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  1. Brock Osweiler is back

    Trust me as a Houston fan, he can and will.
  2. Fournette

    There is a simple gameplan to beat the Jags, may or may not work but, run the ball on them because their pass D is ridiculously good. Put 8 or 9 in the box and force Bortles to beat you. Easier said then done but the book is out on them.
  3. Is Watson the real deal?

    Watson is the real deal, his best asset is his composure followed by his work ethic. That is what will make him a good pro for the long run. Also Prescott is still playing some good ball 62.6% 1,192yds 11Td 4Int 93.1 Rating, those numbers are still very good.
  4. Fournette won't translate to the NFL as well as Zeke. He is big and fast in a league where everybody is big and fast. He doesn't have the elusiveness to be as effective with the big boys. He was just so physically dominant in college I don't know if he can count on the same in the pros. Lastly even if he is effective he is gonna be worn down, You saw it last year with him missing 3 games. He isn't elusive so he will get hit, over and over by bigger faster guys add in the extra games. He will miss games eventually, and this isn't even talking about his O-line, QB situation. Typical Jags move.
  5. A discussion on the AFC South after Round 1

    The Texans have 70 Mil in cap space for 2018, and with some obvious cuts (Cushing) they will have 80+ next year. They gave up next year's first to get Watson, not sure how that is a huge gamble, the pick will probably be in the late teens -20s. Next year's 2nd brought in another 16M from OS, easily enough to sign a starter or two and a completely different transaction not part of Watson trade. In fact if you look at the value chart they gave up little. They aren't shedding defensive players, they aren't overpaying for a fourth corner or signing a 32 year old safety to a 6M or a oft injured OLB to a big deal. Because they let the players walk, they'll be getting multiple compensatory picks in 2018 including a 3rd for Bouye. All in all the Texans are poised to sign Hopkins and Clowney and still be able to make a big run at multiple FA next year and have enough comp picks to help fill in the gap between losing the 1 and 2. They are in very good shape going forward cap and personnel wise.
  6. Yeah I was surprise Harris was on the board, a lot of the corners I liked were gone and it seemed that Harris was to good to pass up. Harris seems to be building momentum going through the process, I guess the knock on him is height but that never stopped Freeney.
  7. Thanks, Here it is, seems to me the DB's really flew off the boards. That is why I was able to snatch Harris in the 2nd. I definitely thought the Colts had to add as much pass rush as possible. I wanted Barnett with the first pick but he went one pick before to Philly. You have a point there, I think if your team needs X, you will have a much more intimate knowledge of it versus a team that doesn't. For instance in our draft the top 3 tackles were gone before 25. http://www.texanstalk.com/threads/2017-texans-talk-mock-draft-results.111880/
  8. Hello, Texan fan here. We run a mock draft every year with posters being GM's for each of the 32 teams. I had the pleasure of being the Colts this year, here is what I got for the team. 1st Takkarist McKinley UNC Edge 2nd Charles Harris Mizzou Edge 3rd Alvin Kamara Tenn RB 4th Tedric Thompson Colorado S 4th Blair Brown Ohio ILB 4th Damontae Kazzee San Diego State, CB 5th Tanzel Smart Tulane DT First and foremost I wanted to supply a sorely needed pass rush, grabbing Mckinley and Harris. Next add more weapons on offense with a 3 down back with explosiveness in Kamara. After that I looked to add defensive players at each level. Thompson and Kazee will add good depth and should be able to contribute right away in the secondary. Brown add a much needed young ILB, Smart gives some DL depth. One thing that jumps out at me is the 3 4th rounders will give the Colts a chance to build quicker through the draft.