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  1. Head Scratcher?-Who is the new Colt

    They do have an open roster spot... So hopefully it's not in response to an injury we don't know yet.
  2. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    It's amazing how everyone loses their minds on a couple of losses. If they win the game Sunday, this article never sees the light of day. Just complete overreaction.
  3. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    Nobody said anything about him forgetting how to play. But if he's off for nearly two years, there's definitely going to be a lot of rust to shake off. At this point, he's been off and healing for about 10 months, nearly a full calandar year. If the shoulder is ready, cleared by the docs, he needs to play. And for the record, they need to be conservative and take their time with him. Which I think they are doing. I think the teams approach is correct. I'm not advocating to play him before he's ready or anything like that.
  4. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    I do not understand why you would want to sit Luck the entire year. Doesn't make any sense to me. Do you really want to line up in 2018 with your franchise QB not seeing game action for two years? It also tells the rest of the team you're not serious about winning. If I was a player, I'd want nothing to do with that team.
  5. luck see's the light?

    This is complete and utter nonsense. Let's follow this rabbit hole for minute and realize it doesn't track. If Oliver Luck was upset that Colts were pushing Andrew to play injured, why would he be making a stink about it now? Luck is a few weeks away from being fully healthy and playing. Now's the time when Oliver pushes for an exit? When things are resolved, instead of when the issues were allegedly occurring? Furthermore, yes it's true the Colts had some organizational issues between Grigson and Pagano that were causing problems behind the scenes. Again, why would Oliver wait until now, when Grigson is gone, Ballard is putting things back together and the Colts are (presumably) on the right track? Yes, Pagano is an issue, but the only reason he is still here is because Indy had no choice - with Luck's procedure, they couldn't go for a new coaching staff, and a brand new offense, with their star QB unable to work and learn it in the off-season. I would say there is a 99% chance he's toast in the off-season. This makes zero logical sense, and shouldn't be given any credibility. Have Mike and Mike ever broken anything before? Just a couple of shock jockeys looking for views.
  6. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    This talk of cutting Vontae is genuinely crazy. I'm not sure this team can win a game missing Davis, Kelly and Luck.
  7. Right Tackle

    This is an important topic. After showing some promise last year, Clark has been AWFUL. Not just bad, awful. This is a storyline more people should be talking about heading into the season. We really don't have any other options at RT. Banner isn't ready, and Good seems to be exclusively at guard this year.
  8. Trading Dorsett opens a spot for JoJo

    I'm more of a fan of Nelson than Howard... That being said, I have heard that colts want to get bigger at receiver, so it wouldn't surprise me if they kept Howard (him being 6-6).
  9. Trading Dorsett opens a spot for JoJo

    I think you are right, a big part of wanting to trade Dorsett to open a roster spot. That'd leave TY, Moncrief, Rodgers, and Aiken with room for Natson or maybe Bug Howard. Sort of unrelated, but I'd expect Quan Bray to be out of a job this year. Can't see where he fits in with that group.
  10. Could Colts be interested in Osweiler?

    Front office wouldnt spend recourses to aquire him and then pay him his high salary for just a couple games maximum. Colts only make this move if Luck is going to miss significant time. Lets hope this just unfounded rumor and speculation.
  11. Now that Kelly is injured

    This isn't my direct knowledge. But, I have read on twitter from individuals who watched his film that's he's a better center than guard, and is more equipped to play in the zone scheme we run compared to what he was doing with Tennessee. Take that for what it's worth!
  12. Player Press Conferences

    I have become very concerned about the continued absence of Clayton Geathers. No one has given us anything concrete on his neck injury. Leads me to believe there is something very wrong here.
  13. I guess we know how Peyton feels about Irsay

    Why don't we ask Dungy how Manning feels about Irsay?
  14. I guess we know how Peyton feels about Irsay

    How in the world did you come to this conclusion? If Manning hated Irsay, they wouldn't have even discussed this. Remember they have been talking about this since November.
  15. Don't STOP looking Jim....

    Yeah, that's what I'm wondering. Because he reported the Manning thing he made it sound like speculation. So I wonder what he is hearing. JMV says Irsay is done looking, but who knows with Jim.