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  1. Well this is a brutal, but truthful, assessment.

    There is no greater need than pass rush. IMO it would be supremely foolish to not take Chubb.
  2. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    You don't have to listen to the media. Let the facts and evidence be your guide. Luck could have been throwing a football just 6 months after the surgery. Instead, it took an additional 3 months. Then pain (presumably caused by inflammation) forced him to quit throwing and go on I.R., and ultimately to Europe for some very suspicious and vague treatment. Now, over 1 full year removed from surgery, he's still not throwing a football, but supposedly "getting close." My guess is that Luck will ultimately need another surgery to correct the bicep issue. All the signs point to an unaddressed problem.
  3. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Disagree. This team is sorely lacking a pass rush. Elite pass rushers are far more rare than elite running backs. If a pass rusher is elite, then teams don't let them hit free agency. So much of a running back's success depends on the run blocking of the line. If we get Barkley, but he has no holes to run through because the run blocking sucks, then it limits his effectiveness.
  4. If Luck needs another surgery, then I say we roll with Brissett another year, and let the chips fall where they may. He'll be back the following year, and we'll probably have decent draft position.
  5. colts have no legal recourse against Mcdaniels

    The Colts weren't bringing him in to be offensive coordinator. They were bringing him in as HC. His success in N.E. cannot be separated from Brady and Belichick.
  6. I wish it had been Dave Taub. I really don't understand the excitement over Josh McDaniels.
  7. Most optimistic I've felt about the Colts in a long time.

    He's a proven winner, while in New England. Take him out of N.E. and...not so much. I hope he proves me wrong and turns out to be a great coach.
  8. He wasn't the head coach of the Patriots when he went 11-5, and when he went 3-1 with Grappolo. If we were talking about making him the new Colts OC then these facts would be relevant. Yeah, he went 6-0 in Denver, and then promptly proceeded to miss the playoffs, attempt a foolish trade, alienate the locker room, and get fired. Beat the Patriots? OK, fine. Luck must have been on his side that day. Just watch the way this guy carries himself, the way he communicates. This is NOT a leader.
  9. I believe hiring McDaniels will go down as a terrible decision on Ballard's part. I honestly don't know why so many Colts fans are so happy about this. The guy has done NOTHING. His success in New England cannot be viewed in isolation from Brady and Belichick. And, as Greg Doyle points out in an IndyStar article, "as offensive coordinator in St. Louis, McDaniels guided the 2011 Rams off a cliff: last in the NFL in points, next-to-last in yards. That was former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford’s second year in the NFL, and he posted career-low totals in passer rating (70.5), quarterback rating (34.4) and completion percentage (.535)." The only positive, as far as I can tell, is that McDaniels is not Pagano.
  10. Players reportedly did not like playing for McDaniels

    Of course people can change. But you can never be sure. It's a roll of the dice, and personally, I'm not willing to take that bet. I'd rather take a chance on someone like Dave Taub, who has a proven record of excellence, and who is a coach known for having excellent relationships with both players and staff.
  11. Players reportedly did not like playing for McDaniels

    My concern was never about him having control over personnel decisions. It was about his poor relationships with players. The article you cite doesn't do much to dispel that concern. It's great he has a good relationship with Brady. But that's just one player. A quote from the article you cited: "(Broncos) punter Mitch Berger said ...'I never played for a guy in my life who guys wanted to play for less," he said. "He was just a guy you didn't care about.'"
  12. I think you knew what I meant.
  13. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    I've of the opinion that an elite pass rusher is more rare than an elite offensive lineman or elite running back. As others have pointed out, the run-blocking of our o-line probably wouldn't allow a good running back to reach his full potential. This team desperately needs a pass rusher. If Bradley Chubb is available with the 3rd pick, I say don't trade down. Take Chubb.
  14. I know some fans seem to really want Josh McDaniels as the next HC. But I would be very concerned about hiring someone who 1) Was not successful as a head coach, and perhaps more importantly, 2) Had problems with interpersonal relationships with players. Here are a couple of articles which touch upon this aspect of McDaniels: A quote from the first article: "Ultimately, McDaniels’s biggest problems in Denver were player personnel decisions and interpersonal relationships." Source: A quote from the 2nd article: "but when it hit the fan and things got tough, guys didn’t want to go the extra mile for him.” Source:
  15. Of course you wouldn't tell a team they have to lose. But you can HOPE they'll lose. That is not unethical. And that is what we are talking about here. Had the Colts won an extra meaningless game in 2012 and missed out on the No. 1 pick, then we might not have gotten Luck.