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  1. Interesting....also note the Colts think Hilton's back injury wasn't from the HUGE hit he took, but from landing on the turf. Regardless, it's time to replace the stuff. It's not like Irsay is hurting for money....
  2. Anyone catch the commercial during the game last night, where Tennessee University is developing a pad to go under field turf to help reduce impact injuries? That's what we need, if it catches on....
  3. God bless it!!! Well, Tolzien hasn't been at fault tonight....
  4. I know there are no moral victories in the NFL....but this team has fought hard.
  5. Not only is Vontae getting worked, he's going on a gimpy ankle against Antonio Brown. He's not as bad as he's looking tonight....but he looks terrible.
  6. Let me preface this by saying....yes I know Luck gets hit a lot. I know he's the most sacked QB this season. I get all that. With that being said.... IRSAY! Pony up the money and replace the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium! It is regarded around the league as one of the worst artificial surfaces in the NFL. I'm pretty sure it's nearly 10 years old, I think it's the stuff they installed at the RCA dome and moved it over....They have come out with newer, better versions of Field Turf. The play that Luck suffered the concussion occurred when he was sacked in the 4th quarter and his head bounced off that hard turf. I'm not saying that it was the only reason, or that newer turf means no concussion. But there have been a lot of players hurt and that old turf is one of the culprits, IMO.....just venting....
  7. The RCA Dome had field turf in its final few seasons. I think it was brought over when LOS was built but I can't be sure. I do know it's outdated and needs to be replaced with newer technology however, same goes for the practice fields that aren't grass. The strength and conditioning staff was completely overhauled this past offseason, so I don't know what's going on there. Supposedly the head SC guy is known around the league as one of the best.
  8. Worst crew I've seen in a long time. Every key players they are calling something. Sure, the Colts have had some bonehead plays but these refs are deciding the game
  9. My opinion is this: The Colts tend to, and have in the past with some exceptions, play to the level of their competition. We have seen it in years past. 2013....they beat both SB participants but get dusted by the Chargers and Rams. 2014....blasted the Bengals and Ravens but lost big to the Steelers, Pats and Cowboys. The times they are beaten badly, it's usually a personnel issue. Sometimes it's scheme, as with the Pats, but mostly personnel IMO. BUT, in most games they play to the level of their competitors. See this year against the Broncos. They went into the defending SB Champs home and held serve until the last drive. But they lose to the Jags. So, for this game, I except them to dial it up again and make it a game. I can't say they win, but I give them a good chance. Osweiler hasn't been great, but we are a sieve on D. I really wish we had Moncrief back for this one. At the same time, Luck and the offense can take advantage of their we have Vinatieri and McAfee. Homer me says 27-21 Colts Realistic me says 17-28 Texans
  10. Dwayne had a good game. Doyle did ok as well. I hope Dwayne can keep it up, and Doyle can keep developing into a solid TE2.
  11. If this has been posted before I apologize....but I think Rick Venturi would be great in a "consultant" role to the Colts. He knows his Xs and Os and every week before the games sets up what needs to happen for the Colts to win. And he's pretty spot on. He's getting up there in age, but maybe if the Colts brought him in as an extra set of eyes, it wouldn't hurt. Before I get blasted for his win/loss record, keep in mind he helmed some pretty terrible teams. The Colts team he took over in 1991 (around that time) was just awful. And he coached at Northwestern when they were a perennial doormat of the Big Ten in the late 70s. But he has a lot of defensive coaching experience, and seems to know where guys fit. He also knows schemes. I listened to him break down how Belihick and the Pats were going to attack the Colts before the last few times they played, and he was dead on each time. Wouldn't be a bad guy to have around. Just a thought....
  12. To be fair, a lot of those accuracy issues were due to us getting pressure on him. He had to force it several times bc we were finally getting to him. Needs to be more consistent...some plays he had all day, others he had to throw quickly and was hit just after releasing the ball. Baby steps I guess
  13. Huh? They got pressure with 3 twice that drive.
  14. Only cost us 3....gotta come back strong on this drive!
  15. OMG a 1st Quarter Touchdown?? "Daddy does that ever happen?" Lol

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