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  1. I've often wondered if the guy who got the text was Hasselback. Works at ESPN with Dan, and if you remember Matt came out and said Luck was not close way back when everyone else was saying he was getting ready to return.I always wondered where he was getting that from. I wondered about Mcafee too as him and DD are friends, but i'm not sure how much he and Luck communicate. I would assume he would still talk with Hasselback quite a bit though.
  2. No. I'm going to continue to post here so you can quote me and whine to me. That sound good?
  3. Pretty much exactly how i felt about it. DD did go at him pretty good but Ballard handled it well for the most part. But like you, i thought he was being less then truthful on a couple things, and that is when DD kinda interrupted him and probably came across as a jerk to some.
  4. The part about the text message that supposedly came from Luck is interesting too. It is what Dakich was using as a source that Luck would not play this season and this was being done for ticket sales and he was stating that for weeks before anyone else started to pick up on it. He also offered to tell Ballard off air who the person was to help provide credibility. It is someone very close to Luck i know that because DD has stated it's as close as you can get besides family. Ballard responded that Luck only texts one and 2 word responses so it couldn't have been him. You could tell DD wasn't buying it.
  5. He definitely did not go soft on Ballard. Called him out on a couple inconsistencies. Called him out for saying nobody ever set a timeline on Luck, when in fact Jim Irsay did, twice. I loved the interview myself.
  6. Vontae Davis released

    I don't believe that Davis was listed on the injury report. As for VD hiding the injury, Adam Schefter said he had been receiving treatment on the injury every single morning so if thats true i don't know how the Colts could have not known.
  7. I listen to him nearly everyday and he has said a lot of good stuff about the Colts. He has major issues with Pagano and has had them for years just like a majority of Colts fans. He also believes the Colts lied about Luck's situation this year and he blasts them for that. Mostly though his problems have always been about the coaching and lack of leadership on this team.
  8. Dakich is actually a Colts fan. I ran into him on the walk to the stadium during the Jets MNF game a couple years ago. He also just bought season tickets last year. Just because he doesn't kiss there behind all the time doesn't mean he is a hater.
  9. JMV tweeting there is a lot more to the Davis released story. He must know something.
  10. Then we don't disagree that much then, most of these issues are from incompetence. I agree with that. But then i also think the Colts make matters worse by not being truthful on many of these issues. So not only do they look incompetent, but also look like liars. I never once said the Colts were forcing Davis to play. Davis played through injury this year and has done so in years past as well. My issue is the Colts claiming that he was never hurt, and the injury had no part in him missing the game, The guy needs surgery, that is not something you can fake. Clearly he was hurt and hurt bad enough to need surgery and that had to have impacted his performance. Anybody who watched him this year could see something was not right, it's hard for me to believe the team had no clue he was hurt. Incompetence is right. The Colts history in dealing with injury situations is full of incompetence unfortunately.
  11. I'm gonna pick up some blue kool-aid
  12. You took the time to read and reply, so you must.
  13. He said "at no point did we ever think Vonate was hurt". I just listened to the podcast and that was his exact quote. And he was fully cleared by doctors as of last week, didn't play Sunday, and this week the doctors recommend season ending surgery? That's interesting.
  14. So it was not injury related, but he now needs season ending surgery? How is that possible? And Chris Ballard goes on JMV yesterday saying that at no point did they think Vonate was hurt, but yet he has muscle seperating from the bone and needs surgery? Clearly they lied in regards to the injury report.