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  1. I saw Toler listed on here...that guy's jersey has been burnt so many times its nothing but ashes now....hey yo! Hypothetically, I'd "burn" Nick Harper's jersey. All he had to do was run outside and he was gone for a TD. Instead he cut back like a * and Big Ben got him...I maintain to this day (and to my grave), had the Colts somehow won that game they wake up and go on to win the SB. No Pats, home field advantage, and a beatable Seahawks team....with the best roster of the Manning era.
  2. Its called being a professional. He's being paid millions to play. Win or lose, face the media. He acted like a 12 year old. Especially bad after all the Dabbing and chest thumping he'd done all season.
  3. Agreed. The game against the Colts was a back and forth affair and we had it in the bag before giving up the lead late in the 4th. In the 2nd half of the season they had three close games: a 3 point win against the Eagles, that ridiculous Ravens "win", and a close one in week 17 against the Giants. That Ravens game still irks me bc of Rex Ryan's stupid timeout. They had stopped Brady's 4th down sneak but the timeout gave them new life, as did several questionable penalties. I still remember Bart Scott throwing the penalty flag into the stands, lol. They had every right to be upset with the end of that game. The 2007 Pats had probably the best offense of the modern era but their whole attitude throughout the season ticked me off. Running up the score on teams, keeping Brady in when it was long over...I hated that. Made me even more of a Pats hater. So I was very happy to see them lose the Super Bowl on a freak catch by a player that was never heard from again :-)
  4. IMO Vontae was playing "hurt" most of the year. Not necessarily injured but he took a lot of punishment and would come back out and play. That and the lack of any semblance of a pass rush contributed to him having a down year. Next year should be better.
  5. Agreed. And part of why Payton had his kicker aim it toward the Saints sideline. It was chaos over there and they probably should have been givien a 15 yarder for players/coaches on the field...long story short: I maintain to this day the Colts initially recovered it but lost it in the way too long scrum. I hate this, but it was a memorable Super Bowl took some brass buttons to do it, and had it not worked, Sean Payton would have been criticized forever. That said, while it did swing momentum, it didn't seal the win for the Saints. Manning's pick six did. And I still don't put that all on him. Reggie Wayne cut off his route, even went so far in the following weeks to admit so much on local radio. Had he run the full route it probably is at worst a pass breakup.
  6. Yep. He hurt his ankle/foot in the AFCC that year jumping to avoid a late hit on Mark Sanchez if I recall...He played well in the first half of the SB but said the extra-long SB half time caused the injury to really hamper him in the 2nd half, it kinda tightened up (paraphrasing), and he was a non factor in the 2nd half. I'd like to see AZ win it too, really anyone but the Pats.
  7. I don't comment anymore on ProFootballTalk but I do read them from time to time, and the Pats fans on there are by far the biggest group of * out there. I mean total idiocy. And if you dare defend your team (especially the Colts) you get your comment deleted. Florio is a Pats homer and it's so obvious....he allows Pats fans to spew all kinds of crap about whoever, especially the Colts (DeflateGate was a sting operation by the Colts and Goodell, the Colts pump in fake crowd noise, Luck's injury was "karma" for setting up Brady, etc)....yet I tried to debunk these buffoons (using actual logic) and my comments got deleted. So, I still go on to read some of the breaking stuff, but I don't waste my time commenting. Bunch of trolls anyway. But my point stands, outside of maybe Seattle, Pats fans tend to be really obnoxious. The Pats have been successful, can't argue that. I think it's just that typical East Coast superiority thing...I've got in-laws out near Boston and I've seen it in person. They are nice but their friends treat me like some flyover state hick with some of their comments. Don't take it the wrong way, AMFootball and Pats regulars here....your less classy fellow fans are the problem, not you.
  8. This was a response to an earlier post about how the Pats get all the breaks at home, btw....didn't quote it properly
  9. It is always that way at Gillette. The Davis fumble, that almost INT that Edelman caught for the game clinching first down....every stinking year they get almost all the breaks. My brother-in-law lives near Salem and I joke that the witches (yes there still are some, modern day Wiccan types) went down there and put a curse on visiting teams. How else do you explain that ridiculous W/L record? Lol
  10. I also have to wonder "what if?" Had we won that Texans game and gotten Luck back for the playoffs, which is what Irsay said would happen had we done so....I think we give KC a heck of a game. Luck and Chud worked really well together in their one game. Luck might have been rusty, that's my only other issue. But while I wouldn't say we win it, we'd have put up a better fight than HOU did, especially at home. But we didn't take care of business, even with our backup. No excuses
  11. Well this makes up for the yawner early game...
  12. Even JMV, who has some pretty good sources, was wrong. He called the Manning release about a month before anyone else, so I tend to put my stock in him. First, he's a local, and secondly he has been more right than wrong in the past. He isn't he type to throw outlandish stuff out there just to get people riled up. I think the biggest thing was Sean Payton not working out. Had he agreed to come we might have seen a much different outcome. When he didn't, Irsay knew that there really weren't any other viable candidates that fit what he wanted...namely a HC (as opposed to an OC/DC like Gase. I also think he listened to the players. Luck himself said publicly he didn't want to go through another coaching change (in so many words), so who knew what he said behind closed doors?
  13. I do think there was some strategy to losing to the Jets....& trying to keep the Steelers out, last week. As it stood then, the Jets would have been in and Steelers out bc of that Pats' loss. But the Jets didn't do their part today by losing to the Bills. And the Steelers won. I think that the Steelers are pretty scary on offense, and Belichick knows that. He would have much rather seen the Jets in the playoffs.
  14. Arizona is what good coaching looks like. Redding was thought to be washed up or on the decline at least. Freeney the same...did nothing in SD. Powers? Hadn't heard that name in a few years. But Arians is coaching them up. I won't play the hindsight game and say "we shoulda kept Arians" bc that isn't fair. Pagano had coached 3 games before battling cancer. We had to give him a chance. Plus with Grigson here I don't think Arians has as much success as he is having in AZ. His vertical passing game would get Luck killed behind this line. I'm glad they are doing well and will be cheering for them to knock off what will most likely be the Pats in the SB (if both teams make it that far)
  15. No one could have foreseen a season without Luck for 7 games, so for me it's hard to say without playing the hindsight game. T.Y. is still young. This is only his 4th season. His first 3 have been better, statistically, than Marvin Harrison's. Of course, Marvin played for Harbaugh in 96-97 and a rookie Manning in 98, and didn't really take off until 1999. TY has had Luck and much better results. He does disappear at times, but I also think part of that is the lack of a complementary WR. Good teams make him disappear bc they can shut him down. Marvin learned to beat that as he developed. But he also had Reggie, Pollard/Clark too....Reggie was waning when TY was drafted. Moncrief has been the closest thing to that, and he's still developing. In the right system I think he will be great. He has been solid, but to take the next step he needs a healthy Luck, Moncrief to keep learning, and Dorsett to be what he is supposed to be. He needs a solid #2 to take some of the pressure off him. But, given this year, and the mess it was, I give it an "incomplete" (no pun intended)

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