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  1. Broncos at Colts

    You may be right. Sunday, Monday, Thursday and some Saturday games later. I liked having Sunday games and the special Monday nighter. Now it’s a burden almost. Maybe it’s my age and when it’s a Monday night game in Indy, the drive back home an hour+ away at 1am sucks.
  2. Broncos at Colts

    The kneeling and injecting a politics type of attitude into the game was just the straw. Quite frankly this has been discussed ad nauseum but as you stated, this is not the same nfl as we’ve watched over the years, it’s a poor product all around. The players are pre Madonna’s, the refs can’t call games anymore, the games are slow and long, if you even touch a qb they throw a flag, especially if you have a star name and on and on. The additional item of players injecting their cause, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, it is in the wrong venue and wrong time. Like so many other things, money has ruined this sport. When a guy argues that a contract of 80 million for 5 years isn’t enough, we have an issue. At any point, I’m just not sure I’ll ever make it back to football in the way I was over the past 20-25 years. I haven’t even missed the games like I thought I would. One day I woke up and someone said week 12 and I was like wow, already?
  3. Broncos at Colts

    I’ve not watched a game since the home opener and the guys took a knee. I keep up through here or paper on how they did but haven’t really found too many in depth break downs of individual players as I’ve come to read in the past. From what I’ve read, we have good DLine players, a promising group of CB/Safeties and Ty and Doyle and maybe a RB if he can get any time to play when Gore is gone after the season. Oh and Vinny And the Punter has done quite well this season too. Too many injuries and too poor of a product overall to know what we really have and coaching will become a different group and different philosophies no doubt. Just hope we don’t go into a 4-3 now and dump the 3-4 I may watch next season if they resolve the whole taking a knee in the league. Not renewing season tickets though.
  4. Left field theory here

    This is an insane addition to my insane initial theory I hope to god this team doesn’t go all in with a Gruden hire. He isn’t current in coaching and his Tampa team was only good the year taking over the Dungy built team. I’m just not a fan of him moving into our coaching spot. Give me someone current and stove in the coaching of these new athletes. They need a bit more attention than they did 10 years ago.
  5. The most sacked QB this year. You guessed it.

    I can’t put only 33% on the coaching. Better coaching would scheme better to make certain he can get some quick hitting strike targets and run set up better. When your qb is out for over a year because he got sacked too much that you had to go get another qb who is now the most sacked, how can you just not point to the scheme and coaching for this more than the qb spot? I’m not saying JB isn’t at fault as well, I’ve not watched any games past the first home game out of nfl protest but from all i read, the qb is just holding the ball too long. Now if he can hold it that long to be considered too long, are we not using quick slants, short crossing patterns, screens or anything that isn’t designed to be a 25 yard touch pass down the field? Im not a savy OC but it seems odd that we can’t use short passing schemes to get the ball out in a hurry to some pre determined short reads. Do we employ a hot read? Maybe JB isn’t allowed or very good at reading a defense yet and call the plays at the line based on the alignment. I just can’t come to terms that this coaching staff is capable at building successful schemes that allow a qb on this team to succeed. I don’t get it.
  6. Left field theory here

    I did label the thread as left field, meaning throwing wild and crazy out here. Do I myself believe this is what’s occurring, no I don’t. Just found an interesting twist of events to make something interesting in theory to think about.
  7. Thanks, I have no idea what good or bad will be for these lineman at any school. I just was pretty shocked to watch this game and not see some form of dominant play by the oline, either in the run or pass scheme as they didn't seem very capable or either much of the game. I didn't know how good Stanford guys are either since I don't follow college all that much unless its on in front of me. What ever happens, the guy we take has to be a day one starter.
  8. Left field theory here

