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  1. Ja’Von Rolland Jones

    My thoughts exactly. Thank you
  2. Bostic to Steelers

    Base 4-3s are all the same. NT, UT, and 2 DEs. Hankins has play in 4-3s except last year.
  3. Question, what makes you think Nelsom will be there at 6. There is 2 teams ahead of us that need him as well (Giants and Broncos).
  4. If we trade back with Bills, I would look for Edmunds or Smith. At 22, I would go Hernandez. Would look for a Tackle on 2nd or 3rd.
  5. Bostic to Steelers

    Says who???? Hankins played his whole career in a 4-3 except last year. Who said he did not fit a 4-3???
  6. I voted Edmunds. I see 1. Barkley 2. Nelson. 3. QB 4. QB 5. ???? 6. Trade back with Buffalo????
  7. Now, let's trade back with the Bills for their 2 first round picks and either a second or third round pick.
  8. Props to Mr Ballard for this move.
  9. Over paying is the nature of the beast called Free Agency. Besides, contrary to what is being said, Mr Ballard has over paid for his Free Agents.
  10. First, a little advice for Mr Balllard, engage brain before speaking. You do not tell the agents of your potential players that you will not over pay in FA. Second, let me dispell some myths. Ballard is not going to over pay in FA. Ballard has already did that. See Sheard and Autry. Ballard only brings in players that fit the scheme. See Hankins and Simon. Now let's talk about this off season. Because Mr Ballard has not brought in any good players, he has painted himself into a corner for the draft. He has to trade down and he has to hit on 75% of his picks. if that weren't bad enough, he has to get at least 2 OG and 1 OT. He has to get a Good DE. Needs a MLB and a Will OLB. Still needs at least 2 CBs and a RB. He needs to draft a 2 WRs, 1 that can play opposite of T.Y. Then he needs to add quality depth to the team. I am now ready for any questions or commets
  11. Colts Oline

    Does not bother me. I have been laughing while watching all this, knowing he has been over paying for these average to below average FAs.
  12. Colts Oline

    No, just an Old Colts
  13. Colts Oline

    Was out of house for over 5 hrs. Was looking for update as we had 2 players in for a visit. Agree about the plan. Only way to build through the draft w/o adding good FAs. Thank you for the update.
  14. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Did we sign any one today???????