing anyone here say anything that wasnt true about either guy. TY has succeeded quite well with the limited threats this team has had and there is no dispute that Marvin had a much much better cast around him than TY has had so far. If only we could give TY a similar running threat that Marvin had, I’m not sure this thread even exists. It’s quite possible though to believe that both Marvin and TY are pretty good players in their years.
  12. LOl. Super awesome rebuttal on the topic. Shows your superior talent of all that knowledge you are carrying. Btw, read the post I made and try to comprehend it first before you make such stupid replies depicting someone having lack of knowledge. My lord!
  13. I understand clearly. These are my opinions, not intended that my expectations are that Irsay read my comments and say, this guy makes a solid point, CB, go sign these two guys and send this poster a thank You package for his brilliant mind and ideas on building our team. Seriously dude, c’mon! As for CB saying he will or won’t be building a team by spending big in FA, please show me a GM out there that says I want to build my team by spending big money on other teams FA’s and not by building and growing through the draft. They all say this same thing and then some of these same guys go pay Albert Haynesworth to a 100+ million dollar contract. CB doesn’t have enough history as a GM to say he will or won’t buy big in a targeted FA player. IMO, any GM with the cap space, the owner with money and desire and the right player to fit his talent criteria and need, he will make that buy if those things match, regardless of what he says in public. Now, if after this year he passes up on these top guys for huge money that match up our need and we have the cap space, then we start to have a pattern of how he truly handles the FA signings.
  14. I would not be upset to see us pay top dollar for Norwell and get Hitchens as well. Still have to address our CB free agents too but I’m not certain why paying Norwell big money is any more of an issue if he was currently a FA under our own roof and had to pay him. By all accounts he is the best FA linemen out there and he fits our biggest need. Treat him as our own FA who opted to test the market and pay him. These guys don’t give hometown discounts that matter much anyone, they all get paid at or above the market level. This forum would explode if Norwell was our draft pick guy and we let him go to another team because they offered the ransom he is about to get somewhere. Pay him.