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  1. The good and bad of this defense list is that we currently aren't sure if we truly have any pro bowlers, let alone 3. The good part of it though is that we have potential in several of the guys upfront on the line, a rejuvenated Davis with helpers and unknowns in the lb'rs and the db's that aren't named Davis. It could either go terribly wrong this season and the guys don't gel or it could be blissful and turn around a defunct defense into a thriving monster. A solid RT and RG combo puts our offense off the charts imo so the stars that could come from that side won't be a shocker if it's lost is way longer.
  2. May cost a few more $$ but I will highly assume the coaches pretty well have an idea of the shape of their team before this final cut day. It does however give these fringe guys a little bit more time to have a few "wow" film episodes or ability to show they are getting it down but was slower that the last guy to pick it up. It's a good start
  3. If owners were smarter, they would implement a bigger opening day roster with all of them being able to play along with the ability to use a designated 2-4 week injury tag, much like MLB and the 7 and 14 day DL list, for specific injuries and have independent reviews to ensure the designation isn't being abused. With guys faster, bigger and so many more injuries, how many times do teams have to send injured guys back in because the replacement to the replacement got injured and now that first injured guy isn't playing the next 6 weeks because of increasing the injury. Maybe the league increases the practice squad team and allow 2 of those guys to be designated for safety, meaning another team can't poach that player unless they are giving a guaranteed long term (1+ years) rostered place on that team. Maybe even allowing the PS team to travel with the team and play in the event a 2nd player at a position is injured. Seemed the league could do so much more understanding these guys are bigger, faster and stronger (and not as tough as the men of the 70's era and before imo). Since the teams dont have development leagues really to go pull from the minor leagues and still compete at a high level, they are forcing athletes from their couch to come in and replace a starter with 4-5 days of playbook practice and we wonder why the league is leveling off in viewership etc...
  4. Well, on paper, it's always possible. The things that have to happen is: 1. Players have to play as they are hyped up to be. 2. Rookies have to come in and pan out like we envisioned they to be. 3. Can't afford injuries, especially in the back end of the defense. 4. We will absolutely have to develope our pass rush 200% better than last season. 5. Everyone has to gel together and play on the same page. 6. Defensive coordinator has to adjust his schemes to his personnel better. Same can be true about all teams. The number 1 defense last year could be #22 this season with losses of FA guys and new replacements not panning out as well as an injury to a key guy/s. another aspect of having a successful defense is having an offense that can score and stay on the field long enough to give the defense a rest. If we go 3 and out too often, I don't care what stars we have, they will get tired and less effective and prone to an injury. If our offense can dictate the game plan of the other team ( making them catch us not us catch them) our defense can certainly be successful and improve in the top part of the defensive standings.
  5. Reasons are as follows: 1. It was a Griggson pick 2. He was a high draft pick 3. Ballard can draft way better than Griggson 4. All of Ballards picks will be superior to all Griggson picks 5. It was a Griggson pick 6. It was a Griggson pick 7. It was a Griggson pick So many people here just can't seem to understand that the guy was chosen for his potential, right or wrong. Ballard took 2 of those guys in this draft and you could argue that he took 3-4 maybe. What if those guys stink it up in their first year? Do we cast those guys aside after one year as well and claim Ballard has no clue what he is drafting? There is no doubt that Green struggled but quite honestly, who in that secondary didn't last season? With his size/speed combo, there is no way he gets cut loose because of one season of poor play. Now if he cleans some up in preseason and shows he has studied and growth, he will continue on the team. If he appears he is still lost and no growth, he goes strictly to special teams and evaluated after the 2nd season. He is no worse of a player than some 6th rounder they give a couple years on the team as depth and special teams. He may or may not make the team long term but most here think he is a poor player because he was a Griggson pick and didn't make the pro bowl after his first year even though the team tempered expectations right after he was drafted as a high ceiling developmental player taken in a higher round. If he was a 7th rounder, nobody would have blinked an eye and would have said he struggled but he was a 7th rounder, give him another year with that size/speed ratio. A pick is a pick once on the team and it doesn't matter where they were drafted, they are just players after that. Where you differ their value is once they get on that 2nd contract. If the guy is a Griggson player and he just got signed to a 5yr 60 million dollar contract and he stunk it up last season, he gets a serious look as to whether he is cuttable or not because of his production. Draft picks should get more than 1 season to see how they develop.
  6. I'm am certainly excited to see what, if anything, this big kid can do against top competition. The good sign is that a few other guys came from smaller schools have made the leap at this position. His size is not in question, only his technique and experiences. If he is a sponge to NFL coaching and can learn NFL schemes, there is absolutely zero reason why this kid can't become elite talent.
  7. For certain: 1. TY 2. Moncreif most likely 3. Dorsett 4. Aiken Sketchy 5. Chester Rogers 6. Quan Bray 7. T. Smith i think we keep 5 wr's on the active squad, especially if one of the rb's can take on the return/punt duties.
  8. If we pick that high, without a trade up, this team will no doubt have bigger talking points when making this pick. Things like, I wonder how much influence the new head coach of the Colts had on this pick.
  9. I honestly believe that Moncrief needs to have a season that exceeds what he has done so far. If he doesn't provide actual proof he can be that difference maker type of player then it's time to use that money on other players and move on from ones who have that high potential label but haven't yet realized it yet. I like Moncrief but at some point you have to kill it to keep playing. We know his agent will spin it that he is producing #1 stats and needs big money. Can't give that if he doesn't break out this year. Average stats are not enough.
  10. It could be argued that Sheard is overrated and Simon is the one who is underrated. I'm just a tad concerned with what we will get from Sheard. I hope they both hit well together and our defense is transformed.
  11. I am intrigued to see if the team can make anything out of Banner. You just can't teach that type of size. His wing span is enormous. If he can learn better techniques in pass protection as a RG, him and Clark could be quite a force on that right side for sometime. Basham would be next in line and then Stewart. 3 project guys with a whole lot of upside at spots we really need to hit on with someone.
  12. Bumped into and shook Polians hand once in a bar in Terre haute while the colts were at camp. We.m bought their table a round and at the same time, he bought our table a round. Tipped our bottles at one another and moved on.
  13. I could very well have picked other posts here so I'm not singling you out. The people on this forum saying this is a wasted pick has ZERO credibility here unless you scout for the NFL for a living. So please, as you post how this guy or that guy is a wasted pick at ___ , please post your scouting experience and which NFL club you've helped pick what player. You don't have the access these guys have, you don't have the talent these guys have, you don't have the experience these guys have and for you armchair talent evaluators to say anyone is a waste and they should have chosen the guy with way better talent is utterly ridiculous and you come off looking like the guy who knows everything (of course after the fact) but really knows little. So the players picked may not pan out but I'd trust these guys, with all the info and access at their fingertips, have much better chances to choose a guy that fits their plans than any of us on this forum. Now to say say I like _____ because he has played better from what I've seen at pass blocking or run blocking or whatever you've seen vs the guy the colts picked, maybe you have a bit more credibility to say such blanketed statements of who is a wasted pick. Nobody in the 4th round down is a wasted pick because they all have blemishes and you never know if they can hide or change those blemishes with better coaching. Just please stop acting like you are a NFL talent evaluator and are better at it than they are because high chances that you are not. Just enjoy being a fan.
  14. Probably 2012 when eventual GM of the year Grigson picked Luck and then Fleener.
  15. Now I would be all up to take the injured cb who was a top 5 pick and stash him for next season. Learn in class, weight room and conditioning for 2018. We would have a very very solid group of cb's for the 4 years at least.

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