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  1. Isn't Lamp, Bolles , and some of the other also listed as Interior Linemen
  2. Dan Feeney seems to be missing. He is considered a 2nd round pick. list needs to be updated
  3. I would say Anderson. Got him a round after I thought he would go. Had a great rookie season till he got hurt. If he comes back to the start of his rookie season , IMO, Pro Bowler
  4. Who is the impact Defensive player we got in FA.. Maybe Hankins, but will have yo wait to see as he came from a 4-3. Then rest, meh. Will give Simon a wait to see how he works out as a Sam OLB
  5. No impact Defensive player
  6. Not hard to understand. Now this is not what he is not saying. I've backed myself into a corner for the draft and I need to hit on 3 day 1 starters with 1 of them being an impact player, all for the Defense. If not, he conceded that the Defense will not progress very much this next season. Do not understand why an Impact player, in FA, has to be a big name player. Grigson brought in DQ and Mike Adams. Both weren't considered big name because of age, but both had an impact on our Defense. Getting younger doesn't equate to getting better. You need a good blend of young and older players.
  7. You are right about the screams being loud and long. I wasn't one as DQ brought leadership to a Defense that needed it. with Freeman and Adams, I took the wait and see approach. Was happy with what I saw. As far as Simon, IMO, he is a Sam OLB. If we can get 5-7 sacks a year from him and he sets a hard edge, then I will call it a good pick-up. Thank you for the info on Sheard's contract. All I saw was 25.5 mil for 3 years. Glad to hear if we get a good pass rusher in the draft, Sheard can be let go or possible restructure his contract to bring it in-line for a back-up.
  8. An impact player does not have to be a big name player. DQ, Freeman, and Adams to name a few, were not big names, but made an impact on the Defense. I find it funny how some are complaining about contracts, but no one blinks an eye when we gave Sheard 8 plus mil a year for 3 years to do something he couldn't do in a good Defense. Just saying
  9. We have younger players, but not all are better.
  10. I did not expect Ballard to solve it all in one off season. I thought Ballard would try to bring in an impact player for the Defense in FA. Then use the draft to add players.
  11. No I'm not. Now he has to hit on 3 day 1 starters with 1 being an impact player. If he doesn't, this will be what we have been watching for years, a good Offense and a so so Defense.
  12. Sheard played 16 games started 8 and got only 5 sacks. Simon played in 16 games and got 3.5 sacks. I will wait to see if Simon can play Sam OLB, but Sheard is not a pass rusher. What seems to be overlooked is, Ballard now has to hit on 3 day 1 starters for the Defense and 1 has to be an impact player to make this Defense competitive. Otherwise we are looking at what we have been watching for years, a good Offense and a so so Defense.
  13. Free Agency is for getting depth and an impact player when needed. Does not need a big name player, just a player who has shown he can play. Now Ballard has to hit big in the draft.
  14. You don't need a big name FA, just one that has shown he can do the job. none of these FAs we got fit that criteria.
  15. Like Raider trade, but not thrilled about moving up. No pass rusher. Not bad

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