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  1. It absolutely would be an upset. The Pacers are 5, the Cavs 4. I am not saying it wouldn't be an upset. I am saying this current Cavs team even with LeBron, isn't the same as previous LeBron teams. Yes he's still great and a top 2 or 3 player in the league but he doesn't have the same team and he knows it. If the Pacers play well offensively, keep the Cavs off the 3 and limit turnovers they can win this series. I said from the get go the Cavs would probably win in 7. I still think that, but the Pacers have a chance. If the Pacers can make LeBron do it all, he's going to get tired, especially the longer this series goes. If he gets out of this one, it's going to be another long one for him against the Raptors. I know the Raptors tend to choke in the playoffs but I think they have a better overall team than the Cavs and they'll have home court. I don't think LeBron's making it to the finals this year unless there is a significant injury on another team. I am not sure anyone should want him in the finals. It would be ugly.
  2. Pacers get down by 15+ points, LeBron scores 44(at home) and the Pacers had a great chance to steal the game. Pacers need to take care of business at home. Make LeBron continue to work hard. If his 3 point shooters aren't knocking down shots and K Love is hurt, the Pacers can run the table. Anyone who thinks this Cavs team is the same as past LeBron teams is crazy. I say this series goes 6 or 7. If the Pacers win, it'll be 6, if the Cavs win it'll be 7. Hopefully the Pacers can take care of home court. Collison and Turner both had decent game 2's. The Pacers need them to play well at home.
  3. You're 100% correct about the Cavs season being over if they lose. All the pressure is on them tonight. They better knock down some of there 3's or they are in trouble. If the Pacers keep them off the 3 point line and Oladipo does his thing, they have a great chance of winning.
  4. Didn't get on over the weekend. A lot of good games. I really thought Embiid would play in the game 2, if he doesn't play soon that series will go longer, I think Philly still wins though. They would win easier with Embiid. Pelicans Blazers is still a toss up. The Warriors are going to handle the Spurs, the Rockets T'Wolves was close but the T'Wolves couldn't close, I think it still goes 6. I think the Thunder win in 6 also, I think they are a horrible match up for Utah. I think the Raptors will take care of business against the Wizards. The Bucks had their chances against Boston, I am still taking them in an upset, I think they'll steal game 2. Pacers looked great, I didn't realize how good they were defensively. They played that game perfect. Stay on the shooters and make LeBron do all the work to beat them. It was a butt whooping. The only thing I worry about is, if Oladipo has a bad game, the Pacers are in trouble. Every time he went out, the Cavs made a run. Every time he came back in, he got them their big lead back lol. Cavs play no defense. As I said from the beginning, this Cavs team is different than previous years, very vulnerable. They better win game 2 or it's a wrap.
  5. I agree. They need to get at least 1 of the first 2 for sure to give themselves a chance.
  6. I am reading there is a possibility the Celtics may trade for Leonard, if that happens LeBron's reign will come to an end in the East for sure. I told a lot of Pacers fans from the start that Turner and Oladipo would be a good tandem to build on for the future. They have two solid point guards, Sabonis has been a nice surprise, Thad can still play, they have a bench, and Oladipo is having arguably is best year(most improved player by far). Oladipo is a stud. The Pacers need a good draft or need to pick up a few more pieces this off season. They need a true SF. I think they'll give the Cavs all they can handle. They play hard and they can score. Cleveland gave up 110 PPG this year. It'll be a good series. I give the edge to the Cavs strictly because of home court advantage.
  7. True! It may be 6. I think it's a favorable match up for the Bucks with no Kyrie or Gordon obviously. We'll see if Jaylen Brown, Tatum and Rozier grow up before our eyes. The future is looking good for the C's. This could be a blessing in disguise. They weren't winning this year without Gordon anyways, now these young guns get more valuable playoff experience.
  8. My first round predictions. I'll be tuning into the Cavs/Pacers series, Wizards/Raptors, Bucks/Celtics, Thunder/Jazz and Rockets/TW'olves they intrigue me the most. Raptors over Wizards in 6 Bucks over Celtics in 7 (my first round bold prediction) 76ers over Heat in 5 Cavs over Pacers in 7 Rockets over T'Wolves in 6 Warriors over Spurs in 5 Blazers over Pelicans in 6 Thunder over Jazz in 7
  9. BullsColtsFan1

    Favorite Colts Underdog?

    Brackett, Saturday and Doyle are 3 good ones, I am not sure if he counts but I'd say Boom Herron would be on my list too.
  10. Has any other team this year won 15 straight? Rockets maybe? Even against "sub par" competition? 76ers also beat the Cavs without Embiid (who the Cavs have no answer for). They must be doing something right. They are young though, I will agree with you on that. We'll see what happens, we can agree to disagree.
  11. I am pulling for the 76ers as well. I'd love for the Cavs to have the 4 seed and actually have to go a somewhat difficult route to get to the NBA Finals(which I think they probably will). The Pacers will give them all they can handle though, probably a 7 game series.
  12. If they stay in the 3 seed, can Miami or Milwaukee really beat them? If they get past the first round they'll have a Celtics team without Kyrie or Miami/Milwaukee. It's not out of the question for them to make the East Finals if they fall into the 3 seed. They've won 15 in a row, they must be doing something right? Now if they drop there last game and the Cavs get the 3, I don't see them getting to the ECF, a lot of if's. I would rather play a vulnerable Cavs team than a hot 76ers team. It's all about whose playing the best basketball this time of the year. A lot of people think of it's LeBron, it's the Cavs, lets stay away from them. In the past I'd understand but this year they aren't the same team. I guess we'll see soon enough. I really think a Pacers Cavs series would go the full 7 games.
  13. BullsColtsFan1

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    I understand that, but he's not the only one to miss games and miss a season. Plenty of players have missed regular season games and/or a full year and came back just fine. We'll see what happens.
  14. BullsColtsFan1

    Colts place WR Rodney Adams on Retired/Reserved List

    I know you were bud. I was being sarcastic as well.
  15. BullsColtsFan1

    Colts place WR Rodney Adams on Retired/Reserved List

    If this were T.Y. Hilton or Jack Doyle or even Chester then you may have a case, but a player not many have heard of/doesn't see much playing time, probably not lol. I understand where your coming from though!