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  1. Well in my opinion for what it's worth Morris should be back up to Luck and play with the 1st & 2nd players.
  2. I will check him out next game. If he played today I missed him. I think anyone would be better than Tolzien. JMO of course.
  3. That's true but we still need a back up QB if something happens.
  4. They couldn't have picked a better host in my opinion.
  5. If I was a betting person I am betting he will have to change numbers. I think 18 was retired after Peyton left.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Glad to know I wasn't the only one. Had to be someone that had access to the Patriots Locker Room.
  7. Well I agree with everything you said but another Manning threw a wrench a couple of SB Thought that was great also.
  8. I believe that was one of the best half time shows I've seen. I agree with Gramz she is very talented to say the least.
  9. Julio ....
  10. I just really saw this and I didn't know is real name until Gramz told me. I am also from Anderson and saw the obituary of a young man but didn't know that it was our Gavin. I would have gone to his service if I had known in time. He will certainly be missed because he had a wealth of knowledge. My condolences go out to his family. RIP Gavin my prayers are with you. The forum will not be the same with one of our best posters gone.
  11. You may be eating CROW after this game.
  12. Thanks for the Welcome Back Jay.
  13. Well you might tell the Packers that because the Falcons scored 1st Q 10 points / 2nd Q 14 Packers 0 thru the half 3rd Q 13 pts falcons / 4thQ 7 pts falcons So I personally don't think the Falcons are hyped at all but playing good football at this time. I still think that the Falcons can pull this out but who knows. I think the Pats are over hyped. If the Texans had a decent QB the Patriots wouldn't have won that game and wouldn't even been going to the SB. JMO

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