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  1. I'd actually take cb with my 1st and 2nd pick with the quality that is here. But at this point, I'll probably be happy with any playmaker we get as long as it's not a RB in the first or a TE.
  2. I'd actually be very frustrated if they took Cook in the first round. 1. Because it would be very short sighted to look at the defense as fixed longer term. Several of these guys are 1 year deals and this draft has tons of top level players at the lb'er spot. 2. Cook has fumble issues and that really concerns me from a running back spot. 3. We have no cb's to speak of after this season on the roster, other than depth players. I think those who say Cook is a good option are viewing this rebuild very short sighted. To be good past this year, you have to draft solid young talent. While some of the one year prove it deal guys may flourish, that's not generally the case. Add in that if they do, you still have to sign them now to way bigger contracts. Can't sign everyone to big deal contracts and survive the cap era. You have to take young draft kids and use their 4-5 years of cheaper service time to sustain great runs.
  3. My deepest condolences to you. As a father who has lost a child, life does go on and there is more ahead for you. I can certainly understand the pain and sorrow that you feel at this time, the only thing we can say right now is that find close family or close friends and talk about it early and often. I am no expert, only a member of a club that nobody wants to be in. Best wishes to you
  4. I'll be shocked if Conley is there at 24 to be honest
  5. I'm not sure who we want or what position we will take.m but I know there is enough solid talent in this draft to trade down 10 spots, pick up some extra picks and still get one heck of a player.
  6. We won't know what we have until these guys get some playing time this season. We have had some rosters before that on paper, looked super good and then turned into a turd. Hard to think we haven't improved an awful defense into at least a viable option to give our offense a few more possessions without surrending 30+ points nearly each game.
  7. I thought he addressed the second tier level of the team very well and added a couple guys who could fit in quite well if not become high level guys. He didn't break the bank for Poe (though it sounds like he tried), he didn't get into high dollar bidding wars for corners with a breakout season and he didn't keep high paid players who haven't lived up to the contract they had been given. If he hits 3-4 high quality players in this draft, he will have one solid team of players in the making. Along with a very solid Grigson 2016 draft, a high quality producing 2017 draft and the QB already set, this is a team to watch out for as it grows. If not this season, it could compete for the AFC title game providing this draft hits and health stays with us. I'm not saying we don't have needs that will have holes in the team but I feel better now than I did with this same team at the end of the 2016 season.
  8. It did work out great but all I want is great value to where we pick and if it's oline, so be it. I just don't know where lamp grades out vs a couple of these other, what's said to be the best of a bad group (comparatively speaking). The Alabama gaurd, and another tackle moved to guard. All this compared to the best defensive player at #15. We hopefully won't be picking this high again.
  9. True but if the olineman you get at 15 is say rated at a 32 and you have a top 15 rated defense guy at 15 when you pick, do you reach just to try and protect Luck? What if the lineman isn't ready to start or isn't a fit for the scheme or position we need him to play? I dont know where these oline oline guys are rated vs someone we may get with a second pick. All I know is everyone says this is a defense draft heaven and that the oline guys are not very good this year. I'm not opposed to any position picks. I want luck upright too, just don't want to reach too far for a potential Ugho type guy and miss out on a Miller kinda of lb'er.
  10. Trying to read the Colts tea leaves and what I've come to, the Colts will in fact select a pass protector for Luck. My question though, is #15 the right spot for the quality of olineman in this draft or will we see a trade down? I don't want to see a trade down just to collect a 4th rd pick, if we can't get a solid 3rd or 2nd rd pick, just go with BPA at the time. If we are, and I believe CB wants to first protect Luck, grabbing the best olineman we can is going to happen. You just can't reach for a decent line guy with all the superior defensive talent avail where we select. I'd be ok with trading a 4th rd and our second to move up in the second if one of the more solid oline guys are still available. Will be interesting
  11. What's the story with TJ McDonald, the safety from Arizona? I thought he was gonna get a lot of attention but haven't heard anything from his camp at all. Would he be someone worth looking at as insurance for our SS?
  12. 1000 yards and 10 TD's will get him a huge contract. Someone is going to be right at the end of this season. Let's hope for the Colts sake, he blows up for us and it gets us into the playoff conversation.
  13. Well let's not kid ourselves, Ballard may have said #3 competition but if DM stays off the field because of injuries, these new receivers, and even Dorsset, will get a crack at #2. Nobody is given anything it seems with a new GM coming in, there is open competition for every spot.
  14. You aren't a #1 receiver with numbers like he has had. You can't pay him #1 money and perhaps not #2 money with his numbers he has regardless of whether its talent or injuries. I love the guys potential and his measurable but his injury concerns and his availability have me concerned that he isn't the long term plan and I hope to be very wrong, he blows up this year and we re-sign him to a long productive career that is mostly injury free. He has it inside but will his body allow it to stay on the field?
  15. If Moncrief doesn't have a break out year and stay in the field, why would anyone think he will command any more than Aiken signed for? Heck, at this point in his career, he isn't anything better than what DHB was when he was in Oakland. Big receiver with speed but unable to sustain any length of success. If Moncrief is upset over bringing in new blood at receiver, do your job and stay on the field. That's how you get paid and don't have your current team looking at multiple receivers. This is a business (both sides), not a daycare to make you feel important. This harsh comment is coming from someone who has really hoped to see Moncrief become "the guy" but while showing flashes of what we all want, he doesn't sustain any momentum. Only gambling teams flush with cash or some team who thinks they can get out of him what we aren't, would be signing him to any type of long term big money deal. It's possible we re-sign him after the year regardless of what he does but at this point, from what we've seen, he doesn't warrant any special contract.

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