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  1. Frank Gore to sign with Lions

    So Schefter just tweeted this, making it sound a little less certain than the couple tweets in the OP. The lions are at least in consideration anyway
  2. I heard initial reports that he was considering Philly, wish he could have gone there for a real shot at a title. He's a great at RB and that kind of longevity at his position is just insane. He always handled his job like a true professional. Best of luck Frank! *Mods, I made this thread in the FA/draft section, but realized it may be more appropriate here, since the Mingo thread was posted here. Feel free to delete whichever one is in the incorrect section, I tried to delete it myself but it didn't appear to be an option. Sorry for being a noob, I don't post much, mostly just lurk
  3. I heard initial reports that he was considering Philly, wish he could have gone there for a real shot at a title. He's a great at RB and that kind of longevity at his position is just insane. He always handled his job like a true professional. Best of luck Frank!
  4. I don't see Ballard offering him the kind of money he is probably after edit - sorry for the double post, feel free to delete it mods
  5. I don't see Ballard offering him the kind of money he is probably after
  6. Take me in the mind of a Jarvis Landry.

    Lol OP I love the thread title. I think most people here probably didn't get the reference, so let's go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings... ***the language in this video is VERY nsfw! don't watch if you don't want to hear vulgar language
  7. Nobody interested in this? Guess I should have titled it "fire Pagano" and it would be at 8 pages already
  8. I'm sure everyone is probably sick of these threads by now, and I apologize for starting another one, but I didn't want this comment to be buried in another thread only to be ignored. The posts recently blaming everyone from Luck to the front office to the Patriots (not really, but given some of the posts I've seen, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch) have me frustrated, and I had to give my 2 cents, and hopefully provide a little perspective. I understand that people are upset about Luck's situation, but the posting regarding it has gone from speculation to outright fabrication. The fact of the matter is that none of us know exactly what is going on with Luck's shoulder. It is human nature to want to attribute a cause to situations that are difficult or that we don't understand, but we need to be aware of this and realize that often there is no rhyme or reason to these things. There isn't always someone to blame, sometimes stuff just happens. I'm not saying it was managed perfectly, because I don't know all the details, but the decision to have surgery on a QB's throwing shoulder is never something to be taken lightly, and prognosis for rehab timelines are often very difficult, if not impossible. I am not at all surprised that Luck is taking more time to recover than peoples' hopes allowed them to expect. As a physician and as someone who has had this same surgery, sustained playing football and on my right shoulder nonetheless, I think I have a somewhat better understanding than most of what the surgery and recovery process entail. Obviously I am not a professional QB who is expected to perform at a high level, but I think I can imagine what Luck is going through. The rehab process is long, slow, and frustrating. There are days when you think you can do something, maybe get a little overzealous, and end up having pain for days/weeks later. It is hard to accept the limitations that come with this injury, and I know from personal experience that the motion of throwing a football is one of the last things to be recovered without pain afterwards. Not to mention the subconscious desire to protect your shoulder while throwing, therefore resulting in alterations to the throwing motion. I clearly remember being over a year post-surgery (I think it actually may have been 2 years), and trying to throw the football around at a backyard cookout/party. I was okay for a few throws, but the pain quickly surfaced, and after pushing myself and continuing for a little while (probably because I didn't want to accept that I still had such limitations), I begrudgingly had to stop, and dealt with pain for days afterwards. Considering that I am just a guy who enjoyed playing pickup football and didn't have 250+ lb men charging at me wishing to do me harm, I can only imagine how Luck feels. This year has been beyond frustrating, and I get that people are upset and looking for someone or something to direct that anger towards. However, the hate and negativity, much of which is well deserved in regards to issues not surrounding Luck's shoulder, have become misdirected lately. I feel sympathy for Luck, and have nothing but well wishes for him and for the Colts in this difficult time. I hope other fans can step back and see that this is not the end of the world, not entirely unexpected, and not such a simple situation that it can be boiled down to placing blame on one person or party. Go Colts
  9. Name our defense for this year. (already)

    Blue Dream
  10. How would you all feel...

    I would be absolutely thrilled
  11. This version matches up much better with what we know, and seems a lot more realistic... Way too easy for a woman to pull the "he raped me" trump card and completely ruin a man's life. Will she be charged with a crime? HAH. Good luck. IMO falsely accusing someone of rape needs to come with prison time, like as said previously in this thread, congruent with the punishment for rape. Ruining a man's life because you decided to skank it up, and then he brushes you off like the skank you are... despicable. Now if she did actually get raped then I feel for her, but all evidence seems to be pointing to the contrary
  12. I want Mixon probably more than any other RB in this draft honestly. Elite combination of size and speed, I think he's likely the best all-around back in the draft. Breaks long runs like Cook due to his even better speed, his 40 time for a guy at his weight is extremely impressive. Fournette has a history of injury problems that will not be helped by his style of play, and neither he nor Cook look as good catching the ball out of the backfield. Not to mention the turnover issues with both Cook and Fournette. For the people who don't want him on the team because of his off field issues (well, issue, really), I understand where you are coming from. But he was an 18 year old kid at the time, possibly intoxicated (not sure about this part) when some girl got up in his face, seemingly unprovoked, and started spewing racial slurs. His response was not okay, but in some ways I can see why it happened. Since then he has not had any issues and seems like a well-spoken guy who is genuinely trying to repay the debt that he owes due to his actions. I'm not trying to exculpate him, but I think he seems like he's matured and moved past this event, and hopefully some NFL vets and coaches keeping him on the right path will be all that is needed. How many of you have never made a mistake or done something illegal when you were young, immature, and still trying to prove that you are "tough" or have something to prove? I bet not many of you. I also bet that most/all of you were fortunate enough to not have that event captured on camera and put online and on TV for the world to see and judge you based upon that one event. I just think that his talent level is too high to pass on him for a mistake that happened years ago. Gore doesn't have much left in the tank, and certainly doesn't have that extra gear that Mixon has that can turn a 8 yard gain into a touchdown. I'd be thrilled with him in the second round, or if nobody at 15 is available that we really want/need, we could possibly trade back to later in the first to take Mixon, while picking up a later pick. With his stock rising rapidly, I'm not even sure he'll be there at our 2nd pick. Obviously it will all depend on how this draft unfolds, but I think completely writing this guy off is a big mistake.