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  1. Neither Turbin or Gore are injury prone. We're going to bring a young guy through draft or UDFA also. And it's too early to say we'd be screwed if Mewhort went down. Schwenke or Haeg could be better than we think. CB is a hard position to transition too I agree. But rookie CBs start every year. Look at Bradberry from the panthers, had like a 89 pff grade this year. I agree though we can't fix everything in one offseason. But it's just fact we only have one starting corner. Our DB situation is bad. Atleast there's optimism with the line.
  2. If he doesn't ball out next year he won't be re-signed, unless it's a cheap team friendly deal. Definitely overhyped on these forums.
  3. Still a 2nd rounder imo. Should be ready by training camp.
  4. Running back is definitely not a glaring hole. O-line trending up. And rookie CBs can start.
  5. We signed Schwenke. And have two young guys. The position we completely ignored is CB, we have one starter.
  6. At Ohio St Pro Day: Belichick, Bowles, Tomlin, Hue, Harbaugh, Mularkey, Payton, Caldwell, Lewis. Seven GMs incl Maccagnan. Also M Ross NYG. why aren't we there?
  7. We need a corner in round 1 or 2.
  8. I'd be happy with Reddick too. Thats up to Ballard. I'd rank Hassan over Humphrey and Wilson. I don't know Jarrads medicals so I can't say on him.
  9. I've been a big fan of Jarrad for months now, he is truly a savage. Just sucks he's been injured soo much. And I'd be happy with Humphrey, or Wilson. I like Conley more than both of them though.
  10. But he has tape to back it up. TJ green was a combine warrior.
  11. That's fair. But I think scouts knew about him before we did, and before the combine. He looks just as fast on tape imo. The same way that Fabian is rated so high now out of nowhere, but Mayock said he was a 2nd rounder before the combine even happened. Atleast that's how I think about it, could be completely wrong lol.

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