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  1. 12% for Cook??? and not a CB on the list??? Hmmmmmm
  2. That's kind of the problem, he knows all eyes are on him...he knows he is being evaluated on everything he does..he knows he has questions about his character already and then to be a "stupid kid" and do something like that is a red flag. If he can't get it together now , when he has so much on the line how comfortable are you spending one of our draft picks and giving him millions of dollars and hoping he grows up??? Me, I'm not..he's a great running back and if he gets his act together he could have a great career...but to me it's just to many red flags..find a "safer" option and move on.
  3. Looking at it like this- for CB we have no clear starter at #2, we have no clear starter at nickel, and Vontae is in a contract year i do believe. Then at the safety's you got Geathers(good but injured neck ) Butler(31 on a 1yr deal) and Green( total ? as of now). Now I know we have others(melvin, farley ect) but I fell like the secondary depth is even worse than last year when they were looking for guys off the street so I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 picks go to the secondary in some combination
  4. Do you have a few CB's other than King to be looking at in the 1-2 area, because we desperately need some starters at CB in my opinion?
  5. Maybe you should re-read this tread, because their are about 3 spots where his draft position is debated...all the rest are debates about the charterer..with some really being close to attacks against a posters actual beliefs.
  6. Yeah but the problem is no one is debating if he's a good athlete. We all know he's a great RB. What is debated is how you feel about what he did, and that just leads to verbal assaults, some posters on here are in every Joe MIxon thread talking about how great he is but want to attack those who feel differently and are voicing that. It's just bad, especially when this comes down to one man's beliefs and no one knows what they are.
  7. Don't we have enough Joe Mixon threads already ? This has been talked about to death in about 6-7 other threads.He is a great RB, and If you like him great, if you don't that's great to, nobody's mind is getting changed on this at this point. In the end it comes down to If Irsay and his daughters want the guy, none of us know the answer to that so lets just leave it alone already.
  8. I don't understand why more people haven't realized just how bad our secondary is going to be if we don't get at least one press-man starter and a good slot guy. Really even with Butler I'm not super confident with the safety depth. If Green doesn't show improvement we could be one injury away from having real problems with the deep balls, remember you're probably going to have 2 rookies on the field, the safety's are going to have to cover up some mistakes this year.
  9. I don't see any way we can wait until the 3rd for a CB. We have to get a starter and probably a slot. I'm thinking we only draft 1 LB and don't even look at RB until the 4th, honestly I would be surprised if we draft any offensive position other than RB. We just have way to many holes in the secondary to not spend about 3 picks on it this year. I feel like next year will be the year we add more O-line and TE help.
  10. 1.LB/CB 2. the other 3. FS/SS
  11. Isn't Moncrief crazy young? Wasn't that one of the knocks on him when he was drafted, that he's was very young and might take time to mature>
  12. With the way the secondary sits right know I just don't see how we can spend a pick on RB before the 4th round, and even then I'm starting to think we just roll with what we got and some UDF's
  13. I think they have to go more into the secondary. I'd probably loose 2 of those offensive choices and replace with another CB and DL.
  14. I feel like we are going to go CB in the first or second at the latest and then probably again in the fourth and the also grab a safety in there as well. I will be surprised if we take anything offensively outside of a TE/RB, and I'm even starting to doubt we do that.

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