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  1. I've watched Lonzo a lot this year so far and I'll say I think he thinks to much. He needs to be in aggressive attack mode the whole game. He needs to take the open 3's when he has them. The two times he's done all of those things this year were against the Suns and Bucks and he had an excellent game both times. His numbers are very similar to that of Jason Kidd's rookie season except for the shooting percentage. He may need more confidence too. Right now, Simmons, Smith Jr. Mitchell, Markannen, Kuzma and Tatum are the best rookies.
  2. Hmmmmm....

    I give them props for sure! Especially considering the fact that they shut down Antonio Brown. They played very well again. Should have won that game.
  3. T.Y. Hilton - AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Best play of the game!
  4. T.Y. Hilton - AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Much deserved. Pretty crazy that he's 2nd in yardage this year. One, without Luck and two only having 50 yards combined the 3 games before the Houston game. Pretty impressive.
  5. Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    My heart says Colts 28 Steelers 27. My gut says Steelers 36 Colts 20.
  6. Good Victory

    I could see that. I think Tennessee will be ready for us in Indy though, they'll be fighting for a playoff spot. All though I think Jax wins the division. I've watched a lot of the Broncos and Ravens this year and both teams are worse than the Colts imo. Games could go either way but I think Indy can take both of them and Houston at home. On the flip side I could see all 3 of those teams beating Indy and Indy beating Pitt or Jax at Jax, something crazy anyways.
  7. Good Victory

    I totally agree. The defense got smoked in a few of those games but on the flip side, if the offense could have stayed on the field, the Colts would have won. I think they'll beat Houston at Home, Baltimore at Baltimore and the Broncos at home and finish 6-10. I think they'll obviously pick in the top 10.
  8. Good Victory

    Honestly, they should have beat Arizona, Cincinnati and possibly even Tennessee if they would have finished those games like they played the first 3 quarters. Even with Brissett they should be 5-4 or 6-3. Found ways to lose a few they shouldn't. Luck gives them much more of a chance to win though, obviously.
  9. Hmmmmm....

    The secondary played well today. It was against a horrible qb though. If they hold Ben to less than 30 I will give them props lol.
  10. I am not sure they could have gotten more. I thought Sabonis and Oladipo was pretty fair. Did they get a draft pick too or no? Oladipos is a very good player, I watched him a lot in Orlando. He's thriving with Indiana. Hopefully he'll be there for a long time. I think IT will help the Cavs offensively, but that's not their problem. IT can't guard anyone either so I think they'll struggle this year. I think they'll end up with 48-52 wins and 2 or 3 seed in the East.
  11. Pacers have been playing some solid ball. I think they can make the playoffs in the East(as high as 5 and as low as 8). How many Pacers fans on this board were extremely upset about the PG13 trade? If I remember correctly, a lot of you bashed Oladipo pretty bad. I told you guys he was a stud, I knew he'd be good. Him and Turner will be 2 great building blocks for the future. Collison is playing good basketball, Sabonis has been a surprise and Thaddeus is still solid. They obviously need more pieces but they really did get a decent deal for George. Oladipo will be able to keep this pace up all year too. I know he played college ball at IU but is he from Indiana? If so, that's a perfect fit for him. I am glad the Cavs are getting destroyed. I know there is a lot of season left but this Cavs team is in serious trouble.
  12. Colts texans predictions

    New prediction after Watson injury. Savage throws for 250 and 3 TD's, Texans win 27-26.
  13. Update: Watson tore ACL

    Just read this. That's terrible news he was on fire this year.
  14. Nobody goes 0-16, but....

    My thinking exactly. I think the 49ers will win this Sunday against the Cardinals without Palmer, but who knows, maybe AP will have a vintage game and will the Cards to a win.
  15. How many above avg guys do we have on D?

    Here's my personal opinion. Includes a few who are injured. Hooker, Geathers, Anderson, Hankins, Woods, Simon, Sheard and Melvin.