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  1. Don't quite agree with your eval of KC and Mahomes. Don't forget that Andy Reid coached Farve, McNabb, and Vick. He knows how to deal with the gunslinger QB
  2. Did not reach. Took what fell to him Got 2 day 1 starters, Hooker and Wilson Will wait to see and rest.
  3. Ken Ekanen- Olb/DE Marcus Cox- RB Matt Pryor- RG
  4. Thank you for the infomation
  5. Just strange. Not worried about who we got
  6. With how the trades were going in rounds 1-3 and we got only a 5th, wow.
  7. 2 day 1 starters and the rest are wait and see
  8. Just got home. We get anything else?????
  9. How did we get second 5th round pick??????? Drafted 2 day 1 starters in Hooker and Wilson. Rest are wait and see
  10. Would like Williams or Willis as pass rush/ Wilson or King for CB
  11. Isn't Lamp, Bolles , and some of the other also listed as Interior Linemen
  12. Dan Feeney seems to be missing. He is considered a 2nd round pick. list needs to be updated
  13. I would say Anderson. Got him a round after I thought he would go. Had a great rookie season till he got hurt. If he comes back to the start of his rookie season , IMO, Pro Bowler
  14. Who is the impact Defensive player we got in FA.. Maybe Hankins, but will have yo wait to see as he came from a 4-3. Then rest, meh. Will give Simon a wait to see how he works out as a Sam OLB
  15. No impact Defensive player

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