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  1. An even wilder night than I thought.
  2. Damn.. my guys gone.
  3. Hooker, Allen, Foster and Reddick still on the board.
  4. Houston won't have a 1st or 2nd pick next year.
  5. Literally all I said was that he ran a 4.5 at 200 pounds and had 10 reps. Oh and said his 3 cone was impressive. Somehow that triggered jskinz.
  6. Your arguing with me because you assume I don't like Mcaffrey because I don't want a RB in the first. Ignorant. Spare me the dear god nonsense.
  7. Literally all I did was list his measurables. And it's literally nothing but rumors right now. Stop quoting and trying to argue with me based off your assumption lmao.
  8. Not bad. Tankersly has grown on me.
  9. He's built like a slot wideout. You really felt the need to quote me and say that? L o L Like I said. 200 pounds and basically a 4.5. 10 reps. Its my opinion, you and Shefter don't have to agree.
  10. His 3 cone was impressive. But he's only 200 pounds and basically ran a 4.5, and put up 10 reps on the bench press. Lol.
  11. His measurables are closer to Fournettes than they are Richardsons. I just don't see them getting rid of him, think they start to use him more this year. We'll see soon though.
  12. I disagree. Would make no sense to get rid of him. He's a physical freak.
  13. Tredavious White would be a great pick too.
  14. He's a great corner. I don't see how it would be a reach. The whole reach thing is pretty dumb actually, we "reached" for Kelly and it was our best 1st round pick the last five years.(Excluding Luck obvy)

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