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  1. He graded very good in his college career. All I know.
  2. Andrew has never had a losing season. He's finally going to have the same 5 O-linemen starting again that he ended the year with. 2nd year with the OC. The defense will be improved(who knows how much, but it will be better) And the schedule isn't particularly hard.
  3. The team is better in every way compared to last year. But somehow they will have a worse record. Yaaa makes sense.
  4. No he's the goat
  5. If that was legit the first conversation Grigson and Pat had, then I see no problem with Pat telling the story.
  6. Hopefully it's Spence and Walker JR by mid season.
  7. I enjoyed reading this thread.
  8. The O line was a top 5 ranked unit in run blocking. And I said months ago it's time we give Turbin and Mack more touches. We NEED a homerun threat at times. Gore IS slow and he is the reason we don't have any long runs.
  9. 6-9 months. Andrew was never supposed to be throwing at this point. Still 3 months until the season.
  10. Luck is gonna be just fine.
  11. I've thought the same thing for a couple months now. It's great to finally have a starting line up on the O-line.
  12. It's going to be a good one. The fact that everyone has already counted us out will make it even better.
  13. Didn't he have the best 10 yard split out of all RBs?
  14. Realllly glad to hear Quincy is out there.
  15. And the Colts lost. Amazing.

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