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  1. Yes it is hogwash. Conditioning is why the Colts hired a staff?
  2. Pope or Ferguson. I’d be fine with that. Take the emotions out of it. If Mack plays with the first team wk3 against the stealers. Mack does well during that game. You have to take it into consideration. I thought in 2012 we’d still draft Luck and keep Manning. Well never happened that way. It’s a business.
  3. Even Reggie Wayne liked what he saw from Mack.
  4. It is hogwash at RB position. Who was the vet that taught Elliot to jump over defenders? What about the combo out there in Arizona?
  5. We won’t be screwed. We have Turbin who can do what Gore does for this team. Mack doesn’t need Frank to teach him anything. I could see if it was a WR. Again that’s what a coach is for.
  6. I’m going to see what happens week 3 of course. But speed is on Mack’s side.
  7. Not being silly. He doesn’t need Gore’s help. That’s what the RB coach is for. They have different running styles. I prefer his at the time being. Can hit the holes quicker than Gore.
  8. If he makes the trip sure
  9. Mack
  10. Ok keep telling yourself that. Why would the Colts keep a 35 yr old back if this kid performs?
  11. Beat it does, just like ppl with Langford.
  12. Gore is gone if Mack performs well next week.
  13. People thought Langford wasn’t getting cut. Well it happened. It would surprise me if the same happened to Gore.
  14. Again he may have found his spot at CB. He seems to have great skills there.
  15. From the videos I seen of him playing corner in camp today I have to say he doesn’t look bad.

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