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  1. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    Brissett held the ball even longer than Luck ever has. He repeatedly missed TY wide open. He either didn’t even see him, or he just wouldn’t pull the trigger. He seemed to regress as the season went on. I don’t see kirk cousins in him. I like him a lot, his attitude on the sidelines is awesome. But he’s probably a backup.
  2. Lol at saquon being a “once in a life time talent” Lol at no Bradley Chubb.
  3. He said trade back to 5( to the jets which is incorrect btw) I don’t see a guard going top 5 lol.
  4. Josh Kline

    I’ll take a guard that gave up 2 hits/sacks all year over the two we put on the field this year.
  5. Josh Kline

    OG. Why aren’t we talking about him? He’s an URFA, is 28, and only allowed 2 combined sacks and hits all year. Plus it’d be nice to steal a good player from the titans.
  6. I think he’s going to be a very good player either way.
  7. Unless Connor has t-rex arms I’m trying him at tackle first. Would be a great guard though too imo.
  8. Are our DE's already here?

    You’re insinuating that because we have 28-29 year old Sheard,who got 5 sacks, and a redshirted Basham that we will pass on arguably the best defensive player in the draft at one of the most premium positions? Stop. Just stop please lol.
  9. What should Ballard do?

    You’re just soo far off from reality man lol. In FA and the draft.
  10. What should Ballard do?

    I’ve seen Marlon Mack run up the middle for tough yards also. Doesn’t mean it’s their m.o.
  11. The Film Room: Saquon Barkley

    I’m sorry fam, but I gotta do what I gotta do. It’s for the colture.
  12. The Film Room: Saquon Barkley

    Man I can not wait until we pass on this guy. Going to flood the forum with lol’s
  13. A guard is not going top 5.
  14. Taven Bryan or Bradley Chubb..

    40 yard dash means almost next to nothing for a pass rusher. Is it nice? Sure. Is it relevant? Not really. The 3 cone, 10 and 20 yard splits are.
  15. What should Ballard do?

    It’s not bad vision, but it’s not Zekes or Gurleys either. And he will ignore/not see a big hole and bounce it outside, yeah just like Mack. He also avoids contact like the plague.