    What would you say if the whole Luck injury thing is being created in order to rebuild? What i mean by this, we get Luck fixed, bring him back slowly to see how he worked out after surgery, then the team gets satisfied with the results and see a lost season already so they decide to further tank the season and acquire a higher draft pick? That’s not the twist though. Now, let’s say that Luck is healthy and fine but we’ve sent him on this IR and overseas trip to make the illusion seem credible? Now, after all these “visits” and treatment plans, the team starts leaking out that Luck may not be fixed and the team may start looking at QB with its high pick, would that not raise the ante on a trading partner who thought before they could just trade up for the average trade on a high level QB prospect? Price gets significantly raised if there is a higher than normal chance a potential franchise QB gets picked up just 3-5 slots ahead of your pick, doesn’t it? Now i admit that it is far fetched but not out of the realm of possibilities. Maybe CB is shrewd and is planning on playing cards with big money pots waiting to seize on. Anyway, what else are we gonna do until after the draft occurs ☹️
  9. I watched the ND/Stanford game and was expecting to see some line domination from ND. I didn’t see that, was it poor coaching by Kelly, poor execution, a Stanford team that has a really good dline as well or something else? What’s the thoughts on these two oline prospects after this game?
  10. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    Every GM says this, it isn’t something Ballard coined. I’ve never seen one GM say that it’s best to operate from FA and get your team solved through other teams players. Every GM will say, build from draft and supplement from the FA market and grow your own first. It’s almost universal speak. Any team will do well if they focus on drafting well first, then develop them into your system as stars and resign them at their peak because they are really good players and they’ve proven they fit your system already. Only go to the FA market for that special talent that fits your style and will fit your philosophy and because one of those drafted players you took didn’t develop as you hoped or injuries took their career. It’s always the mantra to draft well first.
  11. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    PLease make a better argument than we just need to get younger at the KICKER position?? He is still kicking highly accurate it appears from 50+ and you feel we need to get younger?? Does he need youth to be a kicker? Nope, not when he is not showing 1 sign that his kicking wheel is falling off. You ride that leg at least 1 more season and see if he breaks the scoring record and then let him retire. This is the one player on our team who hasn’t been completely solid every single year. You absolutely know what you are getting from him, what more will you get from a younger kicker? This theory of getting younger at the kicker position makes ZERO sense here.
  12. AmI the only one

    If experience means anything in this league, and it absolutely does, I will welcome a McDaniels onto this team entering his second attempt and the extra tutelage under BB. Like the Pats or not, and I hate that team for their smug arrogance and cheating ways over the years, but you have to like the resilience and way that team is run as a team who generally finishes games each and every Sunday, regardless of who is playing. I think McDaniels got to learn a valuable lesson in his first stint at Denver of what didn't work, either in his approach or his system and handling people. Learning that in the first try will certainly, or very well should, really help him in his approach in the next HC spot. I will take him right now over Jimmy Harbaugh as well. If we land the proper coordinators for his systems, and Luck returns without limitations, there is no reason McDaniel cant enjoy similar success as a BB did going from HC at Cleveland and into his own spot later on at NE. Of course I am not saying he is the mastermind and seemingly guru of football X and O's that BB has been, but learning a valuable lesson from a HC job and seemingly seamless transition back into a coordinator role with BB that had tremendous success, that bodes well into his future as a HC. I hope that happens here quite honestly. Time will tell.
  13. Chud or pep?

    I would also agree with this statement. They are both not very creative in schemes. I expected better things out of Chud tbh. I’m just ready to start all over with a whole new cast of coaches though. This last 3 years haven’t been fun much at all.
  14. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    Our tickets in the 235 section haven’t done well all season. Never even attempted to sell in prior years so not even sure how the secondary market was prior to this season. Really wished someone would have bought the whole season when we tried to sell them for this year. Just don’t think i can take a loss again in a second year if the players continue this charade of protest and i attempt to sell them off again hoping the nonsense of football and politics goes away.
  15. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    Prior to this season, i bet since we’ve had these tickets in my possession, I haven’t missed but 3-4 games over that 20 year span I’d bet.