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  1. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    Saying "according to our record, we are going backwards" might be technically true, but it is a hollow statement at best. When your franchise quarterback doesn't play, and you inherited an aging, slow, untalented roster, it says more about your predecessor than it does you as a GM.
  2. Please let it be Dave Taub.
  3. Is Irsay in DENIAL or simply turning a BLIND eye?

    The Colts will be fine in a 2-3 years. They need a new head coach (Dave Taub, hopefully), new OC, DC, and position coaches. And they need a couple more good drafts. Luck will eventually regain his form. It's hard to be patient, but that's the reality.
  4. Brissett vs Luck

    Finally, someone who can read! Thank you DaveA1102.
  5. Brissett vs Luck

    Brissett has only started 2 games, and already the guy is looking like he deserves to be a starting QB in the league--the kind of starting QB a lot of teams would love to have right now. When I look at his performance yesterday versus the Browns, I have a hard time imagining that things would've gone any better had Luck started. Brissett's skill set and measurables seem very close to Luck's--they're both athletic, both poised, both have strong arms, etc. And Brissett doesn't seem to make bad decisions either. Granted, Brissett has had only 2 games as a starter. Only time will tell. But so far, Brissett is looking very comparable to Luck.
  6. Already tired of Pagano

    Not going to happen...ever.
  7. Colts select Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida (Merge)

    Judging from his highlight reel, it looks like he already knows enough to be dangerous.
  8. Let's talk about 1st round FSs

    You can ad muscle, but the underlying frame doesn't get bigger or stronger. I don't think he has a big enough frame to play linebacker full-time.
  9. Colts select Malik Hooker [Merge]

    I have to say I am surprised by this pick, especially considering that Reuben Foster was still available.
  10. Colts sign Hankins

    Considering how crucial the NT position is to making the 3-4 defense work, and considering Hankins is one of the best nose tackles in the league, I don't think paying $10M/year over 3 years is too much. This is a good signing. Very pleased!
  11. Andrew.... will you tell us yourself?

    2000% is not enough. I need at least 2001%.
  12. Sean Spence signed

    Yes, at least so far. But players can continue to develop with the right coaching.
  13. Zack brown and minters

    Hope it's Brown. I'd love to see the Colts add a 27-year old Pro Bowl LB to their line backing corps!
  14. Colts Sign Jabaal Sheard (Merged)

    This guy seems like a more expensive version of Walden, except a few years younger.
  15. Colts first big signing

    Looks like Nick Perry (GB) is soon to be off the market. Per Jason La Canfora, Green Bay is locking him up on a new 5-year deal.