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  1. So? He will be back for training camp.
  2. No doubt its a great pick.
  3. Wonder if Colts move Geathers to linebacker.
  4. Hes been compared to ed reed
  5. Here we go...
  6. You'd be a rich man my friend.
  7. Didn't he have 40+ touchdowns combined or so? He was a really good college QB.
  8. Texans may have found a QB. I like Watson a lot.
  9. I'm stunned Jonathon Allen is still there
  10. So many good D players falling..
  11. The Browns would actually have a good QB too for once
  12. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet Wow. Cleveland is trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. This is real.
  13. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet Source: A team that is interested in Gareon Conley in the 1st rd asked him to submit to a polygraph by a certified administrator. He passed

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