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  1. Gronk and a healthy Allen = big trouble for opposing LB and Safeties.
  2. Pair up the former Gator LB tandem - Morrison and Davis
  3. He'll probably realize in a season that he walked away too soon and will try to make a comeback.
  4. I'm thinking Irsay is waiting for Josh McDaniels after the Super Bowl.
  5. Still thinking Irsay is stalling to bring in McDaniels following the Super Bowl
  6. I'd much rather have McDaniels than Shanahan or Gruden. Saban or Harbaugh would be intriguing, but I doubt they will leave their high paying college gigs.
  7. Harrison can play either guard spot and can fill in as a short term center backup.
  8. Harrison brought stability and toughness to the OL when the coaches finally wised up and started him at guard.
  9. Nice game today by Morrison. He had several TFL and laid the lumber quite a few times.
  10. Gore and Turbin with catches this drive. Where was that when the game was within reach?
  11. How about the O Line? This group is gelling. I live the physicality of Harrison, Kelly, and Haeg in the middle.
  12. Great coverage by Melvin but a better catch by Holmes. its time for Luck to step up and put together a TD drive. The defense has played well but has been on the field a lot already.
  13. Another nice tackle for loss by Morrison on the goal line.
  14. The O Line is holding up. Where are the short passes and swing passes to the RBs to mix in with the deep routes? Use Gore and Turbin!
  15. Morrison has decent north to south speed but his knee injury has reduced his lateral quickness. That was a great tackle for loss on 2nd and 1 that stalled the drive. He also had a big hit on the RB on that 9 yard run the play before.

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