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  1. Oh how we forget Gore fumbled away a few games for us. I'm for taking a RB, CB, OLB and ILB in round 1.
  2. I showed mine, you show yours. Speaking of English. The "haha" you used isn't a sentence. Thus the need for a period after such isn't needed.
  3. We better beat the stealers. Sick of them!
  4. He has a device to check it. I had him do it twice to make sure. The meter said 3 percent. I thought I was at 5-10 range. And my abs are showing in that picture. You can count them. Plus I bet I'm 10 times more cut than you.
  5. No flex from me. Again I was check 2 days ago. Doc said it was 3% and I'm 31 years of age.
  6. I have 3% I was checked 2 days ago. I exercise every other day. I watch my calorie intake. It's not hard if your mother was a nutritionist.
  7. No it's not impossible.
  8. No hormones drop after 25. Again I'm not argue, hope all is well for Luck for this season.
  9. He looks fat in those pictures as well. But I'm not here to argue. I just want our guy healthy and ready.
  10. You proved my point. You've gained 8% more in body fat. Nah I'm at 3%, my mother is a nutritionist. I know what to put in my body. Got it checked yesterday. I'm 5'10" and I weight 156.5. You proved my point because you've gained 8% body fat of the course of 8 years. After 25 your T levels drop 2% each year.
  11. No it's not that's fat weight. Your hormones are at their peak when your 25. After such you lose that peak of gain pure muscle weight. You have 18% body fat and I have 3% I'll be 31 this year.
  12. Putting that muscle mass on past the age of 25 is going to take sometime. He does look and apparently feels healthy. Now if he can get rid of the ball a second quicker then I know he'll have one heck of a season. A running game will also help him this season.
  13. Will be praying for you. Sad to hear such news. Let her rest with The Lord.
  14. No Castanzo isn't good at all. He basically feeds off of Jack's blocks. He'll have a few plays here and there, but he is inconsistent.
  15. I'm looking at like this. Haeg isn't a guard. The man should be playing a tackle position. Now I honestly think we can debut this. Anthony Castanzo or Castonzo, has been playing inconsistent. The weeks JM was out you can see a decline in our offensive line. This is just my opinion. I wouldn't mind Haeg getting time at LT.

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