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  1. Obviously I'm biased as a UK fan lol but I think it would be cool to see us take a shot on Diallo. He might be even more athletic that Oladipo. He can seriously jump through the roof. Would definitely be a project/work in progress type of player though. But hell most 2nd round picks are anyway.
  2. Brunson would be a great pick IMO. I love what Collision has done for us but hes getting older. Gotta find a young PG sooner or later.
  3. Definitely is looking stronger. Good to see.
  4. RockThatBlue

    The Colts running game

    Hines will be Dion Lewis/Sproles in our offense IMO.
  5. I do agree with @Colts_Fan12 that I hope we are at least seeing if we could make a deal to get Kawhi. It sounds like he wants to go to LA, but why not at least try?
  6. Yup but it would be figured out if LeBron wanted to sign there.
  7. If LeBron is serious about getting a ring he should join the Rockets. The only team that can compete with the Warriors in terms of firepower. It would be terrible for the NBA though if he did. But for him that would be the smart move. I think the 76ers could be an option for him too. Embiid, Simmons, Fultz with LeBron could do some damage.
  8. So...any guesses on who the Pacers take next week?
  9. Sounds like Kawhi could be traded there. They would be a very good team but I'm still not 100% sure they could beat the Warriors in a 7 game series.
  10. The draft is barely a week away as well and that will generate a lot of discussion too. Should be interesting
  11. RockThatBlue

    The Colts running game

    Anyone else feel like this coming season the Colts run game will be the best its been in several years? I can't wait to see what Hines does for our offense. Him and Mack together put some serious speed on the field.
  12. RockThatBlue

    Alex Marvez tweet

    I think I've done it before. Its not letting me do it for that tweet though for some reason. Thanks for posting it though.
  13. RockThatBlue

    Alex Marvez tweet

    For some reason the copy link to tweet option is not showing up on twitter so I can only post the link. I can't even copy and paste the tweet, odd. Maybe one of yall can try to post it in the comments.