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  1. On...the...money.
  2. I dont use stats because they dont take into consideration things like how many defenders were in the box, injuries to the RB or the supporting cast...or the defense for that matter. Fantasy has ruined fans perception of reality. One RB could average 5 yds per carry and total 145 yards, but it was against a 4/3 where they rushed 4 for most of the game and dropped 7. Another RB could average 3.5 ypc and total 95 yards, but it was against a 3/4 rushing 6 with only 4 dropping into coverage for most of the night. Stats can point you in the right direction, but stats can also lie, occlude, and mask truth.
  3. How about considering that MH has a great deal more experience at how to use the information that Pep has given him than Andrew has. Andrew is awesome at a great many things. Knowing which read to use, and when to change the play are things that he has a good learning curve yet to go. This thread could be called......"Will Andrew learn from what Matt has shown him?"
  4. Take every football experience, the good and the bad, and choose to see it as a soul lifting event. Your life will be richer.
  5. ? I have never spouted how bad Brady is. Then talk?....I am not nor have ever been a bragger. I don't hang the banners in LOS. How old are you?
  6. I disagreee.
  7. Personally, I dont hate you...I love you. And I also feel very sorry for you. Get help.
  8. To quote a line from a Thunderbird's song......... "Feels like your shovelin in dirt....on my soul". To each his own. If required to take your view...I would give up being a fan. Anything that I hope to get out of the experience of rooting for my team would be gone. I politely yet emphatically reject your suggestion. Good day.
  9. To answer the OP....if Marty Shott can get fired after a 14-2 campaign, then any coach can get fired. IMO, it would be a shame to see him fired. He is a quality man, a great motivator, and he gives all he has. I think he is a better coach than Dungy was. As far as the Jim H talk, that guy has become a complete basket case. I loved Jimmy...I supported as a possibility before he was hired at SF, but since then, I have seen too many instances of his mental instability. He may be a great coach, but he has went down freak lane and I don't think he will turn around. I would be very disappointed if he were hired.
  10. No matter how good you are, you will miss on a player. This isn't about the speculation of issues behind the scenes. He has a great scouting team and he drafts well, which assumptive criticism won't change, nor will anyone's support.
  11. We won...don't be arrogant.
  12. He was and is a whipping boy for those who limited knowledge of the game.
  13. I said he was the best FA acquisition in the last few years. I still stand by that.

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