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  1. Why isn't Vontae Davis in press man?

    I honestly can't tell what this defense has tried to become over the time Pagano has been here, regardless of who is D.C. We get players who are supposed to excel at a specific task and we bring them in and change them into a scheme not strong suited for them. I can't ever understand how they use their cb's most of the time. It just seems everything they do is more reactive as opposed to planning and pressing. I've always hated those give ups of 20+ yard 3rd downs. It's almost like teams have some inside knowledge of where the defense will line up and where their drops will be and able to make the correct calls to get 20 yard gains with seemingly a high % rate. It's sick.
  2. Injury Report 9/20/17

    I agree. We have some talent, but we've all seen that talent before only to see injury take it away and render them average or they come back the following season and they are like a totally different person without the same talent. I do like what we get to see from these young players right now and the FA pickups mostly. I hope they keep shining.
  3. Injury Report 9/20/17

    THe vets probably showing the young kids how to slack off. Just claim injuring and our soft staff let's you sit but you still get paid. Important to only really play in your last year and get a big contract then sit all over again. This team is lacking in toughness. I don't get it. The league is generally lacking but our team seems to find an excuse to sit out. I'm getting really frustrated with football anymore, it's becoming less enjoyable to watch.
  4. Jacoby Brissett & Philip Dorsett

    Reggie Wayne has said it in the past so it's not like it doesn't happen. From the throw I seen he quit on, it certainly seemed like he honestly didn't see the ball from my seats anyway. Maybe there was other throws or routes I wasn't watching that he failed on but the one throw, I felt he honestly just didn't track the ball. Can't excuse the drops that hit his hands though, those were awful.
  5. Jacoby Brissett & Philip Dorsett

    Pagano needs to make Moncreif understand that he can't half play his route at any point during the games. If I were coaching and I had players half dogging it out there, the next game, I would make him a healthy scratch and announce these in the team meetings so if the team lost because the replacement wasn't as good or capable, you now get to look at the healthy scratch guy as a team and hold him accountable as a team, not just from the coach. Bring up the guy who was cut and just brought back. Make a statement. At this point though, I do believe this team knows Chuck is nothing more than a seat holder for whatever time he has left here because short of a miracle and team turnaround, Chuck will be fired no later than the seasons end.
  6. This needs to be said...

    Well, if the player is able to stay on the roster (PS) for 16 weeks, they would make $115,000/yr and Ill assume that comes with benefits as well. A bit more than the avg guy getting out of college unless your going to a college for a living degree versus a football degree. These guys get to make the choices of going for playing a game and hoping to make it into the NFL, so many more don't than those that do and they have to live with the choice they make. How many years do these guys have to linger on a team either PS or 53 man roster in order to qualify for a pension and health benefits? 3 maybe 5 years? I can't recall. Anyways, as with any job or life direction, you get to make the choice pretty much.
  7. Possible Luck Update

    Please take your holier than thou self on to someone else's post if you don't like what I post. It is obvious I don't care what you think about the content or context of my post. Do yourself a favor, please put me on ignore so you don't have to waste your princess time reading my thoughts. Why do people feel the need to say another poster has a bad post, does it make you feel superior somehow? Seriously, you are not!
  8. Quan Bray

    Can we cut him and go get our little spark plug back? Lol we need someone who can catch the ball when it's thrown to him like Doyle does. He isn't fast or overly athletic but he makes catches and holds onto the ball much like Natson did (the drops not included)
  9. Possible Luck Update

    The optimist wanted to believe he would be back by opening day but my inner voice has been saying all along that the way the organization has handled it, more than we know has happened and it feels like PM neck surgery all over. I still want to believe that he will be back by game 4-6 but again, my inner voices say he isn't going to see the field this season, especially under this online operation. Sad handling of a QB under Pagano and Grigson years. Should almost be liable in court
  10. Hilton and Moncrief

    I will second this post! Moncreif is quickly reducing his salary for whatever team he plays for next season unless he picks it up over the season. Some of these drops he made were uncontested balls hitting him right in the hands. My concern and real question here will be, is Moncreif this type of player who has all the measurables but can't live up to them or is he a product of the unaccountable athletes that Pagano regime has encouraged with his soft hand over his 5 long years here? We may not get to realize his potential here because these two things will intersect this upcoming offseason. Pagano will be gone and replaced but Moncreif will become free agency eligible. If he is a untapped and undisciplined player who just hasn't been developed well under Pagano, we won't know it until he goes somewhere else and another coach lights his fire. Maybe, just maybe, we take some risk and resign him to a very modest 1-2 year contract to see if the new staff can build him up better but under what Ballard has said, producing is his driving factor not in potential for FA signings. Moncreif has certainly not broken out in his time here and some of that is injury but still, his size/speed combo hasn't produced mismatches even with Luck under center. Sure would love to see him click and open it up over the season and bring that wow factor to the team but I've not seen it yet. All I've seen is that potential stuff kept mostly inside. He is like the bride who is hot as heck but won't cook, clean, get freaky, have babies or have fun but she looks good.
  11. Malik hooker's first int

    Pagano is a dead man walking and has been a stubborn * who plays the mantra of vets first regardless. This fool, while an nice person no doubt, is not an NFL quality coach. His way of handling a team can't come to an end soon enough for me.
  12. Malik hooker's first int

    I agree, the team gave enough bright spots to be excited about but then we also seen those wide open receivers far too often during the game. I still cringe when it's 3rd and 15-20 because it almost feels like those plays are going to get completed for 1 yard more than is needed from the opponent. This has been a chronic issue they have to get fixed.
  13. Malik hooker's first int

    I highly doubt we see Vontae back next year. Ballard wants guys who can be on the field and Vontae just can't stay healthy ever. He isn't dependable enough to bring back quite honestly.
  14. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    And this would be my concern with knowing the history of our coaching staff over time, they don't seem to adjust to fit player skill sets as much as they expect all players to adapt into their system, even if it's not to a strength of the player. I would almost bet we still come out with run, run, pass and punt. Then we make the 20+ yard patterns downfield and expect timing plays to work. I'd have a bit more faith in this team if they have shown an ability to adjust game plans to attack supposedly weak spots in other teams but it's as if our coaching just can't game plan to attack them. I certainly don't understand this coaching staffs inabilty to adjust to player strengths in making gameplans vs we practice our scheme and one day, it will work. It's crazy!
  15. This team's scheme (or lack thereof)

    The list is too long to point out something NCF doesn't want to acknowledge or is just being argumentative for whatever reason. IDk