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  1. I agree with this list. I'm arguing with ppl about AC. I have him ranked 7th as well
  2. That's all I want to talk about is the Colts. Ray Lewis isn't a kill just like OJ. OJ was found not guilty. Don't blame them, blame the system. The only one who can pass judgment in those circumstances is God though.
  3. The stats will show it. But I'm done with the arguing. I have my own opinion and you have yours. I respect it. To me he isn't top 5 on this team. Don't reply to anything I have to say if you or anyone doesn't care what I have to say right? Again PFF has him ranked 20th.
  4. No it is accurate to say he can't handle one one one's. That's what a LT is paid to do. I'll say he's 7th with that spot to lose if an up and coming player comes along. I'm not going to argue with you. PFF backs up the claims.
  5. You do know Ray Lewis had nothing to do with that murder right? https://www.google.com/amp/baltimore.cbslocal.com/2013/01/24/5-common-misconceptions-about-ray-lewis-murder-trial/amp/
  6. He was ranked 20th among Left tackles. I don't want to hear anything about this guy being a top 5 player for us. He was better than 12 other tackles. Two of which were backups. Most LT's 1-15 can handle one one one match ups which AC cannot. The year he was drafted I wanted Nate Solder who is clearly the better player.
  7. Same here that's why I said the word "if"
  8. Who knows what Ballard may do. However if it's TJ at strong safety or Darius Butler playing free safety. I'd be fine with what this team fields. Success starts up front so if we finally have a pass rush we'll be fine until guys get healthy.
  9. He'll for sure miss 6 weeks if I'm to take a guess. So Tj Green at SS I can deal with it. He'll have help over the top with Hooker.
  10. Has AC ever won a SB or a vote to a probowl? There's more to the logic. Your smart and we're talking about body of work. I've watched AC for years. Best season was 2014 as a Colt and guess who was drafted that year? Jack Mewhort. I'll say it again he feeds off of his blocks. When JM is out PFF the forum bible will back the numbers up. His game drops during those weeks.
  11. AC really over Kelly? In my opinion I don't think so. AC single handle cost us a game against the Ram in 13'.
  12. We have to beat the stealers. I would call that success to the offseason. Am I holding a personal grudge against them. Yes I am. I'll PO'd is we lose to them, I hate them lol
  13. Luck is at his best based off of play-action this is way I wanted a RB in the draft. Hopefully Mack works out great for us.
  14. Our best runs are between LG and C. Those are our best O-Line. Luck does hold onto the football way too long or he'll force something that's just not there. We should start another thread about this topic though. Glad Malik signed!
  15. Oh how we all forget about Marvin Harrison. This forum doesn't give him enough credit. Peyton didn't make him look good at all. He was great in his own right.

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