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  1. Bring him back on an incentive laden, cap friendly deal to mentor the young guys. He's still got a little left in the tank, though this is probably unlikely since the Colts cut Adams
  2. It's always how it goes for the Pats....
  3. The only local media I trust even remotely is JMV. He has some really good sources over at 56th and gets it right more than wrong....he called Manning's neck issue in 2011 weeks before any other local reporter, same when the cut/divorce came in 2012. Same again with Sean Payton and now Manning and Gruden. And he's as neutral as possible, IMO. I'd trust him over anyone locally.
  4. Back to Mike Florio for a minute...that guy is a thin-skinned little weasel who doesn't even try to hide his hate for the Colts. I've tried to defend the Colts in the comment sections in the past and had every comment deleted. Nothing inflammatory, just counter arguments....I gave up a long time ago until today. He had an article clowning Pagano for calling Luck the "best QB in the NFL." While I don't agree with that statement, what was Pagano supposed to say? And to that point, Luck is ONE of the best IMO, especially given his supporting cast. So I broke protocol and went to the comment section. Mostly garbage, Luck sucks, he's not even top 10, etc etc. Anyone defending him was voted down immensely. And I, still being in a chippy mood, decided to chime in. I changed my username and put up a comment with Luck's stat line from this season (a pretty good one TBH) and said he did it behind a pretty bad o-line. It was deleted within an hour....God Florio and his staff are petty. They must log IP addresses or something, bc I used an entirely different email and innocuous username. Yet he lets east coast Pats fans and others dump all over Irsay (drug addict comments galore) and the Colts. I'm done for good with that garbage fire of a website.
  5. IF, and it's a big if, Manning comes on as GM.....I'd think Indy would become a VERY interesting place for potential head coaches to want to come. He is very highly respected throughout the league for his football IQ. I would think coaches would be lining up to work with him. Just my thought.
  6. And dominated the Packers for most of the game, and blew the doors off Minnesota and the Jets. This team was a riddle all year. I think, had they snuck in somehow they win at least the wildcard round. Probably nothing beyond that.
  7. I seem to remember some pretty terrible Jags teams giving the best Manning era teams fits. A win is a win. It may cost us a few draft spots, but it ain't like we lost the #1 overall pick. And I doubt it changes Irsay's mind either. It was nice to see Mathis get one last strip sack/fumble too. And those who attended got to see a win. 8-8 isn't great but it means still only 2 losing seasons since 1999. Nothing to brag about but it's something....
  8. I may be wrong...but I think the current turf came over from the RCA Dome. It was installed in 2005 if I recall. Even if new turf was installed when LOS was's over 8 years old. And there have been big advancements in field turf since then. Different fills (pellets), "grasses", pads, etc. And if they're using the same turf at West 56th, that would make sense in terms of being so injury plagued as a team... Who really knows? But I'd want the best surface for me team if I were an owner
  9. It has been thrown around on here that LOS has some of the worst turf of any stadium in the NFL....despite 5 year old surveys. It's old, hard, and needs to be replaced IMO. T.Y. hurt himself on it during the Steelers wasn't the big hit he took, he said in his own words it was landing on the turf. That said, here is a link to more info on a big advancement in turf technology. Check it out and let's talk about it. Not only LOS but the practice fields at West 56th as well...
  10. Here's a unique comparison..... The Indianapolis 500 is run every Memorial Day weekend. It is run whether it's 100 degrees out or 55. There is a minimum safe temperature for the safety of the race, around 50 degrees ambient the tires will have grip. On race day, 300,000 fans pack the place. If it's hot, lots end up at the first aid stations with heat related issues. But they still come. The racing is also affected by temperature. Hotter means less grip on the track and affects race strategy. Same goes for cooler days. In 1992 it was barely 50 degrees and the race was marred with lots of crashes bc of the cold (tires couldn't heat up to get grip) They won't run in the rain, but as soon as it dries the cars are back out there. And on road courses they do run in the rain. My point is this. The 500 has been run for over 100 years. They don't have a "window" of acceptable weather except for the minimum temperature for the drivers' safety. It can be hot as Hades and they'll run. The fans know it too. Lots of people ignore the warnings and end up in the hospital (drinking and heat don't mix). But the show goes on. Only a downpour will stop it....and that's bc racing at 230 mph is a bit different than football. Cold is part of football. Always has been, always will be.
  11. And Gore fumbles. Just great. Gonna be a blowout
  12. That's the game and the season. I hope Irsay fires the whole staff and leaves them on the tarmac!!
  13. Wow. This defense is terrible. This game is over

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