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  1. Jdubu

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    I’m lucky I didn’t kill myself. Playing on high speed jet skis, flipped it or something doing 50+ and popped my face and fractured the pelvis and tore 2 muscles off the bone. Pretty ugly and uncomfortable but likely no rougher than a broken hip. Yours was likely at a youthful age, mine was in my 40’s and old enough to know better lol
  2. Jdubu

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    I once had surgery to repair a fractured pelvis that had some screws and a plate added. Now generally, many doctors will have you toe touch weight bearing and then gradually increase your weight until 6-8 weeks are up and then walk normal. This surgeon decided he uses a 6 weeks no weight bearing on the affected side and then full weight after an exam and on to physical therapy for strength. His belief was to fully heal the bone and give it no chance of Re fracturing by guessing is this 50% weight or 75%? I’d guess Luck throwing weighted balls is similar. This therapy plan calls for something different than what we think is the norm but could be very effective for the long term prognosis.
  3. Jdubu

    Malik Hooker Update

    Be careful when asking for a hooker in the store lmao!!
  4. Jdubu

    PFF analysis of Indy's draft picks

    I just wonder what the pundits and second guessers would say if all the draft picks overachieved their draft pick placement and Nelson busted? Scheme fit and need imo will always Trump a superstar potential who gets put on a poor fit team. For example, had this team drafted Freeney (by having the knowledge of what he did for this team) into a 3-4 scheme, would he have been the successful player he was for us in the 4-3? We know he can’t cover but could get to the qb. We know he wasn’t a great run defender but again, could get to the qb. So my point is if CB drafted all of these kids for fitting his scheme and they (pundits) had other kids who “rated” higher on many other talent evaluators, I’d say CB should come out looking like the draft whisperer. Patriots have always picked guys who fit their scheme not necessarily the guy who is sitting there with a huge grade by pundits and it makes their team solid and productive. I think we will be alright and who cares if they are considered teaches or steals, a productive team is what counts.
  5. Jdubu

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    Is this camp just for the rookies and first year pick up free agent players? I’ll only r get back to last year when the brass was talking up the defense and how stout the oline was (online is fixed comment) only to see a garbage oline and still very little pass rush. Let’s hope, and I believe, the oline will be fixed this season for the next few years at least anyways.
  6. Jdubu

    Waiver Wire Pick-Ups & 1 Year Contracts

    Very good point. All those fringe players that teams would hope to get on their PS at the end of camp or the type you spoke of. Should have some decent choices sooner or later and hopefully this point has been made in the locker room somehow that nobody’s jobs are safe and don’t be the guy who makes it easy on a coach to swap you out.
  7. Until they get into an nfl game, every pick is a prospect with potential to bust or blow the roof off. Of course everyone on a discussion board has their opinions of who who have been picked or where they got picked or even what position we picked but that what this place is for, discussion. I like your passion for it but at this point, I’m hopeful that him and every other player we picked balls out hard because it means we’ve improved greatly. Let’s hope this kid is a prow bowler and can later get him into our ROH when he retires. I’m not a scout so I’ll trust whoever the team picks. I remember back in the day when Polian chose Edge over Ricky and I thought who in the heck is this kid and we passed on the great Ricky for this kid. I know many thought Polian had lost his mind and turns out, he was right. I’ll trust the team picking, not that I won’t have my favorites, but they have so much more info on what these kids bring than we do.
  8. Jdubu

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    BTM= big topped momma
  9. Jdubu

    Supes 2018 draft analysis

    Not a criticism of your post but a comment. I keep seeing people referring to guard as a diminished value pick over others yet we have seen the price for a top guard go 13+ million/season in free agency now. I think guards are as valuable now as many tackles are and sometimes even more if a team wants to run up the middle and have pass rushers stay out of an up the middle pass rush. I’m fine with getting the guy who solidified a huge weak spot on our team for the next 10+ years and protecting Luck who desperately needs protection. Another point is, Nelson will give us 5 years at a very nice but reasonable contract where as getting this type of guard in FA would have been 13+ as we’ve seen this year in FA. If we could have been as guaranteed that the top pass rusher this year was as much of a lock as the top guard was, I’d say it was a mistake. However, Chubb has constantly been considered just the best passrusher in this years draft, not the generational type of pass rusher every team hopes is there when they draft high and don’t need a QB. I’m fine with a safe sure fire pick that’s considered a top 3 pick in the entire draft and get additional players in the deal with 3 other high picks. That’s super great value.
  10. Jdubu

    Way too early 53 man roster

    Very solid point but we could also say the same thing for CB, and oline and as you pointed out, lb’er and WR are areas where we don’t know just what we got. Talented kids with lack of experience and the change in scheme also makes the vets of the team concerning as to how they adjust to it. I thought your list matches mine quite well though. Nice job!
  11. Jdubu

    Way too early 53 man roster

    I think under the paper roster we have currently this is pretty close to how I see it as well. I do think we carry 4 TE’s though seeing as CB wants to run a two TE scheme more. Not sure if the spot is created by only having 5 wr’s or 1 less lb’er spot though. When does the Colts update a roster depth chart anyway?
  12. Jdubu

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    If Luck comes back as well as he was before his injury that put him out for a season and a half (and that’s a huge real question mark) there is no way this team doesn’t go at the very least 9-7 and quite honestly, with this schedule, we could pull out an 11-5 record. Everything this team can be 100% hinges on a Healthy Luck no doubt about it. Everything else we have on this team, with the real Luck playing, gives this team the chance to see 11-5 because we’ve seen worse teams on the field and we played up to a championship game opportunity. Ill call you out as a great poster with knowledge if we hit 5-11 or worse this season.
  13. Jdubu

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    I can agree with much of this post. I will say however, the DT spot is the least of my worries on the team. I think everyone on this board (pretty much) can agree that 100% of the teams success is dependent on Luck returning as a healthy passer and shaking off the rust quickly. After that, my list of positives and negatives are this strengths to weakness 1. TE’s 2. Safety 3. Oline (appears to be) 4. K 5. P 6. DT 7. RB 8. WR 9. CB 10. DE 11. LB once we get to the RB spot and down, we have one solid piece into it such as Mack, TY, Wilson and then who is going to apply the pressure from the DE and LB spot and will we have the lb’er to cover the rb or TE over the middle for a change? The oline at least appears to only have a question mark (on paper) over the RT position and that uncertainty will be a welcome change from the seasons of past where we didn’t know 3-4 of the positions being solid on that line. Scheme will be a huge change for the success in offense and can a first time set of HC, OC and DC make solid game plans against teams with proven track record coaches and superior players opposite of them? While we have added several new players with lots of upside, nobody knows what we have until at least the first time they practice in a meaningful way against competition. I’m moderately excited though.
  14. Jdubu

    The dreaded screen pass

    What I remember out of this running game is that IF we managed a run that netted 10+ yards, we hurried up and tried it again, often for a loss or minimal game. This team had too many tendencies for a professional defensive coordinator not to exploit. Let’s hope the new regime is much better
  15. Jdubu

    The dreaded screen pass

    PAP will be great to see again as well but no, I was talking about the screen pass. We had not been good at all with screens, defending them or creating them for quite some time now. Krunk said we were good last season at it but I didn’t watch the game last season.