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  1. Injury reports

    Me as I watched our team score no points.
  2. TY toss the line under the bus

    Yeah this whole thing needs blown up in the offseason.
  3. A nice breakdown of Malik Hooker thus far.....

    Yeah that was after he seen how well he performed.
  4. game changers

    Colts in second halves of games. That’s the biggest game changer!
  5. A nice breakdown of Malik Hooker thus far.....

    For those who want Jon Gruden to coach this team. Jon didn’t like this pick of Malik Hooker.
  6. Any news on Swoope?

    After this week we’ll find out about him and Geathers.
  7. I know the feeling

    This technically shouldn’t even posted here. This has nothing to do with Colts football. I’m tired of seeing this guy post threads here. This should be in the “ NFL General” portion of our thread topics.
  8. Keep the pick or trade down?

    After TY Hilton we have no other offensive threats. Marlon Mack is starting to emerge.
  9. At the end of the day I want what you want. What’s best for this team. Gruden didn’t even think highly of our first round pick of Malik Hooker. How has the pick worked out for this team?
  10. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    Remember you can only do some much with a guy who has hardly been here. That’s just how it is.
  11. Offensive Line is Offensive

    They were okay as expected IMO against Tenn. They see them twice a year so. I know what your saying. The line will be addressed next offseason.
  12. His first 5 season look exactly like Pagano’s.
  13. How many yards will fournette have.

    If we have a few of our guys back on defense we should make it a game. I expect the defense to be on the field for most of the game. It needs to be drilled into guys hands this week. Don’t turn the ball over!
  14. Statistics will show he is no better of a coach than Pagano. 8-8 his first two seasons. Then 12-4, 10-6, 12-4. After that he was fired of from Raiders. Inherited a team and won a SB. Had a losing season after and was again fired. He would go onto coach losing records for teams after before not coach in the nfl at all.
  15. None of us should agree as well. I know everyone wants what’s best for the team moving forward. We have plenty of football left this season. If we somehow beat the Jags we’re still in it. If Luck comes back the following week than the odds improve even more. It’s nice to think ahead sometimes, however let’s be focused on what’s going on right now. It’s team only has a limited amount of play makes. Ballard said he had a lot to fix so let’s continue to let him do his work.