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  1. Those peanuts turned into a suspension for PED's
  2. Don't worry man. If Luck starts throwing in July, we'll be alright.
  3. Also apparently we also weren't hitting as much or physical during camps and practices. Ballard wants that to be dialed up more. He said in an interview it would help the players bodies to limit injuries. They have to get use to the heavy impact plays. Which I kind of figured out about this team in 13'
  4. With the people who say "Won't believe it, until I see it"
  5. We were told Luck didn't even need surgery. I don't trust anything they say anymore. Needs to be throwing in July for my worry to go away.
  6. Luck needs to be throwing by July or I'll be concerned.
  7. Can't replace the GOAT of punters, but Banner will fit in here nicely. As long as he gets a shot for a spot on this team.
  8. We're not the weakest division. It's the AFC North now as of this year. Last season it was us for sure in terms of draft positions.
  9. Court system says otherwise. Doesn't matter what you or I think though. In those situations only God knows. We need to be worried about our own sins before we worry about someone else's though.
  10. I agree with this list. I'm arguing with ppl about AC. I have him ranked 7th as well
  11. That's all I want to talk about is the Colts. Ray Lewis isn't a kill just like OJ. OJ was found not guilty. Don't blame them, blame the system. The only one who can pass judgment in those circumstances is God though.
  12. The stats will show it. But I'm done with the arguing. I have my own opinion and you have yours. I respect it. To me he isn't top 5 on this team. Don't reply to anything I have to say if you or anyone doesn't care what I have to say right? Again PFF has him ranked 20th.
  13. No it is accurate to say he can't handle one one one's. That's what a LT is paid to do. I'll say he's 7th with that spot to lose if an up and coming player comes along. I'm not going to argue with you. PFF backs up the claims.
  14. You do know Ray Lewis had nothing to do with that murder right? https://www.google.com/amp/baltimore.cbslocal.com/2013/01/24/5-common-misconceptions-about-ray-lewis-murder-trial/amp/

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