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  1. James Conner needs to be our guy if so. Would love for us to narrow it down to one guy
  2. James Conner I'm going to start a report on. His story is incredible battling cancer. I would like the Colts to select him. He wasn't 100% last season. This year I believe our staff can get him back to recovery. He is has tremendous size, strength abs abilities.
  3. Yes it does. Pay attention to the film. Preseason shows how hard your team is practicing. I knew weren't going to have much of a pass rush because of the preseason. It also show the quality of depth you have. The 2nd and 3rd string guys are fighting for jobs. Preseason to an untrained eye doesn't matter fool.
  4. 1. AFC WEST 2. AFC EAST 3. AFC NORTH 4. AFC SOUTH Based off draft order we're still in the weakest division. We have 2 teams picking in the top 10. The Ravens and stealers pick after us.
  5. Too early to tell right now. Preseason we'll all know. We have to be competitive during those games.
  6. I'd rather draft a RB. I understand your want. We need someone to take the pressure off of Andrew Luck. I'm just not sure Peterson is that guy. We need someone for the future in my opinion.
  7. The Bears that year had the best defense in the league. Don't ever down play our SB win.
  8. 5yr 60 million with 40 guaranteed? Is that possible?
  9. Gary Brackett is being vocal on twitter. Feels we'll get a deal done.
  10. Everyone flood Jim Irsay's twitter. Don't not let Poe leave Indy lol
  11. Hope something gets done here. Would love to have Poe on our team.
  12. Based off his body of work as a player. He use to play a vital role for the New England Patriot if anyone remembers? His career most be taken into account. Look at the statistics. If we value him we will come to terms as meeting in the middle. If we don't value him then we'll cut our lose.
  13. Our LB'ers will be asked to read and react. They are simplifying the assignments our defense this coming season. Mingo has a crazy vertical jump. Could be asked to play outside or inside depending on the opponent each week. Simon OLB as well as Sheard.
  14. No they can't afford one. Their structure of how their team is built won't allow them. This is why we hear talks of them trading for Romo. If we pick up Cook and he can run the ball how in the hell can you sit here and say it wouldn't help the team? It would keep the defense off the field. I don't care who the Colts pickup in the first round as long as their a game changer. I've said in all of my post regarding players would could possible pick. D or O I'd happy with whoever we acquire.

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