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  1. I think Stewart actually has the talent to become a starter
  2. I'm leaning toward Grover at this point. I just have feeling this guy is going to ball out.
  3. The Replacements
  4. Wasn't Leak on the practice squad last year?
  5. Has anyone seen an update on Geathers health?
  6. This made me go watch some Sanders highlights....I miss that team
  7. I think it's got to be CB if who ever's available is even close to BPA. I wouldn't be upset with the same thinking in the 3rd either. We may not end up with a dominant pass rushers but our secondary could quickly become a major strength and with the LB's we have brought in I think we'd definitely be getting some coverage sacks at the least. And as long as the O-line progresses as expected we could be in a position next year to really gamble and jump up and grab a great edge rusher. Lots of if's in this but the coverage route is definitely something that I think can be an effective strategy.
  8. Yes Butler tracks the ball well, but I don't think any one would describe Butlers ability as an ELITE skill, really I don't think anything that anyone does on this defense would be described as ELITE skill...that alone should make you feel better.
  9. I think that greatly depends on Green himself, if he takes that leap he could easily be starting towards the end of the year beging of next year..for now I think he plays in sub-packages and as relief for any injuries and of course special teams. He may never be nothing more than that and his second contract would reflect his real value, but with Hooker & a healthy Geathers he doesn't HAVE to be anything more than a solid back-up for now.
  10. It could be said the other way too, that those CB's were good because they knew they had Hooker over the top...basically the same argument people make about Sherman and Thomas.
  11. My hope is 4QB's, 2RB's, 1 WR and 1 TE all go before our pick....that would be BEAUTIFUL!!
  12. I think of it like this, if you have a chance to draft Edge you do it, but if you had to choose between Edge and Freeny, it's clear you go Freeny
  13. Looks good but I'm hopeful its CB in the 2nd and RB in the 4th
  14. I think what we are or were truly missing was a healthy Luck and a defense that could cover TE's and RB's. So if Luck's shoulder is 100% and we have picked up or do pick up some one who can cover the TE's and RB's we are going to be much better. Yes we don't have the best at any position but we won 8 games with the garbage we put on the field last year , so as long as Luck is good to go and we can stop giving up 3rd and 10's to the back out of the flat I think 10-12 wins is very realistic.
  15. How's that saying go...nothing good ever happens after midnight

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