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  1. I don't know if anyone else saw it, but Northwestern kind of got a screw job at the end of their game. They still may have lost anyway, but that missed goaltending call was just terrible. It would've been a 2 point game IIRC.
  2. Good, cheap signing.
  3. As a non IU fan I think IU did the right thing in firing Crean. Hes a solid coach, but I don't think he was the right guy to take IU to that next level. I think the sweet 16 was his ceiling at IU, which isn't good enough. They had to make the change IMO. But they need to nail the hire. I think Alford would be a good choice. Has obvious IU ties, and hes done a pretty dang good job at UCLA. I think most IU fans would be happy to have the kind of season they are right now.
  4. MTSU is impressive. I think they took out Michigan State last year.
  5. I doubt Gore goes anywhere for at least 1 more year. Very happy Turbin will be back.
  6. Nice depth signing.
  7. You know they will go all in on Poe when Irsay whips his jet out for him.
  8. I agree. Even with the risk, he is easily better than any other NG on our team. I hope Ballard reels him in.
  9. I wonder if hes in Indy yet.
  10. I think Barnwell is right. I like the signings too.
  11. The bracket is released today. Very exciting.
  12. Hes one of the last people I'd want to see added to the Colts roster.
  13. I was surprised at how bad he was. Couldn't catch a ball to save his life a lot this past year. A lot of his drops were at crucial times too which made them even worse. Unless he fixes that about him, I don't see him doing too well in N.E either. Best of luck to him though.
  14. I hope we are working on a deal with him.
  15. Dwayne needs to drop it...

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