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  1. Aces101

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes - Bryan just made it past Atlanta
  2. Aces101

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I’m hoping Taven Bryan is there when the Colts pick next.
  3. Aces101

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    So, we could’ve received the 12th pick and 2 second round picks for our pick? That would have been very tempting to me. we could’ve had the number 12 pick and 5 second round picks?
  4. Aces101

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Nelson is a good pick - was just hoping to accumulate more picks
  5. Aces101

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Trade down - work Buffalo over
  6. Aces101

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    Draft Nelson to protect Brissett may be the likely outcome. I had a torn rotator cuff, fractured scapula, and torn biceps tendon all repaired. There are no guarantees he’ll ever have the same arm strength, comfort, or arm stamina again. Trust me, it sucks.
  7. Chubb with Colts 1st pick and Taven Bryan with their 2nd pick? That would shore up the defensive front with athletes with tremendous upside.
  8. Taven Bryan would look great in a Colts uniform!!!
  9. How about taking a late round flyer on Kyle Allen from Houston/Texas A&M. He’s a pocket passer and a former 5 star recruit.
  10. Aces101

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Open the checkbook and offer Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Doubt they’ll be interested, but gotta try. if Belichick is let go or retires under pressure, write him a blank check and screw Robert Kraft.
  11. Now, Irsay, call McDaniels and announce his hiring tonight!
  12. Aces101

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Cry Belichick, cry
  13. Aces101

    Super Bowl LII (52) Game Thread

    Down goes Brady.....Down goes Brady
  14. Aces101

    McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    Well, there’s always Allen and Dorsett. They know the McDaniels system...LOL