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  1. To be fair, a lot of those accuracy issues were due to us getting pressure on him. He had to force it several times bc we were finally getting to him. Needs to be more consistent...some plays he had all day, others he had to throw quickly and was hit just after releasing the ball. Baby steps I guess
  2. Huh? They got pressure with 3 twice that drive.
  3. Only cost us 3....gotta come back strong on this drive!
  4. OMG a 1st Quarter Touchdown?? "Daddy does that ever happen?" Lol
  5. Hate to see Te'o go down...He was good at ND (aside from the fake gf stuff). Big Irish fan so that sucks for him
  6. Ugh. Holding, backed up now. But at least we forced a 3 and out.
  7. Semi-OT, but just saw Brandon Marshall of the Jets go down with a pretty nasty knee taken down from up high and his knee buckled. Cleats on the left foot got stuck in the....guess what, artificial turf. Same thing may have happened in natural grass, but maybe not. It's anecdotal, but it points to what I've been saying about the new turf being to "grippy"; maybe a new cleat that doesn't grab so much would be a solution....or a newer turf. Bc we know turf is not going away. I remember on the old stuff the players used to wear cleats that were almost like basketball shoes, just little tiny nubs on them.
  8. I used to be #1, but as I've grown older, I've become #2. Having a 2 year old son and getting older in general kinda puts life into perspective. Yeah I was disappointed but it's just a game...for our entertainment.
  9. I am beginning to think that too. Especially with an entirely new Strength and Conditioning staff that promised new techniques and activities to minimize injuries....The "new" turf isn't all its cracked up to be from what I've read, not just in football. Soccer has lost some big stars to players catching cleats in field turf. Also in all levels of's just not the same as grass. It is "too grippy" for lack of a better term. Add in the fact the Colts turf is 9-10 years old (I believe it came over from the RCA dome)...the organization should at least look at the newest options out there.
  10. We have had success against Von Miller. He has been pretty much invisible against the Colts in 2013, both 2014 games and in last year's game. Looking at the stats and searching my memory of the games...Von Miller hasn't been the problem when playing Denver's defense. Their DBs have been. But it's a new season too, so who knows. Hopefully the line can continue to improve and we game plan him out of the game like in the past
  11. Yeah, people are tending to overlook the fact we were playing FAs that weren't even on the roster until last Wednesday....Did we even have any CBs left? I don't like to blame injuries but we were at our breaking point.
  12. I am in the camp that had we had been even remotely healthy in the secondary we probably win this game. We were OUT of backups if I'm not mistaken....if anyone else went down we'd have to put an LB at CB. Guys not even on the roster earlier this week played starting roles today. Stafford is gonna eat that alive, My only hope is that Green and Robinson aren't too badly hurt, and Anderson will be ready by next week. We need more pass rush badly. But even when we did get it, their WRs were really open. And that is a product of street guys playing in starting spots. Same goes for missed tackles to a point. Yes it needs cleaned up. But again, guys who weren't supposed to play might just be a bit rusty....

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