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  1. Sorry if this has been posted and feel free to merge....I've been off the boards for some time bc of personal reasons (nothing bad). But how did Patrick Robinson go from being terrible with us to an All-Pro level player with the Eagles?? Scheme? Lack of pass rush leading him to cover longer? I seem to remember him getting burnt a lot in 2016. Now he's a shutdown corner. Side note, not that I care too much but Dorsett and Allen have a good shot at getting rings, and while Dorsett hasn't done a lot in NE, he did make a huge play in the Jags game. For Robinson, is it the Jerry Hughes effect, just didn't fit? Or injuries and being forced to cover too long....
  2. cmgww

    Dwayne Allen and Phillip Dorsett

    At THIS looks like the Colts got the better end of the deals....Dorsett and Allen aren't doing anything now...and we'd likely, no we WOULD be winless without Brissett. Plus we got an extra pick in the 4th round next year, which is important to a team trying to rebuild on the fly. Now this could all change, but as I see it now, the Colts are getting the better results, from especially the Brissett/Dorsett trade.
  3. cmgww

    Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    These refs are turrible!! I really hope he was down...
  4. Funny thread. Most of the playoff losses during that era were the fault of the offense and its inability to perform like it did in the regular season. Some like 2005 were a victim of circumstance...Dungy's son passing away screwed up that team more than they'll ever admit, had they squeaked it out they probably right the ship and cruise to a SB win. 2007 was an injury nightmare, Sanders couldn't have helped that much and he was healthy that year. 2008, ugh. 12-4 having to play 8-8 on the road. I still hate it. But again, it was on the offense mostly, a missed 3rd and 2 block resulted Peyton getting sacked and giving the ball back to SD. Realisically, 2009 maybe he makes a diffrerence in the Super Bowl.
  5. cmgww

    Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    Yeah, bc he had such great teams to work with....He coached Northwestern when they were the perennial doormats of the old Big Ten. He also took over as interim coach for one of the worst Indy Colts teams ever, the 1991 team...and was interim for the then dreadful Saints. All the coaching talent in the world wasn't gonna help him in any of those terrible jobs. At his age he's done coaching, but dang I'd love to see him come in as a consultant like Tom Moore has done. He knows his stuff, calls out what should be done prior to games (which usually isn't by this coaching staff) and knows the game backwards and forwards. I'm thinking he and Irsay aren't exactly in the best terms perhaps, given his rough stint here in Indy,.,,
  6. cmgww

    The Most discouraging factor IMHO

    Today is the first day since the Pats game with the wacky fake punt that we're getting roasted as badly as we are today by the national media. From the margin of loss to a "bad" team, to mostly Pagano saying 49ers.....It's bad. I'd prefer to be unnoticed to this. The past two seasons (save for Pat's punt call) we have been just that. But now we're getting into Browns territory. Hopefully we can somehow win next week and quiet everyone down... And yes I know this is "overreaction Monday" so that's part of it, especially after week 1. Heck the Jags are leading the South. Everything is still on the table. But the optics of Pagano saying 49ers, combined with the non challenge, etc...It's a bad look for the organization. Add in the mess with Grigson, Deflategate, Luck's injury and the silence around it, the bad record since 2015, and we've fallen quite far from beating Denver and going to the 2014 AFCC