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  1. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Isn’t that good? Everything I read the Bicep cam be fixed
  2. So here’s something crazy(rumor)

    Actually it was JMV.
  3. Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    Frank broke into the ranks of coaching with Indianapolis. be like coming home
  4. Tony Dungy's response

    Leslie Frazier anybody? He he seems to be Dungy 2.0
  5. Irsay is furious by Fake Twitter Account

    ? Who is Barry McCockiner?
  6. Florio still maintains agenda....

    There are no rumors of any discord in the organization. There have only been three total losing seasons since Jim took over as owner. Its a media myth that Irsay is a loose cannon all because he suffers from a disease. All indications are he doesn’t interfere with day to day operations of football. He is paying for the funeral of the Uber driver who was killed.
  7. The Announcement

    It also sounds like he was working and had contingency plans in the works. I thought McDaniels was * from the beginning and he is doing nothing to change my mind. If I fault Ballard it isn’t because he got jilted, it’s because he wanted him in the first place.
  8. Florio still maintains agenda....

    I have dealt with countless folks who have worked for, with, or in conjunction with Irsay over the years for various projects he supported. I have never heard anything but kind and wonderful words for the man. He is well liked among his peers in the NFL, community, and media. He is honest, caring, and flawed in some areas. If McDaniels has an issue working with a Irsay, it isn’t Irsay who is the problem.
  9. Jack Del Rio?

    Damn, what’s with all the retreads? Del Rio?
  10. The Announcement

    I never wanted the guy in the first place. I want someone who hasn’t failed already or has had some success like Doug Marrone had in Buffalo before transforming Jax. But it I have zero issue with how Ballard handled this. I also don’t believe for a second Irsay is letting Ballard make this decision all on his own. It was always told that we got Dungy because that’s who Jim wanted and sent Polian to get him.
  11. Jim Schwartz - HC, Defillipo - OC

    Didn’t want him either.
  12. Jim Schwartz - HC, Defillipo - OC

    God no Schwartz is a failed coach
  13. Foles to back up Andrew ...Good or bad idea ?????

    Or he becomes Jeff Hostetler
  14. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Doyel has written some good stories when they are not focused on the cities teams. His article where he hunted down Rick Mount was very good. Liked the one he wrote about his Grandma during the holidays
  15. Jacksonville (+7) at Pittsburgh (1-14-18)

    So they have a welcome home rally at Everbank field just for winning a divisional game? Did we ever do that? I don’t recall ever doing that!