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  1. Chubb with Colts 1st pick and Taven Bryan with their 2nd pick? That would shore up the defensive front with athletes with tremendous upside.
  2. Taven Bryan would look great in a Colts uniform!!!
  3. How about taking a late round flyer on Kyle Allen from Houston/Texas A&M. He’s a pocket passer and a former 5 star recruit.
  4. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Open the checkbook and offer Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Doubt they’ll be interested, but gotta try. if Belichick is let go or retires under pressure, write him a blank check and screw Robert Kraft.
  5. Now, Irsay, call McDaniels and announce his hiring tonight!
  6. Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Cry Belichick, cry
  7. Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Down goes Brady.....Down goes Brady
  8. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    Well, there’s always Allen and Dorsett. They know the McDaniels system...LOL
  9. Matt Nagy to interview with Colts on Sunday

    Never impressed with KC coaches. Boring offenses, never win a big game, and predictable. There are better coaches to be had.
  10. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Go Quincy - show the coaches you can play. We need you to develop the rest of this season and be ready to start at CB next season.
  11. Why Quincy Wilson isn't playing

    The team stinks this year anyway and has nothing to lose. Trade Vontae at the deadline for a draft pick and elevate Wilson to the active roster. Start him at his natural position and see how it goes. Develop the young guys this season so they can bring it 100% next year when there is a new coaching staff in place and Luck back at QB.
  12. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Hey Ballard - how do you like your O-Line now?
  13. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Last place team coached by a clown