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  1. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    Mike Wells, who covers the Colts for ESPN, says it was Wilks who cancelled. The Colts wanted him to interview earlier in the week and his schedule was full with other interviews. Was supposed to interview today and took his name out of the mix.
  2. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    I'd rather Irsay just be real, like Ballard was. You didn't hear any promise from Ballard. All Ballard said was he hasn't thrown yet and when he does it will tell them a lot. Thats all that needs to be said on the issue. Ballard also said that any guy that wants to coach the Colts because of Luck is probably not the right fit. Interesting comment. Everyone believed Luck would be back by training camp based on what exactly? A statement from Jim Irsay? Even when it was clear Luck wouldn't be back by then, he still said he would be back early in the season. He even didn't rule him out for week 1 just 10 days before the season. I don't call that optimism, i call it absurdity. But the more you listen to Irsay speak, it's not surprising. An optimistic projection is not what happened today and it's not what happened last winter either. A promise is what happened today. There is a difference. When you promise something that is about as definitive as you can get given the circumstances. The statement last winter was also definitive. "Will be back for start of the season". If you want to call that a "optimistic projection" then thats your right, but most people will and did take that as a definitive statement.
  3. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    Did you not listen to the press conference. Irsay was very confiedent in Luck returning, even promised that it would happen. Even though Ballard said he hasn't even thrown yet, and that him throwing will tell them a lot, the owner is already promising a return. Based on Irsays comments during this entire Luck situation, Doyel is exactly right, why should you believe him? The owner deserves the criticism when he cant stop opening his mouth and saying things that arent accurate.
  4. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    Irsay is hard to listen to anymore. Honestly wish he would just stop speaking altogether. I feel he does more harm then good anymore. Ballard did not want this to be about Luck that was obvious in how he answered the question about guys wanting to come here because of Andrew. Then Irsay goes and rambles for 10 minutes all about Andrew. I personally don't believe a word Irsay says anymore anyway.
  5. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    Maybe, but he was right about Irsay, he hasn't been right on the Luck issue yet.
  6. Irsay/Ballard presser at 4pm

    Irsay going all in with the promise that Luck will be back. Hope it turns out better then his prediction of last winter. Doyel just grilled Irsay on the issue lol.
  7. Pagano Let Go

    Thank god. 2 years too late but at least they wised up this time and made the move. Good guy, but a terrible coach in my opinion.
  8. I cant see him being Irsay's first choice. This fan base has lost interest and Irsay will want a big name hire, maybe even 2, a certain ex colt qb in the front office is what i am thinking. Anything to try and win back the interest of the fan base. A first time head coach hire is probably not the road Irsay wants to go down again. Now what Irsay wants and what Irsay is able to get done are 2 different things. He wanted Manning and Gruden last year and didn't get it done.
  9. Doyel the front runner

    He's written a lot of great articles this season and this is just yet another.
  10. Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    That will continue. There were tickets as cheap as 6 dollars. Tickets to high school games this weekend were more expensive. The Colts are predictable, play a decent half, get a lead, make no adjustments and get outcoached and outplayed and lose the game in the 4th. Thats been the norm under Pagano, only playing one half of football. Will be happy to see him fired finally at the end of this season.
  11. I've often wondered if the guy who got the text was Hasselback. Works at ESPN with Dan, and if you remember Matt came out and said Luck was not close way back when everyone else was saying he was getting ready to return.I always wondered where he was getting that from. I wondered about Mcafee too as him and DD are friends, but i'm not sure how much he and Luck communicate. I would assume he would still talk with Hasselback quite a bit though.
  12. No. I'm going to continue to post here so you can quote me and whine to me. That sound good?
  13. Pretty much exactly how i felt about it. DD did go at him pretty good but Ballard handled it well for the most part. But like you, i thought he was being less then truthful on a couple things, and that is when DD kinda interrupted him and probably came across as a jerk to some.