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  1. To me, Ballard sounds like the boy Oliver from Oliver Twist, saying Sir, may I please have more. Oliver was asking for more food, while Ballard is asking for more time. Ballard knows he has backed himself in a corner concerning the draft. The other 31 teams know that Ballard needs Defense. Balllard has to draft a 1st round Defensive, impact, day 1 starter. He also knows he has to hit on 2 other Defensive, day 1 starters.
  2. I am good with Reddick as an ILB, whether rushing on delay blitz or back in coverage. Not high on him as an edge rusher. I believe there will be an edge rusher after the 1st round with value. Might not be a day 1 starter, but will be able to contribute during the season.
  3. I agree. Is why I voted how I did. Ballard put himself in a bad situation by not getting an impact player in FA. Did not have to be a big name expensive player, just a player who would make an impact on the Defense. None of his selections, IMO, will be an impact player. So, Ballard has to hit big in the draft with Defense.
  4. I agree with your expectations. Will not happen if Ballard does not get a Impact starting Defensive player in 1st round ( pass rusher or ILB that can cover). Ballard will need to get at least 2 more Defensive day 1 starters as well to have a better season than last year's. I am not as worried about the Offense as some on here, as the Offense was playing well at season's end.
  5. No edge rusher. other than that, not bad.
  6. Will not bother me. Will know not to expect much from team this year if that happens.
  7. You are correct. Ballard got some depth, just no starters. I never said Ballard had to get any big name FAs. I did say that Ballard had backed himself into a corner for the draft. That his 1st round pick had to be an impact Defensive starter. I continued with he would need, at least, 2 other Defensive starters.
  8. I voted Mediocre. I understand that Ballard said he would not get big name FAs, but he needed to get an impact player for the Defense. We are also lacking veteran leadership on the Defense with the retirements and releases. The other reason for my vote is, Ballard has backed himself in a corner for the draft. Ballard's 1st round pick will have to be a player who can start and have an impact on this Defense. Ballard will have to get at least 2 other starters with the other picks. Not a good way to start your tenure as a new GM.
  9. Watched the drills and had trouble going around the corner. Good drop in coverage with fluid hips in flips. As I said, would take him at 15 as ILB.
  10. Would only take Reddick at 15 if he plays ILB. Not enough bend for outside.
  11. My big 2 at edge are Thomas and McKinley. Yes, both had good measurements, but OLB drills, their hips were tight and had trouble tracking. Wold not look at Reddick or Watt at 15, but would consider them if we traded back into the 20s.
  12. like Thomas, was tight in the hips in OLB drills. Like what I saw out of Reddick, Smoot, and one other (slipped my mind now). Only saw the 2nd DL group
  13. Would like Hightower. Not impressed with Poe, have to wonder how much is due to Houston and Hal.i
  14. Main reason is that he did not play in the SEC. If he had, we would be hearing about how great he was. Before the flak hits think about this, a lot of people on here wants Mixon, even with his big red flag (2-4th round pick). Honeybadger, Tyrann Matheu was drafted after getting kicked off LSU his last year. Trent Richardson was drafted high in the first round after running behind a good Alabama line. So I agree with you, that we should be hearing more about Joe Williams and IMO, should go 3- 4th round, unstead of 5- 6th.
  15. I know this has taken a few days, but wanted to think this out. Not all teams run on first and/or run on 1st and 2nd downs. If a team decides to pass on 1st down or 2nd and short, Thomas becomes a liability. He will get away with only pass rushing on pass downs for a short time. Teams will start looking for him and put a RB or TE to help block him. I have seen Hali and Houston drop into coverage. Not both at the same time, but one or the other, unless in hybrid defense (4-3). Do not know much about Ford, but will look. Thomas will not hold up at NT or either DE or 5 tech DT, if he does not add some weight. So, if he used used like that then add the weight and play there. Remember, this is not College any more. What he did in college, might not transfer to the pros (see Werner).

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